Air new zealand Change Name on Ticket

Air new zealand Change Name on Ticket

air new zealand name change process

Travellers have been known to make mistakes with their names and other essential information while booking flight tickets. There might be minor mistakes in the first or last names. Sometimes, passengers even make mistakes when choosing their date of birth, gender, or more when booking a flight reservation. That’s when Air New Zealand name change policy helps individuals to make corrections or changes in their names or other details.

If you have booked a flight with Air New Zealand Airlines, then don’t worry. This article will look at Air New Zealand change name on ticket process. 

Can You Change Passenger Name on Air New Zealand Ticket?

When filling out the reservation form, it is vital to accurately mention every one of the subtleties. According to the airlines’s rules, a traveller’s name on the ticket, passport and government-verified ID should have similar characters in a similar order. Any difference can have a significant effect on your trip. It also includes your flight getting cancelled.

Fortunately, Air New Zealand passengers are lucky because the airline allows travellers to change their booking details as per the airlines policy. The airlines provide solutions and services for a safe and secure journey. 

What Is Air New Zealand Name Change Policy?

One can eliminate blunders in the name on the Air New Zealand ticket following the name change policy. Below referenced are all the Air New Zealand name change policy that every passenger should know before requesting a name change:

  • Travellers can request name changes through offline online procedures. 
  • Further, Air New Zealand provides provisions where passengers can change minor errors such as grammatical mistakes in the name.
  • Suppose the name is changed for legal purposes, such as after marriage or divorce. In that case, a traveller can submit to support the appeal and request for the name change process.
  • Air New Zealand Airlines doesn’t allow ticket transfers to another person’s name.
  • Air New Zealand name correction for minor mistakes requires no service fees. 
  • In specific cases, the airlines normally demands a specific penalty or administration expense.

Besides, Air New Zealand flyers can connect with customer support for instant assistance. Travellers can also connect with the airlines through their customer service number.

What Are the Rules and Regulations Associated with the Air New Zealand Name Change Process?

If you want to request the name change process 24 hours after the booking, you can pay a name correction fee. You can change, add, omit the second last name, change gender, misspelled names, different surname, etc. 

  • Name change is only permitted in case of legal considerations like marriage or divorce.
  • At the hour of the name change, the airlines will make an attempt to secure the same fare class as ticketed. If it is not possible, the reservation would be reissued in the higher class of services, depending upon the availability. In such cases, a fare difference is charged.
  • According to Air New Zealand name change policy, 3 characters can be corrected in the first, middle, or last name without charges. If the correction exceeds 3 characters, then charges will be levied.
  • For travel within Australia and New Zealand, name change is allowed as long as 3 hours before the departure.
  • Air New Zealand name change is allowed 24 hours before departure for all international bookings. 
  • No changes would be made to travel dates, class of service, and place origin or destination at the time of name correction or change.
  • As per Air New Zealand name change policy, only one reissue is allowed per booking.

How to Request Air New Zealand Name Change on Ticket?

Below are some of the different methods passengers can utilize for the Air New Zealand name change process: 

Name Change/Correction via Airline’s Site

If you want to make changes or corrections to your name via the website, you need to head to the airline website. The online method is way easier compared to the other methods. Once you are on the website homepage, go to the manage booking section to make the essential changes. You can do that by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Open your web browser and head to the airlines site.
  • Then, fill in the ticket number and the passenger’s last name in the required field under the manage booking section.
  • Once done, then select the Air New Zealand ticket name change request. Then click on the change option.
  • After that, make the necessary name corrections or changes on the ticket.
  • Then select save.
  • An email will be provided stating the confirmation of the name change.

Name Change/Correction via Customer Service

Suppose you don’t want to utilize the online method. In that case, you can use the customer care method to request the name change process. You should contact the Air New Zealand support group and request the name change process in this method. It is one of the best approaches to fix any mistakes you make during the ticket reservation.

You can find the contact details on the official website of Air New Zealand Airlines. When you contact the airlines, you need to specify your request and mention every detail to the airline representatives. Then, the support team will make all the necessary changes to your ticket.

You should know certain things before contacting the airline support team. They are referenced below:

  • When speaking with the executives, keep your e-ticket or six-digit reference number with you. 
  • Travellers can request a name correction or change on a phone call.
  • The representative may ask you to submit a copy of official travel documents for identification.
  • You will be asked to pay the required name change fees if prompted.
  • You will get a confirmation of your name correction or change via email to the provided address at the time of booking.


Air New Zealand airlines are very cooperative regarding changing names for legal purposes or fixing incorrect spellings on tickets. Be that as it may be, you must address the issues as quickly as possible.

The Air New Zealand name change process is not complicated, and the airlines does not charge any money for name correction. Charges are only applied on certain situations. The fees could differ for domestic and international flights. Follow the guide to learn more about the name change process.