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Thai Airways Flight Changes

Thai Airways Flight Changes

This article provides an overview of Thai Airways’ policies for flight changes, refunds, fees, and other unforeseen circumstances. It covers dates, routing, and passenger names and provides tips for making changes online, through the mobile app, or at the airport counter. Key information on change/refund eligibility is also provided.

Thai Airways Flight Date Change

Thai Airways accepts ticket date changes; however, new travel must be completed within a year. This applies to Economy Saver, Economy Flexible, Business Flexible, First Class Flexible, and Royal First Class Flexible fares.

The ticket expires without value or refund if you cannot go within a year. The 1-year validity period lets you reschedule your travel within Thai Airways’ policy if plans change.

Thai Airways Name Change

Thai Airways charges $100 for each ticket to alter names. However, certain promos and reduced flights prohibit name changes. Check the fare guidelines for name changes before booking.

The original booking passenger must contact Thai Airways by phone, email, chat, or ticketing office to alter a name. Both old and new passenger names are needed. Thai Airways Name change must be done 24 hours + before departure. Security screening prevents name changes within 24 hours.

Contacting Thai Airways for Changes or Refunds

If you need to make changes to your Thai Airways booking or request a refund, you can contact the airline through the following channels:

Contacting Thai Airways by Phone:

Thailand Call Center: +66 2356 1111 (daily 24 hours)
USA Call Center: +1-800-998-6716 (daily, 24 hours)

Contacting Thai Airways by Email:

General inquiries:
Refund requests:

Contacting Thai Airways by Social Media:

Facebook: @ThaiAirways
Twitter: @ThaiAirways

Thai Airways Online Chat:

Available on the Thai Airways website during business hours

In Person:

Visit a Thai Airways ticketing office or airport counter. Locations can be found on their website.

Having the relevant contact details handy will make it easy for you to reach Thai Airways to discuss changes, cancellations, and refunds for your booking.

Thai Airways Change Flight Fee

Thai Airways allows passengers to make date, route, and name changes to bookings, subject to fare rules and change fees. Policies differ depending on the fare type purchased.

Economy Saver Fares

For Thai Airways Economy Saver fares, the change flight fee is typically USD 100. Exceptions include:

  • USD 50 for fares ending in -MYOVNE, -MLYVNA1, -MHYVNA1
  • USD 75 for fares ending in -OLOVNE, -OLFVNE, -BLYVNW, -BLYVNE
  • USD 150 for fares ending in -BLOVN2W, -BLEVN2W, -BLOVNE, -BLEVNE, -MLEVN2W, -MLOVNE, -MLEVNE

For fares ending in -LAVN1W, new travel dates must be selected:

  • At least 30 days before departure for domestic Bangkok flights
  • At least 60 days before departure for international flights

Economy Flex Saver Fares

For Economy Flex Saver fares, the Thai Airways change flight fee is typically GBP 75. Exceptions include:

  • GBP 100 for fares ending in -LEGBSE, -YOGB1E, -YAGB1E
  • GBP 150 for fares ending in -LEGBLE, -LEGB1B, -LEGB1D, -RX7GBE
  • GBP 180 for fares ending in -EGBRE
  • USD 130 for fares ending in -RY7399

Economy Flexi Class Fares

For Economy Flexi fares, you only need to pay the fare difference, taxes, and surcharges. Changes can be made up to 24 hours before departure.

Economy Full Flexi Fares

For full flexi fares, you only need to pay the fare difference and taxes. Changes can be made before departure of the first flight within the ticket’s validity period.

Royal Silk Flexi Fares

For business class flexi fares, you must:

  • Pay any fare difference and taxes before ticket expiration
  • Rebook in the same booking class and seasonality
  • Note: The highest change fee applies if changing multiple fare components

Change fees for flights from Denmark are DKK 1,500, with exceptions:

  • DKK 2,000 for fares ending in -HYFDK0B
  • USD 130 for fares ending in -RY7399

Change fees for flights from Norway are NOK 2,000, with exceptions:

  • NOK 2,500 for fares ending in -LGNOWB
  • USD 130 for fares ending in -RY7399

Additional Fare Classes

In addition to the above fare classes, Thai Airways also offers First Class and Royal First Class on certain routes. The change policies and fees for these premium cabins are:

First Class Fares

  • Changes permitted before flight departure
  • Applicable fare and tax differences apply
  • No change fees

Royal First Class Fares

  • Changes allowed before departure
  • Pay fare and tax differences
  • No change fees
  • Royal First lounge access depends on new fare rules.

So for First Class and Royal First Class, Thai Airways offers maximum flexibility with no change fees. You simply pay any differences in the fare and taxes.

Additional Tips on Thai Airways Changes

Here are some additional tips and notes regarding Thai Airways flight changes:

  • Cheaper fares have more restrictions, while flexible fares allow easier changes.
  • If your new flight has a lower fare, you may receive a partial refund on the fare difference.
  • For flights booked through travel agents, contact your agent first for changes.
  • If flights were booked as part of a package, changes may also affect hotels and activities.
  • If your flight is changed or canceled by Thai Airways, you can request a full refund without fees.
  • Eligibility for seat selection, luggage allowance, and onboard meals depends on the new fare rules.
  • Familiarize yourself with the change policy upon booking in case your travel plans must adjust.

Thai Airways 24 Hours Ticket Change Policy

Thai Airways allows ticket changes to be made online or through their call center up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Within 24 hours of departure, changes are not permitted online or via the call center. You must visit a Thai Airways ticketing office or airport counter to make same-day flight changes. Additional fees may apply.

Thai Airways Change Booking Online

To change your Thai Airways booking online, visit the Thai Airways website and:

  • Click “Manage Booking”
  • Enter your booking reference and last name
  • Select your flight and click “Change Flight.”
  • Choose your new desired date/flight
  • Enter passenger details and confirm the changes
  • Pay any change fees and fare differences

You can also change your booking via the Thai Airways mobile app up to 24 hours before departure.

Thai Airways Change Booking at Airport Counter

Visit the airport’s Thai Airways check-in or transfer station to alter your flight on the same day. Tell personnel you need to change flights immediately. Depending on price class, airport same-day flight changes may cost more. Airport workers may verify bookings and estimate fees before processing adjustments.

Early arrival allows for same-day changes. After processing cutoff times, adjustments are not allowed before departure. Thai Airways may suggest airport arrival timings. Know your booking reference number before changing airports. Ticket reissue requires a photo ID and passport. Airport adjustments are only allowed on the day of travel.

How to Change Flight Date via Thai Airways Mobile App

To change your flight date, use the Thai Airways app:

  • Log in to the app homepage
  • Tap “My Booking”
  • Input booking reference and passenger name
  • Tap “Search”
  • Select your flight booking
  • Tap “Change Flight” and select a new date
  • Pay any change fees. Step 8: Confirm the changes

You will receive an updated e-ticket confirmation after changing via the app.

Tips and Conclusion

  • Remember that change policies and fees vary by the fare purchased
  • Cheaper fares tend to have more restrictions and higher change fees
  • Flexible fares allow date changes for minimal fees
  • Contact Thai Airways via phone, email, chat, or social media for assistance
  • Have your booking reference handy when contacting Thai Airways
  • Changes can be made online, through the app, or at the airport
  • Same-day changes are only allowed at airport counters

By understanding Thai Airways’ policies in advance, you can review your options if you need to alter your flight booking. Be sure to contact their customer service for help with any changes or refund requests.