Air Canada Reservations

Air Canada Reservations

Features & Key Policies for Air Canada Reservations:

Air Canada Reservations are chosen by passengers as their travel partner mainly due to the best in class services offered by Air Canada aimed to make the journey of passengers comfortable and relaxed. Passengers can easily connect with the reservations team via Air Canada Reservations Phone Number.

Air Canada is the most popular National Airlines which is headquartered in Quebec in Canada. Air Canada’s fleet size is 189 aircraft which fly around 200 destinations across the globe.

  • Passengers travelling by Air Canada are offered various services online such as Air Canada Reservations, Online Check in process, it also facilitates This managing booking through its website. This not only is convenient but also saves valuable time.
  • Air Canada offers qualitative onboarding services given to the passengers once they have boarded the aircraft.
  • Passengers can choose seats from a wide range of options available; the interesting part is extra leg space is offered in the Economy Class also.
  • Air Canada offers free of cost Wi-fi services and duty – free amenities as a part of their on-board services.
  • Additional services include in-flight entertainment, tasteful meals, beverages.

Reservation Process in Air Canada

Air Canada Reservations

Air Canada facilitates passengers to make their reservations by following the below process:

  • A passenger needs to open the Air Canada flight booking page on their browser.
  • On the home screen, the passenger can click on the airline tab.
  • Below the airline tab, the essential details for booking need to be entered by the passenger.
  • Passengers need to make a valid trip selection such as round trip, one way, multi-city travel.
  • Now specify the departing airport and arrival airport.
  • Now specify travel dates of passengers.
  • The total number of passengers needs to be appropriately categorized as adults or children based on the applicability.
  • Passengers can use a promo code and apply it before they click on the search button.
  • This step displays the available flight on the screen. An appropriate flight can be chosen by the passenger and proceed further.
  • Personal information and appropriate contact details need to be specified. Method of payment can be chosen to confirm the booking.
  • Detailed reservation information is mailed to the passenger this completes the reservation process.

If you face any issue with these steps you can call our number or official Air Canada Reservations Phone Number to connect with the next available representative. The reservations team will be happy to assist you.

Air Canada Reservations through the official website

Air Canada Reservations facilitates passengers to make their reservations by following the below process:

  • A passenger browses through the official website of Air Canada which is
  • The specific kind of trip needs to be selected by the passenger.
  • Fill in the detailed information of the passengers getting reserved under a single reservation.
  • Now select the destination of origin and arrival respectively.
  • Specify the travel dates for your journey.
  • Passengers can avail of a suitable discount through a discount code which is a promotional strategy of the airline to attract more bookings during the travel season.
  • Once the passenger creates an Air Canada Reservation for himself.
  • Now he can click on the payment option to confirm the changes.
  • A message will be sent to the passenger with the detailed booking information on his registered email id. This ensures that the Air Canada reservations have been created appropriately.

Air Canada Reservations via Mobile App:

Air Canada Reservations through the Mobile App

Air Canada Reservations permits passengers to create a reservation via the mobile app through the following steps.

  • A passenger can download the mobile application for Air Canada on their smartphone.
  • Passengers can use their email credentials to log on to the app.
  • Passengers can make a valid selection of the kind of trip either one way or multi-city.
  • Now they can specify the travel dates of their scheduled travel.
  • Now passengers can choose the flights from the displayed list.
  • Details of the passenger can be filled in the reservation form.
  • Once the details are filled an Air Canada Reservation is created.
  • Passengers can select a mode of payment to confirm the reservation.
  • A message with reservation information is shared with passengers on their registered contact details.

Download link of Air Canada Mobile App: – iPhone – Android – From Site

Air Canada Reservations Via is your own travel assistant to book Air Canada Flights.

  • You can visit the official website of
  • You can fill up the flight search form to search for appropriate flights.
  • Once you make a choice, you can complete the reservation form.
  • Specify demographics such as Name, Age, Adults, children, contact details, etc.
  • Specify your travel dates
  • Select a suitable payment mode, which allows you to confirm the change for the reservation.
  • A detailed travel itinerary is shared with the passenger after done reservations with Airtripsadvisor.

Air Canada Reservations Phone Number

Air Canada Reservations Phone Number is: 1888-247-2262. This helpline is available 24×7.

Booking a group journey on Air Canada

Booking a group journey with Air Canada Reservations

Passengers while travelling solo receive an opportunity to explore and experience the place in their own way. However, travelling in a group has its own charm. During a business trip, travelling with 10 people together is termed as a group. Air Canada Flight Reservations facilitates passengers to book a group reservation in the following ways:

  • Passengers need to fill up the group reservation form online on the website is
  • Once the passengers fill in all the necessary details in the group reservation form now click the submit button and select the mode of payment, this form needs to be submitted online.
  • The passengers will receive a telephone call from the Air Canada Reservations team to gain clarity on the group travel reservations.
  • The reservations team representative will assist passengers with the further booking process.

