Ethiopian Airlines name change Policy

Ethiopian Airlines name change Policy

Ethiopian Airlines change name on ticket is flexible and easy unlike other Airlines if you read its policy and methods carefully. You have the option of changing your name on Ethiopian airline ticket in the possibility that it contains an error. Let’s imagine if you decided to give a different name on your ticket. Because of this, replacing your name is not an option for you, and if you want to change it, you will need to be familiar with specific requirements. You are required to review the Ethiopian Airlines name change policy, which will instruct you to change your name, as this is something that is very important. Talk to a qualified individual who can provide you with specific guidelines whenever you require them if you realise something that is not correct and are unsure exactly what to do about it.

What are the main rules that Ethiopian Airlines has for name changes

Ethiopian Airlines change name on ticket is easy as possible if you read the given below policy:

  • Anyone who books a space, whether online or in person, can change their name on the ticket.
  • You may only be able to change your name on the plane ticket if it doesn’t match your passport or any other travel papers.
  • If you spell your name wrong, you can only fix up to three letters at a time. When you want to change your whole name, you need to call the airline’s customer service.
  • If you want to use the online Ethiopian Airlines change passenger name service, you need to make sure you have the right passwords to log in to your account.
  • This company does not currently accept ticket transfers. If you have a valid plane ticket, you can’t change your name and cancel your trip.
  • In this case, you need to book a new ticket for a passenger with their right name.
  • If you put your first and last name wrong on your ticket, it’s easy to change it.
  • To change your full name, you can talk to a real person who is ready to help you at any time.
  • After entering the correct ticket number and last name of the passenger, go ahead and book to change your name if there are any typos.

How much is the Ethiopian Airlines Name Change Fee

It seems likely that the charge for changing a passenger’s name on an Ethiopian Airlines ticket will be the same as the fee for changing the destination. This is due to the fact that the price for changing one’s name includes name changes that involve more than three characters as well as name changes resulting from marriage, divorce, adoption, and other life events that contain name change.

  • The price of tickets for travel within Ethiopia is 10 USD.
  • The cost of round-trip plane tickets to and from the United States is USD 200. 
  • The cost of tickets to travel from the starting point to other routes is $100 USD.

Ethiopian Airlines Name Change Procedure

Change name on Ethiopian Airlines ticket is very easy with the help of one of the available alternatives for changing the first name associated with your reservation on Ethiopian airline. These tactics combine online and offline techniques to achieve name change. Because of Ethiopian Airlines name change policy, passengers now have two options to choose from in order to feel more comfortable. They have a choice of how they want to replace the names that are on the ticket that was issued, which is a helpful aspect of the situation.

Option to change your name Either Online or Offline

If you are interested in changing your name, you can do so in either of these two ways, despite the fact that the procedures involved are distinct in each case. If a flyer is aware of both options for changing their name, they have the freedom to select the one that best suits their needs.

Method-1: Online 

If you want to update or change your name using this online method, you must click on the “Manage Booking” button. The following is a list of the steps you need to complete in order to edit the first name on the ticket.

  • To access the Ethiopian Airlines website, you will need to click on the internet browser on your computer or mobile device.
  • Simply select the link that is provided below to visit the desired page.
  • There is no need to navigate through the page. In the top-right hand corner, you will see an icon that says “Manage Booking.”
  • Following that link will bring you to a website that lists all of the reservations. 
  • You need to enter the requested information in the blanks provided in the given form. 
  • There will be details such as the surname  and first name of the traveller, the time and place, a booking reference number, and many other pertinent details.
  • The next thing you’ll notice on your screen is a series of steps. It is required to act in accordance with the processes stated in the Ethiopian Airlines name change policy.

Method 2: Using Live Chat

You may opt for the Chatbot option that the Ethiopian Airlines provides if you have any inquiries regarding modifying your first name on the website. This chatbot feature is located at the bottom of the document for your convenience.

Simply following these procedures will allow you to make the necessary adjustments for the Ethiopian Airlines name correction:

  • To begin live chatting, go to the page and look for the chat icon.
  • To communicate with Ethiopian Airlines, click the “Chat with us” icon. 
  • During the process to modify your surname, a message window will show up asking you if you currently have any queries or problems.
  • You have to write your query or concern into that box, and the airline will promptly get back to you with an answer.
  • Concerning the issue you’re having with changing your name, you can inquire about any issues you have or look for answers.

Method 3: Changing Your First and Last Name on an Ethiopian Airlines ticket with no Internet

People who have trouble changing their names online often resort to changing their names the old-fashioned method, which is to alter their names in person. Additionally, this is the quickest service that the Ethiopian Airlines provides. Alongside, if you use the offline option, the airline staff will modify the spelling of your name on the ticket directly. Because of this, the majority of fliers opt to use the offline method, which is more convenient and streamlines the process.

Calling Ethiopian Airlines customer care is required if you want to change the name of a passenger on an Ethiopian Airlines ticket in the conventional way.  There is a possibility that the contact information will vary depending on the country or region.

Ethiopian Airlines customer care number for name change

  • Proceed to the primary website of the carrier.
  • Please scroll down the page until you reach the very bottom. You should be able to get at the “Contact Us” box in that location. 
  • When you reach another page, you will need to go to the customer assistance section by clicking the appropriate link.
  • You are now going to see an index of several phone numbers in this window. You are free to dial any of the phone numbers that are operational in your region.

What to do when your call is connected to the Ethiopian Airlines customer care

  • As soon as the call is finished, you need to give all the information related to your name to the live person on the call such as: “I would like to modify my name that is shown on the ticket.”
  • Enter the necessary flight information, which may include the date time and location of your booking, a reference code, and other related information. 
  • You need to let the flight attendants know about any new changes to your Ethiopian Airlines name that you would like to make. 
  • You can also inform them whether you want your first and last names combined into one if that is what you prefer.
  • If you have already purchased a ticket but must update your name in the condition that you are married or divorced, you will be required to provide documentation that verifies your name change.

Once you have paid for a major name update to the ticket, the airline agent will confirm your name change.

Important paperwork needed to Ethiopian Airlines change your name

Given below is a list of documents that you might need to ask Ethiopian Airlines to fix or change your name: 

  • Marriage certificate or Divorce paper copy: If you made your ticket with your spouse’s family name instead of your maiden name, or in any other way, you will need to send a duplicate of your marriage certificate.
  • Copy of your passport
  • If you officially changed the spelling of your name after making the reservation, you will need to show proof with a copy of your passport. 
  • Documents of name identification — People may ask you to show a current government-issued ID to make sure you are who you say you are. National ID cards and driver’s licences are examples of these kinds of papers.
  • Details of your flight booking: If you give the Ethiopian airline the confirmation of your reservation number, registration reference, and additional travel information that is useful, they will be able to change your name more easily.
  • Name Change Request form: You have to complete out the Ethiopian Airlines name change request document. This form will get the information that airlines need about your ticket and the name change.
  • Invoice of the payment – In some cases, a name change fee may be needed to handle requests for name changes.