Southwest Change Flight Policy & Process

Southwest Change Flight Policy & Process

Southwest Change Flight Policy Guide

Southwest change flight can be done keeping certain guidelines laid down in the policy guide of Southwest Airlines. As a passenger you can follow these guidelines so that you can carry out the process of change  Southwest flight.

According to the Southwest change flight policy you can change your flight by paying a difference in the fare of the ticket purchased. There is no change fee charged to change Southwest Flight.

  • According to the Southwest change flight policy, you can change your flight for an economical price by utilizing the promo code for change whenever it’s available.
  • Another leverage given to passengers is exercising their travel funds, which under normal circumstances expire in one year after it has been purchased. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic all travel funds which are existing will be extended till 2022 for expiration.
  • You can convert your existing travel funds into southwest flight points that can be utilized to purchase a new ticket. All conversions should have been completed before 15 December 2020. These are non-reversible.
  • According to the Southwest Airlines change flight you can change your flight based on a medical emergency only changed fare will be charged from you. No change fees are applicable.
  • All name corrections and changes can be done in the first 24 hours when you proceed to change your flight by using Southwest Airlines change flight. You need to book a new ticket with the correct spelling of your name and cancel the previous ticket.
  • You can also change your flight after you check in. provided there are at least 40 minutes left in the departure of the flight.

You can use the travel funds to book a new southwest airline change flight ticket. The condition here is it can be used only for the same passenger who was supposed to travel in the earlier flight.

How To Change Flight on Southwest Airlines?

How To Change Flight on Southwest Airlines
  • On the website ( enter the required details such as confirmation number, first name, last name etc.
  • Now click on the continue button.
  • Now follow the on screen instructions to change the flight.
  • You can also coordinate with your travel agent to make the relevant changes to your Southwest Airline change flight.

How to Change Southwest Flight Date?

  • Click on my trips option.
  • Login into your southwest account.
  • Enter the confirmation number of your flight reservation.
  • Enter your last name in the box provided.
  • This helps passengers to search the booking.
  • Click on the desired reservation.
  • Now you can make a change on the date.
  • Confirm your flight changes.
  • Now receive a confirmation email for the same.

How to Change Southwest Airlines Flight Name?

  • Open the official website of Southwest airlines.
  • Select the manage booking option.
  • Now provide booking confirmation code and last name.
  • Review your booking details.
  • Now change your name on the flight.
  • Once you modify your name you will receive a confirmation mail.

How to Change Your Southwest Airlines Flight Seat?

How to Change Your Southwest Airlines Flight Seat

Southwest Airlines follows a unique seat selection process. This means that it offers open seating arrangements for the passengers. The airlines divide passengers into different boarding groups and once they board they can seat themselves wherever they like. If passengers wish to sit on a desired seat they should be in the first few boarding groups.

Southwest Airlines Flight Changes Between Different Fare Classes

Both refundable travel funds such as Anytime fare or business select are reusable travel funds. The difference in fare is also refundable for such travel classes for southwest airlines if further tickets are changed or canceled at any given point of time. Passengers should be ready to pay taxes linked to departure as well as the fee attached to the new international travel itinerary.

If passengers have to make a change in travel plans due to change in weather conditions, then no additional fees are charged from them. Passengers can seek the assistance of customer care at 1-800-548-3192 for such changes made to the southwest airlines as per the southwest change flight policy.

Southwest Covid 19 Changes Flight Policy

Southwest Covid 19 change flight policy offers customer friendly offers to make changes to a southwest airline. You can use an available reference code to change your flight and book a new one. The Airline does not charge a Southwest airlines change fee, only difference in fare is charged. All expiration dates of travel funds have been extended for a period of 12 months from the original date of purchase.

You can convert all travel funds into points which can be used to purchase a new ticket with Southwest Airline. All tickets booked with the travel funds can be canceled and the points will be credited back to the reward account for future use. There is a mandatory security fee which is paid to the government by you which is $6; to process refunds from travel funds in Southwest Airlines.

All refundable tickets are changed upto 10 minutes till departure, this can be refunded either as travel funds or in the form of original form of payment.

What is the Fee for Changing a Flight on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines does not charge a fee to change Southwest flights. Any passenger who wishes to change his flight only requires to pay a fare difference for the change in price of the new ticket. This is a customer centric policy for Southwest Airlines. If the new ticket costs less than the original one, then you can get a refund of the fare difference between both tickets.

