How to Rebook American Airlines?

How to Rebook American Airlines?

American Airlines is a leading North American air carrier with excellent customer service and superb facilities. However, there are times one hast to change or cancel an AA flight due to unforeseen circumstances. But what after that? American Airlines allows passengers to rebook a previously cancelled flight. It also allows the user to change a flight and rebook it for cheaper fare. Using Manage Booking, passengers can easily rebook American Airlines in simple steps. In this article, we will experience the American Airlines booking and how it changes the way we travel.

Use Manage Booking for American Airlines Rebooking

Rebook American Airlines

As we already know, Manage Booking is a self-help booking facility that allows passengers to plan their upcoming trips. However, there are times when a passenger needs to cancel or change his flight. It may be due to destination, time or date of the flight, or maybe he found a cheaper flight. Sometimes a passenger can miss a flight due to various reasons. But no matte what the cause behind a cancellation is, American Airlines rebooking allows passengers to easily rebook the previous flight by using the Manage Booking. But how? There are several methods a passenger can rebook American Airlines, be it online or offline. Which we will delve further into in a few moments.

Rebook American Airlines Via Official Website

The very first approach involves online method for an American Airlines rebooking. Be it a canceled flight or the passenger wants to change the flight and rebook, it can all be done via the official website. All the traveler has to do is:

  • First, go to the American Airlines official website at
  • Then, on the home page, click on the My Trips segment.
  • Now you are required to enter a few booking details. Such as:
    • You have to enter the six-digit Booking Reference number.
    • In case you can’t locate the booking reference, you can also use the confirmation number, record locator or ticket number by using the Mange Booking segment.
    • After that you need to input the passenger details such as the first and last name on the booking.
    • Lastly, hit click on the Find Reservation tab to locate your flight.
    • However, if you do not want to adopt this approach, and you have an AAdvantage account ready, you can directly log in and use Manage Booking to review all your pre-booked trips and rebook America Airlines accordingly.
  • On the new page, you will find your pre-booked flight.
  • Click on the flight. A new page will load that will allow you to either change or cancel your flight.
    • Now, if you have already canceled your flight, you can directly rebook it. However, we will show this method further down the article. For now, let us assume that your flight hasn’t undergone any changes.
  • Then click on the Change flight option and make your rectifications.
    • However, remember that Name Change do not constitute American Airlines rebooking. You have to change the flight with a fare difference for an effective rebooking.
  • Once done, click on Rebook and the page will redirect you to payments. Here you can use travel credits or other methods for paying the different charges.
  • After a successful payment, your flight will be rebooked.

American Airlines Rebook Through Mobile App

Similarly, you can use the Manage Booking on the exclusive mobile app for rebooking. All you need to do is:

  • First, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store as per your device and search for American Airlines App.
  • After you locate the same, click on it to download it.
  • Once it finishes installation, go to your home screen and tap the app icon to run the app.
  • Now, you can log in to your AAdvantage account or continue as guest.
  • Then go to My Trips and enter the following details:
  • Booking reference/ Record locator/ Ticket Number/ Confirmation number
  • And passenger name, both first and last.
  • After that, click on Find Reservation and click on the pre-booked flight from the result.
  • Now make changes to your flight or cancel it.
  • If you cancel the process the refund and once again repeat step 5 to 7.
  • Then select a new flight and click on Rebook.
  • You may have to pay a fee, after that your rebooking will be over.

American Airlines Rebook Flight at Airport

Rebooking is also possible offline. You can go to the airport and rebook American Airlines. However, it is a last minute approach and mostly preferred when you barely miss a flight. All you need to do is contact the airline representative at the counter and inform him of rebooking. Then provide the necessary booking details. After paying the fee, you will be able to rebook a new flight

Rebook American Airlines Flight Over a Phone Number

Rebook American Airlines

Rebooking is also available over a phone call. AA passengers can call the customer care at the 24/7 phone number: 800-433-7300 and ask for a rebooking on a cancelled flight or directly rebook a flight. All you have to do is:

  • Call the AA customer service and follow the on-call instructions.
  • After that, wait for the airline representative to connect and request a rebooking.
  • Then provide your booking details and inform about the changes.
  • If you have already asked for cancellation directly proceed to rebooking, if not ask the representative to initiate flight change.
  • Lastly, after paying the rebooking fee, you will be done.

Use Credit to Rebook Flight American Airlines

You can also use the travel credit from American Airlines to rebook/book a flight. Just proceed as you’d normally do and, on the check-out page, use flight credits instead of money. However, currently you can only use credit per passenger per flight and not for group bookings.

