British Airways Change Flight Policy

Flight Change Process for British Airways

Method to Change British Airways Flight Through Official Website:

  • The Passengers can use the British Airways change flight process by following some basic steps given below.
  • Passengers can open the official website on their web browser i.e.
  • Passengers can now fill in the required fields such as last name and the Booking ID.
  • Now the details of your travel itinerary are displayed on the home screen of the website.
  • Now your current booking can be modified.
  • Now select a new flight with the suitable options available.
  • Once the changes have been made passengers can click on the option to confirm the changes.
  • Now passengers need to click the save option to save the changes that have been made to the existing reservation.

Passengers can also connect with the support team of to seek assistance for the flight change process.

Method to Change British Airways Flight Via Mobile App:

British Airways Flight Change on app

  • Passengers can use the below steps to make a change to the flight via the Mobile app.
  • Passengers can download the British Airways Mobile App on their Smartphone.
  • Passengers can now open the application and provide their last name and their reference id.
  • Once these details are entered the booking information is displayed on the screen.
  • The passengers can press the modify button to amend the flight booking.
  • Depending on the passenger’s requirement a new flight can be chosen.
  • Passengers need to confirm and save the flight changes.
  • Note: Passengers are not liable to pay British Airways Change Fee, however the variance in ticket price needs to be paid by the passenger.

To Calculate Your Additional Fee Charges:

Step 1: Click on the link given.
Step 2: There is an option named ‘calculate your fees’ where one will find a drop down box to select the country they’ll be in while making changes to their ticket.
Step 3: Next question will ask them if they’re purchasing, changing, or canceling their booking.
Step 4: Final step is to click on the box ” Calculate fees ” which will tell passengers about the additional price they’ll have to purchase.

The Process to Check Flight Status for British Airways:

Passengers can open the booking details and through the ticket confirmation number check the flight status through British or the British Airways app.

Steps for Name Change on British Airways:

  • British Airways name change process is not a complex process. Follow the below steps for the same.
  • Passengers need to log on to the official account on British Airways website.
  • Passengers can fill the web form for British Airways name change process.
  • Along with a form a valid id proof such as Passport where the name appears clearly needs to be attached.
  • If you are an Executive club membership holder, you need to provide your Executive number for the changes to be processed.
  • Name change will reflect within 24 hours for processing the request.

Process to Change your Seat on British Airway

Process to Change your Seat on British Airway

For the British Airways Change seat process, a passenger can follow the following steps.

  • Login to our website i.e. with your email credentials.
  • Trace your booking via the last name and booking reference number.
  • Click on your existing booking when it’s displayed on the home screen.
  • Click the option called seat change.
  • Now follow the given on screen instructions.
  • Once the seat changes are modified confirm the changes.
  • It is always advisable to reserve your seat in advance to avoid the hassle.

Passengers can also call the support team of our website to amend their seating options with British Airways or any other kind of technical assistance.

Process to Change your Tickets on British Airways:

Passengers can change their tickets on British airways through the following steps.

  • Log on to the website of
  • Open your current booking with reference id and last name.
  • Click on the option to change or modify the booking
  • Passengers are enabled to edit the booking.
  • Once the modification is made you can confirm and save the changes.
  • The difference in the price of tickets will have to be paid by the passenger.

British Airways Flight Change Fee:

To ease the financial pressure on passengers, the British Airways change fee has been waived off for the time being. However, a passenger traveling via British Airways needs to pay a variance occurring in the ticket prices due to change.

  • If a passenger wants to make changes in their flight details like change booking, cancel the flight, or buy tickets for New flight they’re required to have paid a ‘ Service fee ‘ (charges to be paid for the processing of changes).
  • Other charges might include a change fee, cancellation fee, or difference in the price of new fare.

Factors for these changes are :

The country passenger is present while making changes and the flexibility of the ticket.

British Airways Refund Policy:

british airways refund policy

It is not necessary that every time the change in flight occurs due to change in travel plans of the passengers. Sometimes changes may occur due to circumstances which may lead to a change where the airline is responsible.

Passengers are provided the flexibility to claim compensation from British airways in case their flight has been delayed for more than 3 hours due to factors such as a technical fault in the aircraft etc. The passenger can also raise a refund request for destinations he did not fly due to the flight getting delayed for 5 hours or more.

Passengers can also raise a refund request for if their flight has been canceled and they would like to rebook in the future. A passenger could also raise a request for issuing a travel voucher which can be utilized in future bookings.

Passengers can claim a refund if cancelling has happened due to a medical emergency or death of an immediate family member.

24 hours Flight Change Policy:

British airways change my flight can be done within 24 hours of purchasing the flight ticket without bearing additional cost for changes. If the tickets have been bought within 24 hours of purchase, the passengers can change their tickets absolutely free of cost. It applies to both refundable non-refundable tickets. This policy is called 24 hours Risk free period either you can change a flight or cancel a flight and rebook in future.


British Airways change flight process assists passengers to make relevant changes before their scheduled flight. These changes depend on the change in a passenger’s travel itinerary. Passengers can contact our website to book a flight with British Airways or British Airways change flight process can be done through our website as well.

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British Airways Change Flight FAQs

Q. If you change a flight date do you need to pay?

Ans. Technically you cannot just change a date for a flight booking, you need to book a new British airways reservation on a new date hence ticket price variance has to be paid. However, the passenger need not pay a change fee.

Ans. To seek a refund from the airline you need to raise a refund request through the website of British airways.

Ans. As per policy of British Airways, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to process a refund for the passenger who has raised a refund request for the same.

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