Delta Airlines Change Flight Policy & Process

Delta Airlines Change Flight Policy & Process

Delta Airlines is well known for its flexible delta airlines change flight policy. Hence, those passengers who want to learn more about Delta change flight policy and the process can continue to scroll down.

Delta Airlines focuses on giving its consumers complete freedom when it comes to making alterations or changes to their flight tickets. Before using Delta flight change service, passengers must be fully aware of the Flight change policy and its criteria and restrictions.

Changing or cancelling a ticket has traditionally been a nuisance, with fines often costing almost as much as the ticket itself. With the pandemic causing havoc in the tourism market, airlines like Delta Air Lines have made it simple to change or cancel your journey. In order to learn how Delta Airlines change flight, read the following:

Delta Change Flight Policy – Updated

As long as passengers adhere to the Delta change flight policy, it is simple, straightforward, and makes air travel more convenient. Hence, the following guidelines should be studied clearly before purchasing a ticket.

  • Delta allows its passenger to make changes to the trip both online and offline.
  • And the passengers can change any tickets on Delta regardless of fare type, except the basic economy as it is non-refundable and non-changeable.
  • However, if you really want to, then take advantage of the 24-hours risk free period to edict changes on any fare type. These changes, within this period, will be free of cost. But fare difference will be applicable.
  • The risk-free 24-hour period starts from the time of your booking. And the passenger has to ensure that a seven days gap exist between his booking and flight departure.
  • The latest a passenger can make a change is 24 hours before flight departure.
  • Delta offers 3 fare types:
    • Basic economy – You can’t change this ticket no matter when, except during the risk-free period.
    • Non-refundable – You can change it anytime before 24 hours from departure, but a change fee will apply.
    • Refundable – You can change it anytime for free.
  • The airline also allows same-day changes for a fee.
  • A passenger can change a flight as many times as he wants but the change fee and difference in fare will have to be paid every time.

Delta Same Day Flight Change policy – 24 hours

Delta Same Day Flight Change
  • Passengers can change a Delta flight on the same day as departure. However, there are some rules and regulations that state the following:
  • The same-day flight change is only valid for travel within the United States. You can’t do it on international flights.
  • Although the passengers are free to request a same-day change within 24 hours of flight departure, it is subject to availability and only those flights that are due on the same day.
  • If possessing a refundable ticket, you can even make changes to your itinerary even on a same-day change, but the fee will apply.
  • Also, cabin upgrades are not possible with the same-day change policy.
  • However, you can downgrade the cabin class as per the ticket rules in the event of availability.
  • No changes in origin or destination will be entertained on a same-day change.
  • Similarly, you can’t change your flight from a connecting one to a non stop one.
  • Only Basic economy tickets are illegible for same-day changes.

There are Two Different Versions Within the Delta Same Day Flight Change Policy

  • Same-day confirmed changes: If a spot in the customer’s initially booked fare class becomes available, the customer may exchange his/her tickets for an assured seat on a different aircraft. This fee is waived for Gold Medallion, Platinum, and Diamond members.
  • Same-day standby: If no same-day guaranteed changes are available, passengers could choose to standby for a seat on an earlier aircraft. The change fee is charged only if the traveller can secure a place on the specified flight.

Delta Flight Change Fees

Delta Change Fees

Time of ChangeStandard TicketsAward Tickets
Basic Economy Non-RefundableRefundableBasicGold Diamond Platinum
During Risk-Free PeriodFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
After 24-hours Risk Free PeriodNot Allowed0 to $500Free$150FreeFreeFree
Same DayNot Allowed$75+$75+$75+$75+FreeFree

Delta Flight Change Fees policy – Outside of North America

The flights originating outside North America will change a change fee regardless of fare type. Although Delta often waives these fees, the policy clearly states that other than Refundable fares, others will be charged $200 to $500.

