Easyjet Change Name on Ticket

Easyjet Change Name on Ticket

Booking flights can be stressful enough without having to worry about getting passenger names correct. But what happens if you realise there is a mistake with a name on your EasyJet airline ticket? Can you change names on an EasyJet booking if needed?

While EasyJet does allow name changes in many cases, there are restrictions that travelers should understand before attempting to rename flight reservations. This guide will explain everything you need to know about changing passenger names on EasyJet, including:

When Easyjet Name Changes Are Allowed

  1. Fare type restrictions:
  • EasyJet’s lowest-cost fares, like Basic and Essentials, do not permit name changes under any circumstances.
  • To have the ability to change names, Flexi or Flexi Plus fares must be purchased, which cost more upfront.
  • Even with Flexi/Flexi Plus fares, fees and restrictions on name changes are still allowed.
  1. Timing limitations:
  • Name changes can only be made until 2 hours before the flight’s original departure time.
  • No name changes are permitted within 2 hours of departure, even if you purchased a Flexi fare.
  • Try to request name changes as early as possible, at least 7 days out or more if feasible.
  1. Group booking policies:
  • Additional restrictions and change fees apply for EasyJet group bookings of 10 or more passengers together.
  • Each passenger name change on a group booking incurs a fee, increasing costs quickly.
  • Group booking name changes also require earlier cutoffs, so changes must be requested further.
  1. Name corrections vs. replacements:
  • There is more leniency for minor spelling corrections than fully replacing a passenger’s name.
  • EasyJet is more likely to permit minor fixes for free than a brand-new name, which requires documentation.
  • Take care when booking to avoid needing full name replacements, which are more difficult.

How to Change a Name on an EasyJet Booking

  1. Contacting EasyJet by phone or messaging:
  • Phone is the best method to request a name change – call 1-800-548-3192. Waiting on hold can take over an hour.
  • You can also message EasyJet on Facebook Messenger or Twitter, but the phone is the fastest.
  • Email and online chat are not options for name change requests. Only phone or social messaging.
  1. Providing documentation:
  • Documentation like marriage certificates or divorce decrees may be required for full name changes
  • Have the paperwork scanned and ready to send to the agent via email during your call
  • For legal name corrections due to marriage, etc., docs allow fee-free updates
  1. Paying applicable fees:
  • Any name change fees must be paid during the phone call via credit or debit card before the change will be made
  • Fees vary based on original fare rules and the type of name change requested
  • Have payment card ready to pay fees quickly once quoted by the agent

Steps to Take to Avoid Needing a Name Change

  1. Booking early and carefully:
  • Book flights as early as possible to have the maximum time to fix any name issues
  • Avoid last-minute bookings where names are rushed, and changes may be cut off
  1. Confirming passenger names when booking:
  • Double and triple-check the spelling of every passenger’s full name when entering them
  • Have passengers’ identification documents in front of you to cross-reference
  1. Entering names exactly as shown on ID documents:
  • Always use the passenger’s formal legal name spelled precisely as shown on the ID
  • Avoid nicknames or name shortening, which causes issues later

Costs and Fees for EasyJet Name Changes

  1. Fee amounts for different fare types:
  • For EasyJet’s Basic fare, name changes are not permitted under any circumstance
  • With the Flexi fare, a name change fee of £35 per person each way is charged
  • The Flexi Plus fare allows name changes to be made free of charge
  • For group bookings, additional fees of £35 per name change apply
  1. Free name changes in limited scenarios:
  • Minor spelling corrections may be processed for free in some cases
  • Legal name changes due to marriage, divorce, etc., can be updated for free with documentation
  • Free changes only apply for specific situations; normal changes still incur fees
  1. Additional fees to be aware of:
  • If a name change results in flight time/date changes, additional rebooking fees apply
  • Cancelling and rebooking instead of changing names costs more in fees
  • Phone booking fees are charged on top of name change fees
  1. Tips for managing name change costs:
  • Book early and carefully to avoid changes needing changes
  • Opt for a Flexi Plus fare if you may need name changes
  • Understand all costs before requesting a change
  • Have payment ready, as fees must be paid immediately
  1. Confirm expected fees with EasyJet:
  • Contact EasyJet by phone to get quoted exact fee amounts
  • Fees depend on fare type, route, and other factors
  • Make sure you know the costs before agreeing to a name change

How Do You Change a Name on an EasyJet Booking?

Contacting EasyJet by phone is the only way to rename a flight reservation or correct a ticket name. Online changes are not possible. Here is the process:

  • Call EasyJet – Contact their customer service team at 1-800-548-3192. You can also opt to message them via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Provide Documentation – Have any necessary documentation ready to explain the name change. For example, marriage certificates for name changes due to marriage.
  • Pay Fees – Applicable name change fees must be paid over the phone via credit/debit card before making the change.
  • Get Confirmation – Request an updated booking confirmation reflecting the new name to confirm the change went through as expected.

Allow plenty of time to make name changes by phone and go through the process – changes cannot be guaranteed, especially close to departure dates.

What Are the Fees for Changing Names on EasyJet Bookings?

The cost to change a name on an EasyJet flight reservation depends on the original fare type purchased:

  • Basic Fare – Name changes are not allowed on EasyJet’s cheapest basic fares.
  • Flexi Fare – A name change fee of £35 per person each way is applied.
  • Flexi Plus Fare – Name changes can be made free of charge.

There are a couple of scenarios where name changes may be free even on Basic/Flexi fares:

  • Minor Name Corrections – Fixing a minor spelling error in a name may be free.
  • Legal Name Changes – Supporting documents for marriage/divorce/adoption name changes allow free updates.

