Aer Lingus flight booking

Aer Lingus flight booking

Aer Lingus currently boasts a fleet of 52 aircraft. Aer Lingus customers holding Aer Lingus booking with them can travel to more than 90 destinations across 21 countries in Europe, Asia and North America with just one booking!

Aer Lingus offers two cabin configurations–Business Class and Economy Class–with multiple seat upgrade options.

Aer Lingus was again named Ireland’s Favorite Airline at this year’s Irish Independent Travel Awards and honoured with success and innovation awards by the Irish Tourism Industry Award. Additionally, Aer Lingus won the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award 2018.

Skytrax certified Aer Lingus as a 4-Star Airline in 2018. Aer Lingus Regional and UK are subsidiaries of Aer Lingus.

How to Book Flights on Aer Lingus 

You can book flights on Aer Lingus: 

  • By phone 
  • Online through
  • With the mobile app (Android or iOS)
  • At an Aer Lingus ticket office 
  • Through your travel advisor 

Aer Lingus Booking by Phone

  • Dial the appropriate Aer Lingus customer service number for your region. Here are a few contact numbers:
  1. Ireland: +353 1 761 7834
  2. UK: 44-208-638-7369
  3. USA and Canada: 1-800-548-3192
  4. All other countries: +353 1 761 7834
  • Prepare all necessary travel details, such as departure and arrival cities, travel dates and number of passengers.
  • Customer service representatives will guide you through every stage of Aer Lingus booking your flights and seats and additional options that might interest you.
  • Once you have selected and booked your flights and options, the payment information must be provided for processing.
  • Once your payment has been successfully processed, a confirmation email with all your booking information will be sent to your inbox.
  • Print your boarding pass online or at the airport.

How to Book Flights on Aer Lingus Online

  • Navigating directly to Aer Lingus:
  • On the homepage, enter all your travel details – such as departure and arrival cities, travel dates and the number of passengers.
  • Click on “Search Flights.”
  • On the next page, you can browse a list of available flights that meet your criteria.
  • Choose your flights and click “Continue.”
  • On the next page, you can enter passenger and payment information.
  • Review your booking and press on “Book Flight.”
  • Your confirmation email with your Aer Lingus booking details will arrive shortly.

Aer Lingus Booking with Mobile App 

Use the Aer Lingus mobile app to book flights with Aer Lingus. First, download their iOS or Android version app, create an account, install, and open. When complete, you can begin making reservations.

Here’s how you can book flights through Aer Lingus using their mobile app:

  1. Step 1: Download and install the Aer Lingus App

Aer Lingus offers its app free on both Google Play and the App Store, where once downloaded and installed, it can be opened to sign in with an Aer Lingus account (if necessary, create one by tapping the “Create Account” button.) Once open, you may access and sign into it to make Aer Lingus bookings or manage existing orders.

  1. Step 2: Select Your Travel Dates and Destination

Enter your desired travel dates and destination into the app’s home screen search bar. Additionally, specify passengers per trip and which fare type (Saver, Flex, etc.) or any particular preferences they might have regarding their journey.

  1. Step 3: Select Your Flight

Once you enter your search criteria, the app will list available flights. You can easily filter those results based on price, departure/arrival time/date/and other variables; once you find one that suits your needs, just tap to choose it!

  1. Step 4: Review and Enter Payment Information for Booking

The app will present a summary of your Aer Lingus booking, such as flight details, total price and payment information. Carefully review each piece of data submitted to ensure everything is correct; tapping ” Edit ” can make any needed adjustments.” Once satisfied with your selections, enter payment info before tapping “Book Now.”

  1. Step 5: Receive Your Confirmation Email and Boarding Pass

Once your booking is completed, a confirmation email with your itinerary and boarding pass will be sent directly to your inbox. In addition, you can access it now within our app.

Additional Tips:

  • The Aer Lingus app lets you quickly check-in for flights, track flight status updates, and manage your AerClub membership account.
  • Customer service representatives are on hand if you need assistance Aer Lingus booking your flight with Aer Lingus.

How to Book Meals on Aer Lingus

Here’s the process on how to book meals on Aer Lingus:

Transatlantic flights:

  • To place a meal order, visit Aer Lingus’ Special Meal Request page 48 hours before your departure time.
  • Enter both your booking reference number and last name here.
  • Select from our available options the type of meal that best meets your requirements.
  • Include any details about your nutritional requirements here.
  • Click “Submit”.