Delta Airlines Change Fees Waived

Delta understands and accepts the need to change a plan. Hence, it has adopted a policy of no change or cancellation fee. However, it is limited to tickets of Main cabin and above class. A basic economy ticket can’t be changed, although you can still cancel it partially for free and rebook it. Thus, Delta has presented flexibility to the itinerary and allowed more freedom to the travelers. But keep in mind that, even if the change fee is no more, you are still susceptible to any difference in fare. Also, any changes should be completed before flight departure to be of value.

In order to avoid Delta change fee, you can also observe the following:

  • Use the 24-hour risk-free period to your advantage. Any changes made during this timeframe will be free.
  • You can also buy a refundable fare and remain care free as the airline doesn’t charge anything for changing these flights.
  • If there has been a schedule change in the flight due to any unforeseen event, and it is the responsibility of the airline, then you won’t have to pay a change fee.
  • Such disruptions can include:
  • A delay of more than two hours.
  • If the flight has added more stops than its original route.
  • Any equipment changes.
  • If the airline causes you to miss a subsequent connecting flight.
  • You can also contact Delta customer care and explain any extenuating circumstances and ask their help. Sometimes being polite can be a way out of tricky situations.

Delta Airlines Change Flight Online

Delta Change Flight

We will use the official website to approach Delta change flight. We advise our readers to adhere to the Delta Airlines change flight policy to successfully handle such modifications.

Here’s how you can approach the edification of flights in easy and simple steps.

  1. First, the passenger must visit Delta’s official website. As any online rectification to the itinerary is only possible via Manage Booking.
  2. Now, those passengers who have an active SkyMiles membership can log into their accounts to view the upcoming trip. Hence, modifying the flight can be much simpler.
  3. Or else, these passengers can continue the process as a guest.
  4. Then, click on My Trips and fill in the relative information as per your existing booking details.
    1. The six-digit confirmation number which can be found in your email that you received at the time of booking.
    2. And the passenger’s full name as per the booking.
  5. After that, you have to select the flight that needs modification.
  6. Thus, click on Modify Flight, and then select Start Flight Change to initiate the process.
  7. Then, the passenger can make their changes, such as:
    1. Change flight date
    2. Change origin or destination
    3. Change flight time
    4. Chang Name
    5. Seat upgrade or change
    6. Cabin class upgrade
    7. Meal upgrade etc.
  8. After making these changes, the passenger will be redirected to the check-out page for payment, here they will have to pay the flight change fee if applicable and the fare difference between the older and the newer flight.

Delta Airlines Change A Non-Refundable Ticket

Delta offers a non-refundable ticket that can be changed, but the passenger has to pay certain fees. The fees depend on the origin of your trip, your destination, the fare type and cabin class. However, the airline has mostly abolished change fees for flights originating within the Northern America, Hence this fees now ranges from 0 to $500.

Although a basic economy ticket is also non-refundable, the traveler can’t change it. If you really want to make changes on a basic economy ticket, first cancel it for a partial refund and then rebook the trip, according to the Delta Chang Flight Policy.

Given below is the procedure for enacting a change on a Delta flight.

  • The passenger will need to make any necessary cancellation prior to departure. Thus, before starting a flight change procedure ensure whether you need to cancel a trip or not.
  • Now, he should visit the Delta website and login to the SkyMiles account.
  • Or he can also continue as a guest.
  • Then, click on My Trips and wait for the page to load.
  • After that, the passenger should enter the necessary details and select the pre-booked trip he wants to be changed.
  • Now, click on Modify Flight and then Start Flight Change.
  • After making the necessary adjustments pay the change fee and the fare difference if any.

How to Change a Refundable Ticket on Delta?

Refundable tickets are those that can be changed at any given time. They are not restricted in any ways, and you can change them for free. Also, these tickets are mostly costlier than other fare types. However, given the flexibility they offer, it is well worth it. There are many additional benefits to a Refundable ticket. Hence, a passenger can learn how to change it even if it’s free of cost. To change a refundable ticket a passenger must:

  • First, visit the Delta website at the official address.
  • Then, log into the SkyMiles account. Those passengers who have yet to try one can instead continue as a guest.
  • Now, enter the following flight details of the trip you want to change.
  • Select the flight, the passenger can now click on Modify. Then Start Flight Change.
  • Lastly, make sure of the change fee and mind the fare difference.

