Air Canada Change Flight Policy

Air Canada Change Flight Policy

Air Canada is a passenger’s most preferred airline for air travel within Canada. It is also a well-known passenger flight for international travel. It has a very loyal and strong customer base. It serves approximately 50 million passengers every year. Air Canada change flight policy permits passengers to make changes to their flight in a smooth manner.

The Process to Change Air Canada Flight

air canada change flight online

Air Canada allows passengers to exercise Air Canada flight change by following the below guidelines.

  • Passengers can open the official website of Air Canada Airlines.
  • Passengers can use their login details to access their official accounts.
  • Open the section to manage reservations to begin Air Canada change flight.
    Enter the required information such as ticket booking id and the last name of the passenger in the fields provided.
  • The current reservation is displayed on the screen.
  • Now click on the button change/cancel the flight. It makes your reservation editable.
  • Now a passenger can make relevant changes to the reservation as per his current requirement.
  • Once all changes are successfully changed, passengers can choose the submit/save button to save the new changes.
  • An update reservation with new changes is mailed to the passenger on his email id mentioned in the reservation record for future reference.

The Process to Change Air Canada Award tickets

  • Passengers can open the website of Air Canada on their web browser
  • Passengers can log in to their Air Canada account on the website.
  • Passengers can change their award tickets either via a phone call or online.
  • Passengers need to click on the Manage rewards tab on the website.
  • Passengers can click change or cancel options to edit the changes in the Award ticket.
  • Passengers must cancel tickets within 22 days of their scheduled departure. This ensures passengers are eligible for a complete refund.
  • The applicable Air Canada change fee is $ 100 for each passenger via the phone call.
  • Passengers need to pay $24 for change if they have a diamond status with the airline.
  • Passengers face an issue with the Award ticket that cannot be changed online for any passenger.
  • The price difference of the ticket cannot be refunded. It can only be refunded if passengers cancel their award tickets 22 days before scheduled departure.
  • All changes to the award ticket must be made 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  • Passengers receive a complete refund if they cancel 22 days in advance of the scheduled departure.

Passengers can connect with the customer service team to seek guidance for Air Canada change flight policy to amend their award tickets easily.

Manage Bookings for Air Canada

  • Passengers can use the below guidelines to manage their bookings online through the official website of Air Canada.
  • Open the official website of Air Canada on your web browser
  • Now passengers can log in using their official login details.
  • Now click on the Manage booking section in the reservation menu.
  • Use the booking reference id and last name to retrieve the existing reservation which gets displayed on your screen.
  • Passengers can follow on screen instructions to save any new changes made to the reservation.
  • Manage reservations permits passengers to change, cancel or view existing reservations.

Air Canada changes flight permits all passengers to make changes to their travel plans as per their new requirements. Manage reservation section facilitates passengers to do so.

Changing Air Canada Flights Offline

Air Canada Change Flight via phone number

Air Canada also allows offline flight changes. The passenger should follow these steps:

  • First, make a call to the Air Canada Customer care service at the phone number: (Toll Free) +1-800-548-31921-888-247-2262. You can get it from the official website.
  • Now, follow the on-call instructions carefully to connect to the voice executive.
  • Then, request a flight change and provide your flight details.
  • Lastly, confirm the fare difference and change fee, if applicable.

Steps to Change Flight Pass Credit Reservation

  • Passengers can amend their booking via the Air Canada flight change policy through the below steps.
  • Passengers can log in to the official website and then click on the flight passes section to access reservations created by flight passes without a cost.
  • Passengers can provide the required details in my booking section.
  • Passengers need to click on the option to accept the reservation change before they can cancel the credit booking free of charge.
  • Passengers can make a single change to the flight pass booking by accessing it from the flight portal.
  • Air Canada flight change can be done free of cost through the flight pass portal. The Air Canada contact support allows you to make changes via a call.

Air Canada Date Change Policy And Fee

There is no air Canada change date fee for changing your reservation within the first 24 hours. You can change your flight date up to 2 hours before take-off.

After reading the ticket-changing policies and fees, you can alter your flight details electronically. You need to check the points given to acquire the revised flight dates. The information you need to modify your Air Canada change date policy is below

  • ⦁ The first step is to visit Air Canada’s website.
  • ⦁ The site’s “manage booking” tab is where you’ll want to click to make reservations.
  • ⦁ Passenger last name and booking reference number are required.
  • ⦁ You’ll be sent to your Air Canada reservation details if you click the retrieve button.
  • ⦁ You can then pick the new flight that best suits your needs.
  • ⦁ The option to switch flights is accessible via a pull-down menu. 
  • ⦁ The cause for the flight modification and the new departure and arrival dates must be entered on the subsequent screen.
  • ⦁ After conducting a flight search, a list of available departures matching your criteria will appear.
  • ⦁ This allows you to select the most suitable flight and continue your plans.
  • ⦁ Finally, you’ll need to pay any outstanding bills and fees.

