Cathay Pacific flight cancellation policy

Cathay Pacific flight cancellation policy

Whether it’s an unexpected personal matter or a change in travel plans, sometimes we need to cancel airline bookings. This article provides a comprehensive guide on handling Cathay Pacific cancellations and refunds. It starts by giving an overview of Cathay Pacific’s cancellation policy – Cathay Pacific aims to simplify their customers’ cancellation and refund process. However, specific conditions and fees apply depending on your fare class and ticket type.

Here are some critical aspects of Cathay Pacific’s flight cancellation policy:

Economy Class Tickets

  • Requests 45+ days before departure: Keep the taxes, 10% cancellation penalty fee applies
  • Requests 15-44 days before departure: Keep the taxes, 30% cancellation penalty fee applies
  • Requests 14 days or less before departure: No refund permitted

Business Class/Premium Economy Tickets

  • More flexible cancellation terms versus economy tickets
  • Lower penalty fees apply for cancellations before departure
  • Some fares permit refunds even after the departure

First Class Tickets

  • Most flexible cancellation and refund options
  • Minimal fees for cancellations well in advance of departure
  • Certain foods allow refunds after release as well

Award Tickets

  • Cannot get a refund; only rebookings allowed
  • Rebooking fees apply

Irregular Operations (Delays/Cancellations)

  • Eligible for full refunds even for non-refundable tickets

As you can see, the conditions vary based on ticket fare class. Contact Cathay Pacific to determine the exact fees for your specific booking.

How to Cancel Your Cathay Pacific Flight

Follow these steps to cancel your Cathay Pacific flight booking:

Online Through Manage Booking

  1. Log into your account on the Cathay Pacific website or mobile app
  2. Under ‘Manage Booking,’ find your itinerary and select ‘Cancel Flight.’
  3. Choose flights you want to cancel and specify the reason
  4. Review cancellation terms and accept
  5. Wait for a confirmation email that your request has been processed

By Calling Cathay Pacific

  1. Call their global call center with your booking details handy
  2. Request to cancel your booking and provide a reason
  3. The agent will review your fare rules and process the cancellation request
  4. Receive a confirmation email once the ticket is canceled in their system

Through a Travel Agent

If you booked through a travel agent, contact them directly to handle the cancellation versus Cathay Pacific. Provide your PNR and details.

Additional Tips for Cancelling Cathay Pacific Flights

  • When canceling online via the website, use a laptop/desktop for more straightforward navigation versus trying to do it on the mobile app. The full cancellation flow is easier to handle on a bigger screen.
  • If booking with a travel agent, inform them of your need to cancel as soon as possible. They can start processing based on the airline’s rules and get you the best outcome.
  • Based on region, calling early morning or late night may have shorter call wait times when contacting Cathay Pacific for cancellations. Avoid calling just before significant holidays when call volumes are very high.
  • If given options between travel vouchers or full cash refunds, carefully evaluate your future travel plans before choosing. Vouchers have shorter validity periods usually.
  • After online cancellation, you’ll likely need to call Cathay Pacific anyway if you need to make adjustments or have questions about the refund amount/timing.
  • Keep records of your cancellation reference number and confirmation emails from Cathay Pacific for later tracking purposes.
  • If the booking has other unused components like hotels or transfers, check if they will automatically get canceled when canceling the flights or if any additional steps are needed.

Getting a Refund from Cathay Pacific Flight

How you get your Cathay Pacific refund depends on how you paid for the original booking:

Paid Via Credit Card

Most refunds will be transferred back to the original credit card. Allow at least 14 days for your refund to appear on your bill.

Paid in Cash

A refund will be issued to the person named on the ticket. You’ll be asked to provide bank details to receive the refunded amount via bank transfer.

Paid Using Miles

Your miles will be redeposited to your Asia Miles frequent flyer account. This can take 7-14 days after cancellation is confirmed.

Travel Credit as a Form of Refund

Travel vouchers are sometimes issued instead of a full cash refund based on the fare rules if permitted. The coupons have a defined validity period to rebook future Cathay Pacific travel.

If your Cathay Pacific refund is received after the expected processing time, check the refund status on their website and follow up with their customer service team for assistance if there are any issues.

Additional Notes on Cathay Pacific Refunds

  • When getting a refund via credit card, the process is typically smoother for bookings where the card is still valid and has not expired since booking.
  • They will handle the refund issuance if booked through a third-party travel agency, not Cathay Pacific. Follow up with the agency for refund status.
  • Keep the bank account active for cash refunds until the refund is received. Inactive accounts will delay the process.
  • Cathay Pacific may reach out for additional documents like bank statements, ID, etc., to issue cash refunds – provide promptly to expedite.
  • The miles refund will return to the Asia Miles account holder who initially redeemed for the booking, not necessarily the passenger.
  • Travel credits are generally valid for one year from the date of issue. Use them before expiry, as extensions are not permitted.
  • Purchase insurance if opting for travel vouchers – it can reimburse if you are later unable to utilize them before expiry.
  • If dissatisfied with a voucher refund amount, check if paying a fee to switch to a cash refund is an option under the fare rules.