Change a Delta Flight for an Award Ticket

As for an award ticket, it also follows the same Delta flight change policy as other fare types. The passenger can use SkyMiles points/credits or miles to book an award flight, and this ticket can be refundable, non-refundable or basic economy. Hence, the same process and policies will apply. But if you want to change an Award ticket you have to use the SkyMiles account.

  • The passenger needs to head to the Delta website and login to the SkyMiles account.
  • Then he can view his upcoming reservations.
  • Now, he has to locate the award flight and select it.
  • After that, click on Modify Flight and Start Flight Change.
  • He has to make sure that the changes are in accordance with the Delta Airlines change flight guidelines.
  • Lastly, the passenger will have to shell out a change fee.

Delta Airlines Change Flight Through the Mobile App

Change Delta Airlines via Mobile Application

Those of us who love and use smartphone indispensable can use the same for Delta change flight. The airline has available apps to Manage Booking via a mobile app and that too for popular platforms like Android and Apple. Hence, they can head to the respective app stores to download these apps and modify their flights, here’s how:

  • First, the passenger has to access the app store:
  • Then, he should download the Delta Airlines app and run it on the device.
  • Now, he can continue via SkyMiles account login or as a guest, whichever is more convenient.
  • After that, tap the My Trips tab and fill in the flight details like the confirmation number and the passenger’s full name.
  • Then, select the existing flight and modify its itinerary in accordance to the Delta Flight change terms and conditions.
  • After making sure of these changes, he has to pay certain fees.
  • On the check-out page the passenger can view all of these charges that include taxes, change fee and the fare difference between the two flights.

Delta Change Flights Offline

Although making changes online can be effective and easy, there are many passengers who feel comfortable in a face-to-face dealing, and for these, the Delta airline has continued with the offline approach to any flight modifications. Hence, those interested travelers can either head to the nearest delta office, the airport or even call the airline to have their tickets modified. Here are a few scenarios:

Delta Change Flight Over a Phone Call

In order to call and have Delta Airlines change flight, the passenger must be aware of the relevant customer care number. He can easily get the number on the official website and use it to make a call. The whole process being like this:

  • First, the passenger has to call customer care at the 24/7 toll free number: 1-800-548-3192 .
  • After that, listen to the on-call instructions very carefully and follow them to successfully connect to a Delta representative.
  • After that, you can request a flight change while providing your booking details.
  • Lastly, pay the necessary flight change fee and any difference in fare.

Delta Flight Change at the Airport

Delta Flight Change at the Airport

Those who are not in a hurry can also get their tickets changed at an airport. Although it can be a bit of a hassle as you have to queue up, the process in itself isn’t complicated. You just have to visit the ticketing counter and request a flight change. Then pay any relevant fee.

Delta Airlines Change Flight for Tickets Through Third-Party

As per the Delta change flight policy, the airline rejects any flight modification on any tickets bought from a third party. Hence, in order to change such flights the passenger has to contact the relevant party.

However, there are situations when you can incur additional charges, such as:

  • If you booked with a traditional travel agency.
  • Or tried an online agent.
  • If you bought the ticket from a different airline with a codeshare agreement with Delta.

Similarly, you won’t have to pay charges under certain situations which include the following:

  • If the ticket was purchase originally from Delta.
  • In case of airline initiated cancellations, delays or other disruptions.
  • Military or government fares.

How Can I Reschedule a Delta Airlines Flight?

Delta allows passengers the freedom to cancel and rebook a flight. Here notice the keyword cancel. As no rescheduling is possible without prior cancellation, those looking to rebook a Delta Flight change have to first go through said cancellation. And this rebooking will also have to be done in accordance with the Delta change flight rules and guidelines.

