Korean Air Name Change Policy

Korean Air Name Change Policy

You must be one of the many regular Korean Air passengers who have stumbled onto their page searching for information about changing the name on a ticket. If so, read this article carefully since it contains important information for changing your travel reservation following the Korean Air Name Change Policy.

Changing or correcting a name on a flight ticket is simple under the airline’s policy. However, it is essential to remember that the name on the reservation must match the name on the official form of identification. 

Korean Air Name Correction Policy:

Changing a passenger’s name on a flight requires the following: 

  • Korean Air is the only acceptable carrier. 
  • Korean Air must operate all parts of the passenger’s itinerary.
  • For domestic and international flights, passengers have up to 24 hours before departure to make the request. 
  • There is a one-time ticket reprint limit for passengers. Additional name changes are subject to Korean Air’s policy, which includes a cost and any applicable ticket difference. 
  • If you need to update a passenger’s name on their ticket, you cannot change their departure or arrival times or price type. 
  • According to Korean Air’s regulations, passengers may change their names during a flight.
  • It is impossible to change the birth date or gender while requesting a name change. The Korean Air flight change policy would apply to adjusting the gender and date of travel. 
  • There is a limit of one rewrite per traveller.  

Name Change Procedure for Korean Air:

The goal of Korean Air’s Name Change Policy is to make it simple to update your flight reservation with the right name. A traveller can make name changes and other alterations to their airline ticket, but not their passenger category (Adult, Child, or Infant). 

  • Similarly, you must know certain additional terms and restrictions before changing a name. Let’s have a look at these; 
  • Only if Korean Air issued the ticket would the correction and change request in the name make sense.
  • You may change up to three characters of your given name, middle name, or last name.
  • Reserving a flight outside Korean airspace will cost you $250, whereas booking it within Korea would only cost you $150.
  • If an adult travels with a baby, they won’t have to pay to alter the baby’s name.
  • If you’ve just been married or divorced and want to alter your last name on your Korean Air ticket, you’ll need to provide supporting documentation, such as a government-issued ID, per the airline’s Name change Policy.
  • Korean Air may require a formal statement verifying the modifications due to the abovementioned causes.
  • The method requires the traveller to cancel the flight and request a full refund within the first 24 hours. After that, you may rebook your flight under your new name.

Name Change for Korean Air:

You can submit a request for Korean Air change name on ticket.

  • Korean Air must be the airline operating and selling the flight to use this ticket.
  • If there is travel to or from South Korea on the schedule,
  • There are more than three misspelt letters in the first or final name. 
  • Even if you’ve already requested a name change and had your ticket reissued, a second round of changes may be needed.

Add a middle letter or a first name:

You can get a new ticket with your preferred first or middle name on it by paying the Korean Air change name fee. Tickets issued in a higher fare category will be subject to the higher price category’s pricing rules.

Adding a middle name to the end of the last name without changing the name:

The airline will reprint the ticket at no additional cost if the traveller has two last names and would want to add the second one without modifying the first. Change Elizabeth Smith to Elizabeth Alderson Smith, for instance. 

Last names come first, and first names go last:

If a person books a flight with the wrong name on the ticket, the airline will change the name in the passenger’s name record (PNR). Any name changes will incur only the Korean Air service cost. 

Korean Air Name change after marriage:

Suppose a traveller has already booked a journey on Korean Air using their maiden name and would want to change their name. In that case, they can do so for a cost by submitting documentation of the name change (such as a copy of their marriage certificate or divorce decree).

Korean Air’s Rebranding of the Skypass:

Follow the instructions below to get your Skypass mileage plus account name changed. Due to Korean Air’s name change policy, passengers must ensure that the name on their Skypass mileage account is consistent with the name on their government-issued picture ID. 

Correction or Simple Name Change For Korean Air Ticket:

The following examples of name changes/corrections are straightforward and do not need additional paperwork. 

  • Make the necessary changes to the initial’s spelling. Example: “Wills to Will”
  • Make the required changes to the last name spelling. Such as (e.g.) Bezoss to Bezos.
  • Change the name to a shortened form and back again. Examples: “Max” to “Maxwell,” “Elizabeth” to “Liz,” etc.
  • Alter or amend a label or designation. Like Mrs. to Ms.
  • Put an initial or name in the centre, or take it out. (S. C. Steven Smith would become Steven C. Smith, for instance).
  • If a person’s initial or last name is backwards, change it.

Korean Air Change in Complex Name:

A written or verbal request for a different change name on Korean Air ticket is required. To keep your SkyPass mileage account safe, you must submit a copy of one of the following legal documents:

  • Document of Marriage
  • Judgement of Divorce
  • Proof of legal renaming
  • The former and current names are seen on official picture identification.

