How to change Malaysia Airlines flight?

How to change Malaysia Airlines flight?

Travel plans can change unexpectedly. If you need to adjust your flight change Malaysia Airlines booking, Malaysia Airlines offers options to rebook or cancel flights depending on the fare rules. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Malaysia Airlines’ change flight policy and fees.

Malaysia Airlines Flight Change Policy

Malaysia Airlines has different change policies depending on the type of ticket purchased:

  • Flex/FlexBusiness Class Tickets: These fares allow date, route, and cabin class changes without fees. You must make changes at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Lite Saver Tickets: One date change is allowed by paying the fare difference plus a MYR 300 fee per sector. Changes must be made at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Group Tickets: Date and route changes are allowed by paying the fare difference. Changes can be made anytime before departure.
  • Promotional and Special Tickets: These have restrictive change rules with high fees, generally over MYR 500 per sector.

How to Change Malaysia Airlines Flight Bookings

Here are the steps to change your Malaysia Airlines flight change:

  • Log in to your Malaysia Airlines Enrich account online or via the mobile app.
  • Under ‘My Bookings’, select the ticket you want to modify.
  • Choose ‘Modify Flight’ and enter your new desired dates/flight numbers.
  • The system will show options to rebook along with any change fee or fare difference payable.
  • You can also call Malaysia Airlines at +603 7843 3000 to make changes over the phone.
  • If booked via a travel agent, contact them directly to adjust your flights.

Allowable Flight Changes

When changing Malaysia Airlines tickets, here are some key rules:

  • At least 24 hours before departure, date adjustments are allowed.
  • Adjustments to timing must be made within a day.
  • The departure and destination city must remain the same.
  • Changes to flight numbers/routes may require additional fees.
  • Cabin class upgrades will incur fare differences. Downgrades are not allowed.
  • Rebooking is subject to seat availability on the new flights.

Malaysia Airlines Change Fees

Below are the change fees that apply for Malaysia Airlines flight changes:

  • Flex/Business Class tickets: No change fees
  • Lite Saver Economy: MYR 300 per passenger per sector
  • Group tickets: No fees, only fare differences
  • Discounted/Promotional fares: Over MYR 500 per change
  • Refundable tickets: No change fees, but fare differences apply
  • Infant tickets: The same fees apply based on the accompanying adult ticket

Rebooking Tips to Save Money

Follow these tips when you need to change Malaysia Airlines flight to get the best deals:

  • Avoid peak dates: Changing to low-season dates can decrease your fare differences.
  • Modify several months in advance: Last-minute changes typically have higher fees.
  • Book early morning/late night flights: These tend to cost less than mid-day timings.
  • Travel on weekdays instead of weekends to get lower fares.
  • Downgrade cabin class if your original ticket was a higher-end fare.

Refunds and Credits for Canceled Flights

If you need to outright cancel your Malaysia Airlines ticket, here are the policies:

  • Refundable fares are eligible for full refunds, but fees apply.
  • Convert non-refundable tickets to travel credits.
  • Full refund without fees for cancellation within 24 hours.
  • Tickets booked under special discounted fares usually have strict no-refund policies.

COVID-19 Flexibilities

Malaysia Airlines currently offers flexible rebooking and cancellation options for flights affected by COVID-19 travel restrictions:

  • Unlimited date changes are allowed on all tickets issued before July 31, 2022.
  • Tickets can be held in credit for future travel up to December 31, 2023.
  • Cancellation fees are waived for COVID-related disruptions.

Changing Connecting or Codeshare Flights

If your Malaysia Airlines ticket has connections or codeshare flights with partner airlines, here are some tips:

  • Connections should be changed together on the same call to avoid issues.
  • Codeshare flights can only be modified by contacting Malaysia Airlines directly.
  • Partner airlines may have different change policies. Verify rules before rebooking.
  • Allow longer layovers when adjusting connections to account for delays.

Changing Flights Booked via OTAs

If you booked your Malaysia Airlines flight through an Online Travel Agency (OTA) like Expedia or Priceline:

  • Contact the OTA directly to change your flights, as they handle the bookings.
  • Malaysia Airlines cannot alter reservations made via OTAs without change fees.
  • Refunds and credits must also be handled through the OTA and not the airline.
  • Change options may differ based on the OTA fare rules. Check policies before rebooking.

Tips for Smoother Flight Changes

When changing your Malaysia Airlines flight, follow these tips:

  • Changes should be made 1-2 weeks in advance.
  • Avoid changing tickets close to departure to limit high fees.
  • Have your original booking reference handy when calling Malaysia Airlines.
  • Double-check new flight details and tickets after rebooking.
  • Book early morning or red-eye flights to have the maximum options.
  • Consider all airports in a city for additional flight choices.
  • Set up fare alerts and track prices to get the best deals.

By understanding Malaysia Airlines’ policies, being flexible with dates/airports and booking early, you can successfully modify your flight with minimal hassle and fees.


What is the fee to change my name on a Malaysia Airlines ticket?

Malaysia Airlines charges a name change fee of MYR 200 per passenger per sector. This applies to all ticket types except non-refundable promotional fares.

Can I upgrade my cabin class when rebooking my flight?

Yes, you can upgrade to a higher cabin class when changing Malaysia Airlines flights by paying the fare difference between your original ticket and the new higher class.

Is there a fee to change my Malaysia Airlines flight to an earlier time on the same day?

If you are adjusting the flight timing to an earlier departure on the same date, Malaysia Airlines does not charge a change fee as long as the origin/destination remains the same.

What is the fee for changing the routing on a Malaysia Airlines ticket?

Changing the origin or destination city on a Malaysia Airlines ticket incurs a routing change fee of MYR 200 per passenger per sector.

How soon before departure can I change my flight on Malaysia Airlines?

Date, time and routing changes must be made at least 24 hours prior to the original scheduled departure time as per Malaysia Airlines policy.

What is the fee for changing a child’s ticket on Malaysia Airlines?

For child fares, Malaysia Airlines charges change fees based on the ticketed fare rules. This means the fee would be the same as what an accompanying adult on that fare would pay.

Can I change the passenger name on my Malaysia Airlines ticket to someone else?

Malaysia Airlines does not allow transferring a ticket to another passenger or changing traveler names on issued tickets. You must cancel the ticket and book a new one.