Those who want to reschedule a flight can do so by following our step-by-step guide.

  • First, the passenger has to ensure Delta flight cancellation.
  • Now, go back to the website and login to SkyMiles as it is more convenient towards rebooking/rescheduling.
  • After that, click on My cancelled flights.
  • Here the passenger can view all his cancelled flights. Select the one you want to rebook. Then scroll down.
  • The passenger will find a button with Rebook Flight. Click it.
  • Now, create the itinerary as if it’s a new booking but be sure to follow the Delta Airlines change flight rules.
  • Then confirm your flight and pay any relevant change fee and fare difference.

How to Change Seats on Delta

delta airlines seat change

Delta allows passengers to change seats on a pre-booked flight. These passengers can select a new seat in the cabin or upgrade the seat itself. However, this change is subject to availability and falls under the purview of Delta Airlines. But those who want to attempt such a change can follow these steps:

  • First, start by visiting the website.
  • Now, login to your SkyMiles account or not, and click on My Trips.
  • Then enter your flight details to look up the flight.
  • After that, click on Modify Flight and then Start Flight Change.
  • On the new UI, you can scroll down and select Change Itinerary.
  • Here you will have an option of changing your seats. Select new seat or click on Upgrade.
  • After confirming your choice, the website will redirect you to a checkout page for final payment. Here you will need to pay the change fee, as per your fare rules and the difference in fare if any.

Delta Airlines Ticket Name Change

All of these changes are permitted under the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy, providing that the ticketed name matches the one on the government ID/passport. In addition, while adding a legal name under the conditions of Marriage, Divorce, and Adoption. OSI, The Delta Airlines name change waiver code would apply.

Although Delta flight change name adheres to a separate Name change policy, it does come under the broader Delta change flight guidelines. As such, the passengers can change his name. Beware though as full name changes are not permitted online and only allowed offline under special circumstance. However, you can try a name correction pertaining to 3 letters. For which you have to follow these steps:

  • First, the passenger will have to go to the Delta website.
  • Then, login to the SkyMiles account or click on My Trips and enter the flight details.
  • Now select the flight and start the change process.
  • Take the cursor to the itinerary and click on Edit.
  • Now change your name.
  • But you still have to pay the change fee, name correction fee or the fare difference.

Change Flight Date on Delta Flights

The airline also allows passengers to change the trip date. Hence, you can select a date of travel that is convenient for you. To do so:

  • Start by visiting the Delta website and login to the SkyMiles account.
  • Or you can click on My Trips and fill in the necessary information to look up your flight.
  • After that, you have to select the flight and Start Flight Change process,
  • Now, you can see a list of flights on the right side of the screen. These are the possible flights that are similar to your itinerary but with different departure dates.
  • Select a new flight with another date and proceed.
  • On the check-out, kindly pay the necessary change fee and the difference in fare.
  • Lastly confirm your booking.

Delta Airlines Date Change Policy

Passengers should review Delta change flight date terms and conditions for flight adjustments before submitting a request to modify an existing reservation.  Unless you’ve purchased a basic economy ticket, you can change your Delta flight dates without penalty

How can I request a date change on a Delta flight?

  • First, go to Delta’s main page. For more information, visit or call.
  • To go to, select the “My Trips” tab.
  • To access the control panel, enter the passengers’ booking codes or last names.
  • From the dashboard, select “Delta flight ticket to make the change.”
  • Choose the “Change flight date” option.
  • Enter the New flight date for the Delta flight.
  • Confirm your flight change by paying the Delta change cost.
  • After that, Delta will contact you using the contact information you provided.

The flexibility of Delta’s Flight Change Date policy reflects the ever-evolving nature of travel and serves as another evidence of Delta’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Delta Airlines Change Flight Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I change my Delta flight for free?

Ans. Yes, those who have purchased a refundable fare can change a flight for free. Also, those who change the flight during the 24-hour risk free period can also enjoy the free service.

