how do i talk to a real person at Interjet Airlines?

how do i talk to a real person at Interjet Airlines?

Interjet customer service offers exciting deals and offers which you can opt for to book your flight ticket at an affordable cost in a quick and easy manner. You can seek assistance from customer service to book one way and round trips as per your requirement. You can also use the promotional code for booking via interjet customer service number.

There are multiple ways a customer can use to contact the interjet customer service team. This helps customers to understand the best ways to book their travel on interjet airlines.

How do I Speak to Someone at Interjet Customer Service?

Connect with Interjet customer service by writing an email. This helps customers to access information like flight bookings and creating a trip itinerary. You should prepare an email and write down all your queries in that email so that you can receive a response within 1 working day. You can send your queries to the below listed email addresses:


Customers can also connect with Interjet customer service through the interjet phone number. You can dial the following set of numbers to connect with the customer service team. These numbers are given below.

  • 1-800-548-3192- USA
  • (55) 11025555-Mexico
  • 018000112345- Other parts of Mexico.
  • You should press option 2 and 5 to speak directly to a customer service agent.

Further Live chat offered by the Internet Customer Service team can also provide customers with instant customer support and work towards offering customer delight by resolving their queries.

Queries Fixed By Interjet Support Team

  • Interjet support team processes refund requests post cancelation of tickets.
  • Passengers can access the flight schedule before they decide to book a flight.
  • Assisting passengers with pet policy laid by Interjet support team.
  • Offer extra baggage allowance at an economical rate which is pocket friendly for passengers.
  • Passengers receive the flight check in details 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Services Provided By Interjet Live Agents

As a passenger there are multiple issues that you need to tackle before you board your flight to reach your destination. The customer support service team can assist you to resolve these issues in a seamless manner.

Book Your Flight Tickets by Interjet Customer Service

You can connect with the interjet live agent to book your flights through interjet phone number, you can make your reservations by calling the interjet customer service number which is 1-800-548-3192. The customer  service team can help you to book your tickets in an easy manner.

Access Your Updated Flight Information by Customer Service

You can connect with Interjet customer service team so that you receive updated flight information by contacting customer service team. This also helps you to know about the exact location of your flight.

Access The Various Inflight Services By Connecting With Interjet Customer Service

It is the duty of interjet customer service to ensure that passengers enjoy all possible inflight services and amenities during their journey. It is the prime responsibility of the customer service team to ensure that all passengers can receive updated and useful information which makes their flight journey enjoyable and worthwhile.

Benefits of Contacting Interjet Customer Service

There are multiple reasons for contacting customer service. Passengers can benefit in the following ways by connecting with the Customer Service Team.

  • Customers can reach out to the Interjet Customer Service team to book flights and resolve reservation related issues in a quick and seamless manner.
  • When customers are unable to change their flights on their own they can seek assistance from customer service.
  • Passengers can face a personal emergency any time This means that passengers can seek assistance from the customer service to cancel their tickets or reschedule their flight any time.
  • Passengers can also seek information regarding baggage allowance or travel policies of the airline.

Various ways to connect with Interjet Customer Service Team

  • Passengers can connect with the customer service team via an interjet customer service number.
  • Passengers can also choose to email their queries to the customer service team.
  • Passengers can also contact live chat agents via the interjet customer service live chat window. This helps customers to gain access to understand how to create a flight booking, how to ensure they get updated information regarding the flight location and updated flight status.
  • Passengers also connect with the customer service team through social networking pages such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. As a customer you can post queries and feedback regarding the inflight experience you received during the flight.

Interjet Airlines Voice Menu

  • You need to dial the toll free helpline number of interjet customer service.
  • To establish contact you need to select options 1 to 5 to connect with a customer care representative.
  • Once your call is connected to the customer care representative, share your queries and seek assistance for the same.
  • For better experience, your call gets recorded for training and improving the service experience for various customers.

How Can You Speak to Someone in Interjet Customer Service?

Interjet airlines is one of the most popular airlines for travel among passengers in Mexico. It offers seamless support to passengers whenever they face any hassle which creates a flight reservation in a seamless manner. You can follow the basic instructions to ensure that your query gets resolved within the designated timeline. Interjet customer service team solves all your queries within a definite time frame.

Contact Customer Service Team Through Official Links:

Website Wikipedia

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does a passenger connect with Interjet Customer Service?

Ans. A passenger can connect with Interjet customer service through phone, email, and chat support, they can also connect via social media pages.

Q. What are the services offered by Interjet Airlines?

Accept and process requests for refund.
Get your flight schedule before you book your flight with interjet airlines.
Educate customers about pet policy before they book the flight
Offer affordable baggage allowance per passenger.
Access your flight check in details 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

Q. How does a passenger get a refund from interjet airlines?

Ans. Passengers can raise a refund request on the official website of Interjet Airlines. Once they cancel their tickets from the “My Trips” page, you need to enter your account credentials and details of your flight. This helps you to get the refund from interjet airlines once the ticket cancelation has been confirmed.

Q. Can Passengers purchase refundable tickets from Interjet Airlines?

Ans. Being a low cost airline, Interjet airlines does not follow the concept of refundable tickets. All changes to the travel plans and tickets can be made free of cost only till 24 hours after the reservation was created.

Q. Does Interjet Airline Charge To Change Flight?

Ans. If you change your flight within 24 hours of creating your reservation you will not be charged a change fee. However, any amendments made post 24 hours require a change fee to be paid by the passenger.

Q. What is the process of cancelling followed at Interjet Airlines?

Sign in to your interjet airline official account.
Now click the manage booking option.
Choose your flight from a list of reservations.
Now click on the cancel booking tab.
Now follow the on screen instructions to cancel the flight ticket for interjet airlines.

Q. What is the baggage allowance limit in each fare?

Ans. You can carry a maximum baggage of 10 kgs in carry-on baggage. You can carry 2 pieces of carryon baggage in business class in international travel. In economy class you can carry 2 bags of 20 kgs in check in baggage. You can carry 3 bags of the same weight in business class.

Q. Can you modify the destination of your travel after creating the reservation?

Ans. Yes you can modify the destination of travel from my trips, after you check the availability in the new flight. You may have to pay a change fee if the modification is done post 24 hours of flight booking.

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