KLM Name Change On Ticket

KLM Name Change On Ticket

The KLM name change policy is for passengers who unknowingly make mistakes when filling out the booking forms. The policy helps travellers make the essential changes to their tickets again. The name change process is free of cost, or there might be minimal charge.

Changes to flight tickets can be made due to various reasons. If you have booked a flight reservation from KLM and want to change your name on your ticket, then you do not need to worry. This article will cover all the data connected with the KLM change name process in detail.

What Are the KLM Flight Name Change Policies?

KLM name change policy consists of different clauses. Flights operated by them or other airlines follow a different set of regulations. Below are all the various sets of rules for the KLM name change policy:

KLM Change Name on the Ticket Purchased through Site

  • Passengers will be charged fees if the name corrections are made outside the time limit, i.e., a risk-free period.
  • Every traveller can make changes in the name completely free up to 30 hours before the flight takes off. The only condition is that tickets should be booked from the official site, mobile app, airport counter, sales office, or customer service number.
  • The KLM name change process is not accessible on the day of departure.
  • As per the KLM name change policy, travellers can change their first name, family name, and format. The name must be similar to the passport document.
  • Passengers are not allowed to transfer the tickets to any other individual. If it happens, the KLM authorities will forfeit the full ticket.

KLM Name Change Policy On Ticket

  • Every passenger should have a valid ticket bought from the official site.
  • Prior to departure, changes can only be done at least 30 hours before.
  • There are no charges if the corrections are made within the given time.
  • The booking must start with KLM.
  • Corrections can only be made to your first, middle, and last name. An identification and Visa should be submitted as evidence.
  • Name changes are not accepted if the booking is done by a third-party agent.
  • Name changes are available on different days of departure.
  • Travellers flying on reward tickets must inform the reservation staff ahead of time. 
  • Passengers are not required to fill out the name change form if the individual has multiple names in their profile.
  • The policy states if the first name is similar to the passport name, then there is no need to change it, and you can travel with the same ticket.

KLM Change Name on Tickets That Are Booked from Third-Parties 

  • Travellers who have booked tickets outside the authorized centres cannot make changes through the official portals. Every passenger needs to connect with the third-party agent to make changes to the name.
  • Name changes are only allowed if the airline does not accept the passenger’s request. The ticket must be renewed with the essential changes if the airline does not accept the name change application.
  • Those mentioned above are the KLM name change policies that every traveller must adhere to during the name change process. Now let us look at the different methods step-by-step on how to change passenger name KLM. 

What Are the Different Methods Used for the KLM Name Change Process?

You can change your name through different methods. Nonetheless, the changes should be finished within the given time. Below are the ways that you can utilize the name change process:

KLM Name Change through Official Site

If you have booked your flight reservation through the official site, then follow these steps for the name change process:

  • Search for the KLM official site on your web browser.
  • Once you reach the site, tap on the login tab.
  • Fill in all the necessary data for the login process.
  • Once logged in, search for the manage booking tab and select it.
  • After that, fill in the reservation code with your last name.
  • Recheck the information and click on the continue tab.
  • View the list and choose the appropriate trip.
  • Then select the modify tab.
  • Tap on the passenger’s name.
  • Make all the essential changes.
  • Once done, attach valid documents for evidence.
  • Recheck the entire changes and submit it by clicking on the continue tab.
  • Proceed with the payment if required.
  • Have a print of the corrected ticket for further procedure.

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KLM Name Change through Customer Service Number

The steps to make name corrections on a KLM ticket via the customer service number are as follows:

  • Contact the customer service and set up a language as per your preference.
  • Choose the name change option, and you will be connected with the official authorities.
  • The agent will make changes to your name. They will also check whether you are eligible for the name change process.
  • Once all the corrections are done, recheck and submit it by agreeing with the command.
  • Proceed with the payment if required for the KLM name change process.
  • The agent will assist you until the e-ticket is delivered to your registered ID.

KLM Name Change via Counter

If you have bought the ticket from the airport counter, then follow these steps for the name change process:

  • Go to the nearest KLM airport counter.
  • Get in touch with the available team.
  • Fill in the KLM name change form.
  • Details such as name, date, booking number, and scheduled travel must all be written in the form.
  • Once completed, submit the form and attach all the essential documents as proof.
  • The agent will make the corrections, and you can proceed with the payment if required.
  • Once payment is made, you will receive your new corrected ticket on your registered ID.


To avoid any problems during your travel, knowing about the name change process is vital. It is recommended to apply for the process within 24 hours of booking your flight. The data mentioned above provides all the details about how to change passenger name KLM. You can follow the guide for a safe and secure travel experience with KLM airlines.