Spirit Airlines Change Name On Ticket

Spirit Airlines Change Name On Ticket

Spirit Airlines Allows changes to Misspelled Name , Legal Name Change and Passenger information. Some changes require legal documentation.

If you booked your flight reservation with Spirit Airlines and made a name error mistake on your flight ticket, don’t worry because you can fix it with the help of Spirit Airlines name change process. Most airlines have a complicated process regarding changing or correcting names on flight tickets. With Spirit Airlines, this is not the case because the airlines provides easy steps that you need to do to change the name on your ticket.

Suppose you have booked a flight reservation with Spirit Airlines and want to make Spirit change name on ticket. In that case, this article will provide all the solutions you can use to change your Spirit Airlines ticket.

How to Do Spirit Airlines Name Change on Ticket?

According to Spirit name change policy, travellers can correct up to three characters on the first, middle, or last name. The mixture of three characters should not be misunderstood as three characters for each name.

Below are all the other clauses of the Spirit Airlines name change policy:

  • Every passenger must pay a fee for name correction on Spirit Airlines tickets. The cost may depend on different factors such as destination, ticket type, and how far the changes are made.
  • The airlines only allow name corrections or changes around 1 day before the departure, provided the flight is over seven days away. Assuming it is in a week, you cannot change your name.
  • You can alter the name without any charges if you have legal name changes due to divorce or marriage. However, legal documentation is required for the Spirit Airlines name change to be eligible for this exception.
  • The airlines will permit minor corrections in your name without any extra fees. 
  • Individuals can make changes through customer service or online. Certain documents, such as passenger name, confirmation number, and new name, are required if you change by either method.
  • The airline has stringent timing restrictions for Spirit Airlines name change process for flight tickets.
  • As per the name change policy, passengers must provide contact information, birth date, gender, and passport information.

What Are the Rules and Regulations to Change Name on Spirit Flight Ticket?

Spirit Airlines change name on ticket has specific rules and regulations that every passenger should know before applying for the name change process.

Below mentioned are all the rules and regulations for the name change process:

  • Passenger information such as gender or contact information will not be covered under the Spirit name change policy.
  • Contact data, passport information, sex, and date of birth should support legal documentation, including a court order, marriage certificate, divorce decree, or legal name change document.
  • It is suggested to incorporate the middle name, prefix, or suffix to coordinate it with the name precisely as it shows up on the government-verified documents.
  • If any traveller has multiple flight segments, then the name change process can only be done on the airlines flight segment. 

What Are the Methods for Spirits Airlines Change Name on Ticket?

If you want to make name changes on Spirit Airlines tickets, travellers can do it through phone, email, website, or the booking centre. All the necessary information should be provided, such as booking reference number, passenger information, and full name. All the documents should be government-verified. Below are all the different methods you can use to make changes to Spirit Airlines ticket:

Spirit Airlines Name Change via Web

To do Spirit Airlines name change online, follow these steps:

  • Visit the airline site and choose my trips option in the top right corner.
  • Then, fill in your last name and confirmation code and select continue.
  • After that, choose the reservation you want to modify.
  • Click on edit to make name changes on your ticket.
  • Fill in the new name and other information that you want.
  • Recheck and select continue.
  • Make the payment only if prompted.
  • Updated data will be provided to you via email.

Spirit Airlines Name Change via Customer Service

You can use the customer service method if you prefer something other than the online method. In this method, you must connect with the support team to make name alterations on your ticket. To utilize the customer service method, these are the steps:

  • Visit the official landing page and choose the contact us option.
  • Then, choose any options displayed to connect with the airline representative.
  • Once you connect with the spirit airlines customer service representative, request the name change process on your ticket.
  • Then you need to provide your confirmation number and booking information.
  • Once done, pay the applicable fees.
  • After that, the representative will guide you through the entire process of changing the name on your ticket.

Spirit Airlines Name Change via Email

You will need to directly connect with customer service to make changes in the name through email. The steps are mentioned below:

  • Search for the spirit airlines customer service email address.
  • Compose an email requesting the name change process.
  • Provide your confirmation number, booking details, current ticket name, and the new name you want to add to the ticket.
  • Request for name change instructions, including required documents or fees.
  • Once done, you will get a reply with the data and instructions you need for the name change process.


To wrap it up, you can do Spirit Airlines name change without much of a stretch because of its customer-friendly policies. In addition, the airline provides easy offline and online methods to assist you with making alterations or corrections to your name on the flight ticket. Along these lines, it is faster and more advantageous with Spirit Airlines to do the name changes if you have mistakenly spelt your name or need to change it for lawful reasons.

Those mentioned above are the details regarding the Spirit Airlines name change policy. Suppose it is your first time booking with Spirit airlines. In that case, you must know about their policies, rules and regulations. The airline provides the best support to all its customers. It provides the best solutions so you don’t face any problems during your travel.