Air New Zealand Flight Change Policy and Fees

Air New Zealand Flight Change Policy and Fees

Travel plans can change unexpectedly. If you need to adjust your Air New Zealand flight, here is a guide to their change policies and fees to help you understand your options.

Overview of Air New Zealand Flight Change Policy

Air New Zealand allows passengers to make flight changes for a fee.
The specific fee amount depends on the following:

  • Type of ticket booked (refundable fares have lower change fees)
  • Whether it is a domestic or international flight
  • How far in advance the change is requested

In general, Air New Zealand’s policy is that changes made more than 24 hours before departure will have lower change fees compared to same-day flight changes.

Air New Zealand Domestic Flights Changes

For Air New Zealand’s domestic flights within New Zealand, the following flight change policies and fees apply:

  • Flexi Fares – Free changes available up until 2 hours before departure. You can even switch dates and routes without fees.
  • Seat Fares – NZ$50 (~US$30) for changes made more than 60 minutes before departure.
  • Seat+Bag Fares – NZ$50 (~US$30) fee applies for changes more than 7 days before departure. NZ$100 (~US$60) for changes less than 7 days out.
  • Lite Fares – Flight changes are not allowed. You would need to cancel and rebook.

For domestic flight changes requested within 24 hours of the original departure time, an NZ$100 (~US$60) fee applies for Seat and seat + bag fares.

Always call Air New Zealand’s contact centre for same-day flight changes, as their agents can sometimes waive fees in special circumstances like illness or family emergencies.

Air New Zealand International Flight Changes

Air New Zealand’s policy for changing international flights depends on the original ticket fare purchased:

  • Flexi Fares – Free date/route changes allowed up to 2 hours pre-departure. You can also switch from a Flexi fare to a Seat fare without fees.
  • Seat Fares – NZ$125 (~US$75) change fee applies more than 60 minutes before departure.
  • Seat+Bag Fares – NZ$125 (~US$75) change fee if made more than 7 days in advance. NZ$250 (~US$150) for changes less than 7 days from departure.
  • Lite Fares – Flight changes are not allowed. You would need to cancel and rebook.

For international flight changes within 24 hours of departure, the change fee is NZ$250 (~US$150) for Seat and Seat+Bag fares.

Always contact Air New Zealand directly for same-day international flight changes, as their agents can sometimes waive fees for circumstances like medical emergencies.

Tips for Changing Air New Zealand Flights with Lower Fees

Here are some tips to keep in mind to change your Air New Zealand flight with lower change fees:

  • Book early and choose Flexi or refundable fares – This gives you the most flexibility to change flights for free or lower fees.
  • Request changes as far in advance as possible – Air NZ’s policy is the earlier the change, the lower the fees.
  • Use Air NZ’s online Manage Booking tool – Simple date/route changes can be done online to avoid call centre wait times.
  • Call their contact centre for complex or same-day flight changes – Agents can sometimes waive fees as an exception for emergencies.
  • Consider the Changeable Hold Fare – More expensive upfront but allows free flight changes up to 2 hours before departure.
  • Have your original booking reference handy – This allows Air NZ agents to easily access your booking and review change options.
  • Be flexible with new flight dates/times – Having multiple options makes it easier for agents to find you an alternate flight.

Steps for Changing an Air New Zealand Flight

Here is an overview of the process to change your Air New Zealand flight booking:

  • Go to Air New Zealand’s Manage Booking tool online. Log in to your booking to review change options.
  • Alternatively, call Air NZ’s contact centre if you need agent assistance with complex changes.
  • Request your desired flight change. Pick your new dates/times.
  • Pay any applicable flight change fees online or over the phone. Fees depend on fare type.
  • Get confirmation of your revised itinerary via email. Your eTicket will be updated with your new flight details.
  • Check-in online or at the airport as normal on the day of the changed flight. Bring your passport/ID and eTicket.

