Thai Airways Name Change Policy

Thai Airways Name Change Policy

When passengers fly with Thai Airways, they can update their name to reflect a small change. If you have a reservation with Thai Airlines and need to modify your flight information, you must present the necessary documentation at the time of the adjustment. Marriage, divorce, and other life events are only a few of the many possible contexts in which a name correction or modification is necessary. Passengers must follow the proper protocol to make these changes to their names. However, many flyers need to be made aware of the Thai Airways Name Change Policy, who to contact, or where to get information about it.

As a result, we’ll be covering all you need to know about the rebranding of Thai Airways right here. In addition, we will detail the proper procedure for contacting Thai Airways. There are several ways to modify your airline tickets. Stay with them until the end of this piece to learn everything you need about Thai Airline’s policy on name changes.

Thai Airways name change policy

Thai Airways has a policy that permits customers to change the name on their tickets, whether due to a mistake, a legal name change, or a change in marital status. By following this policy, customers may alter their names on bookings without any problem. We’ll review a few of the most pressing instances in which Thai Airways’ policy on changing a passenger’s name might help below.

Passenger change their names correctly.

⦁ Name Spelling Error

Mistyping a passenger’s name is a common reason for Thai Airways change name on ticket. A mistake in entering the name by either the airline or the passenger might lead to a delayed flight.

Problems at the airport or with boarding the plane.

⦁ Legal Name Change

If you have officially changed your name due to marriage, divorce, or any other cause, you must update official papers, such as your passport and airline ticket, to reflect the new name.

⦁ Booking Error

When purchasing a flight with Thai Airways, a travel agent or Thai Airways employee may input the passenger’s name incorrectly or in the wrong sequence.

⦁ Prevention of Fraud

Thai Airways may request a name change to avoid fraud if the passenger’s government-issued photo identification or passport does not match the name on the ticket.

Some tourists visiting Thailand and neighbouring countries may want to go by their namesake in the Thai language. In such a case, changing one’s name may be necessary to ensure that the words on the ticket and the passport are identical. If you follow Thai Airways’s guidelines for changing your name, the process will move more quickly and easily.

You’ll need to pay close attention when you work out the itinerary details with the airline.

Essential Features –

Getting familiar with the situation is as simple as reading the devoted policy’s glittering pointers: 

  • The Thailand airline’s policy permits customers to make name changes to their reservations if necessary.
  • Clients are welcome to make small name changes (up to a few characters) to their booking at no additional cost.
  • Thai Airways has numerous avenues for customers to submit requests to modify the format of their names. It has both virtual and physical passageways.
  • In addition, if a passenger changes their name on the PNR, they may alter other aspects of the reservation.
  • Remember that if you make any adjustments to your reservation with one of their partner airlines, we’ll make the same for you with Thai.
  • Thai Airways advises against making a name change for tickets booked through a travel agency.
  • Importantly, you may correct the same when your name changes due to divorce, marriage, or other legal proceedings, such as the Thai Airways middle name or no surname.
  • In addition, only tickets purchased through approved means can have their names changed on Thai Airways flights.
  • There are several variables to consider while changing a name. This means the person involved needs to track down the reservations department to get up to speed.
  • According to the policy terms, a charge may also be associated with name changes. However, there are exceptions depending on the details of each case.
  • In addition, Thai Airways’ regulation on name changes necessitates that you change your name before you check-in.
  • Only Tax Invoices and Cash Receipts can have their names changed by the airline.
  • Thai Airways has a stringent policy against changing the name on a ticket.
  • Need to consult with professionals? Feel free to call their toll-free number and chat with a representative.

Thai Airways Name Change/Correction Instructions:

The Thai Airways name change policy includes several rules for correcting or changing a name. Changing the name on your ticket is subject to the following guidelines. Thanks to these guidelines, the traveller will have an easier time understanding the name change procedure. 

This makes updating or amending the name a simple and quick operation. Because of these rules, the airline could easily alter its character.

