How to Rebook United Airlines?

How to Rebook United Airlines?

United Airlines is yet another major North America air carrier. It has excellent service and is known to be quite innovative. As such, a person can use the Manage Booking to rebook United Airlines. How? In any event of a change or cancellation, passengers have the option to rebook the flight. Manage Booking not only allows for changes, but it also helps with rebooking. Furthermore, you can use the travel credit for a rescheduled flight. To learn the ins and outs of United Airlines rebooking let us take a look at our article.

How to Rebook a United Airlines Flight With Manage Booking?

Rebook United Airlines

Manage Booking is a self help feature that allows the passengers to take control of their itinerary. As a result you can make changes to a pre-booked flight or even cancel it. Furthermore, you can still use the same Manage Booking to rebook a new flight or the cancelled flight with credits. Under the United Airlines Rebooking policy, you can rebook a flight both online and offline.

Rebook Flight United Airlines Via Website

Now let use learn how to rebook United Airlines via the official website.

  • First, go to the United Airlines official website at
  • Then click on the My Trips tab. You can find it on the home page.
  • After that, enter the relevant booking details to look up your flight. Such as:
    • You have to input the six digit confirmation number which can be found on your itinerary. Also, you have to provide the passenger detail like the last name.
  • Once you have entered everything, click on Search to locate your flight.
  • Now, click on your pre-booked flight from the list and select Change flight.
    • You can only rebook a flight after making changes to it.
    • If you have already canceled a flight then you can rebook it using the details from the canceled ticket.
    • Or you can cancel the flight using Manage Booking and then rebook it.
    • However, you need to have a Mileage Plus account to view your cancelled flights and rebook them.
  • After making necessary changes, click on confirm.
  • If possible the airline will allow the changes after collecting a fee, otherwise you have to rebook the flight with your desired modifications.
  • If your flight is already cancelled then you can simply click on Rebook and proceed to check out.

How to Rebook a Flight United Airlines With a Mobile App?

Using the United Airlines mobile app for rebooking is also a sane thought, all you need to do is:

  • First, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and search for the United Airlines app.
  • Then download and install it on your mobile device.
  • After that, go to the home screen and tap the app icon to launch the app.
  • Now for rebooking cancelled flights you are required to log into your Mileage Plus account. However, we will deal with it in a separate topic. For now let us observe how to change and or cancel a flight and then rebook it.
  • Thus enter the booking details under My trips segment and wait for the result to show.
  • The information required consists of your ticket confirmation number and the last name on the ticket. Then click on Search.
  • Now click the pre-booked flight on the list.
  • You have the option to change or cancel it.
    • If you cancel the flight, by clicking on the Cancel link, you will be redirected to check out and refunded travel credits. You can then repeat the steps 3 to 7 to directly rebook the flight. Otherwise, you can save the credits to use at a later time.
    • However, such credits won’t be saved in your account wallet as you aren’t logged in. In such cases remember to jot down the canceled ticket information.
  • Or you can simply change your flight and pay the necessary fee to rebook it.

Rebook United Airlines Flight at the Airport

Rebook United Airlines

You can also use the ticketing counter at the airport to request a rebooking. Although it is a last minute approach that is more suited in case of a missed flight, nevertheless a passenger can rebook his flight using the facilities provided offline. You are required to inform the agent of your rebooking issue and then after paying the charge, he will proceed to cancel and rebook your ticket.

United Airlines Rebooking Phone Number

Another popular approach to rebooking is using the phone number of the customer care. Under the United Airlines rebooking policy you can use a phone call to rebook your flights. All you need to do is:

  • First, call the customer care at the 24/7 available phone number: 1-800-548-3192.
  • Then follow the on-call instructions to connected to the airline representative.
  • Now inform the representative of your rebooking request and provide the necessary information.
  • Remember that you can rebook both a pre-booked and already cancelled flight via this approach.
  • Lastly pay the relevant fee and confirm your rebooking.

United Airlines Flight Rebooking With Credit

You get credits only after you cancel a flight. It is a refund that allows passengers to rebook/book a new flight under United Airlines. The process remains the same as any other reservations or rebooking. Just on the check-out page, use credits instead of other mode of payments. You can rebook United Airlines by following these few simple steps:

  • Before starting, you need to ensure that you have cancelled or changed your flight. In other words you have a flight to rebook.
    • If you have canceled the flight, go to your email and find the confirmation mail.
    • On this mail you will have your cancelled flight details.
    • Since you are not using the Mileage Plus account, your credits won’t be accumulated at a single place, instead they will be tied up with the cancelled flights.
    • If you want to simplify this process we recommend using the Mileage Plus account.
  • Now enter the booking details under Manage Booking and click on the cancelled fight.
  • You will find an option to rebook the same flight, if permissible under the United Airlines rebooking policy.
  • Thus, click it and select your itinerary.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the payments tab.
  • Here, select your travel credits as a mode of payment and enter the details of your cancelled flight that was refunded.
  • The airline will charge those credits under your new booking/rebooking.

