Southwest is a genuine North American airline that favors affordability over premium services. Although the carrier provides quality services, it encompasses a huge domestic network that targets low-fare travelers. However, Southwest is a modern airline with tons of features to make air travel convenient and fun. Thus, it allows passengers to book and manage their trips online. The booking management tool aids with reservations and customization. But it also enables Southwest name change. Now, passengers can change name on Southwest ticket in easy steps. The airline realizes that mistakes are a part of a journey, and being human comes with the power of rectification. Hence, the Southwest name change policy assures travelers with one free opportunity to correct and change their names.

Guide to Southwest Name Change on Ticket

The following write-up guide Southwest flyers on using the Southwest name change facility with ease. There are multiple methods available to a user, each with its advantage. The Manage Booking on the website allows Southwest Airlines name change online, while the customer care representative can change name on Southwest ticket with one phone call. Let us explore the numerous methods present before us.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Online

Southwest Name Change

The most effective method is using the Manage Booking feature of the website to edict rectification. Southwest name change on ticket can be done by following these steps:

  • First, go to the official Southwest website.
  • Then you have two options:
    • First, log in to your Southwest Rapid Rewards account. And then continue from there.
    • Or use the Manage booking as a guest.
  • If you do not have an account or do not want to log in, locate the Change/Cancel tab on the home page and click it.
  • Now you will have to enter the following details in the boxes:
    • Your confirmation number
    • First name
    • And last name
  • Then select either Cancel or Change from the menu and click on Search.
    • The Southwest Airlines name change requires you to select the Change option.
  • Now a new page will load with information on your pre-booked flight.
  • So, click on the flight to edict changes.
  • After that, move your cursor next to the name and click on the Edit name link.
  • Then correct the mistake. However, remember that the Southwest Airlines Name Correction Policy only allows minor changes like correcting up to only three letters using the online method. If you want to change a name/full name, you can use other methods.
  • Once done, click on Proceed. Southwest change name on ticket is done. Nominally, the airline doesn’t charge you for any changes. However, a fare difference may apply.

Change Name on Southwest Ticket Via Call

The next method to name change on Southwest consists of using the customer care phone number to ask the airline representatives for assistance. It is one of the most popular methods available. You can even make last-minute changes over a call. All you need to do is call the airline at 1-800-548-3192 and let them change name on Southwest ticket.

All you need to do is:

  • First, call the Southwest customer care by using the 24/7 helpline.
  • Then follow the on-call instructions till you get a hold of an agent.
  • After that, tell your 6-digit booking reference to the agent and ask him to change your name.
  • If necessary, he might ask you to mail some legal documents as per the Southwest name change policy.
  • Then you have to pay the name change fee.
  • Lastly, you will get a new confirmation number with the corrections made.

Southwest Airlines Change Name on Ticket With Complaint Page

If you have made legal changes to your name and forgot to reflect the same on your booking, you have to change name on Southwest account. However, the name change policy forbids a full change to prevent the transfer of tickets under security bylaws. Then you are only left with the option of using Southwest Airlines change name on ticket complaint page.

The airline can entertain your request if it is via the complaint page. All you need to do: is write a detailed email to the airline, attached with necessary legal documentation and your issues. Then wait for feedback. It might be the slowest approach, but it covers almost any request or grievance.

Southwest Name Change on Ticket at Airport

This method is for last-minute corrections or in case of a no-show. You can use airport ticket counters or automated kiosks for Southwest change name on ticket. You need to line up and tell the airline rep. your problems. After providing your booking details and supporting legal documents, the airline rep will help you with the Southwest name change.

Southwest Name Change Policy

Southwest Name Change

Southwest name change is easy, convenient, and most of all – free. However, it still adheres to a strict policy. As we all know, the airline doesn’t allow the transfer of tickets. But in some cases, it permits the name changes. Why? To answer this and other questions, let’s look at the Southwest name change policy:

  • The airline only permits corrections to three letters online. And it can be anywhere in the first, middle, or last name.
  • Any full name changes must be done due to legal considerations only. The valid circumstances are marriage, divorce, or court order.
  • The reward tickets are not eligible for a name change. You can only cancel and rebook them.
  • Also, the airline forbids any transfer of ticket ownership on the existing PNR.
  • Once any changes are made, the ticket will be issued with any applicable fee.
  • If the ticket includes a flight from codeshare or interline agreement partners, the name change will only be applicable on the segment containing Southwest. For other changes, you will have to contact the partners separately.
  • The Southwest name change is applicable on most severe fare rules if the ticket is in line with the multiple fare policy.
  • A new PNR will be registered after a successful name change. Hence, passengers are requested to apply for a new check-in and seat selections, as the older ones will be void.
  • In case of full name changes, passengers have to produce supporting legal documents. Otherwise, they can be denied boarding.
  • As the airline claims, no charges will apply for a name change if it’s the first try on the particular ticket. However, if you want to change the same ticket again, you have to pay the name change fee.
  • Also, all funds are reusable as long as the flight was altered or canceled (due to any changes) as per the Southwest No-show policy. Hence, 10 minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • The name change policy is only applicable on tickets purchased/bookings made via the official website or official source.
  • You can’t make any changes after using the ticket. The changes are only applicable to the unused portion of the ticket.
  • Although the airline doesn’t necessarily charge for any changes, the difference in fare is applicable and will be levied as per the situation.
  • If the fare difference is positive then the passenger has to pay the balance, contrarily a negative difference will be converted into future travel funds for the original passenger.
  • The name changes can’t apply to group bookings.
  • The 24 hours policy only applies to the tickets purchased online.

Southwest Name Change Fee

The good news is that Southwest doesn’t charge a name change fee. Although there is the addition of processing fees, taxes, and a difference in fare, the first corrections are free of cost. Since the airline caters to the low-fare travel possibilities, it abstains from levying heavy charges under the guise of Southwest name change. However, it is only limited to minor corrections. If you want to alter the full name, you will have to pay anywhere from $100 up to $200.

Legal Name Change on Southwest

The Southwest Airlines name change doesn’t allow any transfer or full changes, except those within legal considerations. Changes due to marriage, divorce, or court order are welcomed and processed accordingly if there is sufficient documentation. However, even then, only the last name is subject to change.

Required Documents for Southwest Airlines Name Correction

The documents needed for Southwest change name on ticket are:

  • Marriage certificate/license in case of marriage.
  • Divorce decree, certificate, or court order in the case of a divorce.
  • Affidavit proving a legal name change.
  • Old government-issued photo ID cards to prove the old name.
  • New documents for proving the new identity.
  • And the changes must reflect on the passport.

Southwest Change Name on Ticket – FAQs

Ans: You have to cancel and rebook the flight.

Ans: Yes, it supports minor and major changes.

Ans: Due to existing security bylaws and restrictions, it is impossible to change your full name on a ticket.

Ans: The only way is to cancel and rebook the flight. Although, you can use the complaint page and ask for further assistance.

Ans: You will be denied boarding.

Ans: The most effective method is to use the Manage Booking on the official website.

Ans: No, but you can provide a middle name.

Ans: Yes, you can use the Manage booking to alter seat arrangement.

Ans: No, the airline strictly forbids a transfer of ownership.

Ans: Yes, you can alter your name on a flight ticket.

Ans: Nothing, the airline doesn’t charge you for any changes.

Ans: Yes, and these change doesn’t cost any fee.

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