Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number

Connect with Live Person At Spirit Airlines Customer Service

When customers want to connect with a live person at Spirit Airlines. They need to dial the Spirit Airlines Customer Service number to connect with the customer service team. This number is 18557283555. The customers can dial option 5 from the menu services to connect with a customer care representative. Customers must hold on to the phone line till they get connected to the customer service team to get a satisfactory response for their queries instantly.

Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number Voice Menu

The spirit airlines voice menu can be accessed by customers to contact Spirit Airlines customer service number. This voice menu facilitates customers in the following way.

  • Customers can press option 1 to check and validate the flight status whether it is departing or arriving on time or not.
  • Customers can dial 2 to seek baggage handling support from customer service team.
  • Customers can dial 3 to update or modify the existing reservations.
  • Customers can dial 4 to book a new reservation on Spirit Airlines.
  • Customers can dial 5 to access general information related to the services offered by spirit airlines.
  • Customers who enjoy the master card membership on Spirit Airlines can dial 6 to access the priority services offered by spirit airlines customer service.
  • Customers can dial 0 to repeat all menu options.
  • Customer care representatives can answer all queries and also record feedback of customers.

Methods to Connect With Spirit Airlines Customer Service

  • Customers can use the text message feature to connect with spirit airlines customer service team directly to share their queries and seek a suitable answer. This number is 48763. They can also text with the WhatsApp number which is 1801401222.
  • Customers can connect with the customer service team through the spirit airlines customer service number which is 1801401222. They can dial various options through the voice menu of the airline.
  • Customers can also connect with the customer service team through the live chat option available on the official website. This option can be accessed by customers when they press the live chat button on the official website contact us page between 8 am to 8 pm throughout the week.
  • Customers can dial option 5 after they dial the customer service number which is 18557283555. Customers can also use a voice command and say speak to direct their call to the customer service agent.

Connect with Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number

  • Customers need to dial 18557283555 and then dial option 5 to speak to the customer service agent.
  • This option directs their call to a customer service representative.
  • Now the customers can share their queries and seek an answer to their queries instantly and in a satisfactory manner.
  • Customers can also record feedback at the end of the call to give suggestions to improve the services provided by the Spirit Airlines customer service number.

Services Offered via Spirit Customer Service Agents

Spirit Airlines Customer Service

  • The customers can modify their existing reservations through the help of the customer service team.
  • The customers can raise cancelation and refund requests if their flight of spirit airlines gets delayed.
  • The spirit airlines customer service supports passengers to join the $ 9 club membership to avail discounts.
  • The spirit airlines customer team handles baggage related queries for customers.
  • Customers can do an online check-in for themselves before they board the flight.
  • Customers can seek special assistance for children, elderly people and disabled passengers.

Issues Can Be Resolved by Live Person at Spirit Airlines Customer Service Representative:

  • Reservation queries can be resolved.
  • Baggage handling queries can be resolved.
  • Information related to flight delays, flight schedules, are provided.
  • Lost and found items can be reported.
  • Special assistance is provided for disabled passengers, children and senior citizens.
  • Refund and cancelation policies are briefed by customer service person to passengers.
  • Passengers can seek information related to memberships offered to frequent fliers.

Connect with Spirit Airlines Customer Service Via Live Chat

  • Open the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Now click the live chat button in the contact us page.
  • Customers can now type their queries on the chat box.
  • Customers should wait for a feasible response from the customer support team.
  • The live chat facilitates customers to connect with the Spirit Airlines Customer service team.
  • Live chat support provides end to end customer support to customers and deal with all kinds of queries.
  • Spirit Airlines Live Chat Link – https://customersupport.spirit.com/

Connect with Spirit Customer Service Team Via Social Media

Customers can connect with the customer service help desk via the social media. Customers can connect via twitter account, facebook page or Instagram handle. The customers can connect via the social media handle to resolve various customer related queries.

Why Should Customers Connect with Customer Service Team

Customers can connect with the customer service team through various channels to resolve queries related to reservations, flight status, refunds and cancelations, to online check in processes. They can also connect with Spirit Airlines customer service team to seek special assistance for children, disabled passengers, and senior citizens. Customers can also seek assistance to upgrade their seats and select seats of their choice. They can also gain information about club membership offered by the customer service team.

Spirit Airlines Official Resources

Website Link

Facebook Link

Twitter Link

Instagram Link

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does Spirit Airline facilitate customers with an online chat feature?

Ans. The live chat feature for spirit airlines is available to answer customer queries from 8 am to 8 pm through the week. This online chat feature is available for customers to seek answers to any kind of questions for a time period of 12 hours a day. The customers can access this feature from the official website of the airline by clicking an option called “Spirit Chat”. The customers can also press the chat button that reads click to chat.

Ans. The customers can use the text message feature for carrying out any modifications or cancelation on the WhatsApp number which is available to them 24*7. The customers can send an SMS to the customer support team on 48763. Or use the WhatsApp number which is 8557283555.

Ans. All customers can connect with the customer care support number to seek assistance for their respective queries. This toll free number is 18014012222. The customers can dial 5 to connect with the customer service team to make necessary changes to the reservations whenever they require to modify their travel plan.

Ans. The $9 fare club is a membership provided to customers who are frequent flyers. This membership provides discounts when an airline ticket gets booked in Spirit Airlines by customers. On a trip each side a customer can save $ 10. This membership plan is feasible for travelers who are traveling solo or travelers who are traveling with their companion on spirit airlines.

Ans. Customers can access the online complaint form to register their complaints or concern through the official website. This helps them to seek relevant solutions for various complaints in a timely manner in a hassle free manner. The complaint form will be available on the contact us page or the help center page on the website. The customers can also share their complaints through the WhatsApp number to receive an instant response. This number is as follows for reference of customers. 18557283555.

Ans. Customers can connect with the customer support team of Spirit Airlines on 18557283555 to contact the customer service team by dialing option 5. This is an instant way to seek a reply to their queries or concerns in a hassle free manner.

Ans. Customers can make all kinds of modifications to their tickets. However, the airline will not issue a ticket of any passenger to another person. A new ticket can be booked in the name of a new passenger traveling through Spirit Airlines.

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