Q. Can I change my flight on Delta?

Ans. Yes, one can easily make modifications to their initial flight schedule either offline or online as you feel comfortable with. As long as you don’t have a basic economy ticket, you can change your flight.

Q. How much does it cost to reschedule a Delta flight?

Ans. You may reschedule your journey with a non-refundable ticket by paying a change charge of $0-500, based on your travel route, plus the price difference. The cost also depends on various other factors.

Q. Can we change the flight date after booking?

Ans. Yes, you can easily make amendments to your planned flights through the delta airline flight change feature which is accessible both online and offline to the passengers by paying the change fees if applicable even after booking the flight, and as long as you change it 24 hours before scheduled flight departure.

Q. How Delta changes policy to impact my current ticket?

Ans. The airline has abolished change and cancellation fee. Hence, passengers can enjoy the service more.

Q. Does Delta charge for flight changes?

Ans. Yes, but only on non-refundable fares. It can cost around 0 to $500.

Q. Will I be charged a Delta change fees when booking a new trip where I am changing my origination or destination?

Ans. Yes, but it depends on when you are changing a flight and what tickets you’re holding. If changing a refundable, you won’t be charged. Similarly, if you change a flight during the risk-free 24 hours, you don’t have to pay for changing a flight.

Q. Can I request a refund if my flight has a schedule change?

Ans. Yes, any flight disruptions from Delta can warrant you a free flight change as well as a refund.

Q. Why is Delta changing flights?

Ans. There can be several reasons behind a schedule change. Some are within control while others are uncontrollable. Hence, Delta airline changes flights according to situations.

Q. What if I need to change or cancel my Delta Vacations reservation?

Ans. You can do so by contacting the customer care as it doesn’t fall under the Delta change policy.

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  • Michael Plate says:

    On a long flight with Delta Airlines, it was pleasant to have excellent service. On a flight, the crew makes a difference, and the customer service is worth noting. They offer you all of the assistance they can. My delta change flight enquiry was handled by a courteous and attentive customer service team. They assisted me in making a last-minute flight change. In addition, their in-flight facilities, such as dinner service, were excellent. I was impressed with how clean and sanitary the restrooms were kept.

  • Favor Loiseau says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever written a review for an airline. After a long time, it was a fantastic trip. The journey from Hartford to Raleigh was an adventure in itself. Delta customer support phoned me back within an hour, explained the Delta flight change policy, apologised for the delay, and refunded a portion of my ticket as a future credit. On top of that, they issued me a $200 travel coupon that was valid for a year.

    It pays to be patient and to value customer service, folks. They’ll assist you if you don’t cause them any problems.

  • Alighiero Folliero says:

    It was my first journey with Delta, and I must say, their Delta flight change service blew me away. The plane was beautiful and clean, and the seat back screen had a wonderful assortment of TV, movies, music, and games to choose from. Each screen included a USB connector, and there were outlets between each seat in front of you. Being 6’3″ tall, and I had plenty of legroom. Our luggage arrived without a hitch at our ultimate destination. We want to travel Delta again in the future!

  • Livia Cardoso says:

    Delta has been a fantastic airline for my family and me. My father was travelling alone with my elderly grandma, and assisted her in carrying her belongings down the ramp and settling in. Even the first-class attendant was concerned about their comfort, happiness, and, most importantly, their safety. Because the service is so fantastic, I chose Delta over my local area airline. Even if I receive free bags on the other airline, I still prefer Delta. This airline even acknowledged my Delta flight change and thanked me privately for selecting them.

  • Last month, in the midst of all of this chaos, we flew Delta. The airlines are doing their utmost to comply with Covid standards while also dealing with manpower shortages. Delta changed my flight due to a crew shortage, but miraculously, they were able to find a replacement in time for our flight to depart! When I was initially nervous about flying during the Omicron rush, Delta made me feel really comfortable and cared for. The safety measures are excellent, and it is greatly appreciated.

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