Qatar Airways Booking Reservations Number

Qatar Airways Booking Reservations Number

Qatar Airways was established in 1994 as a small state carrier serving few domestic routes. April 2011, Qatar Airways marked a milestone year since it served 100 destinations across the globe. Qatar Airways is a popular airline since it was the fastest-growing carrier in the aviation industry. The year 2017 was a remarkable year for Qatar airways; it received many service awards. Qatar Airways is headed by Al Baker. The international airport for Qatar Airways is Hamad International Airport. Qatar Airways Booking is known for providing a luxurious and enhanced experience to passengers travelling in First and Business Classes.

Qatar Airways Booking via Online Medium

  • Passengers can create a Qatar Airways reservations in the Qatar Airways Manage Booking section.
  • Qatar Airways facilitates passengers to create a reservation through the website of Qatar airways.
  • Passengers must specify the trip category on the website.
  • Passengers need to specify departure and arrival airports.
  • Travel dates need to be specified.
  • The number of passengers needs to be specified.
  • You can apply any promo code if you have.
  • You can now press the check flight option.
  • Now passenger information needs to be specified.
  • Ensure that registered email id needs to be specified.
  • Class of travel needs to be mentioned i.e., Business, Economy, First Class.
  • The method of payment needs to be selected for the booking to get confirmed.
  • A confirmation email is shared with the passenger with the reservation details.

Benefits of Qatar Airways Booking with Official Site

  • Passengers get access to the best prices and promotional deals offered by Qatar Airways during the Qatar Airways booking process.
  • Miles are added for the passengers when they book via the website of the airline.
  • Passengers can do online check-in and select their choice of seat even before they board the aircraft.
  • Passengers get access to purchase baggage allowance for their extra bags at a 20% discount.
  • Qatar Airways allows a single date change on the passengers travel itinerary free of cost.

Reservation Process to create Qatar Airways Reservations through the official Website

Qatar Airways Booking Reservations

Qatar Airways Online Booking through the official website:

  • Passengers visit Qatar Airways official website which is – and find the manage booking section listed on the home screen.
    Passengers then click on the search option to search the flights in their price.
  • Passengers need to make a selection of the kind of trip they want to plan i.e., one-way, round trip, multi-city travel.
  • Now specify the name of the departure city and arrival destination.
  • Select travel dates for both departure and return.
  • Now specify the number of passengers and then click on the option called show flights.
  • Now select the method of payment to confirm the booking.
    Now passengers will receive a confirmation email on the registered email id.

Booking for Qatar Airways Through Offline Channels:

  • Passengers can contact Qatar Airways Reservations phone number or airport ticket desk. This service is available to those passengers who find it tedious to book via an online channel.
  • Passengers need to dial the Qatar Airways Reservations number for specifying the flight information.
    Post the final selection is done, passengers can request the reservation agent to book a Qatar Airways Flight Booking and issue a ticket which is confirmed.
  • The payment can be made via the Qatar Airways Booking team.
  • A passenger can also approach the ticket desk at the airport to make a reservation on the spot from the ticket desk.
  • The Qatar Airways Reservations facilitate passengers to create a reservation through various platforms. For any further queries, passengers can connect with the Qatar Airways team in this regard.

Qatar Airways Reservations via AirTrips Advisor:

  • Passengers can open the website for
  • The reservation form can be filled which is displayed on the screen.
  • Passengers can select travel dates and book their tickets.
  • Passengers can select available flights from the list displayed on the screen.
  • Departure and arrival airports need to be specified.
  • Ensure all passenger details are filled appropriately in the form provided.
  • Online mode for payment is selected and reservation details are confirmed.
  • Detailed travel request is mailed to the passenger for future reference while traveling.

Qatar Airways Manage Booking Process

Passengers can use the below steps to manage Qatar Airways Flight Booking or Qatar Airways Reservations in the following ways:

  • Open the official website of Qatar Airways on your browser.
  • Manage booking can be clicked by passengers.
  • To view your current booking enter the booking reference id and your last name can be entered.
  • From the list of bookings, select the option for editing the booking.
  • The reservation tab assists passengers to view and save the new changes made to the reservation.
  • The new changes will be emailed to the passenger.
  • These steps are helpful to effectively manage your reservation as and when required.

What are the steps to hold a reservation with Qatar Airways?

  • Passengers while creating a Qatar Airways Flight Booking can click on the option, “hold my booking” under the payment options.
  • Passengers should select a timeline and a basic fee that they would want to pay, passengers can also reserve without paying on an immediate basis.
  • Passengers can make a payment in the selected timeline through the online or offline medium.

