British Airways Change Name on Booking

British Airways Change Name on Booking

British Airways is the flag carrier for the UK and hails from London, England. Being behind easyJet, it is the second-largest airline available in the country in terms of fleet size and passengers carried. The airline, in its due course, has created substantial records, including being the first passenger airline to generate more than $1 billion on a single air route within a year. Thus, we can assume that it offers incomparable experience with quality service that attracts passengers. One such service is undoubtedly the Manage Booking facility that enables travelers to take control of their trip. It also allows them to alter, or edit their names in case of a mistaken entry. Thus, today’s article is more of a guide on British Airways change name on booking. Let us learn the dictating policy behind this feature and how to use it to make our air travel easier.

What is the British Airways Name Change Process?

The British Airways name change process is rather strict, yet simple enough for people to follow. The British Airways Change Name On Ticket policy governs all the rules and regulations surrounding it, and it charts a process for passengers to follow in the event of a name change.
According to the process the British Airways change name on booking can be done in numerous ways including both online and offline methods which we will demonstrate here. Afterwards, we will examine the said policy for a better understanding of the whole.
The very first method is:

Changing Name Via Social Media

Passengers can alter or edit their names via social media by sending a request on such websites. You only need to contact their social media handles and describe/register your query. Afterwards, the airline will ensure that a representative get a hold of you and follow up on your request. It is by far the most convenient method available on BA to rectify your spelling mistakes. However, the proper process still reserves its due diligence as the actual correction will still occur on the official BA website and the various charges, if applicable, still have to be paid.

Correction Through the Official Website

British Airways Name Change

BA offers a self help booking management service that allows passengers to correct their mistakes online by visiting the Manage Booking feature on the official website. It is fast, easy and most of all reliable. All the passenger needs to do is:

  • First, visit the British Airways official website at
  • Then, navigate the website and locate the Manage tab. And move the cursor on top of said tab.
  • Now a new floating dropdown menu will open.
  • Here, the passengers have two options to proceed further:
    • First, they can use their Executive Club membership credentials to log into the account and then use the Manage Booking to bring up the upcoming pre-booked flight details. Afterwards, they can rectify it there.
    • But for those devoid of an account, there is a second option available that is to enter the Booking reference number and the passenger’s last name into the blank columns and click Find My Booking. You can find the booking reference number on your itinerary that was sent to you in the email at the time of purchase.
  • Now you have your pre booked flight in front of your screens. Click on it to begin the change name process.
  • Then click on Change My Flight and move the cursor to the name.
  • After that, click on Edit Name and enter the new name.
    • Although the online resource allows corrections, it is limited in scope. You can only do minor corrections that is limited to a few letters. If you want major corrections like a full name change, the only recourse is going offline.
  • Once satisfied, click on Confirm and the website will redirect you for payment.
  • Here, the name change fee and fare difference will be charged if applicable.
  • Lastly, pay the amount and your new itinerary is ready.

British Airways Change Name on Booking Over a Phone Call

As you may have guessed, this process involves calling the customer care representative and have them handle the issue on your behalf. All you need to do is: Call the airline customer service at 1-800-247-9297 or on the direct line (i.e. +44-208-638-7369) and inform the representative of your flight details. Then he may ask for some legal documents if needed and the name change fee. And it’s done. But member that offline name changes are slightly costlier than online ones.

British Change Name on Ticket at the Airport

Lastly, we have the option of going to the airport to have our mistakes rectified. Although it is more of a last minute approach, passengers can use the British Airways ticket counter services for a name amendment. Simply go to the airline representative and provide your booking details, then request a name change. They can ask for some legal documents if necessary, but the process will be done.

Types of Name Changes

We will study two types of changes: Those that are simple spelling mistakes and doesn’t take a lot to rectify, and those that require a full name change. Minor name changes are also known as name correction.

British Airways Change Name on Ticket for – Minor Name Changes

British Airways allows for a name correction, mostly free of cost, that include spelling mistakes, hyphens, apostrophes etc. Under this policy, user can change up to 3 letters in a name (a name being first name + last name). Such changes are known as minor changes, and they can be carried out online for free. Furthermore, they do not require any supporting documents. However, the final name and the name on your passport must match.

British Airways ticket Name Change Due to Major Name Change

Major name changes can’t be processed online. They are done mostly due to legal consideration and are full name changes instead of letters. Thus, they need supporting documents as proof. You need to contact customer care to process these changes. Most of the time, major changes cost money. And they are costlier than corrections. Also, these changes have pre conditions.

