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Connecting With Customer Service at Delta Airlines Phone Number

Delta Airlines is a popular airline in the United States of America, it has a vast customer service team that focuses on dealing with customers on a daily basis. Delta Airlines offer luxurious services to passengers for travel. Delta airlines resolve queries of customers at all levels related to baggage handling, flight reservations, seat selection, seat upgrade etc. Delta Airlines Phone Number is handy and helps customers to get instant answers to their queries. Customers can call the Delta phone number or write a message on the live chat window to connect with a customer service agent.

Services Offered by Delta Customer Support

  • frequent flyer programs Query
  • flight reservation services
  • baggage handling services
  • They focus on handling customer complaints.
  • Reservations related debut
  • Delta Flight cancellation
  • Manage existing booking
  • Check-in related problems
  • Check your flight status
  • Group Flight booking
  • Change the name & date
  • Pet Policy related issue
  • Business travel booking
  • Delta Airlines customer service phone number is available 24*7 to support customers and answer their queries.

Different Ways to Contact Customer Support Team Of Delta Airlines

  1. You can connect on Delta phone number for customer service which is 800-455-2720.
  2. To speak to a customer service representative dial +1 856-666-8387.
  3. You can also visit the official website of delta airlines to access the live chat window from Delta airlines.
  4. Customers can also chat through social media such as,, and

Connect with Customer Service through Delta Airlines Phone Number

Delta Airlines Phone Number

Customer Service 888-750-3284
Corporate Customer Care number 800-455-2720
Complaint/Comment Inquiry 800-455-2720
Delta Vacations Inquiry 800-800-1504
SkyMiles Membership Inquiry 800-323-2323 
General Sales & Service 800-221-1212
Refund Status 800-847-0578
Hearing & Speech Impaired (TDD) 800-831-4488
International Sales & Service 800-241-4141
Baggage Related Inquiry 800-325-8224

Delta Phone Number Voice Main Menu

  • Customers can call Delta Airlines customer service number.
  • Customers can dial 1 for general inquires.
  • Customers can dial 2 for queries related to Delta App.
  • Customers can access the Delta flight status by dialing 4.
  • Customers can resolve their queries related to Delta Sky miles by dialing 5.
  • For all other inquires customers can dial 6.
  • Customer service representative is available by dialing 3 to resolve their queries.

Best Way to Chat with Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines facilitates its customers to chat via the live chat window available on the official website of Delta Airlines. Here the customer support representative can assist customers with their queries. Delta passengers can chat with customers through Delta’s Virtual Assistant. Many queries have instant answers listed on

As a customer, you can also write an email to the customer service team at Customers can connect via Delta Airlines customer care in the following way.

Questions Answered by Delta Airlines Customer Support Team

  • The customer service team answers queries related to flight bookings.
  • They address queries related to flight cancelations.
  • They handle queries related to group reservations.
  • They assist passengers to check the status of a flight.
  • The customer service team assists passengers to amend the names on tickets.
  • Passengers can book extra legroom seats through the customer service desk.
  • Passengers can reserve a reservation for their pets traveling on the Delta Airline.
  • The customer service team assists in business class travel for passengers who either want to avail business class travel or upgrade themselves to business class travel.
  • The customer service team helps the passenger to book a flight via delta SkyMiles.
  • The customer service team addresses queries related to trip insurance.
  • Customer service phone number is available for Delta Airlines 24*7 round the clock without an issue.

The process to Raise a Complaint with Delta Airlines

The customers can raise a complaint through the official portal of Delta Airlines. They can also call the customer service team and dial 3 from the IVR. This way customer support team will assist passengers to raise a complaint regarding their issues. Delta customer support team ensures quick and instant response to the customer queries registered via the call. Customers can also write a written complaint at the following email address

Strategies by Delta Airlines to Resolve Customer Queries

  • Customer service team works in a stipulated timeframe which ranges from 24 hours to 48 hours.
  • Customer service team works on a quick service response rate.
  • Customer service team ensure no queries are left unanswered.
  • Customers service team ensures that they maintain customer delight at all times.
  • Customer service team records feedback for customers so that customers can share genuine feedback to improve the existing services offered by delta airlines.
  • Delta Airlines Phone Number plays a critical role in assisting customers to resolve their queries.