Flights within Europe:

  • Pre-order meals from Bia’s menu up to 48 hours before flight departure time.
  • To pre-order meals on Aer Lingus flights, visit their website and select your flight.
  • Click on “Meals” and choose your meal from our extensive menu.
  • Please provide the Aer Lingus booking reference number and last name when entering information for this reservation.
  • Click “Confirm Order”.

Please Note: 

  • For transatlantic flights only. Special meals may only be purchased.
  • Contact Aer Lingus customer service 24 hours before your flight’s departure date to arrange an individual meal request.
  • If you suffer from peanut allergy or another allergen sensitivity, Aer Lingus asks that you notify them when Aer Lingus booking your flight.

Traveling with Special Travel Requirements 

Book special assistance services at least 24 hours before departure.

Take advantage of special assistance at the airport, during boarding/disembarking processes and aboard aircraft.

You may require special assistance if:

  • Have you needed mobility assistance?
  • Are You Needing Adult/Child Harnesses
  • Need visual assistance now.
  • Need hearing assistance now.
  • Your Assistance Dog (AD) has been certified, and you have entered Canada with them as your travel companion.
  • Are You Travelling with a Caregiver? If yes,
  • Are You having difficulties learning? Do You suffer from a learning disability?
  • Are You Traveling with Children and Individuals Living with Autism (AAIA), Pregnant Women or having Special Dietary Requirements (SVDRL).
  • When travelling, have a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) or other medical equipment.

Please be aware: To travel on Aer Lingus, you require medical clearance from them in advance if:

  • Need oxygen on a flight?
  • Your condition has been diagnosed as Tetraplegia/Quadriplegia
  • Your body has contracted an infectious disease.
  • Have You Undergone A Transplant Recently? If yes, can we discuss the details herein?
  • Are You suffering from broken lower limbs/limbs? If yes, visit The Joint Replacement Network today for assistance.
  • Do You Suffer from Psychotic Conditions
  • Are You currently suffering from severe illness?
  • Assume you’re travelling with an infant who was born prematurely.

Tip for Travelers Requiring Special Assistance on Aer Lingus

  • Passengers needing special assistance should always book in advance to reduce waiting at the airport.
  • General Advice: Whilst travelling by plane or train, remember to get assistance from ground staff for pre-boarding and check-in procedures.
  • Passengers with physical impairments such as disabilities or mobility-related difficulties should travel with an accompanying travel companion for safety purposes:
  • Mental impairments which prevent a passenger from understanding or applying safety instructions.
  • Blind and deaf passengers often are unable to communicate effectively with the crew, leading them to remain isolated onboard the plane.
  • Passengers with motor-based disabilities that prevent them from safely exiting are at particular risk of not evacuating.
  • Most paraplegics.


Aer Lingus flight booking provides travellers with an intuitive platform for planning their trips efficiently and comfortably. Following its step-by-step guide, travellers can seamlessly navigate the Aer Lingus booking process while discovering various flight options and destinations. Furthermore, taking advantage of the Aer Lingus loyalty program may unlock unique benefits to enhance the Aer Lingus booking experience further and confidently embark on their next adventure – flying with Aer Lingus will guarantee an effortless travel experience from start to finish!


1. How to Book Cheap Flights on Aer Lingus

  • Check here to view all of the current offers!
  • Sign up (free!) with AerClub now to access special fares, perks and upgrades!
  • Call now for cheap Aer Lingus flight booking and call centre assistance!

2. How to Avail Senior Discounts on Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus does not typically offer discounts to senior citizens; if you would like a reduced fare Aer Lingus booking with them, however, please reach out to Aer Lingus Reservations on +353 1 4434565666 at the same number for help with booking Aer Lingus flights at an exceptional value.

3. How to Make a Group Booking by Phone

If making a group booking by phone, call Aer Lingus directly and speak to one of their travel consultants about making arrangements at competitive prices. A travel advisor will guide you through each stage and assist in Aer Lingus booking your group trip as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible.

4. How to Book Group Tickets Online.

If you are booking group travel online through Aer Lingus, go directly to their Group Travel page and complete their form. Passengers only need to provide all their names 10 days before their flight’s departure date; simply complete all details under your name to secure the lowest fare before completing it all on by the 10-day deadline.

Make an online group booking:

  • Enter from a browser window, navigate the Plan and Book drop-down menu and click the Groups link.
  • Fill out and submit this online form.