Etihad Airways Reservations

Etihad Airways Reservations

The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) second flag carrier is Etihad Airways (EY). With its main office located in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, the airline offers more than a thousand weekly flights to more than 120 destinations across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and North America. You can travel anywhere in the world with an Etihad Airways ticket due to the 46 codeshare agreements that are in place. 

The standard cabin configurations (travel classes) offered by Etihad are First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class. Additionally, The Residence, an ultra-luxurious suite that seats two people on an Airbus A380, is available.

Skytrax has certified Etihad Airways as a 5-Star airline, and the airline has won multiple accolades, including Best First Class in the World, Best First Class Onboard Catering, and Best First Class Airline Seat. 

Make an Etihad Airways Reservation

Select Dates

Selecting your trip dates is the first stage in making an Etihad Airways reservation. Remember that mid-December to mid-April is the busiest travel period to the United Arab Emirates, and costs could be higher during this time. 

Choose Your Flights

It’s time to choose your flights when you’ve decided on your vacation dates. Numerous cities in the United Arab Emirates have nonstop flights to internal and international destinations, among the various flight options Etihad Airways provides. When purchasing your Etihad flight ticket, you can select economy, enhanced comfort, or first-class seating based on your travel choices and budget.

Select Your Seats

Seat selection is a choice that you will have when making your Etihad Airways reservation. Make sure to include your preference for a window or aisle seat when making your Etihad flight reservation.

Etihad Airways Phone Numbers

The phone is the most popular method of communication with Etihad customer care. The airline has multiple phone numbers for various purposes, including booking flights, general questions, and assistance for impaired travellers.

  • General Sales and Service at Etihad Airways: +1-800-548-3192
  • Reservations for Etihad flights: +1-800-548-3192
  • For passengers with disabilities, contact Etihad Customer Service at +1-800-548-3192.

Email assistance for Etihad Airways

You may contact Etihad customer service by emailing their support staff if that’s how you prefer to communicate. 

Etihad Customer Support Email:

Etihad Live Chat

In addition, Etihad’s website has a live chat facility that lets you communicate in real-time with a customer support agent. 

Etihad Airways Live Chat:

Etihad Airways Services

Etihad cannot be matched in terms of onboard and airport services. The upscale airline provides a wide range of services that enhance your journey. Free food is served on every trip, along with several on-ground facilities, good Wi-Fi, lounges, hours of entertainment, and comfy seating.

Below is a glimpse of some of the services that set Etihad Airways apart.

Web check-in for Etihad Airways

The easiest and most convenient way to obtain your boarding pass is through web check-in. The facility is open for business up to two hours before your scheduled flight departure time and opens approximately thirty hours in advance. Using the website or the app, travellers can finish their online check-in.

The following outlines the steps needed to check in online for a flight on Etihad Airways.

  • Select the Check-in button after swiping down the homepage (
  • Input your last name with the booking reference, ticket number, or Etihad guest number.
  • Select “Check-in” from the menu.
  • Travellers can choose seats, upgrade, and reserve in-flight amenities like meals and Wi-Fi packages throughout web check-in.
  • The airline will then issue a boarding pass to the email address and phone number you registered.

In addition, travellers can check in at their residence or the airport. Check-in at the airport opens four hours before takeoff and is open for business class passengers until 45 minutes before the planned departure, or 60 minutes in total. Up to seven hours before departure, travellers can schedule home check-in. Every day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, this service is offered.

In-Flight Service

The E-box system, a complimentary personal entertainment hub including the most recent releases and TV series, is one of the ways Etihad Airways keeps you entertained throughout flights. Due to a partnership with Press Reader, the airline provides thousands of free newspapers and periodicals in more than 60 languages.

Do you plan to travel with children? Etihad Airways provides the newest kid-friendly movies and games to engage your youngster. In addition, parents may regulate what their kids watch due to the parental lock option.

Etihad Airways provides free meals, snacks, and beverages on all of its flights. Children’s meals must be ordered by travellers at least 24 hours before the aircraft leaves.

On Etihad Airways flights, the crew members are welcoming and always willing to assist you.

Baggage Policy

Depending on your destination and cabin class, there are differences in Etihad Airways’ baggage allowance policies. Learn more about Etihad’s carry-on and checked baggage policies by reading on.

Carry-on Baggage

One piece of carry-on luggage, no more than seven kilograms, is permitted for passengers travelling in Economy class on Etihad Airlines. On Etihad Airways, business class passengers are allowed to bring two pieces of carry-on luggage, but their combined weight cannot exceed 12 kg. Regardless of the class you’re travelling in, all carry-on luggage must fit within the 50 x 40 x 25 cm dimensions.

Additionally, a single personal item up to five kilogrammes in weight is permitted for each passenger. The dimensions of this item cannot be larger than 50 x 40 x 25 cm.

Checked Baggage

When travelling with Etihad Airways to or from Canada and the USA, your checked luggage must fit inside the 50 x 70 x 38 cm size limit. Your luggage must match the following dimensions for all other destinations: 45 x 72 x 90 cm. A single piece of luggage cannot weigh more than 32 kg.

The weight allowance for passengers is based upon the route taken and the fare charged. 


In short, securing bookings through Etihad Airways ensures a smooth and delightful journey. The airline’s extensive selection of travel options, simple reservation process, and accommodating customer service demonstrate its dedication to satisfying customers. Etihad makes every effort to ensure a smooth travel experience, from easy online booking to friendly service. Etihad Airways is a favoured option for individuals looking for a dependable and customer-focused airline for their travel needs because of its impeccable track record for excellence and ability to provide high-quality service.


  1. Why is Etihad so pricey these days?

“Etihad is marketed as a high-end brand. As seen by all its advertising and images, it is not your typical airline that flies to Abu Dhabi,” he continues. In recent months, Etihad has improved its offerings, adding a LinkedIn tool for travellers and a new in-flight entertainment system.

  1. Is Etihad strict about the weight of bags?

The dimensions for all other locations are 90 x 72 x 42 cm. More than 32 kilograms of checked luggage is not permitted on Etihad. The quantity of articles determines the baggage allowed on flights to the USA and Canada. Passengers in economy class are allowed to bring two pieces, totalling at most 30 kg.

  1. When will I be able to choose a complimentary seat with Etihad?

You can book your seat for free online up to one hour before takeoff as soon as online check-in begins. Guest member at Etihad? You can reserve up to nine seats as a Platinum member, two as a Gold member, and one as a Silver member. Whenever you check in online at the airport, reserve your seat at Manage your booking.

  1. Is selecting a seat at Etihad required?

You can pay any time after booking your ticket to ensure a seat in the Economy Standard class, subject to your chosen fare. Economy Standard seats range from $10 to $30, depending on the itinerary. You can reserve your seat for free as soon as online check-in begins, thirty hours before your departure.

  1. Can I use my online check-in to choose my seat?

No, choosing a seat while purchasing a plane ticket is not required. We advise you to do this to avoid any inconveniences on the trip. When a passenger checks in online, the system automatically assigns a seat to them if they don’t choose one.