Virgin Atlantic Reservations

Virgin Atlantic Reservations

Virgin Atlantic is an International Airline carrier, headquartered in London. It offers a fleet of both Boeing and Airbus aircraft. It operates in sectors like North America to the Caribbean and then Africa to Asia, the central hub is stationed at London on the Heathrow Airport. Virgin Atlantic has gained importance due to its popularity.

It believes in providing customers a medium to stay connected to the world by daily routes between popular countries such as New York, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, and India. Virgin Atlantic offers the best in class services to its passengers and enhances their overall travel experience with Virgin Atlantic. Passengers can connect with the Virgin Atlantic Reservations team to avail best and attractive deals for flight bookings.

Online Reservations Process for Virgin Atlantic:

Passengers have gradually shifted from the traditional Virgin Atlantic booking process where passengers visited the nearest airport to complete the flight bookings for themselves and their family members. The Online Virgin Atlantic booking process is easier and convenient and can be done in a few clicks only.

  • Passengers must visit the official website of Virgin Atlantic Airways to begin the Virgin Atlantic Reservations Process.
  • Now click the option called Book on the home screen and then create Virgin Atlantic Reservations.
  • Make a choice of arrival and departing destinations, ensuring accurate information has been entered in the specified fields.
  • Flight search becomes simple once the desired cities have been entered.
  • Passengers can make a choice of the relevant trip kinds such as one way, round trip, and multi-city travel as per their requirement.
  • Specify the total number of passengers in the reservation and also specify their categorization as Adult, Children, Infants, and Young Adults.
  • Choose the method for payment that will confirm your Virgin Atlantic Reservations.

Reservations process for Virgin Atlantic Via Virgin Atlantic App:

The Virgin Atlantic Reservations process is very convenient and easy via the Virgin Atlantic application.
Open the mobile application for Virgin Atlantic.
Login with your account credentials.
You can search for the flight options by entering the arrival and departing airports.
Mention the dates of travel so that you can select a suitable flight as per your requirement.
The number of passengers can be specified in the reservation form.
The passengers need to be categorized as Adults, children, infants, and Young adults.
Online payment is processed by deciding the select method of payment.

Virgin Atlantic Reservations with Airtrips Advisor

  • Open the website of
  • Now fill up the displayed reservation form.
  • Passengers need to do a relevant flight search to check availability for flights.
  • Arrival and departure cities can be specified or airports.
  • All personal information must be filled appropriately in the form for further process.
  • All details facilitate passengers to choose the mode of payment to confirm the reservation.
  • Travel details are now ready for sharing with passengers ahead for their perusal.

Baggage Allowance of Virgin Atlantic:

  • A baggage allowance offered by Virgin Atlantic booking for cabin baggage is 9 Kg for carry-on baggage in economy and premium economy class.
  • A baggage allowance for cabin baggage in Virgin Atlantic booking is 15 Kg for carry-on baggage in the upper class and business class.
  • All classes permit one personal essential item and one hand luggage as cabin baggage in the permissible limit.
  • As far as check-in baggage is concerned the permitted limit is 23 Kgs each for 2 bags in economy delight and premium economy.
  • As far as the upper class is concerned the bags can weigh 70 pounds each and 3 bags can be checked in to the airline at the time of the check-in process.

For a detailed understanding, passengers can connect with the Virgin Atlantic Reservations phone number i.e. 885300499.

Seat Reservations At Virgin Atlantic:

The seating reservation process is extremely simple and passenger-friendly, with a few simple steps you can book a seat easily with Virgin Atlantic to manage my booking.

  • Passengers can book a seat at the time of check in to the aircraft by retrieving his travel schedule from the reservations tab.
  • Virgin Atlantic seat reservation costs an additional fee if you want to book the same in advance.
  • The seat options include aisle seat, window seat, seat with extra leg space, you can contact the Virgin Atlantic Reservations team to select and book your seat.
  • You can select the seat from the manage my booking section.
  • Click on the seat map, choose the desired seat and click on the option to pay for the seat once it is done your seat will be confirmed on Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Reservations Phone Number For Virgin Atlantic:

Virgin Atlantic booking flights is a very simple and easy process that can be completed over a telephone call with ease.
The Virgin Atlantic reservations phone number is +44-208-638-7869

Passengers can connect with the reservation executive to book their Virgin Atlantic Reservations with ease.

Manage Booking Process at Virgin Atlantic:

The Virgin Atlantic Manage booking can be done in the following way with ease.

  • Open the official website of Virgin Atlantic Airline.
  • Click on the tab called My bookings.
  • All details pertaining to passengers can be specified.
  • Press the button which states access my booking, once you click your travel itinerary is displayed on the screen.
  • Seat allocation can be done in the manage booking tab.
  • It allows passengers to amend the flight itinerary.
  • It allows passengers to access the seat upgrades or travel class upgrades.

