Qatar Airways is a state owned enterprise that is also the flag bearer of Qatar. It operates from Doha and is well known for its world class quality and customer satisfaction. As such Qatar Airways reschedule is also easy if done right. Today we will examine the various approaches to the rescheduling while taking into consideration the governing policies. Let’s scroll down for further information.

How to Reschedule Flight Qatar Airways?

It is important to understand how a Qatar Airways flight reschedule is possible. We are happy to inform that a rescheduling is done both online and offline, as we will come across further down the article. It uses the Manage Booking feature that makes the whole affair simple and executable within minutes.

Rebook Qatar Airways Flight Online

Qatar Airways Reschedule

As per the Qatar reschedule policy, you can use the Manage Booking on the official website for rebooking a flight. However, remember that any such booking shall adhere to the policy. Also heed that a rebooking is only possible if there is an original flight. You can only rebook after changing or cancelling the previous flight. The steps are as follows:

  • First, go to the official website
  • Then, you have the option to either log in to the Privilege club account or continue as is. Since we have covered how to rebook a cancelled flight via logging in, let us continue as is.
  • Thus, click on the My Trips segment on the home page and enter your booking details.
  • These details include the booking reference you got during the initial reservation and the passenger’s last name during that booking.
  • Once you correctly enter all the information, click on the Retrieve Booking option.
  • Now, the website will load a list with your pre-booked flight.
  • You have to either change or cancel the flight for rebooking. Thus, click on Change Flight.
  • After that, make your modifications and click on Rebook flight to proceed.
  • Then, the webpage will redirect you to the check-out for payment.
  • Now, pay the relevant fee and fare difference, if applicable. And your new itinerary will be ready.

Qatar Airways Ticket Reschedule Via Mobile App

You can also handle Qatar Airways reschedule via the mobile app. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • First, download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • After a successful installation, go to the home page and tap the app icon to launch the app.
  • Now, you can log into your account or continue as a guest.
  • Then, click on My Trips and enter the booking details, such as:
    • The booking reference and the passenger’ last name.
  • Once you are done, click on Retrieve Booking and look up your pre-booked flight.
  • After that, select Change Flight and make your modifications.
  • Then, click on Rebook flight to confirm those changes and pay the relevant fee.
  • Thus, your Qatar Airways flight reschedule is done.

How to Reschedule Qatar Airways Flight at the Airport?

As per the Qatar Airways reschedule policy, you can also rebook a flight at the airport. But beware that doing so can incur additional service charges. Also, many believe it to be a last minute approach in case of a flight delay or missed flight. All you need to do is go to the ticketing counter and inform about your request alongside the relevant booking details. After paying the necessary fee, your rebooking will be processed.

How to Reschedule Flight Qatar Airways With Phone Number?

Rebooking over a phone call is also a popular choice. It is convenient and most of all it comes with a live assistance. Hence, passengers looking for a Qatar Airways reschedule, can get it done over a phone call. Although remember that you must have already changed or cancelled your flight. Thus, all you need to do is:

  • First, call the customer care at Qatar Airways on the number +1 805 900 8786.
  • Then, follow the on-call instructions to connect to the airline representative.
  • After that, request a rebooking and provide your details.
  • Lastly, pay the fee if any.

Rebook Flight Qatar Airways With Points

Qatar Airways reschedule is also possible with accumulated points. However, we recommend using your account for such booking as the points are credited to your wallet. All you have to do is:

  • First, go to the website and login to the Privilege Club account.
  • Then, from the list of pre-booked flights select the flight you want to rebook.
  • Now modify your trip and when you reach the check-out page, select the travel points as the mode of payment.
  • And, your rebooking is done.

Qatar Airways Rebook Flight After Cancellation

You can always rebook a cancelled flight with ease. However, before that let us learn a few salient points of the Qatar Airways rebooking policy:

  • In case of an airline-initiated cancellation, the airline is obligated to refund your fare in full, on top of a compensation amount and free rebooking.
  • But the refund can take up to 48 hours.
  • In such cases you can rebook at the airport ticket counter without added surplus. The time limit for such a rebooking is 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • You are also free to use the airport for other rebooking but then a service charge on top of the cancellation fee will apply.
  • You are free to change the destination of your trip, but keep in mind that you can only do so at the minimum 5 hours before Qatar Airways flight status rescheduled.

Now let us examine how to rebook a cancelled flight online, using the Qatar Airways Manage Booking:

  • First, go to the Qatar Airways website.
  • Now login to your Privilege Club account. Although you can continue without logging, we recommend using the account as it will list all the pre-booked and already cancelled flight. Hence, it will be easier to rebook the flight.
  • Once you have logged in, select the cancelled flight you want to rebook.
  • On the screen, select Rebook trip to proceed.
  • Now, manage/modify your itinerary as if you are booking a new flight. However, keep in mind that the rebooking must adhere to the Qatar Airways reschedule policy.
  • After you are done making changes, click on Rebook flight.
  • Then, the website will redirect you to the check-out page. Now you have to pay the relevant fee and taxes. If any fare difference is applicable then it will also be added to the final amount.
  • After paying, your Qatar Airways reschedule will be done.

