Air france Change Name On Ticket

Air france Change Name On Ticket

Note: Name Indicated On Your Air France Ticket Can’t Be Change Or Modified. If there is misspelled word you can contact Air france sales department by phone

Air France’s name change policy is simpler than other airline’s name change policy. Air France provides all its traveller’s peace of mind regarding changing names on the ticket. The entire process does not require any cost, only under certain conditions. To be sure, you can change the name on your Air France ticket at least one day before your flight take-off without paying any expenses.

If you want to do an Air France name change before your flight takes off, then every traveller must first request the name correction process. You can do it if your name contains any errors, and you cannot transfer the ticket to another person. This article will highlight all the details regarding the Air France change name process. Follow the guide to know more about it in detail.

An Overview of Air France Name Correction Policy

Below is a complete overview of Air France name change correction policy:

  • As per the Air France name change policy, the airlines does not permit passengers to change the first, middle, last, title, or PTC if it is due to spelling errors.  
  • The service is only applicable for AF flight tickets with ticket stock starting with 057, irrespective of whether it is cabin class or fare utilized in the ticket.
  • Every request in the name change needs a reissue of the ticket.
  • Each name correction needs an extra payment for the name correction and the difference in the fare.
  • Not having a proper specification of the sex in the reservation is also considered.
  • To add a second last name as per the passport or the passenger ID is considered.
  • During name change, travellers must submit all the necessary documents, such as a government-verified photo ID or passport.

What Are Air France Name Change Rules and Regulations?

  • As per the Air France name change rules and regulations, it permits changes in travellers name, middle, surname, and any mixture. This procedure is only eligible in cases where the passenger legally requires changes. Below mentioned are the rules:
  • Air France does not allow the name change to another passenger once the ticket is booked because the tickets are non-transferable except under legal conditions.
  • To change the ticket ownership, travellers must request the flight’s cancellation and then process the rebook process with new details. You can learn more about the cancellation policy on the official site.
  • Every traveller’s initial and last name as per passport should be utilized during the reservations and buying of the tickets.
  • While titles and middle names are not needed for travel within Europe, they need to be displayed in the correct order as they appear in your photo ID if it is included in the ticket.
  • Every passenger must submit the request one day before the scheduled departure for flights within Europe and other international places.
  • If you make a small change to your misspelt name, then only a correction fee is charged to each passenger. 
  • You must provide all the necessary documents for an Air France name change due to divorce or marriage. The documents required are:
  1. Divorce decree 
  2. Marriage certificates 
  3. Legal affidavit
  4. Court order.
  • Changes such as sex, date of birth, and title would not be considered under the Air France change name on ticket. 
  • The airline does not allow the name change correction for the codeshare agreement flights.
  • Passengers cannot make changes after the check-in process. 

What Are the Different Methods for the Air France Name Change Process?

To address the typography error in the first or last name, travellers must get to their flight reservation on the airline site. Passengers can also call the airline assistance telephone number to change the name under legitimate thought.

Air France Name Change through Website

Each passenger can request a name change through the airlines

booking section. A charge expense and fare difference may be charged. To do the name change online, do these steps:

  • Head to the Air France website and search for my booking section.
  • Once you do that, type in the reservation PNR and your last name in the required field. 
  • After that, choose the name of the traveller that needs correction.
  • Then, select the correct passenger’s name tab and type the valid name in the required field.
  • After that, complete the payment, and the airlines will provide you with the confirmation email and the passenger’s updated name.

Air France Change Name through Call

Another method travellers can use to request the name correction is through a phone call. Passengers can also change names legally due to divorce, marriage, etc. Anyone can do it by contacting the airlines representative through the Air France customer care contact number. Fare difference and name change fee will apply for the procedure.


Air France name change policy ensures that every passenger gets a safe and secure journey. Passengers can change their tickets’ names for free of cost or charge, depending on your situation. It also depends on the fare class and route of the ticket. To stay away from such problems, every traveller must recheck every piece of information before making flight reservations. It is also best to check that the name on the ticket matches the name as per the identification document or passport.

The data mentioned above highlights all about Air France name change process in detail. Follow the guide to learn more about the entire name change process. To know the latest changes in the Air France airlines policies, you can visit their site to access all the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that my ticket is confirmed?

You will see a confirmation screen displaying a booking number when you complete your booking. This affirms your booking. Your ticket is made in an Air France data set whenever you have paid for your outing. You then get a trip summary by email that incorporates all the essential data about your excursion, alongside a few required lawful arrangements. 

Is Air France name change process expensive?

Executing a name change can be costly when it requires tickets to be reissued.