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When a passenger has to rectify/edit or even cancel his plan due to unforeseen events. Delta, being a considerate airline, allows for such modification under the Delta manage booking option. Passengers can easily change name on ticket (correct any spelling mistakes and minor errors) free of cost. Although you can also use Delta change name for major corrections.

Delta Name Change Fee

Delta charges $75 if the correction is made within 24 hours of booking. After that, the price may range from $125 to $500, with $275 being the standard. However, additional cost in the name of fare difference may apply.

How to Change a Name on Delta Airlines Ticket?

Delta name change is only possible if it adheres to the name correction policy. Thus, a user can change his first, last, middle, and even full name on the ticket.

  • The flights must be operated under Delta Airlines and not associates.
  • Only those passengers whose tickets are issued with the stock number 006 are eligible for any corrections or to change name on Delta tickets.
  • A flight won’t be eligible for any changes once it’s checked in. However, the user can, if permitted, cancel the said flight and book another to generate a new PNR.

Delta Name Change Online

By utilizing the self-help Delta Manage Booking service, a user can rectify minor mistakes within minutes. And often for free.

How to Change Name on Delta Ticket Through Official Website?

Delta Name Change

If you want to change name on a Delta Airlines flight online, via the official website, follow these steps:

  • First, go to the Delta website.
  • Then figure out which method to use:
    • You can directly log into your SkyMiles account and easily rectify most mistakes. For this, all you need is your email, your SkyMiles Account username or number, and lastly your corresponding password.
    • Or you can continue as a regular guest and search for your flight by using relevant information. Such as the Confirmation number, First and Last names of the passengers.
  • After that, click on the arrow icon to initiate the search.
  • Then click on your pre-booked flight to edict changes.
  • Now click on Edit and change your name on Delta ticket.
  • Lastly, you have to pay the Delta name change fee alongside any difference in fare.

How to Change Name on Delta Ticket at the Airport Kiosk?

You can visit a kiosk at the airport to change name on your Delta Ticket. All you need to do is line up and tell the airline representative your issue. Then provide your booking details. After that, he will provide the necessary help to facilitate a change name on Delta ticket.

Contact Customer Service Representative To Change Name On Ticket

You can also rectify Delta tickets by contacting customer service. The Delta Airlines customer service number is given here – 1-800-548-3192. All you need to do is to call it and follow the on-call instructions till you get a hold of an agent. Then provide the necessary booking details for him to help you with the Delta Airlines name change.

  • First, provide your Delta PNR and ask for Delta Airlines name correction.
  • Also, you need to forward a govt. ID for identification.
  • Lastly, pay the corresponding Delta change name on the ticket fee.

Use Social Media for Delta Change Name on Ticket

Tech-savvy users or those familiar with social media can also use such sites to contact Delta. If you want to proceed with Delta Airlines name change, you must:

  • First, access Delta’s official website to find out its social media handles.
  • Then reach out to Delta on the said handle with your queries or requests.
  • More often than not, Delta will respond.
  • Then use the chance to get a hold of a representative and provide the necessary documents.
  • Finally, after paying the Delta name change fee and the difference in fare, your corrections will reflect on the Delta flight.

What is Delta Airlines Name Correction?

Like every other airline, Delta is also strict with its name change policy. It has to ensure that the passenger who purchased the ticket is traveling himself and not someone else. Hence, Delta, under the name change policy, asks for a valid first, middle, and last name. Thus, to change the name on Delta ticket, one has to act within the boundaries set by the airline.

Different Situations For the Delta Airlines Name Correction

Delta offers distinct guidelines depending on potential issues. The policy strives to cover all feasible scenarios. And it does so under different segments:

Correction to the Middle and First Name:

Any spelling mistake in either name is easy to rectify as soon as you contact the airline representative. As per the Delta Airlines Name correction policy –

  • The agents will check out the PNR to correct the name.
  • Then add the OSI message to suggest the completion of the task.
  • Delta will then issue a ticket as an even exchange, with no other changes.
  • Also, as per the policy, you do not need the waiver code.