Qatar Airways Reschedule Policy

Qatar Airways Reschedule

The Qatar Airways rebooking adheres to the Qatar Airways reschedule policy. As such there are a few rules and guidelines:

  • A ticket value is valid for 2 years from issuance. Hence, a passenger can always rebook at a later date.
  • You can also exchange your ticket for future travel credits and get a bonus of 10%.
  • Qatar Airways flight reschedule is free of cost for any date or destination changes. Furthermore, these changes are unlimited.
  • Similarly, you can change the origin city of a trip, given it is within the same country.
  • The destination can be change to another within a 5000-mile radius of the original one.
  • You are also free to exchange your ticket with Qmiles, at the rate of $1 = 100 Qmiles.
  • One must wait at least 14 days from initial reservation for a rebooking.
  • Any rescheduling within the initial 24 hours from reservation is also allowed.
  • Such changes are free of cost.
  • If you change a flight on the day of departure, i.e. 24 hours before departure, you are required to pay a minimum fee of $100.
  • Any rebooking is free in the event of delay/cancellation due to airline.
  • Only tickets purchased directly from the Qatar Airways will be considered for rebooking. Reward tickets are illegible for rescheduling.

Qatar Airways Reschedule Fee

Qatar Airways reschedule is relatively easier. It can also be free depending on the ticket type.

  • Certain types of fare can be rebooked even 24 hours before flight departure, that too for free.
  • If you want to rebook a flight between 24 hours to 3 hours before departure, a minimum of $100 will be charged.

Qatar Airways Change Policy

As per the guidelines, the Qatar Airways flight change policy dictates the following:

  • In order to avail a free flight change, you must do so within 24 hours from initial booking.
  • Also ensure that the initial booking and the scheduled departure has a gap of 7 days or more.
  • But, any fare difference may still apply, even if there is no fee.
  • Any tickets purchased with travel credits will be illegible for any changes.
  • Similarly, group bookings are exempted from the flight change policy.
  • The policy covers all fare types, class, restricted as well as non-restricted fares.
  • However, a ticket must be purchased directly from Qatar Airways for the policy to hold true.
  • Although passenger are allowed unlimited changes, as per the policy, any Qatar Airways flight reschedule will be subject to a change fee and fare difference if applicable.
  • Also make sure that the new booking ticket is equal or higher in value than the previous one. If the fare is low, the airline is not obligated to refund the balance.
  • Transfer of ticket ownership is strictly prohibited under the flight change policy. You are free to make a name change however it will come under the name change policy.
  • Any flights to Australia need to be changed, if there are any, before 72 hours from scheduled departure.
  • If you are changing your ticket before flight departure, then a flight change fee will apply only if the fare difference is high.
  • If you are attempting a change after departure, you will be charged with the no-show fee, and the date change fee. Furthermore, the ticket will be reissued with new fares.
  • As per the flight change policy, any revalidation is forbidden on the published, private, and paper fares.
  • If you are changing a flight because you were denied boarding due to documents irregularity, then you will be subject to the change fee alongside the no-show fee.
  • A non-refundable fare, if marked for no-show but permitted a flight change under fare rules, will be allowed to change a flight as long as the flight change fee is paid. However, no refunds will be warranted.
  • If you are changing a flight time for less than an hour, the ticket will be reissued.
  • However, such requests will not be applicable to connecting or stop over flights.
  • Also, a flight change fee and fare difference will apply.
  • If you are rescheduling a flight for more than an hour but less than two, then such requests will only apply to same city pairs on the same day, a day prior to the flight or a day after the flight.
  • No fare difference or flight change fee will be applied.
  • If the rescheduling is for more than two hours, the request will be applicable to same day pair cities, a day before and a day after.