Bottom Line: Customer support team acts as a nerve center for Delta airlines. They provide end to end customer support and resolve all queries in a timely manner. Further Delta customer service team has in depth knowledge to support customers so that none of their queries go unanswered in the long run. Customer feedback plays a vital role in improving and enhancing services offered by Delta airlines. These services include group reservations, flight reservations and cancelation, queries related to refund etc.

Useful Delta Link & Information

Delta Complaint/Comment Form
Missing Baggage or Delayed information

Delta Customer care address:

Customer Care
P.O. Box 20980
Department 980
Atlanta, Ga 30320-2980

Delta Executive Contacts

Heidi Gould
General Manager – Customer Care
P.O. Box 20706
Atlanta, Ga 30320-6001

Chief Executive

Edward Bastian
P.O. Box 20706
Atlanta, Ga 30320-6001

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Lead Customer Service Specialist at Delta Airlines


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans. Yes Delta Airlines offers a live chat window on its official website so that customers can resolve their queries in a better way.

Ans. Delta Airlines believes in creating customer delight for its customers hence it offers a dedicated team of customer service representatives who work 24 hours round the clock to solve queries of each and every customer who avails services from Delta Airlines.

Ans. Customers can report lost and found complaints at the customer service desk or call the customer service team to complete this requirement. This is the most apt method to register a request for lost and found items with Delta Airlines.

Ans. All passengers can connect with the Delta customer representative by calling the customer service team number and dialing 3 from the IVR system. This option directs the call directly to the customer representative.

Ans. Any customer can dial the toll-free number and select the language as Spanish so that they can converse with the customer representative in Spanish.

Ans. The customers can contact customer service team for group travel inquires. They can also connect with the reservations team to share their requirement easily. Group travel queries are handled well by the reservations team of Delta Airlines.

Ans. Each country in which Delta Airlines operates has a dedicated telephone number which is listed on their official website. Customers can dial in such numbers to resolve their queries.

Ans. You can raise a wheelchair request in my trips section once you book your flight. You can also call 4042903434 to raise a wheelchair request at Delta Airlines.

Ans. Any customer can raise queries through an online complaint form or email support so that they can get answers related to baggage information and they can also seek assistance to social media.

Ans. Passengers can connect with the customer service team in 4 different ways. These are via phone, email, mobile application and the social media handle. These are easiest ways to connect with customer service team for various queries.

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Comment by: Bertoldo Bellucci on Tue Aug 16th 2022

Worst customer service. I tried calling the customer service number to change my ticket, but everyone that answered the phone was completely unhelpful when it came to delta change fees. Changing to an automated system without even responding to my questions, etc. There was a mistake, but no one understood how to fix it, and I'm still trying to find out why I have two distinct tickets and whether or not they're confirmed. This has been going on for six hours, and I am not going to spend another $1,000 for it. The call takes at least half an hour to connect, but no one appears to be genuinely interested in assisting. Worst airline in history.

Comment by: Lima Gomes on Thu Aug 4th 2022

Delta Airlines provides excellent service. There are no parallels. Their refund policy is the finest in the country, as is their Delta same day change policy. Until now, the service has been outstanding. As a travel blogger, I strive to share my experiences with everyone in my social network and wherever I go. If I were the judge, I'd name them the world's best airline. And their customer service; where did you discover such a jewel, my God? Amazing flight, easy-to-understand notifications, and an exceptionally smooth landing. Thank you, Delta, for providing outstanding service.

Comment by: Amalie Pedersen on Fri Jun 3rd 2022

My grandmother somehow booked a ticket to Boston, but one week before the journey she got ill. So she decided to cancel the ticket, but she doesn’t know the exact process. So she called me and asked how to cancel the Delta airline flight. I suggested that she call customer support instead of cancelling it online because Delta Customer service is rock They always help their passengers as they did last year for me during covid time.

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