Important instructions for using Thai Airways’ altered name on ticket service are as follows: 

  • This airline honours passenger requests to alter their name before check-in.
  • Name changes and corrections are free of charge for any tickets purchased on Thai Airways’ official website, through Thai Airways’ customer care, or at any of the airline’s local offices. 
  • Flights that are part of an interline or codeshare itinerary cannot have their passenger names changed. To make changes or corrections, travellers should contact their respective airlines directly rather than Thai Airways.
  • When a passenger legally changes their name via marriage or divorce, the airline will honour that change.
  • The airline will not accept the transfer of tickets under any circumstances.
  • A cost is associated with requesting a name change or correction on a flight with Thai Airways. 
  • The airline also lets you alter your name on the tax bills.
  • The name on the ticket and the passenger’s passport or government-issued picture ID must be an exact match, per airline policy.
  • The airline will accept requests to amend or correct a passenger’s name 24 hours before their flight.
  • Thai Airways’ policy on altering middle names is completely open.

How to Change or Rectify a Name on a Ticket

Changing your name to one that satisfies Thai Airways’ standards is easy since the airline provides several options. There are both online and offline options available here. Both of these options are straightforward and useful in practice. Therefore, you should be comfortable using these options if you wish to update or amend your name. 

Name Change Online for Thai Airways

Here are the simple steps you need when change name on Thai Airways ticket online:

  • Go to “” and click the “Manage Booking” tab.
  • Choose the traveller whose name you wish to modify. 
  • Please ensure you’ve typed the proper passenger’s name in the necessary area. 
  • Select the “Attach the document” button down below. In this section, you can affix the government-issued picture ID or passport. Thai Airways has requested this verification, so please comply.
  • For this name change service, there is a cost. 
  • The airline agent will call you within 15 minutes of submitting your request. 
  • They will make the necessary changes to the name on the ticket and reissue it to you, along with a fresh email confirmation to the address you provided.

Phone Call Procedure for Changing Thai Airways’ Name:

Passengers can make small changes to their flight plans by calling the airline directly. To do this, navigate to the site’s homepage and click the “Contact Us” link. Enter your location data (country, city, and the office you wish to connect with) to obtain customer care phone number information.

If you have their phone number, calling them is an easy way to get in touch. Get ready for the name change procedure ahead of time by gathering any paperwork you may need. You will get written or text confirmation after the alterations are completed.

Change/Correct Name through Customer Service:

If you’d like to add another name to your reservation, please call Thai Airways. If your name has changed due to marriage, divorce, or another legal event, contact the airline directly so they can update your reservation. It is possible to utilise this method to make changes to tickets issued by Thai Airways that include the airline’s middle name. If you need to be tech-aware, this is your safest bet, as the airline staff will handle your issues directly.

This airline provides a variety of phone numbers for various regions. If you need to contact Thai Airways for any reason, the best place to do so is through their website’s “Contact Us” area.

It would help if you did the following when communicating with an airline agent:

If your name appears to be misspelt anywhere, let them know so they can fix it.

You should provide official picture identification, such as a passport.

In addition, the airline may require the booking reference, first name, and last name to recover your reservation with Thai Airways.

Next, you must submit the proper name change fee payment per law.

After the airline updates or corrects your name, you will get a confirmation email at your provided address.

The price charged by Airways for changing your name following the Thai Airways name change policy is as follows:

Thai Airways name change policy makes it easy, but they charge a fee. However, it becomes skewed based on when you undergo the surgery and where you now live. If you need to change your name, expect to pay around $70. 

Occasionally, the price of changing your name increases after you’ve already paid the standard fee because of a service charge. It is recommended to contact Thai Airways Airline directly to find out the current price for altering the name since the price is subject to change.


How to change name on Thai Airways ticket is covered in the preceding discussion. After reading this, you should feel confident changing any details on your Thai Airways ticket. If you have any more inquiries or issues, please get in touch with airways help desk immediately. Live chat is available on the website for your added comfort.