Qatar Airways Cancellations Policy

Qatar Airways reschedule, under the cancellation policy dictates the following:

  • Any cancellation of an international flight is possible 3 hours before departure of said flight.
  • The limit for domestic flight cancellation is 90 minutes prior to scheduled flight.
  • Any cancelled flights are eligible for a full refund, regardless of the fare type. However, such tickets must be purchased directly from the airline.
  • Award tickets are not subject to the Qatar Airways cancellation policy.
  • You can cancel the flight within 24 hours to avail a full refund and no cancellation fees will apply.
  • Although you can still cancel a flight after 24 hours from initial booking, you will be charged the cancellation fee.
  • Sometimes a cancellation is not possible after flight departure. In such cases, your travel funds can be forfeited in full, and no refunds could be made.
  • In case of a non-refundable ticket, there will be no part of the fare that is eligible for a refund.
  • But, in case of two or multiple fare conditions, the most restrictive fare will e applied.
  • If the person is denied boarding due to irregularities n the document, he will have to bear the cancellation fee and the no-show penalty.
  • The 24-hour cancellation policy of Qatar Airways is only applicable on flights originating or heading to/from the States, Canada,
  • Any tickets booked with Future Travel Credit, e-Gift Vouchers or certificate won’t be covered under the cancellation policy.
  • Similarly, tickets purchased with reward points and miles are illegible.
  • Group bookings are also not considered under Qatar 24 hour cancellation policy.
  • In case of a family member’s death, passengers may request a cancellation anytime by submitting the relevant documents.
  • If a flight is late by more than 5 hours you can cancel for free and also claim compensation.
  • Any airline-initiated cancellation is also free.
  • Any refund will revert to the original source.

How Much is Qatar Airways Flight Delay & Cancellations Compensation?

As per the rules set by the cancellation and refund policy of Qatar Airways, any compensation that the passenger receives is a subject of the flight itinerary and the distance between the origin and the destination of the flight. Sometimes connecting flights are also taken into consideration. In fat your whole trip is regulated by various policies that factor into the amount you receive as compensation.

Thus, in case of flight delay and cancellation due to the airline’s fault, the distance between the origin and destination is the deciding factor. Such as:

  • For a flight that covers a distance of 1500 Km, you can get $250
  • For any flights that cover a distance of 1500 to 3500 km, you can get anywhere between $350 to $400.
  • And for a flight that covers more than 3500 Km, you are entitled to a compensation up to $550.

However, do remember that if the flight was to cover more than 3500 km but was delayed no more than 4 hours you will only receive around 50% of the sum.

Other services that are offered as compensation are:

  • Meals and refreshment at the airline’s expense.
  • A free communication to a person of your choice.
  • Hotel accommodations if necessary and relevant transport to and from the airport.

In case of a delay, the compensation will be:

  • For a delay of 3 to 6 hours – $400
  • 6 to 9 hours – $700
  • More than 9 hours – $1000

How to Claim Delayed & Cancellations Flight Compensation From Qatar Airways?

First, let us talk about eligibility. How you can claim a compensation comes later from if you are able to claim it. Thus, there are different factors that dictate the eligibility of a valid compensation. Such as:

  • The flight route taken by the airline: If the airline is originating or arriving at any European airport, it will come under the compensation rules.
  • Circumstances: The resulting circumstances should not have been outside one’s control or in other word, extraordinary.
  • Relevant deadline of a compensation: In the UK and the neighboring countries like Ireland, it is possible to claim a compensation more than 6 years after an incident. However, it is not the case for the whole region.
  • The sum total of the delay: in any case if the final amount of delay is more than 3 hours when you reach a destination, you are eligible for compensation.

In order to claim compensation from Qatar Airways, it is best that you heed a few points, such as:

  • Keep a copy of your travel documents to make your case at a later date if necessary.
  • Such documents include the boarding pass, booking confirmation, check-in, e-tickets, delay statement and so on. You can also attach your extra expense due to any cancellation or delay such as a taxi, food or hotel receipt.
  • Also, make sure you record the right information regarding the delayed flight in nature.
  • Such information can be the flight number, the flight schedule (actual arrival and departure with the scheduled one.)
  • Length of the delay.
  • Lastly, find out the reason for the delay as not all delays are compensated on cause. For this you can try to interview the cabin crew, or the ticket counter staff.
  • Check the weather highlights.
  • Also check if other flights were delayed or cancelled within the same route.

Qatar Airways Flight Reschedule – FAQs

Ans: Qatar Airways allows compensation under the cancellation and refund policy. Thus, contact the customer care for any follow up.

Ans: Yes, however Qatar Airways reschedule is subject to many policies, if valid, your claim will be compensated without fault.

Ans: You are free to change a domestic flight as long as there are 90 minutes to departure. For international flights the time is 3 hours before departure.

Ans: Qatar Airways reschedule is rebooking in the event of flight change or cancellation.

Ans: Yes, although it is subject to policy.

Ans: If your ticket is qualified for a full refund, and you follow the cancellation policy.

Ans: Yes, you are free to make unlimited such changes.

Ans: A typical rebooking can take up to 48 hours as it is subject to availability.

Ans: You can use your travel credits to book a flight in the future.

Ans: You are entitles to a free rebooking if you missed your flight due to Qatar Airways.

Ans: Yes, however you have to be eligible, and the delay must adhere to various guidelines.

Ans: The standard fee ranges from $50 to $100.

Ans: You can use the Manage Booking both online and offline for rebooking.

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