Refund or Credit Options for Air New Zealand Change Flight

If you need to cancel your Air New Zealand flight change fee deadline, here are options to recover the value:

  • Refundable fares can be cancelled for a full refund minus any applicable fees.
  • Non-refundable tickets may be eligible for an Air NZ travel credit. Credit validity varies by fare type.
  • Contact Air New Zealand to discuss refund or credit options if your flight was severely disrupted or cancelled.
  • Third-party travel insurance may cover reimbursement for cancelled flights in certain circumstances like illness or injury.

Comparing Air New Zealand’s Domestic Change Fees

To understand how Air New Zealand’s change fees vary for domestic flights based on fare type and timing, here is a breakdown:

  • Flexi Fares: Free changes anytime before departure
  • Seat Fares:
    • Changes 60+ minutes before takeoff: NZ$50 fee
    • Changes within 60 minutes: NZ$100 fee
  • Seat + Bag Fares:
    • Changes 7+ days before: NZ$50 fee
    • Changes less than 7 days: NZ$100 fee
    • Within 60 minutes of takeoff: NZ$100 fee
  • Lite Fares: Changes not allowed

So, for a domestic Air New Zealand flight from Auckland to Wellington, here is how the change fees would differ:

  • Flexi fare changed 1 week before: Free
  • Seat fare changed 5 days before the NZ$50 fee
  • Seat + Bag fare changed 1 day before NZ$100 fee
  • Lite fare changed anytime: Change not allowed

This demonstrates how Air New Zealand rewards early flight changes by charging lower fees the further in advance the change is made, especially for Seat and Seat + Bag fares.

International Flight Change Fee Examples

For Air New Zealand’s international flights, the change fees also increase closer to departure. But the fees themselves are higher than domestic flights.

Here are sample fees for changing an Air NZ flight from Auckland to Los Angeles:

  • Flexi fare changed 1 month before: Free
  • Seat fare changed 1 week before NZ$125 fee
  • Seat + Bag fare changed 1 day before NZ$250 fee
  • Lite fare changed anytime: Changes not allowed

So the same Seat + Bag itinerary would incur a NZ$250 international change fee vs. NZ$100 for a domestic flight when changed close to departure.

Contacting Air New Zealand for Flight Changes

To request flight changes on Air New Zealand, customers have two main options:
Use the online booking tool to change flights booked directly with Air NZ. Simply log in online, pick new flights, and pay fees.
Call Air New Zealand at +64-9-357-3000. Useful for complex changes involving multiple passengers, special requests, or fee exemptions.

Calling also allows you to speak directly to an Air New Zealand change fight agent who can:

Review multiple flight options for your dates
Coordinate changes across group bookings with several travellers
Provide personalised service for honeymoons, weddings, or other special trips

Air New Zealand’s contact centre operates 24/7. Early morning and late night calls may reduce agent wait times.

Having your original eTicket or booking number handy speeds up the process when calling about flight changes.

Air New Zealand’s Policies

In summary, Air New Zealand has flexible policies to allow flight changes – but fees apply in most cases except for higher-priced Flexi fares. Knowing the policies can minimise how much you pay in fees.

Some key takeaways:

  • Book Flexi or refundable fares for the most flexibility
  • Make changes early to reduce fees
  • Call Air NZ for specialised or urgent flight changes
  • Have your booking details ready when you call
  • Consider travel insurance for extra protection

Following these tips will make flight changes smoother when you need to adjust your Air New Zealand travel plans.

  • Key Takeaways – Air New Zealand Flight Changes
  • Air New Zealand allows flight date, time, and route changes for a fee that varies based on the fare type.
  • Changes made more than 24 hours before departure generally have lower fees than same-day changes.
  • Air NZ agents can waive fees on a case-by-case basis for same-day changes due to emergencies.
  • Refundable and Flexi fares offer the most flexibility for free or lower-cost flight changes.
  • Use Air NZ’s online booking tools or call their contact centre for assistance with flight changes.

Following Air New Zealand’s change flight updated policies allow you to change your flights while minimising change fees. Planning and booking flexible fares can help manage travel costs.