United Airlines Rebooking Cancelled Flight

In case you have cancelled your United Airlines flight and want to rebook another flight then it is a simple process. Although you can directly rebook a flight using the booking information from the cancelled flight, we sure do recommend using the Mileage Plus account as it makes things a lot easier. With a simple login, you will have all your cancelled flights and credits at a single place. Let us proceed with the rebooking:

  • First, go to the United Airlines website.
  • Then, log in to your Mileage Plus account. If you do not have an account you can also continue as a guest.
  • Now, go to My trips and enter the booking details of your cancelled flight, such as:
    • The confirmation number and the passenger last name.
    • OR you can log in with your Mileage Plus account.
  • Then, you will have a list showcasing all the cancelled flights.
  • Now, click on the flight you want to rebook.
  • As you’d do with a new reservation, enter the relevant passenger details and make changes to the itinerary as per your requirements.
  • Then select a new flight date, time and destination and click on Confirm.
  • Now the website will redirect you to payments. Here you can also add credits redeemed after a cancellation.
  • Chose your mode of payment and after making the ticket purchase your rebooking will be complete.

United Airlines Rebooking Policy

As per the United Airlines rebooking policy:

  • Any passenger can rebook a cancelled flight, irrespective of the fare type.
  • Also, the UA has abolished the flight change fee, thus you will only have to pay the rebooking fee if applicable.
  • Although you still have to pay for group booking changes.
  • Any rebooking made within 24 hours from initial reservation will be free of any fee.
  • You can rebook United Airline both online and offline.
  • You can only rebook flights operated directly by United Airlines.
  • Also, the flight needs to be changed or cancelled before you can rebook it.
  • The airline offers free rebooking under special circumstances, like marriage or attending a funeral, these rebooking can also include same-day flights, even four hours after a cancellation.
  • A rebooking is only possible before actual departure. Otherwise, you will have to consult the missed flight policy.
  • If you are rebooking because the flight was cancelled by United, then you don’t have to pay anything to rebook United Airlines flight.
  • You can also rebook a flight if you discover a cheaper fare. And you won’t have to pay the flight change fee. However, the cancellation fee will apply.
  • Before making any rebooking, the airline advises you to contact the customer care.

United Airlines Rescheduling Flight Policy

A rescheduling can occur due to any unforeseen reasons. In such cases, you should refer to the United Airlines rescheduling policy.

  • If you are rebooking due to a rescheduling then you don’t have to pay the charges.
  • However, general rebooking will still constitute a separate charge for domestic and international flights.
  • If you cancel a flight 72 hours prior to its scheduled departure to rebook it, your rebooking will be free of cost. Although you will still be a subject to cancellation fee.
  • Same day rescheduling will warrant you a rebooking on a different flight with no added costs.
  • If you miss your connecting flight due to a rescheduling of more than 3 hours then you are subject to a refund, compensation and the airline will also allow you to rebook a new flight with UA.
  • Nominal rebooking can often take more than 24 hours, due to unavailability of flights. Proceed with caution.
  • If you miss a flight due to rescheduling then the airline will rebook the next flight for you under the missed flight policy.

Important Points Related to the United Flight Reschedule Policy

The United Flight Reschedule policy highlights a few points:

  • Although same day rebooking is not possible, if you missed the flight due to a rescheduling issue, then the airline will consider same-day alternatives.
  • In any case, a flight should be cancelled before 72 hours from departure for a safe rebooking window. As rebooking is exclusively subject to availability.
  • You can’t rebook a flight that is yet to be cancelled. If the original PNR exists, you have to travel to avoid a No-Show. However, if the flight was rescheduled, you are free to rebook.
  • Unless you miss a flight due to United Airlines rescheduling, any rebooking won’t be prioritized.
  • You can’t rebook a departed flight. If you missed it then you will have to cancel the flight first.

United Airlines Missed Flight Policy

The United Airlines offers a clear Missed Flight policy. As per the rules:

  • The airline will strive to find you an alternate flight, no matter the reason why you missed the original one. However, you have to show up at the airport within a stipulated time.
  • The stipulated time being 2 hours after a missed flight departure. Otherwise, you won’t be considered for rebooking.
  • But, those who do reach the airport within time will qualify for a standby flight or even rebooked for the next flight, subject to availability, without any additional charges, save a fare difference if applicable.
  • It is also advised that a passenger inform the airline in advance if there is a high possibility of him missing the flight. Doing so can help the passenger with rebooking as the airline can, in advance look for available flights.
  • If your flight was the last one for the day, your rebooking will be prioritized for the first flight to the destination, the next day.
  • If the flight was missed due to a rescheduling, then the passenger is liable to refunds, compensation and free rebooking.
  • However, only booking made directly with United Airlines will be entertained for any policy.