Group bookings and other restrictions may also impact fees. Always confirm expected costs with an EasyJet agent over the phone when requesting a name change on a booking.

How to Avoid Needing a Name Change on Your Booking

While name changes are possible with EasyJet in many situations, avoiding the need for a change is always preferable to save time, money, and hassle later on. Here are some tips:

  • Book Early – Give yourself ample time to ensure all passenger names are entered correctly.
  • Double Check Names – Carefully confirm all names matched to ID documents when booking flights.
  • Use Exact Name on ID – Always enter passengers’ full legal names exactly as displayed on the government ID they will use for travel.
  • Take Care with Groups – Double and triple-check names for group or family bookings where mixing people up is easy.
  • Allow Time for Changes – Understand that name changes can take time and are not guaranteed close to departure.

By entering all information properly when you first book, you can feel confident you will avoid name issues.

Mistakes to Avoid When Changing Names on EasyJet Bookings

Attempting to change passenger names on your EasyJet flight booking can quickly become complicated and result in mistakes if you are unfamiliar with the policies. Here are some common errors to avoid:

  1. Trying to Change Names Yourself Online – The EasyJet website and mobile app do not allow you to alter passenger names on existing bookings. All name changes must be requested through their customer service team by phone or messaging. Attempting self-service changes online will not work.
  2. Waiting Until the Last Minute – EasyJet only allows name changes up to 2 hours before the original flight time. Do not wait until before your flight to request a name change, or you will miss the cutoff. Give yourself ample time in case documentation needs to be submitted or fees paid.
  1. Not Having Proper Documentation – EasyJet requires official documentation like marriage certificates or divorce decrees for complete name replacements. A lack of documentation could delay the name change approval. Always have the paperwork ready when you call.
  1. Assuming the Change Will Go Through – Unfortunately, name changes are not guaranteed, even with proper notice and fees paid. EasyJet reserves the right to deny changes that do not meet fare rules or timing restrictions. Have a backup plan if the request is rejected.
  1. Booking with Nicknames or Informal Names – Always book EasyJet tickets using the passenger’s full legal name as it appears on a government-issued ID. Nicknames and informal names that don’t match ID docs can complicate name changes later.

Avoiding these common name change mistakes will make the process smoother and increase the chances your request is approved without issues!

Tips for Managing Group Bookings and Name Changes

Changing passenger names for EasyJet group bookings involving 10+ travelers involves extra challenges. Here are some tips for managing changes for large groups:

  • Familiarize yourself with the additional restrictions and fees for group name changes before requesting changes.
  • Double and triple-check all names when booking to avoid mix-ups across large parties. Make a name list.
  • If changes are needed, submit requests as early as possible to allow time for approvals and documentation.
  • Designate one main booker as the point person for managing and requesting name changes. Do not have multiple people try to submit changes.
  • Whenever a name change is made, request updated confirmation documents to reflect adjustments for the full group.
  • If documents like passports or visas expire before the flight date, renew early to prevent name issues.
  • Consider travel insurance that allows you to recover some costs if name changes are denied for group members.

Staying organized, submitting requests early, and designating a main point person will help manage name changes for EasyJet group bookings.

Steps to Take After Successfully Changing a Name on an EasyJet Booking

Once you have completed a name change on your EasyJet flight reservation by phone, there are a few follow-up steps to take:

  • Confirm the New Name – Verify that all booking documentation you access online or are emailed now shows the updated passenger name.
  • Check-in With the New Name – When online check-in opens, check in under the new name now on the booking.
  • Print Updated Boarding Passes – Any mobile or paper boarding passes should reflect the new name.
  • Bring Supporting ID Documents – Bring a government-issued photo ID that matches the new name for check-in and security.
  • Arrive Early – Give yourself extra time at the airport in case of any confusion over the name change at check-in or passport control.
  • Bring Name Change Confirmation – Carry any EasyJet name change confirmation emails or documents as backup proof.

Following up properly after a successful name change will prevent surprises at the airport and give you peace of mind!

Final Tips for a Smooth EasyJet Booking Name Change

Here are some final tips for ensuring the name change process goes smoothly:

  • Find any name mistakes as early as possible and request changes immediately.
  • If documents are needed to justify the change, prepare them before calling EasyJet.
  • Understand the costs beforehand so you can pay fees quickly when required.
  • Follow up diligently after approval by checking for updated booking info everywhere.
  • Give yourself extra airport time in case of confusion over recent name changes.
  • Travel with supporting documents and EasyJet name change confirmations.
  • Whenever possible, avoid name stress by simply entering names correctly when booking!


  1. Can I change a name independently on the EasyJet website or app?

No, EasyJet does not allow customers to change names themselves online. All name change requests must go through their customer service team by phone or messaging.

  1. What if I need to change the name after checking in online?

Name changes can only be made up to 2 hours before the original flight departure time. Unfortunately, no name change is allowed if you have already checked in and are within 2 hours of departure.

  1. Can I change part of a passenger’s name, like correcting a spelling error?

Minor corrections may be allowed for free in some cases. Contact EasyJet to discuss specific name change requests and confirm if any fee would apply.

  1. If I need to replace a passenger name entirely, what is required?

For replacing a passenger name, EasyJet will ask for documentation to confirm the reason for the change, and applicable fees will apply. Basic fare types do not allow full name changes.

  1. Do name change fees apply each way or just once?

EasyJet name change fees are charged per person, per each way of the journey. So, a round-trip name change would incur double the fee.

  1. Can I change names on group or family bookings?

Name changes on group EasyJet bookings of 10+ passengers incur fees, and other restrictions apply. Discuss with an agent before renaming passengers in a large group