Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

Alaska Airlines is a pivotal cornerstone of North American air transportation. Thus, it offers top notch service at affordable costs and dominates the domestic airways. It also provides a self-help booking management feature to aid customers with their trips. However, there are often times when the customers have to make some edits to their pre-booked flights. And such corrections are not limited to flight schedules and seat arrangements. Alaska Airlines name change is crucial to the passengers as it allows minor and major rectification to their tickets. Any name change on Alaska falls under the Alaska Airlines name change policy. Hence, those who want to know the Alaska air name change procedure can continue scrolling.

Alaska Airlines Name Change Using Manage My Booking

Alaska Airlines Name Change

Alaska name change is important as a misspelled name can result in severe ramifications. Hence, the airline provides the passengers with enough opportunity to correct their mistakes. Although Alaska Airline name change doesn’t concern a full name change, most corrections are limited to spelling mistakes and are allowed to rectify, which the passengers themselves can undertake by using the Manage Booking option.

Alaska Airlines Change The Name on the Ticket Through The Website

It is fairly easy to correct minor errors. Alaska Airlines name change on tickets are possible online via the official website. All you have to do is:

  • First, visit the official Alaska Air website.
  • Then you can either log in to your Mileage Plan account and then you it to indemnify your spelling mistakes.
    • To log into the Mileage Plan, keep your User ID/Mileage Plan number and password ready.
  • Or you can simply continue as a guest.
  • Then click on the Manage Trip tab located on the home screen.
  • Now you have to enter the relevant information such as:
    • Confirmation code,
    • If unavailable or lost then you can use the E-ticket number
    • And finally the Passenger’s last name.
  • After that, click on Continue to search for your pre-booked flight.
  • Alaska Airlines name change can be done by clicking on your flight and then Edit.
  • After that, you can correct your name according to the Alaska Airlines name change policy.
  • Lastly, click on Confirm and pay the necessary Alaska Airlines name change fee and difference in fare, if applicable.

Alaska Airlines Name Change on Ticket at The Airport

Another method to name change Alaska tickets is by using the airport Kiosk. A Kiosk is a self-service machine, installed at most airports to make air travel convenient. Alaska Airlines change name on ticket can be done via this method alongside other services like check-in, upgrading seats etc.

The process for Alaska change of name is simple:

  • First, select the Change Flight option on the Kiosk.
  • Then, navigate and open the flight itinerary.
    • Now, you have to enter your flight details to do so.
  • Then go to the Edit option and select Name.
  • Enter the new name and confirm.
  • You may be charged as per the name change policy.

Alaska Airlines Name Change Via Customer Care Phone Number

Just like the previous method, contacting airline customer care is also one of the most effective methods. All you have to do is use the Alaska Airlines customer service phone number and follow the on-call instructions.

  • First, go to the Alaska Airlines website to get the phone number.
    • 1-800-548-3192 (1-800-ALASKAAIR) is available 24/7.
  • Then follow the instructions and wait for any representative to connect.
  • Now inform the agent of your Alaska Airlines change name on ticket.
  • After providing sufficient boarding information, the representative will assist you further.

What is the Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy?

Alaska Airlines Name Change

Alaska Airlines name change policy is straightforward, albeit strict. The policy states

  • No last-minute changes shall be entertained.
  • Doing so will incur additional charges on top of the Alaska Airlines name change fee.
  • However, any correction within 24 hours of initial booking will be free of cost, save for the difference in fare.
  • The standard name change fee is $125 with terms.
  • Any minor correction can be made online.
  • Alaska Airlines change name on ticket is also possible via a phone call.
  • In certain legal situations, you can change your full name, however, it can’t be done online.
  • Alaska Airlines name change for full names needs supporting documentation.
  • However, under no circumstances can you transfer your ticket to a third party.
  • You are not forced by Alaska Airlines to change name on tickets due to marriage/divorce.
  • Simply bring your current and previous government ID alongside a marriage certificate or divorce decree.
  • Contact the third-party or travel agents for corrections if the tickets are purchased by them.
  • Errors in the middle name aren’t a cause for worry, you don’t have to actively correct them.
  • Lastly, if you are unable to rectify the mistake, then bring additional ID or name proof to board the flight.

Alaska Name Change Fee

Alaska Air name change requires a fee if done after 24 hours of initial booking. The base fee is $125, but is subject to change.

Alaska Air Name Change Due to Marriage

It is not compulsory to change the name on the ticket due to marriage. Alaska Airlines name change on marriage requires proof like a license or certificate. As long as you provide the necessary documents, you can travel without altering the name on your flight.

Points to Consider Before Alaska Change of Name

There are a few points to heed before attempting a name change, such as:

  • The passenger’s name on the ticket and the identity proof should match. Otherwise, failing subsequent verification can get you barred from the flight.
  • Before Alaska Airlines name change on ticket, one must ensure the propriety of the name on the passport. If it is wrong, then first rectify the mistake on the passport.
  • The ticker should be purchase from the airline directly.
  • The ticket must not be a restricted one, including discounted fare, government subsidy or special saver fares.
  • A group ticket will not be entertained.
  • The flight segment must not exceed 8 arrangements.
  • Alaska Airlines name change won’t take effect if the booking is under special accommodation.
  • Any award ticket is illegible for name change.
  • Also, remember to cross-check the information before submitting for correction, as a second attempt is not feasible.
  • Always keep your vital documents at hand before attempting a reservation or name change.
  • Keep in mind that Alaska Airlines change name on tickets must consist solely of typos.

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Alaska Airlines Name Change – FAQs

What happens if I put the wrong name on the Alaska Airlines flight ticket?

Ans: You have to make corrections as per the Alaska Air name change policy.

Alaska Airlines Change Name on Reservation for Legal Reasons

Ans: If you are married, divorced, or changed your name legally, then you can change your full name on Alaska flights.

Do I have to pay a fee for changing my name on Alaska Airlines?

Ans: It depends. If you are changing the name within 24 hours of the initial booking, then no charges will apply. However, after that, a base charge of $125 is valid for name change Alaska.

How do I change my last name on an airline ticket on Alaska Airlines?

Ans: Under legal consideration, in the event of marriage or divorce, you can change the last name by contacting the Alaska customer care services.

How do I Update Passenger Names on Alaska Airlines?

Ans: You can use the online website in case of minor corrections, the Kiosk on the airport, or via customer care to update the passenger name on Alaska Air.

Is it Possible to Correct/change the Name with Alaska Airlines?

Ans: Yes, the airlines provide Manage My Booking services to alter minor sleeping mistakes.

What if my surname is changed after marriage?

Ans: You are not compiled to change the name on the ticket. Just bring your current government ID alongside the proof of marriage.

Can Alaska Airlines Ticket be transferred to a Friend?

Ans: No, due to security reasons, doing so is barred.

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