Cancelation Process for Virgin Atlantic Airlines:

A passenger can terminate his flight by following and understanding the cancelation policy in detail. Virgin Atlantic cancelation policy is well designed and supports a passenger’s need for cancelation.

  • The refund and cancelation policy allows passengers to make amendments to the booking depending upon the type of fare chosen and the class of travel selected.
  • Virgin Atlantic Airlines processes refunds for tickets only when the cancelation is done for tickets which are booked in the refundable category. Nonrefundable tickets will not produce or return any monetary value as a refund to passengers.
  • Virgin airlines flight booking refund is processed only when your ticket is completely unused, this ticket is refunded to the passenger when he connects with the airline staff to raise a request for a refund.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, such as bad weather, technical fault, flight being delayed, etc, passengers can seek a complete refund from the airline.

Best Ways To Make Reservations With Virgin Atlantic:

  • Online reservations with Virgin Atlantic are convenient and easy.
  • Passengers can book via a travel agent.
  • Passengers can choose to book via a third-party website.
  • Passengers can visit the nearest airport and reserve a flight ticket from the ticket counter.
  • Passengers can book via the Virgin Atlantic App.
  • Passengers can book telephonically via a call on the Virgin Atlantic phone number.
  • Passengers can request the Virgin Atlantic Reservations team for booking a new ticket or making changes to the existing one.

Check-in Process for Virgin Atlantic:

Virgin Atlantic check-in process can be carried out by the following methods.

  • The online process where passengers can check-in via the official website by providing the booking reference id.
  • The mobile check-in process allows passengers to check-in 24 hours before the flight departure through the app, this app allows passengers to download and save a digital boarding pass.
  • The airport kiosk is a self-check-in portal that allows passengers to check in to the airline from the airport by avoiding long queues. These procedures make the airline check-in process of Virgin Atlantic simple and easy.

Best ways to utilize miles on Virgin Atlantic:

  • For a standard season, you need 18000 miles in economy class for booking one-way travel.
  • For peak season you need 22000 miles in economy class for booking one-way travel.
  • Miles also allows you to shop online, book car rentals, and use them with partner airlines.
  • Miles can be earned by becoming a frequent flyer member.
  • Miles allows you to purchase free tickets and seat upgrades during your travel with Virgin Atlantic.

Frequent Flyer program:

The frequent flyer program allows passengers to become members of a frequent flyer club, it offers you benefits which provide many advantages. The membership club has silver, gold, and red tier. You can earn many benefits from the loyalty program.
For any further concerns please connect with experienced travel professionals in the Virgin Atlantic Reservations team.

Travel Classes Offered By Virgin Atlantic:

Virgin Atlantic Booking offers the following travel classes to its passengers including the following.

Economy Travel Class:

Economy travel class is designed for budget-friendly travelers, passengers who wish to travel light without spending extra bucks on the flight ticket can choose to travel via Economy light. Passengers who would like to enjoy some additional perks like priority check-in, extra leg space, and experience the delightful onboarding facilities can choose economic delight as their preferred class of travel. Meals and soft beverages are inclusive of your ticket price itself.

Premium Economy Class:

The Premium economy class of travel allows priority boarding and check-in processes after the passenger creates a Virgin Atlantic booking. In addition to this passengers are provided more legroom space you can relax on the seats as it has adjustable headrest it is also 21 inches wider than the economy class.

First Class:

The first class of travel allows luxurious travel in Virgin Atlantic. Enjoy the facilities offered that make you feel home-like comfort. The first-class travel in Virgin Atlantic offers the best entertainment and seats that are stylish. Passengers are given access to business lounges. This enhances your waiting experience.

The specialty of Virgin Atlantic:

Virgin Atlantic offers the following specialty, it allows its crew members to dress up in trousers if they don’t want to wear skirts. Virgin Atlantic offers a stylish and enjoyable experience of travel. Virgin Atlantic has a core value which states that “take care of employees and they will take care of passengers.”

Destinations & Hubs In Which Virgin Atlantic Operates:

Virgin Atlantic Airways operates in 4 domestic destinations and 27 international destinations across 16 countries in the world. These include London, Boston, New York City, Washington DC, India, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Manchester, Athens, Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, and Crawley, etc. Virgin Atlantic Airlines clearly focuses on the safety and security of its passengers with all the necessary comforts that can be provided.

Conclusion: The concluding comments of this article state that Virgin Atlantic Airways offers a very systematic and passenger-friendly reservation process. It further highlights the classes of travel and baggage allowances and policies offered by Virgin Atlantic to its passengers. The check-in process is also a crucial aspect for Virgin Atlantic Airlines. A loyalty program offers an array of services to passengers to choose from.

Passengers can reserve seats very easily. Virgin Atlantic also allows passengers to manage their bookings systematically. It also throws light on the cancelation policy of Virgin Atlantic. This article can be a helpful tool for passengers who would like to travel via Virgin Atlantic airlines in the near future.

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