United Flight Cancellation Policy

A cancellation is closely associated with rebooking. Thus, the UA flight cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Any and all cancellations done within 24 hours of initial booking will be entertained free of cost. That too, regardless of the fare type, class and flight destination.
  • However, the said booking must be made at lest 7 day prior to the scheduled departure.
  • In the event of death, certain illness or jury duty, every type of ticket will be eligible for a cancellation and refund. Be it a ticket purchased via cash, check, credit, award tickets, promo tickets, bulk fares, and or net fares.
  • Now basic eco tickets are also eligible for full refunds.
  • The policy differs for different regions.
  • If your flight was cancelled between March 1, 2020, and June 6, 2020, then you are eligible for a full refund on the travel credit issued. All you have to do is fill out a refund request form.
  • A credit card refund will be granted within 7 working days, others can take up to 20 days.
  • Any and all refunds will revert to the original mode of payments, no exceptions can be made.
  • Any cancellation on a third party ticket won’t be eligible for a refund from UA. Contact the third party/travel agent.

United Flight Change Policy

Now let us also take a quick look at the United Flight Change Policy:

  • Now, you are free to make changes to the basic eco tickets.
  • Furthermore, the airline has decided to permanently remove the flight change fee, regardless of the fare type.
  • You are free to make as many change as many times on any United flight. However, the fare difference will still apply.
  • You don’t have to rebook a flight right away in case of a flight change. You will receive travel credits that are valid up to 1 year. Hence, your ticket funds won’t be lost. Use the credits in the future to rebook a new flight.
  • A fare difference works both ways. That’s why you can rebook a flight if you find a cheaper one available, and receive the balance as future travel credit.
  • There will be no same-day standby fee, if the rebooking is made on an earlier flight on the same date.
  • However, any group bookings are still subject to fee.

United Flight Change Policy: Types of Changes

United Airlines allows a myriad of flight changes under the flight change policy. And now you can enjoy any such changes for free. Although some special changes are governed under a separate policy and the fee adheres to that policy exclusively.

United Airlines Change Reservation Date

You are free to make any changes to the flight date. And since there is no flight change fee, it is up to you to make unlimited choices. As per the policy, you can make a change 11 months in advance to the actual flight date. Although the fare difference will be applicable on each such change, going both ways. Thus, a higher fare will warrant a fee while a lower one will reward travel credits as refund.

United Airlines Change Seats

United Airlines allows the passenger to make their own seat selection. Under this feature you are free to purchase a different seat or upgrade to a higher class. You can also change the seating to aisle or a window. However, seat selection is subject to availability. All you need to do is pay the difference in fare as there is no charge to change seats on the UA flight.

United Airlines Name Change

Although the airline explicitly forbids the transfer of ticket ownership, you can still make changes to the passenger name, under the name change policy. However, such changes are controlled and offer limited modification. The name change policy divides any changes into minor or major correction. Most minor corrections are free, regardless of the fare type. But a major correction needs offline assistance and supporting legal documents as it is related to a full name change.

United Airlines Ticket Change to a New Destination

You can now modify the origin or the destination of your pre-booked journey free of cost. Only a fare difference will apply. In case of a higher fare you are required to pay the balance. Although such changes should be at lest one hour from the scheduled departure to be eligible.

United Airlines Frequent Flyer Change

For the Mileage Plus members, now the airline has decided to waive most fees. If you are making a change to a reward ticket more than 31 days from scheduled departure, it will be free. However, within this time frame, any reward flights to an international destination will still be applicable to a fee.

United Airlines Bereavement Flight Change

Any changes due to a sudden death or certain illness will not be charged. Furthermore, the airline offers a 5% discount on your itinerary.

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How to Rebook a Flight United Airlines – FAQs

Can I cancel my United flight and rebook for cheaper?

Ans: Yes, you are free to make a rebooking due to fare difference. The balance will be refunded as travel credits.

How to Change a United Flight?

Ans: You can use the Manage Booking via the official website to modify your itinerary as per your liking.

How late can I cancel United flight?

Ans: Any cancellation has to be done at least more than 24 hours from the scheduled departure to be valid for refund.

Will United Airlines refund if price drops?

Ans: Yes, if you rebook a cheaper flight, the balance from the fare difference will be refunded as travel credits.

Does United compensate for Cancelled flights?

Ans: Yes, if it is due to an airline-initiated cause, a passenger is eligible for refunds and compensation.

What are my rights if United cancels my flight?

Ans: You can ask the airline for a full refund on your ticket, regardless the fare type and also demand a compensation.

How do I get United compensation?

Ans: You will have to contact the customer care and request the compensation.

Why is United Cancelling flights?

Ans: United can cancel flights due to many unforeseen events, such as travel ban, unstable weather conditions etc.

How many hours delay before compensation United Airlines?

Ans: If a flight is delayed more than 3 hours, you can ask for compensation.

Can I Change a United Flight on The Same Day of Travel?

Ans: It is normally not possible to rebook a same-day flight, however in the event of rescheduling it can be done.

Can you cancel and rebook the same flight with United?

Ans: Yes, you can cancel and rebook a same flight, but it depends on availability.

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