The process looks like this:

  • First, make sure to change or cancel your flight.
  • Then you will receive a confirmation email.
  • In this email you will find the ticket number of the cancelled flight.
  • Unless you are an AAdvantage member your credits won’t be collected in the wallet, but it will be tied up with the cancelled tickets, thus if you want to use credits then keep your cancelled flight details handy and safe.
  • Now go to Manage Trips/Check-ins and click on Canceled flights.
  • Here, enter your canceled ticket details, like the ticket number alongside passenger full name.
  • Now click on Find My Trip.
  • On the new page you will find the details of your cancelled flight alongside the credits remaining.
  • Then click on Rebook My Trip, and it will redirect you to booking, once you have make your selection, on the check-out page you can add credits to deduct final payable amount.
  • Pay the balance and your flight will be rebooked.

Rebook American Airlines at the Kiosk

You can also use the self-help Kiosks at the airport to manage your booking and rebook your flights.

  • First, click on My Trips.
  • Then enter the booking details.
  • After that, change your flight and click Rebook.

American Airlines Rebook Policy

The American Airlines Rebooking policy states the following:

  • Any passenger who missed a connecting flight can be rebooked on another flight, given the passenger doesn’t travel to the same destination twice.
  • A typical rebooking can take up to 24 hours.
  • You can rebook American Airline both online and offline.
  • The flight needs to be changed or cancelled before you can rebook it.
  • The latest you can change your flight is 48 hours before departure. Thus, in the next 48 hours, you can rebook a flight or cancel it and get flight credits as refund for a future rebooking.
  • In special circumstances, like marriage or a funeral, the airline offers free same-day rebooking even four hours after a cancellation.
  • In case of an airline-initiated cancellation, and when there are no suitable alternate flights available, the airline will offer free rebooking plus compensation for a later flight.
  • Any rebooking made within 24 hours from initial reservation will be free of any charges.
  • A rebooking is only possible before departure, if the flight has taken off you will have to consult the missed flight policy. You can also cancel the departed flight and rebook at a later date, but same-day rebooking will not be entertained.
  • Only tickets bought directly from AA will be subject to a rebooking.

Rebooking Fee American Airlines

American Airlines rebook fee adheres to the following guidelines:

  • A rebooking within 24 hours of initial reservation won’t warrant any charges.
  • However, a domestic flight can be charged $200 and an international flight $750 for rebooking.
  • Contrarily, if you manage to cancel the flight before 72 hours from scheduled departure, then you don’t have to pay anything for rebooking.
  • You can also avail the same-day change option and get a ticket on a different flight under the same reservation on rebooking.

American Airlines Rebook Cancelled Flight

If you have already cancelled your flight, then a rebooking is easier. Before rebooking, make sure you have all the details pertaining to your cancelled flight, such as the ticket number and or record locator alongside the passenger details. You can also change or cancel a pre-booked flight and then rebook it. The process is described below:

  • First, visit the official AA website.
  • Then log into your AAdvantage account. We recommend this because the account wallet can store your flight credits. However, even if you do not have an AAdvantage account, you can still rebook your flight with credits.
  • Or you can click on Manage Trips/Check-in and enter the booking details:
  • The record locator/booking reference number
  • And passenger’s first and last names.
  • Here you can view your cancelled flights.
  • Now click on the flight you want to rebook.
  • After that, select new flight details and other items for your itinerary.
  • Then click on Rebook to proceed to the payments option.
  • Now here you can add credits by inputting the cancelled flight ticket number or simply pay using other methods.
  • Once done, your new itinerary will be ready.

American Airlines Rebooking Policy: Points to Consider

There are a few things to consider when you rebook American Airlines, such as:

  • Same-day rebooking is forbidden, unless you have already cancelled a flight 72 hours prior to the schedule. In such case, you have a window to make a rebooking for the same day but on a different flight. However, this is subject to American Airlines flight availability.
  • A rebooking cant go against the original reservation, unless you cancel the original and rebook an entirely different flight.
  • In case of a missed connecting flight, if it is due to the airline’s fault, you will be allowed for free rebooking and will be eligible for a refund. Otherwise, missing a flight can allow for a rebooking, but the airline will charge you.
  • You cannot rebook a departed flight unless the time difference is four hours.
  • In case of a no show, you are free to cancel and rebook at a later date, but charges will apply.
  • A rebooking is subject to availability.
  • In case of a connecting flight, the passenger can be routed to a different hub if the flight was rebooked.
  • Rebooking due to changes are only allowed before departure.

Rebooking American Airlines Flight With an Upgraded Ticket

In case you managed to get your original ticket upgrades as special consideration or gift, but you had to rebook the flight, the airline will only take the original booking in reference and overlook the upgrade. Thus, a rebooking will be at the same or lower class if done after an upgrade. However, if you had changed the itinerary and padi for the upgrade, then the rebooking will also reflect it.

What is the American Airlines 15 Minute Rebooking Policy?

