Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We work consistently to give you the best of the best and we always maintain transparency between our services and our customers. As we aim to give you every single comfort without any stepping back we bought you some of our terms and conditions that you should when you book a service with us. This helps you to understand how we work and how you can help us in improving and developing our services

We represent you

We take a part of your journey by providing hundreds of options that you can choose from but we handle all your orders on behalf of you. Which means we organize and make deals with the associates that you choose to fly with? We also make all the reservations when you make a purchase by using our website. however, if we don’t take any kind of responsibility if you are not happy with the services of associates.

To give a clear impression let’s say you have booked a hotel from our website, the moment you purchase a service we will start working on it and give all the updates and notifications related to that particular hotel, but we are not accountable for any kind of loss or damage happened by the associates( hotel services).

Always give the right information

When you are booking service you have given the appropriate information in order to process the order smoothly if you give any wrong information that might raise a problem while processing the payments.so, always give the correct information. It is advised to cross-check the information with your passport and travel itineraries before entering the details on the website to avoid any mistakes.

Your data is in safe hands

No matter what kind of data you have given to our website we protect it with utmost care. When you want to purchase a service from our website you will be asked for some details like name, DOB, email id, phone number, and credit or debit card details in order to complete your order. We use this data to make complete your order and it will not be shared with any third person except with associates that you have booked with. We have a team of professionals who takes care of your data.

As that has been said, we do provide your data to public authorities if they demand it and in this case, you will not be informed about sharing data.

Read ahead of time

We urge you to go through every single line before you are making any kind of payment or ordering any kind of service as we will not be responsible for any kind of loss or damage caused by a virus or any kind of misleading codes

We assist you 24/7

Yes!! We insist to assist you 24/7. We help you by solving and answering all your queries regarding booking, canceling, and changing your purchase. Just place a call to our customer care or make a request through the website we will immediately get back to you irrespective of time.

We provide you a genuine data

We collect all the information from different service providers like airlines, hotels, and cabs and organize them so that you can get access to anything and everything easily. However, the prices may vary a little bit as the associates keep them refreshing. So, we can’t tell you the exact pricing but we do keep the data updated from time to time to give the most precise data possible.

We will keep you updated

There can be times when your airline cancels your ticket due to some strong reason like bad weather and technical issues and when this kind of situation arises we take all the steps and precautions ahead to make you feel safe and comfortable.

We notify and update you about everything and answer all your questions regarding the cancellation and steps that you need to do further. but, we always suggest you check the status of your flight 24 hours from the time of departure.

Make a note of this

  • You can only make changes by totally canceling your existing ticket. You cannot edit names or change any data once you made a reservation.
  • You cannot make any reservation on behalf of someone without their permission.
  • You should take care of your visa and related travel documents as you will need them throughout your travel.
  • Do not tell your user id and password to anyone.
  • Don’t make any appropriate activities that disturb the travel website.
  • Your content can be removed if it is disturbing any other consumer.
  • Please tell us how you feel about the services while positive feedback gets us more customers and negatives helps us in developing the services.
  • There can be some third-party website links on our website. but; we will not take any responsibility for any kind of purchases you make with that particular website.

Changes will be notified

Not only the service changes if we happen to make any updates and changes to our website you will be notified and make sure to check out all the updates in order to grab the best deals.

When it comes to reservations always check whether your name and other details are correct if not immediately contacts us as we help you in fixing the problem.

Payments & Extra fees

  • Every airline has its own rules and regulations when it comes to charging passengers. If an airline charges you extra for baggage or any other service they provide please make direct contact with the airlines.
  • As mentioned before we will be in charge of any extra fee charged by any service that you booked on our website. You have to consult that particular associate and question them about what and why you are paying.
  • It is suggested to be in the airport at least 3 hours prior to the departure as your flight may not refund for “not showing up”.
  • If you have any problem while booking a ticket we will inform you through a phone call or email if there is no problem then we will send you your ticket as soon as possible.

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