Southwest 24 Hours Flight Change Policy

Southwest flight change policy within 24 hours, permits passengers to change their flight till 10 minutes before departure of the flight. You must ensure that if you change your flight after check in within 24 hours of departure, remember to check in into your new flight after changing your flight.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy For Wanna Get Away Tickets

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy For Wanna Get Away Tickets
  1. Click the Sign in button and enter your credentials such as email id and password click the login button.
  2. Now click the flight tab select the option called Manage Reservations.
  3. Now the reservation screen is visible to you on your computer.
  4. Now enter your confirmation number with your last name and press on continue.
  5. This helps you to change your flight for Wanna get away tickets. The fare of this ticket is generally nonrefundable.
  6. Ensure the southwest change flight process is complete.
  7. The passenger is notified about the same through an email or SMS alert.

Southwest Change Flight Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How long do I have to change my Southwest flight?

Ans. You can change or cancel your Southwest flight at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight. It is important that you follow all terms and conditions mentioned in the Southwest Airlines change flight policy.

Q. How do I change my Southwest flight without a fare difference?

Ans. You need to navigate your cursor to My trips and select the desired reservation of your flight. Now click change flight at the bottom of the page, you can change flight without a fare difference if you depart and arrive at the same airport.

Q. Why is Southwest allowing me to change my flight?

Ans. There can be multiple situations that can arise which create circumstances to change your flight. Southwest airlines support passengers so that they can make relevant changes to their flight as many times depending upon the fare difference they pay.

Q. Are Southwest travel funds transferable?

Ans. For the safety and security of their passengers Southwest Airlines does not allow the travel funds to be transferred from one passenger to another. When you decide to rebook the ticket using a travel fund you need to ensure it’s booked for the original passenger only.

Q. Can you change flights after checking in?

Ans. Even after you have checked in you can still change your flight on Southwest Airlines till 10 minutes before departure. You can make such changes also 24 hours before your flight departs. You need to ensure you have checked in to the new flight.

Q. Can you change a Southwest flight to a different airport?

Ans. Yes you can change the departing airport, via the mobile application of southwest airlines. You can use your confirmation code to pull out the relevant booking from the reservation tab. Now click on change flight to change the departure airport.

Q. Can I go to the airport to change my flight?

Ans. Yes, You can change the flight through the customer service desk of southwest airlines. They will also inform you about change of fare applicable if any. Or any other departing taxes.

Q. Can I change the name on my Southwest ticket?

Ans. Southwest change flight policy allows passengers to book a new ticket with the correct spelling of the name. This is an easier and better way to travel with your correct name. you can seek assistance from the customer care team to complete this task.

Q. How can I change my flight without fees?

Ans. There are two simple ways to make such changes without a fee. Make your flight changes within 24 hours after you book your tickets. Wait for the airline to reschedule your flight so that a full refund of the ticket is provided.

Q. How do I reschedule a Cancelled flight on Southwest?

Ans. You can connect with the customer care team of Southwest Airlines. To rebook a new flight in place of the cancelled flight on Southwest airlines. Be ready to pay the fare difference to change in flight.

Q. How much does Southwest charge for name change?

Ans. You need to book a fresh ticket with the correct name and documents. You cannot modify the incorrect name on Southwest airlines. There is no change fee involved to complete this process.

Q. How do I change my misspelled last name on Southwest?

Ans. It is important that you notice the mistake in the spelling of your last name within 24 hours of booking your ticket. You can make the changes by canceling your ticket and booking a new one without paying a fare difference or any change fee.

Q. How do I change my passenger on Southwest Airlines?

Ans. You can follow the below steps to make the desired changes.
.Open the official website of Southwest Airlines.
.Now click the manage booking section.
.Now choose the option to change reservations.
.Provide your booking reference code.
.Now follow the on screen instructions to change your name in the reservation.
.You can also seek assistance from the customer care team to change the name of the passenger.

Q. How do I change nonrefundable tickets on southwest airlines?

Ans. It is advisable that you change the nonrefundable tickets within 24 hours of booking them. This helps the airline to refund your entire fare to your account in the original form of payment. You can also convert them into a travel fund to book the ticket.

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