Cathay Pacific Flight Refund Policy

Cathay Pacific’s refund policy highlights:

Fee Amounts

As mentioned earlier, the cancellation penalty fees charged by Cathay Pacific depend on the following:

  • Number of days before departure the cancellation was requested
  • Fare class of the ticket

Here’s a quick overview of the fees:

Economy Fare Refund Fees

  • 45+ days before departure – 10% of the total fare
  • 15-44 days before departure – 30% of the full fare
  • 14 days or less before departure – No refund permitted

Business/Premium Economy Refund Fees

  • 45+ days before departure – $50 or 5% of the total fare, whichever is higher
  • 15-44 days before departure – $100 or 10% of the natural food, whichever is higher
  • 14 days or less before departure – $200 or 20% of the total fare, whichever is higher

First Class Refund Fees

  • Minimal fees apply for cancellations 45+ days before departure
  • No refund permitted 14 days or less before departure

Check with Cathay Pacific about the costs for your ticket fare class and travel dates.

Refund Method

As outlined earlier, Cathay Pacific issues refunds either as:

  • Credit back to the original payment method
  • Travel voucher for future bookings
  • Redeposit back of miles for award tickets

Cash refunds are typically only given to the ticketed passenger.


Cathay Pacific typically processes refunds within 14 days; however, it may take additional time for the refunded amount to be credited to your account, depending on your bank’s payment procedures.

Contact Cathay Pacific if your due refund is delayed significantly beyond 14 days.

Rebooking Instead of Refund

Alternatively, you can rebook your Cathay Pacific flight ticket to cancel and get a refund.

Rebooking provides more flexibility versus outright cancellation in some cases.

Before Departure

Rebooking fees tend to be lower compared to refund penalties. You need to commence travel within a year of the new booking.

After Departure

Some part-used tickets can be rebooked after departure. This is not permitted for refunds.

Award Tickets

You can redeem miles again for a new reward ticket booking. Original miles will be redeposited to your account.

Evaluate the rebooking versus refund option carefully before initiating changes to your booking.

Irregular Operations Refund Policy

What if your Cathay Pacific flight gets canceled or delayed significantly?

You become eligible for a full refund – even on non-refundable tickets in irregular operations scenarios.

Examples include:

  • Flight cancellation by Cathay Pacific
  • Significant delays over 4 hours
  • Schedule changes to your departure time by over 12 hours
  • Downgrading from business/first class cabin involuntarily

Refunds are typically issued to the original payment method automatically. Or you can opt to rebook without any change fees.

This provides significant customer protection in case of major disruptions. Make sure you are aware of these provisions while booking Cathay Pacific flights.

Refunding Cathay Pacific Award Tickets

A key aspect is that award tickets booked through miles cannot be refunded – the only option is rebooking.

If you need to cancel an award ticket booking, here’s the process to follow:

  • Contact Cathay Pacific via app/website/call center
  • Request for cancellation and rebooking, not refund
  • There will be a rebooking fee applied
  • Your original miles will be redeposited to your Asia Miles account
  • Rebook new reward ticket using redeposited miles

The rebooking fee amount depends on your membership tier in Asia Miles and departure region:

  • Bronze tier – USD 100 rebooking fee
  • Silver level – USD 75 rebooking fee
  • Gold tier – USD 50 rebooking fee
  • Diamond tier – No rebooking fee

Remember that reward tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash. Plan award redemptions carefully.

Making Changes to Cathay Pacific Flight Bookings

Apart from outright cancellation, you can also make permitted changes to your Cathay Pacific booking, such as:

  • Date changes
  • Route changes
  • Name changes

Applicable change fees apply based on fare rules. Changes are allowed only before departure.

This provides more flexibility than just canceling your ticket in some cases. Discuss change options with a Cathay Pacific agent for your specific key.

Some essential tips on making booking changes:

  • Initiate online through ‘Manage My Booking’ if possible
  • Don’t make multiple changes separately – club them into one request
  • Have your alternative dates/routes in mind before calling
  • Changes to origin/destination aren’t permitted usually

Cathay Pacific Cancellation and Refund FAQs

Q1 Can I get a full refund if I cancel my Cathay Pacific flight?

You can get a full refund if you cancel more than 45 days before departure and have booked a flexible fare class. Other fare classes deduct cancellation penalty fees before providing a refund.

Q2 How long does it take to get a refund from Cathay Pacific?

Cathay Pacific processes refunds in 7-14 days after cancellation. Allow additional 1-2 billing cycles for the amount to reflect in your account. Contact Cathay if a refund is delayed significantly.

Q3 What is Cathay Pacific’s cancellation policy?

Cathay Pacific’s cancellation policy depends on the fare class booked. For economy – a 10% fee applies 45+ days before departure 30% fee for 15-44 days before departure. Business class has lower prices. No refund is permitted under 14 days.

Q4 Does Cathay Pacific refund award tickets?

No, award tickets cannot be refunded. The only option is rebooking to another date/flight. A rebooking fee applies based on your Asia Miles membership status.

Q5 What if I need to change my Cathay Pacific flight details?

You can change flight dates or routing for a fee as an alternative to outright cancellation. You are only permitted before the original departure. Discuss change options with Cathay Pacific.

Key Takeaways

That sums up the critical considerations around canceling and getting refunds on Cathay Pacific airline tickets. To recap:

  • Economy tickets have stricter refund rules versus business/first-class fares
  • Refund eligibility and fees depend on how early you cancel before departure
  • 100% refunds are issued only in irregular operations by airline
  • Cathay Pacific refunds via the original payment method typically
  • Processing refunds take7-14 days after ca cancellation confirmation
  • Award tickets cannot be refunded; only rebooking allowed

We hope this guide clarifies Cathay Pacific’s policies around cancellations and refunds. Don’t hesitate to contact Cathay Pacific customer service if you need clarification or have issues. Safe travels!