Jetstar Manage My Booking

Jetstar Manage My Booking

Jetstar Manage Booking is a systematic process to support passengers to book via official website and mobile app. Let’s see how both processes help passengers to make their booking more convenient. Jetstar airlines is a low cost airline. It connects various Asian countries with each other and makes flying experience a memorable journey.

Manage Booking Process For Jetstar Airlines Via Official Website

jetstar airways manage booking
  • Open the official website ( on your web browser.
  • Now login with your email id and credentials into your Jetstar account.
  • Now click on the manage booking tab.
  • Enter your last name and booking reference id to view the existing booking.
  • Now select the search option to retrieve your booking.
  • Passengers can search flights, choose their flights which suit their travel needs, choose extra services such as baggage meal plans, etc.
  • Completing the payment process completes the manage booking process for Jetstar Airlines.
  • This way passengers can manage their trips through the official website of Jetstar Airlines.

Manage Booking Process through Mobile App of Jetstar Airlines

  • Open your play store or IOS store on Android or Apple devices.
  • Now login with your credentials such as email id and password.
  • Now select the manage booking option.
  • Enter your booking reference code & last name.
  • Now click on the search button or find my booking to display your existing booking on screen.
  • Passengers can choose flights, seats, meals, define baggage allowance etc. through the manage booking process.
  • Passengers can also generate an E boarding pass and perform an online check in through the mobile app.
  • Therefore, passengers can use the mobile app of Jetstar airlines to systematically manage their booking process.

Downloadable Link of Jetstar Airlines Mobile App For: – Android – iPhone

Change Flight On Jetstar Airlines Through Manage Booking

  • Open the official website of Jetstar airlines which is on your computer.
  • Now use your credentials to login.
  • Retrieve your booking via booking reference id and last name.
  • Now click on change flight button.
  • Click on the search bar below.
  • Choose your flight from the list of available flights.
  • Select the date and time for the flight.
  • Pay the price difference as applicable.
  • Confirm and save the changes.
  • A revised travel itinerary will be shared with you on email or contact number.
  • This is how you will be able to change your flight using the Jetstar Manage booking.

You can also contact the customer care representative over the phone to make changes to your booking. You can also contact your travel agent to make changes to your flight reservation on your behalf. You can also use price guarantee services to get the best available rate for yourself.

Reschedule Jetstar Flight

To Reschedule the Jetstar flight you have to follow the below steps.

  • Open the official website of Jet star airlines.
  • Now use your credentials to login into your account.
  • Click on the manage booking section.
  • Select change/ cancel flight from the options.
  • Now click on search and choose a new flight.
  • Pay the price variance for the new flight if applicable.
  • Confirm and save the changes.
  • You will receive a confirmation message in the mail with the updated itinerary.
  • This way you can reschedule the Jetstar flight.

Change Date on Jetstar Airlines Via Manage Booking

  • Open the official website of Jetstar Airlines.
  • Use your email id and password to login.
  • Click on the manage booking tab.
  • Use your booking reference code & last name your existing booking is displayed on the screen.
  • Now click on the edit button.
  • You can go to the calendar and select the new date.
  • If you change your dates within 24 hours of booking the original reservation you can complete the process free of cost.
  • Passengers decide to change post 24 hours then a change fee and fare rules will apply.
  • Post 24 hours you can cancel and book a new ticket as well.

Change Seat Via Manage Booking on Jetstar Airlines:

  • Open the official website of Jetstar Airlines
  • Login with your credentials.
  • Now you can click on manage booking.
  • Enter your booking reference id and last name.
  • View your booking and click on edit option.
  • Now click on click on change my seat.
  • A fee will be charged to change your seat.
  • Confirm the seat by making an online payment.
  • You will be notified via email.
  • This is how you will change your seat using manage booking on Jetstar Airlines.

Change Your Name on Jetstar Flight Ticket

  • Open the official website of Jetstar Airlines.
  • Use your email id and password to login.
  • Now choose the manage booking section.
  • Enter your booking reference id and last name.
  • Click on edit option.
  • Now you can edit the name field.
  • Passengers can make the change within 24 hours of original booking then no fee is charged.
  • Passengers make changes post 24 hours and a fee will be charged.
  • They can also use the Jetstar call center or Jetstar airport counter to get the name changed on their ticket. However, passengers will have to bear a change fee for the same.
  • This is how a passenger can change name on their ticket using Jetstar airlines manage booking.

Jetstar Airlines Flight Change Policy

As per the fly flexible campaign no change fee is being charged to change date of travel due to the new Covid 19 guidelines. However, you need to pay the price difference to change your flight whenever to decide to rebook.

The flight change policy of Jetstar Airlines states that the unused portion of your ticket will be credit as travel credit.

Benefits Jetstar Manage Booking:

  • Passengers can search flights.
  • Passengers can change the date and time of their flight.
  • Passengers can do online check in.
  • Passengers can earn travel credits.
  • Passengers can receive an updated itinerary.

Jetstar Airlines Manage Booking FAQs

Q. Can I change my flight dates on Jetstar?

Ans. Yes, you can change your flight dates through the manage booking section. Make a change to your flight dates through Jetstar call center. Some fees may be applicable. If you do the changes online, you may be able to do it free of cost on the Jetstar Manage booking tab.

Q. How late can a passenger reschedule his flight on Jetstar?

Ans. A passenger can reschedule his flight on Jetstar until the check in for the scheduled flight opens. He will not be able to reschedule the flight once he has already checked in into the scheduled flight of Jetstar.

Q. Can Jetstar Change my flight?

Ans. All necessary flight changes can be done via the Jetstar call center, the fee charged for any change depends clearly on the time taken for change. It also depends on the rate applicable at that time.

Q. How much does it cost to change your flight on Jetstar?

Ans. Jetstar is a low cost airline and it charges $75 to change the date of travel. However due to Covid restrictions you can change your date travel free of cost. As this fee has been waived off by Jetstar for the time being.

Q. How much will it cost to extend a flight ticket on Jetstar?

Ans. To extend domestic tickets a fee of $150 is charged by Jetstar, and for international tickets the fee charged is $ 200. For flight credits to be extended, they require weekly extension and can be extended for at least 6 months. Hence a fee is applicable to extend flight tickets unless you are extended due to a medical emergency in the family. Then you can apply for a refund and rebook the flight ticket in future.

Q. Can passengers transfer a Jetstar Voucher?

Ans. No passengers cannot transfer travel vouchers to someone else at all. A new passenger requires a new ticket.

Q. How does a passenger speak to someone on Jetstar?

Ans. A passenger can dial the toll free number of the Jetstar call center which will enable them to talk to someone at the Jetstar airlines. So that all queries and concerns regarding manage booking services can be resolved in an easy and simple manner.

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