How to Request a Name Change When Flying with Korean Air?

Customers of this carrier can alter their names using several different options. This is because various visitors opt for other methods of name change based on personal preference and convenience. There might be a mix of online and offline travellers, with some preferring the former over the latter. According to Korean Air’s policy on name changes, you can use any available way to have your new name officially confirmed.

Method 1: Changing the Name of Korean Air via the Internet

Online name changes are available for airline tickets purchased through the website. Many travellers may find this option viable, as they’ll need a reliable internet connection. You need only go to Korean Air’s official website.

To make changes following Korean Air’s name change policy, visit the website and follow the instructions below.

  • Enter the passenger’s last name and the ticket’s reference number on the website tab.
  • When taken to the booking management page, look for the option to change the passenger’s name and click on it.
  • To avoid confusion, please keep the spelling of everyone’s initial or last name the same as three characters.
  • Click the “Change name” button afterwards. Replace any misspelt information with the accurate spelling of your name.
  • Verify the updated information on Korean Air’s main website.
  • The checkout process will begin when you confirm your name changes.
  • Remember to include your payment information in your message. 
  • Your new name will appear on your itinerary ticket when the airline verifies it.

Method 2: Changing Your Korean Air Name Via Telephone

Calling the provider these days for any question is straightforward. Customers prefer to call rather than fill out an online form for Korean Air name correction. 

Follow the procedures below to alter the name on your Korean Air reservation:

  • Follow the steps below to call Korean Air’s toll-free number: 1-800-548-3192
  • Please hold as the airline agent connects you.
  • Call the person back and have them alter your name for you.
  • The representative may inquire as to your rationale for changing your name.
  • Justify your actions and include any relevant paperwork they may require.
  • You must present the document reflecting the name change to the appropriate authorities in the event of a marriage or divorce.
  • Once the agency completes all necessary checks, they will legally alter your name.
  • You will then receive a newly printed ticket and a name change confirmation.

Method 3: Contact Korean Air’s Help Desk to Have Your Name Changed

If you have any questions about your flight after you get to the airport, the information counter is your best bet. You can change your Korean Air reservation by contacting the airline’s service centre. 

Please refer to the instructions below to change your name through Korean Air’s support centre.

  • It would help to get to the airport at least two to three hours before your flight.
  • Ask the airport’s officials where to find Korean Air’s customer service department.
  • Explain the entire ordeal of changing your name to the airline representative at the information counter.
  • Please give them the papers they need in case of a name change due to marriage or divorce.
  • The agent will then fix the ticket with your updated information and correct any typos.
  • ⦁ Furthermore, they may request further paperwork from you. Await confirmation of the name change after submitting the necessary paperwork.
  • ⦁ The airline may assess a cost if you need to change the name on a Korean Air ticket.
  • ⦁ Your email confirming the name change will arrive at last. You will receive a brand new printed itinerary ticket with your new name.

The 24-Hour Flight Change Policy of Korean Air:

Any changes made to a ticket within 24 hours of purchase will only incur the price difference and not a change fee on Korean Air.

There is a 24-hour window in which you can change your flight with Korean Air.

The traveller will be charged a service fee of USD 35 if the flight reservation was booked through a travel agency. Korean Air does not charge a fee to alter your flight during the first 24 hours after you buy your ticket.

This policy does not cover Korean Air miles and award tickets.

Korean Air Name Change or correction fee:

According to Korean Air name change policy, you’ll have to pay a change charge and maybe the difference in airfare if you need to make any of the following corrections or changes to your reservation: 

  • Name change requests Airline’s penalty (in USD) Fare difference, if any
  • Fixing the middle name 200 Yes
  • Fixing the first name 200 Yes
  • Fixing the last name 200 Yes
  • Addition to the last name without changing the name 200 Yes
  • First and last names are inverted 150 No
  • Married/maiden name change 200 Yes

Korean Air’s name change policy aims to give its customers as much flexibility as possible so passengers can use a different spelling than what appears on their passports when booking flights. Changing the name on a reservation or ticket is as simple as clicking a button. If the airline’s policy doesn’t allow name changes at the gate, you can alter it for free up to 24 hours before your flight’s check-in time. Korean Air has established processes to make this process as smooth as possible; all you must do is follow them.


In the above, we discuss how to change name on Korean Air ticket. Customers’ convenience is at the heart of Korean Air’s decision to rebrand. You can use a different spelling of your name than your travel document and modify it on any ticket. Changing your reservation and adding a new name to your key is simple. Changing your name after booking a flight is against airline policy, but you may change your name for free anytime between the time of booking and check-in. Just follow Korean Air’s specified procedures to speed up the resolution process.