Qatar Airways Cancellation of flight ticket

Qatar Airways Flight Reservations can be cancelled via a mobile application that is installed on passenger’s phones. Passengers cancel flight reservations due to unforeseen circumstances and they can do so instantly through the Qatar Airways mobile app.

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy permits passengers to cancel flight tickets which are refundable, in these tickets passengers receive instant refunds without paying a cancellation fee. Passengers can take the guidance of customer care executives to cancel their Qatar Airways Flight Bookings.

  • Passengers need to first sign in to the Qatar Airways Manage Booking section.
  • Passengers need to enter the booking reference id for the flight that has been booked and then click on the desired option.
  • Passenger information needs to be selected so that passengers can click on the flight cancel option to carry on with the procedure.
  • Flight cancelation confirmation is mailed to the passenger or sent via SMS.
  • For any further guidance, please contact the Qatar Airways Reservation Team to seek help in this regard.

Seat Reservation for a different class of travel

Seat Reservations in First Class:

Passengers can use the following steps for their seat reservation on Qatar Airways:

  • Passengers can log in to the website of Qatar Airways.
  • Now passengers can open the reservation from the Manage booking section.
  • Now passengers can click on the tab for booking a seat.
  • All vacant seats are available on the seat map.
  • The desired seat can be selected.
  • It is recommended that First Class seats can be purchased via a frequent flier mile or in other words privileged club memberships.
  • Passengers can avail of deals to purchase First Class seats on Qatar Airways.

Seat Reservations in Economy Class:

  • Seat Reservations in economy class can be booked via the website, mobile app, or on the ticket counter.
  • Seat reservation in advance is done by paying a fee.
  • Passengers can select the available seat from the seat map displayed on the application or the website. Or request for available seats at the time of check-in from the ticket counter.

Seat Reservation in Business Class:

  • Passengers can log in to the mobile app to book their seats.
  • The seats can be selected from the available seat options either at the time of booking or at the time of check-in.
  • Passengers can also contact the reservations team to book the seat on their behalf, for which payment can be made offline or online as it is convenient.
  • The seats can also be booked based on seat availability at the ticket counter during the check-in process.
  • It is recommended that Business Class seats can be purchased via a frequent flier mile or in other words privileged club memberships.
  • Passengers can avail themselves of Qatar Airways Reservations deals to purchase Business Class seats on Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways Baggage Policy

Qatar Airways Baggage Policy permits passengers the following terms:

  • Qatar Airways routes follow a unique baggage policy wherein you can carry as many pieces of checked-in baggage as long as the weight of checked-in baggage doesn’t exceed the permitted limit.
  • The baggage allowance allotted to passengers depends on the class of travel chosen.
  • The total permitted limit for check-in baggage is 32 kgs. Any bag weighing more than 32 kgs must be divided in such a way that the weight of each bag totals up to 32 kgs or less than 32 kgs.
  • The length, width, and height permitted by Qatar Airways flight booking are 158 cms (this is as per piece concept) and 300 cms by the weight of the bag.
  • Any excess baggage carried requires to be paid off before you travel. For any further information, passengers can contact the Qatar Airways service desk for further information.

For any international travel or connecting flights, the baggage allowance needs to be confirmed with either Qatar Airways Customer Care or Qatar Airways Service Desk so that passengers can confirm the exact baggage allowance before they travel.

Guidelines for cabin baggage:

Passengers travel with some cabin baggage while travelling on a Qatar Airways flight. The below guidelines must be followed with regard to cabin baggage.

  • Passengers for first class and business class can carry 2 bags per passenger as cabin luggage with a weight measurement of 15 kilos total.
  • Passengers travelling via Economy Class are permitted 7 kgs of baggage allowance for cabin baggage. And they can carry only one piece as cabin baggage.
  • Qatar Airways permits passengers travelling from Brazil to carry cabin baggage which weighs approximately 10 kgs for Economy class passengers. This is applicable for tickets issued in Brazil and flights going to Brazil.

Benefits for booking via Privileged Club Membership Account

Passengers can use their privileged club membership account to book flight tickets, car rentals, hotel accommodations. This allows them to book without having to re-enter all personal details each time they make a reservation. Qatar Airways permits passengers to pay via multiple channels such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Western Union. Credit card purchases are not recommended by the airline.