If you missed an American Airlines flight, you can rebook the next available flight within 15 minutes for free. The policy is in place to help passengers with flight delays on connecting flights.

American Airlines Missed Flight Policy

The missed flight policy can be considered a part of the Late Arrival Standby Policy. If you want to avoid a no-show on your booking, you can opt for a late arrival standby. Under the American Airlines missed flight policy, a passenger is eligible to rebook a new flight if he reaches the airport within at least 2 hours from scheduled departure. However, unlike the 15 minutes rebooking policy, late arrival is not a priority. Hence, it is subject to availability. Also note that it is only possible if the flight is not the last one departing the same day.

Under the missed flight policy, a passenger is only eligible for a new flight if he fulfills certain conditions, such as:

  • Reaches the airport within 2 hours from departure.
  • Failed to board the flight due to documentation error.
  • Has a mobile boarding pass but entered the wrong airport.

American Airlines Flight Cancel Policy

The American Airlines cancellation policy also plays a big role in rebooking. Thus, let us review the said policy:

  • American Airlines Basic Economy
  • Basic eco tickets are eligible for a full refund within 24 hours of initial booking.
  • However, outside this window, no changes will be entertained.
  • American Airlines Economy
  • Economy tickets are also eligible for full refunds, if cancellation was done within 24 hours from initial booking.
  • After this period, a charge of $200 may apply.
  • In case of a No-Show, your funds won’t be forfeited. They will be converted into flight credits and refunded back to you.
  • Every fare type is eligible for cancellation, but the refund may vary. The same goes for the cancellation fee.
  • Same-day cancellations rely on the airline.
  • An airline-initiated cancellation will be subject to a refund alongside compensation.

American Airlines Flight Change Policy

As per the flight change policy:

  • Unless you are flying basic eco, there will be no flight change fee for all domestic and short-haul international flights. Some long-haul international flights are also exempted.
  • Basic eco is non-refundable and non-flexible.
  • Only one change per trip per passenger is allowed.
  • A fare difference may be applicable on rebooking.
  • In case you booked a flight only 2 days prior to its scheduled departure, you are left with only 1 day for refunds in any event of flight cancellation.
  • Any changes made within 24 hours from initial booking, regardless of fare type and destination, will be free from charges.

American Airlines 24 Hours Flight Change Policy

As per the American Airlines 24-hour flight change policy, any and all kind of changes and cancellation will be free of cost if done within 24 hours of initial booking.

What are My Options if I Miss my Flight?

In case you missed your flight, there are a few things you can do:

  • Under the missed flight policy, you can request a rebooking on the next flight, if you were able to reach the airport within 2 hours of your flight’s departure.
  • If you were only 15 minutes late, the airline can arrange a seat on the next flight free of charge.
  • In case you missed your flight due to the airline, then you are subject to a compensation of around $700.

Other Than That, You can Also Rebook a New Flight For a Latter Date:

  • First, go to the American Airlines website.
  • Then log into your AAdvantage account or use the Manage Trips/Check-in tab.
  • Now enter your booking details such as booking reference number and passenger name and locate your missed flight.
  • Cancel it and rebook a new flight.

American Airlines Missing Connecting Flights

If you miss a flight on American Airlines with a single ticket, then the airline will be responsible to get you to your destination entirely on its own. However, in case of a connecting flight, the rebooking is not entirely up to AA. If you miss a connecting AA flight due to some other airlines, the responsibility doesn’t lie with American Airlines. Thus, you will have to contact the other airline for rebooking.

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Rebook American Airlines – FAQs

Does American Airlines allow rebooking?

Ans: Yes, the airline allows rebooking under certain guidelines.

Can you reschedule American Airlines flight for free?

Ans: Yes, if your rebooking is done within 24 hours of initial reservation, no charges will apply.

Can I change my American Airlines basic economy ticket?

Ans: No, basic eco tickets are non-flexible and non-refundable. However, under the 24-hour policy, you can cancel them.

Does American Airlines Refund Credit?

Ans: Yes, AA also refunds travel credits under certain conditions.

What is the American Airlines rebooking number?

Ans: You can contact the AA customer care for rebooking at the 24/7 available number: 800-548-3192.

American Airlines flexible fares are fully refundable?

Ans: Yes, if changed or canceled within 24 hours of booking.

What if I missed my AA flight on purpose?

Ans: Under the missed flight policy, you can be eligible for rebooking if you fulfil a few conditions. Otherwise, your booking will be terminated under the No-Show policy.

How to rebook American Airlines flight for a cheaper fare?

Ans: You can do so within 24 hours from initial reservation.

How much compensation do I get from American Airlines for the missed flight?

Ans: In certain cases, you are eligible for a compensation as high as $700.

How Do I Reschedule My Flight on American Airlines?

Ans: You can use the Manage Booking online and offline to cancel/change and rebook flight.

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