Benefits of Group Travel

  • Group travel provides value for money and time to passengers.
  • Passengers can get a chance to choose seats of their choice.
  • Air Canada Reservations promotes priority check-in and baggage procedures for passengers traveling in a group.
  • Air Canada provides flights which are economically priced for the purpose of group travel.
  • Passengers can connect with the Air Canada Reservations team for any further assistance.

What is the best way to confirm a flight with Air Canada?

This section deals with how a passenger can check the flight confirmation status for Air Canada.

  • Passengers can log in to the official website of Air Canada through the link
  • Now open the page of PNR, enter the confirmation number or the PNR number to search for the relevant reservation.
  • Once the last name and PNR number are entered the reservation is displayed on the screen.
  • The passenger can view the status listed on the website.
  • It takes a few hours for the flight status to change to confirm once the booking is made.
  • The flight status can also be viewed on the mobile app.
  • Enter the PNR number and last name
  • Now you can view the status.

Seat Reservations in Air Canada

Air Canada seat Reservations

Air Canada Advance Seat Reservation can be done in the following ways:

  • Click on my booking option on the home screen of Air Canada’s website.
  • Passengers should provide their booking reference number and last name.
  • Press the search option.
  • Now select the seat from the seat that reflects on the website.
  • You can also make the seat selection by clicking on the advance seat selection option.
  • You can also select seats 24 hours before the flight departs or at the time of check in at the airport.
  • The seat selection can also be selected while checking in online through the mobile application or self-service kiosk placed at the airport.

Baggage Policy for Air Canada

Passengers who book Air Canada via the Air Canada Flight Reservations can follow the below baggage policy for smooth baggage handling:

  • Carry on Baggage: Air Canada permits passengers to carry one personal belonging such as a purse or briefcase free of cost. The bag dimensions are approximately 46 inches and around 118 cm. Each bag must be accommodated in the overhead bin above your seat.
  • Checked in Baggage: A standardized bag of 62 inches and which weighs 50 pounds is allowed to be checked in Air Canada. The passenger will pay an additional fee in case these dimensions or weight are not met.
  • Musical Instrument Policy: Passengers can carry small-sized musical instruments like violin or guitar which can be carried as carry-on baggage while boarding the aircraft.
  • The baggage allowance defined by Air Canada depends on the ticket price of the flight ticket purchase, the destination of travel, and the class of travel selected by the passengers. All passengers are given a decent amount of baggage allowance.
  • One personal belonging plus one standardized bag can be carried by the passenger as carry-on baggage irrespective of the class of travel chosen by him.
  • The dimensions of baggage should not exceed the permissible limit which is 55 cms x 23 cms x 40 cms (carry–on baggage) and 33 cms x 16 cms x 43 cms (checked-in baggage) respectively.
  • The allowed weight on Air Canada is 23 kgs or 50 pounds.
  • The dimension of baggage is 62 inches and 158 cm.
  • It is recommended passengers should calculate the baggage allowance as per the destination class of travel and ticket price.

Check-in procedure for Air Canada

Air Canada check in process

Air Canada Reservations permits 3 kinds of check-in procedures are given below:

  • Online check-in: Passengers can complete the online check-in formalities 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight. Passengers can get a digital boarding pass which can be saved on the mobile.
  • Mobile check-in: Air Canada permits check-in via the Air Canada App, this procedure has to be completed 24 hours before the flight. A digital boarding pass can be saved on your phone.
  • Airport check-in: A passenger can do a self-check-in 45 minutes before the aircraft departs through the self-check in kiosk placed at the airport.

Facilities offered during Check-in by Air Canada

  • During airline check-in, you can choose a seat of your choice.
  • If you are a frequent flier, you are eligible for a seat upgrade.
  • Passengers can get their boarding pass within a few minutes.
  • Passengers can get access to Air Canada’s canceled or delayed flight service in case the flight is affected by adverse weather conditions.
  • Air Canada permits you for same-day flight changes.
  • Any extra baggage can be checked in with an extra baggage charge.
  • Passengers can get Air Canada Reservations to get access to the check-in procedures in a smooth manner.

What are the steps for the redemption of the promotional code offered by Air Canada?

  • The promo code can be used to make an Air Canada Flight Reservation during the booking process.
  • Passengers can provide the promo code in the required field while specifying details of the flight.
  • Passengers can apply the promo code on the payment page and select the option, make a payment with a promo code.
  • Passengers can visit the website and click the options to redeem non-flight rewards.
  • Customer Service officers can facilitate passengers to raise any kind of queries and concerns.

Cancellation Policy for Air Canada

Air Canada Airlines has created a detailed cancellation policy to safeguard the travel interest of passengers. The Air Canada cancellation policy follows the 24 – hour rule for ticket cancellation without charging a penalty. Passengers are eligible for a complete refund; it doesn’t matter which travel class they have chosen to travel via Air Canada. If customers face a challenge to cancel their tickets, they can connect with the Air Canada customer service number.

