Aeromexico Name Change on Ticket

Aeromexico Name Change on Ticket

aeromexico name change

The Aeromexico allow its passengers to change their name on the ticket. Booking a flight reservation with Aeromexico with the wrong name on the PNR is considered illegal. If you need name changes on your ticket then you need to do the Aeromexico name change process before the flight departures. 

Aeromexico has its own sets of policies that are implemented for different travel-related issues. Passengers must follow every guideline during the name change process. In this article, you will find detailed Aeromexico name change process methods.

What Is Aeromexico Name Change Policy?

The Aeromexico name change policy is a set of rules that states the terms and conditions for the name correction process for an Aeromexico flight ticket. The Aeromexico terms and conditions are:

  • The Aeromexico name change guidelines are only valid for tickets that belong to the AM 139 ticket stocks.
  • The policy states that the name changes on regular tickets and e-tickets can be done at Aeromexico Travel Stores or through the official site.
  • Only specific types of name changes are allowed on the Aeromexico flight tickets. If name change requests are processed at Aeromexico Travel Stores within 1 day of booking, then charges are not applied.
  • Valid government-verified ID proofs are required for the name change process.
  • If the ticket is booked online, the passenger must pay the name change fees only through a debit card, credit card, or UATP.
  • Passengers can only pay in USD or Mexican Pesos to make name changes online. 
  • As per the name change rules, tickets bought from the Aeromexico Travel Stores, website or Aeromexico call centre are eligible for the online name correction process.
  • Passengers who have purchased tickets from travel agents cannot make name corrections online on tickets.
  • Name changes could not be done on Aeromexico flight tickets if the passenger booked tickets with basic fares.
  • The name change policy permits only one individual name change per passenger.
  • Name changes are not permitted if bookings are made with travel compliments.
  • Name changes are prohibited for multi-destination flights with other airline segments through the official site. In such scenarios, travellers need to contact customer care for assistance. The name changes might be limited in such situations. 
  • As per the guidelines, name changes are prohibited for bookings with pets and infants.
  • Name correction or change is prohibited on flight tickets if the boarding pass is issued. 
  • The Aeromexico name change policy does not permit gender change.
  • Aeromexico does not permit name corrections that involve more than 2 letters.
  • The ticket cannot be transferred to another person. All the Aeromexico tickets are non-transferable.

Those mentioned above are all the rules and regulations for the Aeromexico name change process. Now let us discuss different ways for Aeromexico change name on ticket.

What Are the Different Ways to Change Name on Aeromexico Flight Tickets?

You can change or correct the name on Aeromexico flight tickets in many different ways. Here they are:

Aeromexico Name Change via Official Site

The online method is one of the most convenient ways to correct or change flight ticket names. The web-based method is simple and finishes the work rapidly. Assuming you want to make name changes online, you must sign on to the official site. Once you sign in, then navigate to the booking section.

Once done, follow the instructions provided before reissuing your ticket. Fare differences and name correction fees must be paid before the change requests or corrections are processed through the website.

Travellers should also note that specific conditions must be fulfilled to qualify for the online name change or correction process. As per the policy, not all tickets are applicable for an online name correction or change process. It is recommended that you read the name correction guidelines section carefully. 

Aeromexico Name Change via Aeromexico Contact Centre

Suppose you want to avoid making name changes or corrections online. All things considered, another method you can utilize is to contact the Aeromexico helpdesk. You can do that by first dialling the toll-free helpline number.

It is important to note that services accessed through customer care helpdesk carry charges and are more expensive than other methods of name correction or changes. This method has fewer restrictions, and you can expect fast processing for name change process.

Aeromexico Name Change via Aeromexico Travel Stores

The third method that you can utilize for the Aeromexico name change process is through Aeromexico Travel Stores. As stated above in the policy, passengers can only make changes or corrections in their name if it is purchased through Aeromexico Travel Stores. 

Aeromexico Name Change or Correction via Airport Kiosk

The last method you can use to make name changes or corrections is visiting the nearest Aeromexico airport branch. You should only resort to this method for last-minute changes or modifications. There are better ways if you want complex changes in your name. 

Changes that include birth or married names cannot be done at the airport. You can make changes 12 hours before the flight departure. If you want rectification of simple typos, it can be done 3 hours before the scheduled departure.


With Aeromexico, you can travel the world with ease. The airline ensures you get all the services commendably at an affordable budget. Aeromexico name change policy is a part of their services. Suppose you are having trouble with issues like Aeromexico misspelled name. 

You don’t need to stress because the provides various ways to make corrections or changes to your ticket. You can follow the guide above to become familiar with the name change policy and how to change your name on the Aeromexico ticket.


Can I correct the misspelled name on the Aeromexico flight ticket?

Indeed. You can change up to 2 letters of your incorrectly spelt name on your flight ticket without paying any charges.

Is it compulsory to mention the middle name on the Aeromexico flight ticket?

If your government-verified ID proof contains your middle name, it is advisable to include it in your flight ticket.