How to Do JetBlue Name Change on Ticket?

How to Do JetBlue Name Change on Ticket?

Assuming you have a plan for a vacation to go to work or getaway. All things considered, you must avoid blunders or issues during the excursion. Every traveller ensures they select the best airlines for a safe trip. In case you are going from JetBlue, there are times when you require a JetBlue name change on ticket. You don’t need to panic in such scenarios.

You must recheck every information during the time of making the bookings. JetBlue carriers are the most incredible in providing air travel with ease. The professional team generally puts forth a valiant effort to help each traveller. You can do the name change if you have made flight reservations with JetBlue carriers. This article will provide all the data you need for the JetBlue name change process.

What Are the Recent Changes in the JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy Rules?

Before you start wondering, can we change passenger name on JetBlue? It is essential to know that all airline’s policies are different. These policies are implemented to assist passengers in every way possible. 

JetBlue name change policy has some recent changes in their name change policy. Every passenger must be qualified to request a name change on the ticket. Below are all the conditions that every traveller must qualify for the name change process:

  • Only those travellers who have purchased the tickets from JetBlue directly or its associates are qualified for the name change process.
  • Every passenger can make corrections or changes only to the original PNR or else book a new one with a renewed PNR. 
  • Each traveller is only permitted to have a single reissue of the ticket. Therefore, you must pay attention when making the corrections and examine it properly before submitting it.
  • Every passenger must submit their “NAMECART” number during the name correction.
  • Every traveller must submit all the legal documents requesting a JetBlue name change process. All the papers should be government-verified to prove all the documents submitted are genuine.
  • Every passenger can only correct or change the middle, last, nickname, or add first names. 
  • Everyone can change their name regardless of whether they are married, divorced, or adopted.

What Are the Ticket Terms for JetBlue Name Correction?

There are cases when travellers fill in incorrect details during the name change process. Therefore, JetBlue ensures to guide every passenger during the name change process on the ticket. Before you apply for the process, there are a few terms that every passenger must be aware of in advance:

  • According to the JetBlue name change ticket terms, every traveller can only change the name in terms of characters. The character limit is decided by the airline. It may differ depending on the name of the customer.
  • JetBlue carriers do not permit a traveller to change a name that is written wrong intentionally to transfer it to another person. The airlines will not accept such intent.
  • A fee must be paid for the name change process on the boarding pass.
  • The JetBlue carrier correction policy permits any changes to an individual name. It is important to note that birth date, sex and other data will not be changed. Additionally, every traveller can reschedule their flight as per the JetBlue carrier flight policy as described on their official site.

What Are Different Names of Changing Names on JetBlue Airline Tickets?

Under the JetBlue change policy, you can utilise various methods for the name change process. You can use the offline or the online mode to change your name. You can pick any of the methods for the JetBlue ticket name correct:

JetBlue Airlines Name Change via the Site

The JetBlue online name correction is the easiest method. Any traveller can use this method in the name change process. You have the option to do quick rectifications through the online method. To use the online mode, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the JetBlue Airlines on your browser.
  • Then, search for my trips option.
  • After that, fill out the form and submit it.
  • Once all the data is submitted, click on the find flight option.
  • The next step is to click on the modify option.
  • Select the JetBlue change name online option to make changes to the name.
  • Then, submit the changes with the legal papers.
  • Then tap on continue.
  • After that, make the payment to complete the process.
  • Have a print of the new boarding pass.

JetBlue Name Change through Customer Care

The next method is offline. With this method, you must contact the customer care number and connect with the carrier agents. You can use this number +1-800-538-2583 to contact them. It is the best method for JetBlue name change. You can only make middle or last name changes through customer care. You need to mention the reason for the change.

The carrier representative will ask you about the details regarding your booking. Then, they will ask you to submit all the legal documents, passports, flight tickets, certificates, etc. After that, the airline will process the name change request and give you the new boarding pass.

JetBlue Airlines Name Change through Live Chat

Another method that is very convenient to utilise for the name change process is the use of a live chat feature. To use this option, visit the JetBlue site and search for the contact us option. Then, you will be provided with multiple ways to resolve your issues regarding the name change. 

You are required to choose the live chat option. Once you select it, a window will appear, asking you to state your concern. After that, submit your profile data. You will be given a URL. By utilising it, you can make the desired changes.


As per the JetBlue name change policy, all the changes done through informal platforms does not fulfil some requirements. In case you have any questions regarding the policy, then get in touch with the support group and get their assistance. The above information highlights all the details regarding the JetBlue name change process.