The updated electronic ticket and a confirmation will be sent to your previously entered email address by Air Canada. If you need to modify your travel date with Air Canada, call the airline at 1-800-548-3192 and take advantage of their many services.

Air Canada Flight Change Policy

Air Canada flight change policy permits free of cost changes within 24 hours of booking the flight. Further passengers can also make relevant changes 22 days before their scheduled departure at no or minimal cost. All refundable tickets are refunded to the passengers if tickets are canceled or changed 22 days in advance before their flight.

The refund amount is credited in the original value of the ticket to all passengers. All non-refundable tickets cannot be canceled after Air Canada’s 24 hours’ flight change policy period is over.

Each passenger receives a travel credit for the unused portion of the nonrefundable ticket or tickets booked via flight passes can be used to issue a travel credit for future use.

Air Canada Change Fee

Air Canada Change Flight Fee

Class TypeFare TypeTime of Change
24-hour Risk-Free period61 days or more from departure60 days or less from departureSame-Day changes for Flights Headed to
CanadaUnited StatesInternational
EconomyBasicFreeNot AllowedNot AllowedNot AllowedNot AllowedNot Allowed
Premium EconomyLowestFreeFreeFree$75$100$100

Claim Free Flight Change* 1-800-548-3192

Air Canada Flight Change Policy for 24 Hours

As per the US Department of Transportation directive, any flight to and or from the States has to offer a 24-hour risk-free period. The period starts from the time of your initial booking till 24 hours. During which, a passenger is allowed to change and or cancel a flight, regardless of fare class, fare type, destination/origin, etc. for free. He is also eligible for the relevant refund in cash in full. However, the passenger must observe a difference of no less than seven days in between said booking and a scheduled flight departure.

Process for Seat Change on Air Canada

Passengers can reserve their seats in advance or request seat allotment during the time of check in.

  • Passengers can log in to the website with their login details.
  • Now enter the booking reference id and last name in the manage booking section.
  • Now change the seat or book a seat option is displayed on the screen.
  • Passengers can click the seat change option or use miles to upgrade to a better seat category.
  • A seat map can be used to choose the desired seat.
  • Once the seat is chosen the price for the seat as displayed needs to be paid by the passenger.
  • All seats can be changed free of cost at the time of check in or through seat upgrade via miles.
  • During the time of the pandemic, the Air Canada change fee is waived off.
  • Passengers need to pay the price variance in tickets.
  • Once the seat is booked, it will direct the passenger on the payment window. Passengers can click on the pay for seat option to confirm their seat. This completes the Air Canada seat change process.

Same day Flight Changes for Air Canada

Passengers can follow the below guidelines to make same day flight changes on an Air Canada flight.

  • Passengers can book an earlier flight through the website or the app of Air Canada for same day flight changes, and choose an earlier flight than the scheduled flight.
  • Passengers pay $ 75 for flight change in economy class on Air Canada for one way.
  • Passengers can make a same day flight change based on seat availability in a new flight.
  • Passengers can use the same day flight changes option and follow the on screen guidelines to complete the processes smoothly.
  • Passengers need to confirm their flight change within 12 hours before the scheduled departure to use this feature.
  • Passengers can open the website on the browser.
  • Passengers need to retrieve their travel booking via the booking id and surname.
  • Click the same day flight changes, and check the seat availability.
  • Once the seat availability is shown vacant, you can choose a new seat and serve the flight using same day changes.
  • The ticket price for the Air Canada change flight is applicable.
  • Same day flight changes are free for passengers who enjoy elite status with the airline.
  • Passengers need to pay $ 50 for changes made for their travel companions.
  • Same day changes are not permitted for international itineraries with domestic travel involved in between.
  • Passengers must ensure the cities of travel remain the same for same day changes as per the original flight.
  • A confirmation regarding travel booking will be shared with the passenger through mail or SMS once changes are updated.
  • This completes same day flight change for Air Canada.

Conclusion: Air Canada facilitates its passengers to make appropriate changes to travel itineraries easily with multiple processes which facilitate Air Canada flight change. Passengers need to be well versed with all procedures and policies laid down by Air Canada to facilitate a flight change.

Air Canada offers multiple flexibilities to change a person’s flight and process time refunds as applicable. Air Canada has gained popularity because it allows customers various ways to smoothly amend their travel plans without any hassle.