British Airways Name Change Policy

British Airways Name Change

The name change policy for the British Airways dictates the following:

  • Name corrections are mostly free when done online or over a phone call. However, the flight must be operated by the British Airways.
  • Any changes made to the API won’t be reflected on the E ticket.
  • Tickets bought through third parties must also be corrected through them and not the airline.
  • If you want to change the whole name and make a booking for an entirely new name, the only option is to cancel and re book the flight.
  • Rewards flights are not subject to name changes.
  • Transfer of ownership is forbidden under any condition.
  • After a name change, British Airways issue a new ticket and this ticket will be either of the original class or higher. But any difference in fare needs to be borne by the passenger.
  • After a name change, passengers have to redo the seat selection and check in process.
  • Changes can be made to the PNR.
  • Name corrections are limited up to 3 letters in the name, be it the first, middle or last name.
  • Only tickets starting with 236 can entertain a name change request.
  • Legal considerations need to be met for a name change. Such situations are marriage, divorce, adoption, or a court order.

Change Name British Airways Executive Club Account Holders

The reward program for British Airways can result in a free flight. Passengers make an account under the Executive Club program to enjoy additional benefits of traveling via the airline. Nominally, the British Airways change name on ticket doesn’t concern itself with the Executive Club reward ticket and any changes on the said ticket can’t be made via the traditional approach. However, Executive Club account holders can facilitate such changes through the program. The process is as the following:

  • First, login to your British Airways Executive Club account.
  • Then go to Manage Booking to review all of your pre-booked flights.
  • After that, select the reward flight you want changes made to.
    • Reward bookings are separate from normal ones.
  • Now fill in an online Change Flight form and clarify the issue.
  • Here, you have to provide the necessary documents, such as:
    • Your valid government issues photo identification.
    • A proof for name change, i.e. a marriage certificate.
    • Other supporting documents as per the form.
  • Lastly, submit the form and wait for further instructions via mail.

British Airways Change Name Due to Marriage/Divorce

British Airways change name on booking can happen due to marriage or divorce. Under the policy, it clearly states that name changes can only be considered due to legal obligations. Hence, in such cases, you need to contact the airline and provide sufficient documents for a successful name change. You will need the following documents:

  • Your older identification with the same name you want to change on the ticket,
  • The proof for name change such as Marriage certificate/license and or Divorce decree
  • Your new government issued photo identification
  • And the same should also reflect on your passport.

A name change is costly, and it can be as high as $250.

British Airways Change Name Fees

The name change fee is as follows:

  • Any changes within 24 hours of booking are free.
  • But for major changes, it can cost:
    • $150 if done within 24 hours of booking.
    • $250 if done after 24 hours of bookings.
  • Taxes will be applicable
  • Any fare difference will also be applicable regardless of booking timings.

British Airways Change Passenger Name Before the Ticket is Issued

These changes can be made before ticket issuance:

  • Name corrections up to 3 letters.
  • Any titles or space corrections.
  • However, altering DOB, Gender, addition of passenger, children will not be entertained.

British Airways Change Name on Booking After the Ticket is Issued

Similarly, change can be made after issuance:

  • These changes can only be considered under legal obligation.
  • The change must reflect in the official document/identification/passport.
  • These changes are name change due to
    • Marriage
    • Divorce
    • Adoption
    • Court order

Terms and Conditions to Change Name on British Airways

Certain terms and conditions guide a name change. These are:

  • Flights must operate under British Airways
  • The ticket must start with 236
  • The least you can make a name change is 6 hours before a flight.
  • If you have made corrections to the API, your e-ticket won’t need any corrections.
  • Tickets purchased via external sources won’t be entertained.
  • DOB and gender change doesn’t fall under name change policies.

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British Airways Change Name on Booking – FAQs

Is British Airways name change allowed?

Ans: Yes, it is allowed under the name change policy.

British Airways change name on ticket to correct misspelling, how?

Ans: Using Manage Booking online, you can correct misspelling up to 3 letters.

Is British Airways change name marriage possible after purchasing ticket?

Ans: Yes, but you will need legal proof.

Does British Airways change name on ticket to match issued ticket?

Ans: Yes, otherwise you will be denied boarding.

Can I add another person to my holiday booking?

Ans: Name change doesn’t entertain modification to itinerary.

British Airways name change cost?

Ans: Name corrections are always free. But name changes can range from $150 to $250.

How to transfer British Airways ticket to another person?

Ans: You can’t as the policy strictly forbids such activity due to security policies.

Can you change passenger name on British Airways flight?

Ans: Yes, but only major changes arr allowed.

Does British Airways change name on booking needs to match passport?

Ans: Yes, the policy requires both the names to match.

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