A Quick Look at Delta Premium Select Ticket

A Quick Look at Delta Premium Select Ticket

While Delta’s Premium Select space is the same as a competitor’s premium economy cabin, Delta’s Premium Select compartment is more comfortable for long-haul trips. This aeroplane seat is the perfect mix of affordability and comfort, with extras you won’t find in cheaper ones. 

Cost of Delta Premium Select Airfare

A Delta Premium Select ticket is more expensive than an economy class ticket, but not as much as an economy class seat in Delta One. How much Premium Select international flights cost varies a lot on where you leave from and where you arrive. To make things easier, let’s look at how much it costs to fly from JFK in New York to London. 

The typical round-trip ticket for this foreign route costs $2,174. You are always able to discover ways to cut costs in half, like asking Business Class customer care support to book first-class seats on your next trip abroad. 

What are the amenities Delta Premium Select plan offer to its travellers

Why invest in a Premium Select seat? Here are some of the best services they give:

More space and Legroom: People who fly Delta Premium Select place themselves in seats that are bigger and recline further back. Along with an extra approximately seven inches of space for legs contrasted to the basic cabin seats, Premium Select travellers also get a flexible foot and leg support. 

Get Sky Priority Services: With this service, you can skip the security queue and get on the plane early.

Entertainment Services: For watching films and TV shows, Premium Select passengers have access to a bigger screen.

International food and drinks: People who are Delta Premium Select get a snack and a bottle of water or wine right after takeoff. Premium Select guests can also use a Delta Premium Select meal and a premium snack basket.

Amenity kits: Members of Premium Select get toiletry kits with things like lip balm, socks, sunglasses, and more.

Sleep with peace: Their Delta trips are comfortable for sleeping because they get a blanket and a memory foam cushion composed of recycled materials.

Baggage Allowance of Delta Premium Select

  • Delta gives Premium Select customers a lot of luggage space and priority baggage service, which means you get your bags before people in the main cabin. 
  • You can check two bags that are each a maximum of fifty pounds and 62 inches long.
  • People who are in Premium Select can also bring one carry-on trunk and one personalised item, like a carry-on or laptop bag. Premium Select travellers also have their own room in the overhead bins to store their things.

Check-in for a Delta Premium Select Flight

  • With a Delta Premium Select ticket, you can access SkyPriority, which lets you get through security faster and board before Delta One customers. 
  • You can’t get into the Delta SkyClub lounge, but Delta SkyMiles Diamond Medallion users can get in whenever it’s open. 

Experience in the Flight 

The experience of travelling in Delta’s Premium Select class is what makes it worth it. The seats in Premium Select are more comfy and have 8 inches more legroom than the seats in Economy Class. You can change the armrests, footrests, and leg sleeps, and more spacious seats let you recline further than economy seats. 

Other Services of Delta Premium Select

  • Delta Premium Select meal service offers more expensive dishes and free alcoholic drinks. 
  • People can watch over one thousand hours of entertainment on huge 13.3-inch screens in their seat backs while wearing headphones that block out noise. 
  • The welcome drink of bubbly wine that flight attendants give out soon after takeoff.
  • The amenity kit with toothbrushes and toothpaste socks, and lip balm are the last two perks.

What are the food options in Delta Premium Select

The meals are much better than the ones given in economy. For example, on flights to China, you can get steak with cloves of garlic ginger marinade and soba noodles, and on flights to Seol, you can get bibimbap. Also, they come on regular plates with authentic cutlery! Keep in mind, though, that even though there are several meals, they are all served at the same time on one tray. Premium Select rooms are only available on long-haul flights, so you’ll definitely get at least one meal, and maybe even two.

Delta Premium Select Alcohol Menu

Delta Premium Select customers aged 21 and up can drink alcohol for free. Delta has a large selection of wine, beer, and spirits, including some good premium and craft choices, such as Du Nord Foundation Vodka, Breckenridge Brewery alcohol, and packaged Tip Top mixed drinks like the Old Fashioned and margarita.

Easy instructions to make reservations for Delta Premium Select

If you pay cash or a credit card, Premium Select airfares can sometimes be up to two times as much as the primary Class which is economy tickets. Delta provides some pretty cheap flights, though, that make it almost as cheap as the economy. You could possibly be surprised at how cheap it can be. A Delta premium economy trip to Asia might cost around $1,500, but we’ve often found tickets for as little as $700 or $800. 

Delta’s dynamic price for award travel means that the number of SkyMiles needed to redeem an award can be anywhere from several thousand to hundreds of thousands. 

Delta Premium Select TUMI cleaning kit

A TUMI amenity kit is a small bag that comes with travel basics like a toothbrush and toothpaste, toothpaste, mouthwash, and more. You can use these things on your trip, and they won’t end up in a landfill, which will save money and make the trip more comfy.

Delta is going to add it to a number of its long-haul international trips. It will be on planes to South America, Asia, and Europe. Delta Premium Select will eventually be offered on planes to Dubai, Hong Kong, London, and Melbourne, among other places.