Air Canada facilitates passengers to undergo same-day flight changes, based on seat availability and applicability of the process.

Changes in Air Canada’s Aeroplan program in 2023

Air Canada has announced some changes in its Aeroplan program for 2023. The changes introduced will majorly affect Aeroplan 35K benefits which will witness a cessation of complimentary access to Maple Leaf lounges. Also, Aeroplan 50K and higher tier members will now be able to have access to Virgin Australia lounges when flying on Virgin Australia or Air Canada.

Starting from January 1, 2023, following benefits have been added for Aeroplan 35K members:

  • Priority baggage handling: The Aeroplan 35K members and their companions will be receiving priority in baggage handling when they arrive at their destination.
  • Additional eUpgrade credits: The number of eUpgrade credits which Aeroplan 35K members can choose as a Select Benefit have been increased from 10-15.

We would also like to mention that any Priority rewards earned as an Aeroplan 35K member this year will be expanded to include bookings to all North America and Sun destinations, which also includes Premium Economy.

Furthermore, from June 1, 2023, Aeroplan 35K members will no longer have unlimited access to the airline’s Maple Leaf Lounges as part of their Aeroplan 35K benefits. Here you need to keep in mind that this change will not affect the two Maple Leaf Lounge guest passes that also come with this status.

FAQs Related to Air Canada Change Flight

Q. What is the Air Canada flight change fee?

Ans. Domestic flights for Air Canada can be changed on a nominal fee of $ 75 for confirmed fare and $50 for a fare with flexibility. International flights charge $ 100 as Air Canada change fee so that passengers can change both confirmed and flexible fares easily.

Q. Can a passenger change his flight on Air Canada?

Ans. Yes, passengers can easily change flight on Air Canada, through the flight change policy laid by Air Canada.

Q. Can passengers choose an earlier flight?

Ans. Yes, passengers can book themselves on an earlier flight with Air Canada through the feature of same-day flight changes. This is based on the availability of a seat in a new flight; the departure and arrival cities must remain the same for these changes to apply.

Q. What is the fee for rescheduling a flight on Air Canada?

Ans. Air Canada charges $ 75 to reschedule domestic travel for passengers. International flights charge $ 200 each way for getting rescheduled. If you are an elite member, the rescheduling of your flight can be done free of cost. The companions traveling with you need to pay a price for the change. Price variance in tickets is paid by every passenger exercising change.

Q. Can Air Canada process refunds?

Ans. Yes, Air Canada processes timely refunds for refundable tickets, passengers are required to cancel their tickets, 22 days in advance prior to the scheduled flight. Air Canada processes complete refunds for these tickets. If there is a change in travel plan due to death of the passenger, or death within the immediate family the complete amount is refunded.
All non-refundable tickets can be canceled 24 hours, once the reservation is made. This period is called a risk-free period. There is no monetary loss involved in this.

How does a passenger check flight status online?

Ans. Visit the website of the airline, login with your official details, enter your ticket confirmation id and last name click on the search button to check your flight status on the website or through the application of Air Canada airlines.

Can Air Canada change a flight for a passenger?

Ans. Yes, due to technical setbacks in the aircraft or severe weather conditions can lead to Air Canada making a change to the passenger’s existing flight. 
Passengers can raise a refund request if the new flight does not suit their requirements. The amount for the ticket price gets credited as a travel credit in the passenger’s account for future use. For any further assistance, passengers can connect with the customer service team. 

What are the tips to book a flight at an economical rate with Air Canada?

Ans. The passengers can book in advance from the scheduled travel. The passengers need to travel on weekdays, the passengers can use miles to book a ticket free of cost. All changes must be processed well in time. Passengers can book via deals hence its essential for booking air travel economically. Air Canada believes in providing air travel at economical rates.

Q. How late can I change a flight to Air Canada?

Ans. The passengers are allowed to change a flight as late as 2 hours prior to departure.

Q. Are Air Canada Flex fares refundable?

Ans. Yes, Air Canada offers Flex fares that are also refundable.

Q. How do I change my Air Canada flight for free?

Ans. You can make a change during the 24-hour risk-free period or buy a Premium Economy ticket in the least.

Q. What is the Air Canada change fee for award tickets?

Ans. Award tickets change fee vary on Air Canada. Hence, changing Air Canada flights for award tickets can range anywhere in between $75 to

Q. Can I reschedule my Air Canada flight?

Ans Yes, passengers are allowed to reschedule a flight with Air Canada.

Q. Is it possible to get refund from Air Canada?

Ans. Yes, except the basic economy most fares are refundable.

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