  • If a passenger cancels after a period of 24 hours, a cancellation fee is applicable on the ticket.
  • Passengers can request the booking cost of the ticket. This will allow them to get a refund for the entire ticket price for a particular reservation.
  • The refund can only be processed if the type of ticket purchased is refundable in nature.
  • When passengers book tickets with applied discounts or tickets issued by the Sales Representative of Air Canada, no kind of refund is processed.
  • All refunds are possible only for those tickets which have been booked on the official website of Air Canada.
  • All tickets on Air Canada have to be entirely canceled for the refund to get processed.
  • If you cancel a ticket right before departure from the airline, you need to do it 2 hours before the aircraft takes off.

Fleet Size of Air Canada

The existing fleet size of Air Canada is 189 aircraft which are used to serve 200 destinations across the globe. The fleet size includes Airbuses, Boeing Bombardier, De – Havilland, Embraer.

List down the facilities and features available in each travel class on Air Canada

Business Class Facilities:

  • Business Class offers seating options that convert into flat beds and recline completely.
  • It offers delicacies from around the world and the service of soft beverages during the flight.
  • It offers an amenity kit along with a blanket and a hot towel.
  • Business-class passengers are provided early check-in and early boarding as a service in business class.

Premium Economy Facilities:

  • Premium Economy seats are designed in a manner which offer a large amount of legroom, personal television screens for enjoying in-flight entertainment.
  • It offers delicacies from around the world and welcome drinks which are free of cost.
  • It offers an amenity kit with all the items a passenger may need.

Economy Class Facilities:

  • Economy class seats are designed to offer comfort to the passengers and passengers remain engaged by viewing the in-flight entertainment screen during the flight.
  • Snacks and meals are served in the Economy class.
  • Passengers can request amenities like a pillow, blanket, amenity kit at a nominal price.
  • Passengers can contact the customer service team of Air Canada to know more about the different facilities they can avail in each class of travel.

Destinations served by Air Canada

Destinations served by Air Canada

The destinations served by Air Canada include the following places:

  • Sydney
  • London
  • Beijing
  • Toronto
  • Paris
  • Vancouver
  • Calgary
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa
  • Edmonton

International sectors in which Air Canada operates

  • Boston to Tokyo
  • Los Angeles to Beijing
  • San Francisco to Barcelona
  • New York to Toronto
  • Philadelphia to Toronto

Domestic Sectors in which Air Canada operates

  • Toronto to Vancouver
  • Toronto to Calgary
  • Toronto to Montreal
  • Montreal to Toronto
  • Toronto to Ottawa
  • Toronto to Edmonton

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    All in one place for your travel itinerary with Air Canada, has everything you need to know about your flight in one location. Air Canada reservation is easy to navigate and use, everything right from changing seats to changing flights and other details such as Monitor wait list, departures, arrivals and baggage claim. Air Canada even updates and adds travel events to yours google calendar to remind you about your journey and send you email updates. This makes travelling with Air Canada so easy.

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    According to me Air Canada is simple and fast to navigate compared to its competitors. Unlike others, Air Canada’s booking system is very smooth so that you can easily manage your bookings. I would highly recommend Air Canada to everyone who wishes to use this carrier, it saves lots of time by uploading your boarding pass automatically and directs you to the right gate for departures before the airport announcement. It updates you about your journey and when to move to another gate if needed. Also tells you about your luggage. I love Air Canada.

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    Undoubtedly Air Canada is one of the best airlines. Real-time gates and timings are awesome. Very easy to manage the Air Canada flights booking on the Air Canada website. I do 5 to 6 long-haul and numerous short-haul flights every month. The service is great for most things like checking your bookings, flight status & booking a flight if you know the exact date you want to travel. Checking in and getting a boarding pass went very smoothly. Quick and easy, don’t need to print the boarding pass, just scan at check-in. Had a great experience with Air Canada and loved to travel by this airline in the future.

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    I’m a frequent flyer and fly often with different airlines, and I must say, Air Canada is the best among all other airlines. The process to identify bookings you made through the Air Canada booking application is very easy. I mean it just allows you to check-in, download a boarding pass, and change seats, so it does it all very well. Air Canada has a great layout and useful tool for keeping track of all flight information and easy to use. The interface is very neat and intuitive. I find it quite easy to access all the information needed for my bookings.

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    Firstly, I want to share my horrible experience while selecting seats in other airlines. When I tried to select the seat, it asked me to fill in all the information, after entering it showed that the seat was no longer available. When I went back to select another seat, it asked me to fill in the details once again, and after filling in the details again I faced the same problem. But in Air Canada airlines there is no such disgusting procedure. Air Canada’s seat reservation system is very easy to select the seats that are available and you can select the seats according to your wish. If you don’t select the seats they will allot you random seats. I’m impressed with Air Canada Airlines.

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    I would like to give top ratings to Air Canada. Absolutely fine seats, all the services, passenger comforts each and everything is nice. With other airlines I face the seat selection problem. But with the Air Canada seat selection process this issue was completely resolved. I reserved my seat by proper selection without any problem. Good services.

  • My journey with Air Canada was good. Some of my old friends recommended this airline. The Air Canada booking process took very few steps for flight booking. I booked my flight to Sydney and enjoyed the journey. Within the flight I got so many free of cost services like food, beverages, wifi facility and much more. I am really fascinated by Air Canada. Thanks to Air Canada for its provided services.

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