Comparison between Delta Premium Plus vs. Delta Comfort Plus

Members of both Comfort+ and Premium Select can get extra services. But what’s the difference between them? You can see that the changes are quite noticeable.

Both come with some basic perks, like getting to board faster and having more space, but Premium Select has more. Here is a list of the ways that they are alike and different.

What is the same?

Early boarding on the plane: Comfort+ members can get on the plane earlier than most people, just like Premium Select members can.

Room for your confort: When in comparison with recliners in the main section, Comfort+ seats have three inches more legroom.

Food and drinks: People on both Comfort+ and Premium Select will be able to get high-end snacks.

Extra conveniences: Comfort+ riders get a kit with a pillow, earbuds, a soft blanket, and other things.

What’s different between them?

Availability of Class: You can get Delta Comfort + on all flights, but only on some international trips can you get Delta Premium Select.

Room for your legs: One of the best things about Premium Select might be how much space it gives you. Comfort+ passengers get an extra three inches of legroom, while Premium Select passengers get seven inches more than people in the main section. With a chair, you can also expand your legs out, which Comfort+ doesn’t have. Also, the chairs in Premium Select can lie down further than the seats in Comfort+. In general, Premium Select has a lot more space than Comfort+.

Food and Alcohol: Comfort+ members don’t get a special menu or a free drink and snack right after takeoff, but special Select members do.

Price difference: You will have to pay a lot more for Premium Select than for Comfort+. There are times when a Premium Select seat costs more than twice as much as a Comfort+ seat, but it’s still a lot less than Delta One.

How to Book Delta Premium Select Flights

When you book a Premium Select travel plan, you can choose between international upgrade awards, cash, or miles. 

Certificates for Global Upgrades or International award program

People who have earned the Diamond Medallion will get a free Global Upgrade certificate that can be used to get better seats on Delta and some partner airlines’ domestic and foreign flights.

Using Cash/Card to Pay

Meanwhile, the easiest way to book Premium Select flights is with cash. All you have to do is choose the cash choice on the checkout page.

Using SkyMiles to Pay

But if you’d rather use SkyMiles to pay, all you have to do is click on “miles” and then look at the accessible Premium Select flights that you can book with your miles.

Sign up for a Delta collaborated credit card or fly with Delta or one of its partner companies to earn SkyMiles. 

Here are some good cards that offer big sign-up bonuses:

Delta SkyMiles Gold American Express Card: Use your new card to buy things for $1,000 in the first three months and get 40,000 bonus miles.

SkyMiles Platinum American Express Card:

Check out the Delta SkyMiles Platinum American Express Card. After making two purchases with your new card in the first three months, you’ll get 50,000 bonus miles and 5,000 MQMs.

If you spend $4,000 in the first three months with the Delta SkyMiles Reserve Business American Express Card, you’ll get 60,000 extra miles and 10,000 MQMs.

How much does it cost to upgrade on Delta to premium economy? 

Delta’s dynamic pricing plan means that modifications or upgrades to Delta Premium Select can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Using a Basic Economy ticket, you are unable to cover up the upgrades.

How many miles do a traveller need to get to Delta Premium Select? 

Delta’s price changes all the time, so using SkyMiles to upgrade to Premium Select can cost anywhere from several thousand to many thousands of SkyMiles. Though a Basic Economy ticket can’t upgrade. 

How to Upgrade Economy ticket into Delta Premium Select

  • Click on the Delta Airlines website and sign in with the account you already have.
  • Then you can go to the part of your account called “Manage trips.”
  • You can put the passenger’s last name and the booking reference number in this section.
  • By choosing on the spot selection option, you can now change and upgrade your class ticket.
  • There is an “Edit” button at the bottom of the seat selection screen that you can click.
  • Next, choose a better place for your convenience from the seat map and seat class lists.
  • Pay for your upgrade.

How to book a better seat for Delta premium select class?

To begin, you must know how to choose your seat. It’s short and simple to coordinate the process. To do this, you can follow these steps:


What comes with the Delta Premium Select class?

Delta Premium Select class comes with SkyPriority the check-in process and baggage service, as well as two free checked bags each weighing up to 50 pounds, roomy seats with extra legroom, footrests, and the ability to recline, and full meal service with free drinks and alcohol for guests aged 21 and up.

If you have a Delta Premium Select class ticket, can you use the lounges? 

No, with Delta Premium Select class, you cannot use the lounges.

When you fly Delta in a Premium Select Class, is there any free food? 

Yes, Delta Premium Select does serve free food. These meals are better than the ones served in Comfort+ and Economy, and they’re served on real plates and cutlery instead of throwaway trays and tools. Premium Select customers aged 21 and up can also enjoy free wine, beer, and spirits.

In Delta Premium Select, how many bags can I check?

People who book Delta Premium Select get a couple free checked bags that weigh up to 50 pounds each.