Facilities offered by Qatar Airways in First Class Travel

  • Qatar Airways First Class Travel is designed in such a manner that it provides comfortable and private cabins during travel.
  • First-class travel offers enough storage space and a comfortable bed for passengers.
  • The multi-cuisine menu offers tasteful delicacies from across the globe.
  • Mocktails are served as per the passenger’s taste on the flight.
  • Qatar Airways offers an extensive range of delightful desserts which are appreciated by passengers.
  • The entertainment system offers approximately 4000 channels to select from.

Facilities offered by Qatar Airways Business Class

  • Business Class seats are designed like a functional business center which has a private dining facility for each passenger.
  • It offers a vast range of meal options and mocktails to choose from which are prepared as per the passenger’s taste.
  • All meals are served in bone china crockery.
  • Passengers receive amenity kits which include lip balms, anti-aging creams, facial mist, sleeper suits, and slippers.
  • The cabin has LED lighting and an extensive list of entertainment choices to choose from.
  • Passengers can work in their respective private work lounges with Wi-fi, mobile, and USB services.

Facilities offered by Qatar Airways Economy Class

  • The seats are completely reclinable and a warm soft blanket is provided.
  • Multi-cuisine meals along with international flavors from across the globe.
  • Entertainment systems offer movies, tv shows, music, and video games along with tasteful snacks.
  • Activity kits for kids.
  • Healthy meals are served to diet freaks.
  • The economy seats are well equipped with Wi-fi services so that passengers stay connected with the world.

Travel destinations served by Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways flies to the following destinations:

  • Canberra
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney
  • Manchester United
  • London
  • Edinburgh
  • Birmingham
  • Mykonos in Greece
  • Malaga in Spain
  • Bodrum in Turkey
  • Frankfurt
  • Munich
  • Amsterdam
  • Berlin
  • Israel
  • Venice
  • New York
  • Houston
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington DC
  • Dallas
  • India

Conclusion: This article discusses Qatar Airways Reservation process in detail. Its further highlights Qatar Airways Manage Booking process, cancellation of flight tickets on Qatar Airways. It also discusses Qatar Airways Baggage policy and also discusses procedures for Qatar Airways Flight Booking. It highlights the different facilities offered in different classes of travel by Qatar Airways. A passenger can plan his trip well by following all these procedures. It makes it more convenient for passengers to book online through Qatar Airways Booking.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

Q – 1. How does a passenger download his ticket on Qatar airways?

Ans. A passenger needs to login to the official website of Qatar airways manage booking section, under this section passengers can click on quick actions, once they click, they can click on the option called “print E-ticket” which allows them to print or download their E-ticket in a convenient manner.

Q – 2. Can a Passenger make a seat selection on Qatar Airways?

Ans. seat selection in Qatar airways is free of cost activity. The passengers can select their desired seats during the online checking process. the seat can be selected from the seat map.

Q – 3. How does a passenger reschedule a flight on Qatar Airways?

Ans. Passengers can change their flight on Qatar Airways in the following way. Click the manage booking option on the official website. Now click on modify flights, after this, you can change your flight, now pay the change fee so that the changes can be confirmed.

Q -4. How early can passengers check-in Qatar Airways?

Ans. Qatar Airways encourages passengers to check-in Qatar airways, three hours prior to the departure and the boarding gate for Qatar airways closes 20 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Q – 5. How many meals are served to passengers on Qatar Airways?

Ans. Qatar Airways serves 3 meals on Long haul flights and a Single meal on short flights. Their menu selection offers 19 different kinds of meal choices so that the passenger is able to enjoy an enhanced dining experience.

Q -6. Does Qatar Airways have seats with extra legroom?

Ans. Yes, Qatar Airways offers seats with extra legroom with the additional cost involved. During the online check-in process, these seats are limited and passengers may or may not be able to purchase the same.

Q – 7. Does Qatar Airways offer free beverages on board to passengers?

Ans. Qatar Airways offers free beverages both hard and soft to passengers traveling via Qatar airways, during the season of Ramzan the service of alcoholic beverages is very discrete.

Q – 8. Does Qatar Airways weigh hand luggage?

Ans. Passengers can carry 2 pieces of hand baggage that weigh 33 pounds which means approximately 14 Kgs, in Qatar airways.

Q -9. Is Qatar Airways economy class good to travel?

Ans. Qatar Airways offers comfort and convenience to passengers who travel via its economy class. It believes in creating an amazing travel experience at an affordable price. Hence it is recommended to travel via Qatar airways economy class.

Q – 10. What is the allowance for checked-in baggage on Qatar Airways?

Ans. The checked-in baggage allowance is 2 pieces of 70 pounds which mean 32 Kgs, and 158 cms which is 62 inches of dimension for the bag,

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