Correction to the Last Name

  • Only three letters can be rectified. If you need to change more than 3 characters, you have to contact Global Sales Support for further instructions.
  • Other steps taken by the agent are the same.
  • However, the OSI message will differ.

Addition to the Last Name

Just like corrections, you can have certain additions to your last name under the Delta name change policy.

  • A legal change: For example, Anderson E. Elizabeth becomes Smith Anderson E. Elizabeth.
  • Such changes will be reflected in the OSI message, other than that the process will remain unchanged.

Reversal of First and Last Name

Sometimes, passengers mix up their first and last names due to various reasons. But it is fairly easy for Delta to change the name on such tickets.

  • For example, Smith Anderson becomes Anderson Smith
  • And like the previous scenarios, only the OSI message will be changed.

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy for International Flights

If you are going on an international trip and want to change name on Delta ticket, you must understand that assistance will be rendered only if the following situations arise:

  • You are still in a need of correction, despite having said correction previously.
  • If you need to change more than 3 letters.
  • If you are traveling to and/or from India.
  • A passenger is going to/coming from China.
  • If the flight operates under other partner carriers like Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air, KLM, Air France, or Aeroméxico.

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy for Domestic Flights

Similarly, Delta name change on domestic flights also requires a set of rules such as:

  • Only tickets with 006 inventory annotation can request a name change.
  • Only flights operating under Delta will be considered.
  • One reissue per passenger is permitted.

What is Delta Name Change Policy?

Delta Name Change

If you want to change name on Delta ticket, first ensure that your situation meets the following criteria.

  • The tickets must start with 006 and the flight must operate under Delta.
  • In the case of the codeshare, any request must adhere to the Delta segment only.
  • Passengers only have one shot at corrections.
  • Changes other than the name, such as flight date, fare class, or destination, don’t fall under Delta name change policy.
  • Similarly, no changes to gender or DOB will be entertained.
  • Minor changes can be rectified by self.
  • The name change request includes one correction per passenger.
  • If one correction isn’t sufficient, then the ticket has to be reissued.
  • The policy applies to all fare/ticket types.
  • Middle names can be freely added or removed. But then the airline will issue a new PNR.
  • SFPD must be added again to the PNR and should match with a passport or government-issued photo ID.
  • Lastly, the OSI must add and state the correction.

Delta Airlines Change Name on Ticket Due to Marriage

Only under legal circumstances does Delta allow full name changes. One such scenario is a marriage where the last name is different. It is possible to change the name on Delta ticket, but a supporting document such as a marriage license/certificate is required.

Delta Airlines Change Name on Ticket Due to Divorce

Delta change name on a ticket due to legal considerations also includes divorce. In such cases, the passenger must provide supporting documents like a divorce decree.

Delta Rewards Name Change

Delta reward flights under SkyMiles are also subject to Delta name change policy. It includes:

  • Full name changes with support documentation.
  • Freedom to alter, add or remove the middle name.
  • You can change the middle name to first and vice versa.

How to Change Name on Delta SkyMiles

  • By filling out the Identity verification form – If you are changing a full name due to marriage, divorce, or legal issues, you need to request the change online by logging in to your SkyMiles account and then filling out the Identity Verification form with supporting documents.
  • By contacting customer care – You can always contact the Delta customer care team and request assistance.
  • And by simply logging in to your SkyMiles account – Minor changes like customization to a middle name, swapping of last and first name, etc. don’t need any documentation. Simply log in to SkyMiles and edict such changes.

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Delta Airlines Name Change – FAQs

1. Can you transfer a plane ticket to someone else’s name on delta airlines?

Ans: No, you can’t, Delta doesn’t allow passenger sharing tickets.

Ans: Depending on the correction and the method selected, it is mostly instantaneous.

Ans: Delta allows name corrections 2 hours before departure.

Ans: No, passengers will not be allowed to board.

Ans: It can be done online with Delta Manage Booking.

Ans: Yes, as long as you follow the Delta airlines name correction policy.

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