Emirates Flights suspension to Khartoum

Update On Emirates Airways flights suspension to Khartoum

Emirates, which is based in Dubai, is stopping flights to Khartoum until at least the autumn. They are doing this because of political unrest in the city of Sudan. The airline put a travel warning on its website saying it would cancel the flights until the end of the summer.

The ban also affects flights run by Emirates’ partner airline, flydubai. The airline said it will closely monitor what’s going on in Khartoum.

“Until we hear otherwise.”

In a release, Emirates told people about the extension of the ban.

“Given the escalating instability in Khartoum, Emirates has cancelled all EK733/EK734 flights to and from the city between April 15 and August 31. Passengers aboard Emirates or Flydubai flights originating in Sudan would not be permitted to continue their journey until further notice. We really regret any frustrations we may have caused.”

Khaleej Times says the airline first said it would cancel all flights to and from Khartoum until the end of April. Flydubai, on the other hand, said it would cancel flights until May 31. You can only book a flight on the cheap airline to Khartoum in October of this year.

“Customers who purchased their travels through a travel agent are encouraged to get in touch with the agency to discuss possible refunds or alternative arrangements.” Emirates said. ” Emirates direct bookers can request a refund or rebook by filling up the form or phoning their local office.”

What’s going on in Sudan?

Sudan has been in trouble for the past month, and hundreds of people have died. Khaleej Times says that sent more than 200,000 people to states nearby, and another 700,000 people have been forced to move.

“We’re keeping a close eye on what’s going on in Khartoum, and when new information about Emirates activities is ready, we will share it with the public,” Emirates said.

Some Sudanese people are stuck in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) because their planes have been cancelled. Last month, travellers from Sudan who couldn’t return to Khartoum started getting help from Dubai Airports.

“They have been given temporary housing until they can get to Khartoum or decide to fly to other places,” a Dubai Airports representative told Khaleej Times.

To help the people of Sudan:

People in Sudan who are hurt by the situation also get help from the UAE. Last week, Emirates sent three planes with more than 116 tonnes of food and medical goods to Sudan to help the people there. There were various medicines for trauma-related injuries and emergency wounds among the medical goods. Antibiotics, painkillers, and tools for surgery were also given.

Hundreds of Sudanese people have been saved by transport planes from the Emirates. Khaleej Times says the UAE first evacuates the sick, children, old, and women because they are the most defenceless.

The flights of other companies to Khartoum have also been stopped until further notice. The official says that Saudia, the official airline of Saudi Arabia, cancelled flights after a shot was fired at one of its planes at the Khartoum airport. At the earliest, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways will fly to Sudan at the end of the month.

Flydubai’s ban lasts longer.

The cheap airline flydubai, based in Dubai, has also stopped flying to Sudan. Bookings for Khartoum will be possible in October 2023. Before, the airline said all flights between Dubai and Khartoum International Airport (KRT) would be cancelled until May 31.

Flydubai passengers whose flights were cancelled should call the call centre in Dubai at (+971) 600 54 44 45, the flydubai travel shop, or their travel providers to find out about rebooking or getting a refund with the help of Emirates manage booking.

Sudanese People Stuck in UAE

Dubai Airports and Sharjah International Airport are helping Sudanese transfer tourists who need help to make it to Khartoum. The people were put up in hotels temporarily until they could get to Khartoum or decided to fly to other places.

UAE is helping people in need.

UAE keeps giving aid to people stuck in the middle of the fighting. On May 11, three relief planes from the Emirates flew to Sudan to help the people there. Food and medicine weighed over 116 tonnes each plane.

The UAE sent a variety of medicines for injuries and emergency wounds, as well as antibiotics, non-steroidal drugs, painkillers, wound dressings, surgical tape, and endoscopy tools.

In the past few days, four rescue planes from Sudan carrying 253 people from many different countries landed in the UAE. This brings the total number of planes coming from Sudan to nine. UAE gives the sick, children, the old, and women the most attention when evacuating people.

After the people were evacuated and moved to Port Sudan, the UAE continued to house and care for them. Also, people who were removed on these planes, which have carried 997 people since April 29, were taken in by the UAE. These people came from about 26 different countries. The UAE has given them all the care services they need while they are there before they go back to their home countries.

All Emirates flights to Sudan are cancelled until April 30:

A new report was given after the news of Emirates flight cancellation on Saturday.

Following an announcement on Saturday, April 15, Emirates has stopped flying to Sudan for even longer. Only on April 30 any planes will go to or from Khartoum, Sudan.

The airline says that the reason for the cancellation is that “civil unrest in Khartoum is getting worse.”

“Emirates and flydubai clients with Khartoum connections cannot travel till further notice. We’re sorry if our customers had to go through any trouble,” the message said.
The company closely monitors what is happening in Khartoum and will post information when they are ready.

Reports say that the Khartoum airport and the Presidential House were taken over by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on Saturday. The Sudanese Army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) argued, which led to gunshots and blasts.

UAE wants the situation to end through talks

In response to the ongoing civil unrest, the UAE has asked all groups in Sudan to be calm, stop the violence, and work through dialogue to end the crisis, according to a statement from the state news service WAM.

The embassy says that it is important to back the democratic process and reach a national agreement so that it can form a government.

Sudan Unrest

Witnesses said the Sudanese army seemed to win the violent power struggle against an opposing paramilitary group on Sunday by using air strikes to hit their camps.

Since the fighting started, Sudanese medical teams say that 365 people have been hurt and 97 people have died.

Fighting broke out on Saturday between Sudanese army groups loyal to General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who serves as the nation’s temporary Sovereign Council’s leader, and the RSF, which is under the command of General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, who is also the Council’s Deputy Head.

These two factions have conflicted since joining forces in 2019 to assassinate tyrant Omar Hassan al-Bashir. As part of the move towards a civilian government, the RSF was being brought into the military. This caused a dispute.

Cancellations of flights to Sudan by airlines from the UAE will continue for another 40 days, or until further notice:

Cancellations of flights to and from Khartoum by airlines operating in the UAE have been extended “due to the ongoing situation in Sudan.”

A representative for flydubai said the following on Wednesday to Khaleej Times: “All flydubai flights between Dubai and Khartoum International Airport (KRT) have been cancelled until May 31 inclusively.”

“Passengers who have connections in Khartoum will not be allowed to continue with their journey.” We are going to continue to keep a careful eye on the developing scenario and will adjust our agenda accordingly. The safety of both our crew and passengers is our first priority, and while we are sorry for any disruption this may create to our customers’ itineraries, please understand that we take this responsibility very seriously.

If you are a flydubai passenger who was affected by the flight cancellations, you are strongly encouraged to get in touch with the call centre in Dubai at (+971) 600 54 44 45, the flydubai travel store, or your individual travel agent to discuss your options for rebooking or receiving a refund. In the meanwhile, Air Arabia is not operating any flights to or from Sudan until further notice.

Emirates has not yet made any fresh announcements, although the airline located in Dubai has already stated that all of its flights to and from Khartoum (EK733/EK734) will be cancelled until April 30.

“Until further notice, we will not be able to accept bookings for travel at the point of origin from customers who are connecting through Sudan on flights operated by Emirates or flydubai.” Emirates expressed its apology on its website for any difficulties that may have been experienced by its customers.

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