Spirit Airlines Manage My Booking

Spirit Airlines Manage My Booking

With Spirit Airlines manage booking, you can easily manage your itinerary according to your changing needs.

How do I Manage My Spirit Airlines Flight via Official Website?

Spirit Airlines manage booking

You can now manage your flights directly through the Spirit Airlines official website without any third party intervention or hassle.

  • Firstly, you need to open the official website of Spirit Airlines on your browser: https://www.spirit.com/.
  • Go to “My Trips”
  • Enter your last name and confirmation number to find your flight, or you can log in to your account from where you will find your flight details.
  • Now, select the flight you want to make changes on from the booking list shown.
  • Now, follow the steps to manage the flight changes you want to make.
  • Spirit Airlines flight changes can be made 60 days or prior without any fee.
  • You can also call spirit airlines manage my booking, asking them for any assistance.

Spirit Airlines Manage Booking via Mobile App?

Now managing all your Spirit Airlines flight manage booking have become easy and hassle-free with their mobile app. Now, you can just be in one corner of the world and do everything on your phone.

  • Download the “Spirit Airlines” app for android or IOS from the play store or app store.
  • Open the app
  • Go to “My Trips”
  • Enter through your Spirit Airlines id password or find your flight by entering your last name and confirmation code.
  • Now, choose the flight you want to make changes on from the booking list shown on the page.
  • Follow the steps to make the changes you want to make on your flight.
  • For customer ease, Spirit Airlines has made it possible for the customers to make changes about an hour before the flight’s scheduled departure. Now, I can manage my booking spirit airlines with ease and comfort of my home.

Option or Services Provided by Spirit Airlines Manage Booking

Spirit Airlines is one of the best airlines because of the smooth and hassle-free service that it provides. You need not stress because you can do everything independently without any third-party intervention. Or, you can simply take help of the Spirit Airlines customer support and make whatever changes you want to make.

When you’re making your own changes on spirit.com, manage my booking, you’re provided with an array of things you can do. You can,

  • Change your date of the journey.
  • Cancel your flight reservation.
  • Make advanced seat bookings.
  • Add on some additional luggage.
  • Add some refreshments to your flight. Look for Food and Beverages.
  • Raise the request to change your flight.

Spirit Airlines Change and Cancellation Fees

Spirit Airlines Change Fee

Time of changeFare Type 
Non-refundableRefundableAwardFlight Flex
Risk-Free 24 hours FreeFreeFreeFree
60+ days from departureFreeFreeFreeFree
59-15 days from departure$39Free$39Free
14-7 days from departure$59Free$59Free
6-0 days from departure$79Free$79Free
Same-day changes$99$99$99$99

Spirit Airlines Cancel Fee

Time of changeFare Type
Risk-Free 24 hours FreeFreeFree
60+ days from departureFreeFreeFree
59-7 days from departure$49Free$49
6-3 days from departure$79Free$79
2-0 days from departure$99Free$99

Spirit Manage Booking Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Will Spirit Airlines refund my money if they cancel my flight?

Ans. If Spirit Airlines cancels your flight, you are entitled to get a refund on your cancelled flight.
Yes, Spirit understands that you can have some emergency or change of plans for which you’ll not be flying with us. For that, we will be happy to help you with your refunds. Now, you can save some money on your cancelled trips. Keep in mind that you cancelled your trip within 24 hours of your booking. The scheduled departure of your flight should also not be less than seven days. Your cancellation needs to be seven days (168 hours) or more before the scheduled departure of your flight.

Q. Can I change the passenger name on the Spirit flight?

Ans. Yes, you can change the passenger name on your Spirit flight. If you have had a misspelling or a change in legal name, you are eligible for a free change in your name. For a change in legal name, you need to show some supporting documents like a Marriage License, Divorce Decree, Court Order, or Legal Name Change Document.
You can contact us on our phone number: 1-855-728-3555 for any changes to your name.

Q. Can I transfer Spirit Airlines tickets to someone else?

Ans. Although you can change your name spellings and legal names, you cannot really transfer your tickets to someone else. You can cancel your flight booking and book another flight. If you cancel your flight booking within 24 hours of your flight booking along within 168 hours (7 days) or more prior to the scheduled departure of your flight, you will get the full refund without any deductions to yourself. So, you can easily book another flight ticket for someone else.

Q. How do I check my Spirit Airlines reservation?

Ans. You can check your Spirit Airlines reservation through the website https://www.spirit.com/ or the app “Spirit Airlines”.
Go to the airline website or app.
Go to “My Trips”
Log in by entering your Spirit user id along with your password. Or, enter your last name and confirmation number.
You will be redirected to your page showing all your flight details. Now, you can select the flight you want to see the details.
Now, all your needs and extras are in one place with the Spirit Airlines website or app. You can change what is needed and add if you want any extras or add ons, making your journey more comfortable and pleasurable. We will ensure that you have a unique and stress-free flight with the best staff on board.

Q. Can u reschedule a Spirit?

Ans. Manage booking Spirit Airlines can be used to successfully reschedule a flight if it was already cancelled.

Q. Does Spirit charge for rebooking?

Ans. It depends on who initiated the cancelation. If the passenger cancelled the flight and wants to rebook then the fee will be levied as per the fare type. However, if the airline cancelled the flight then there will be no rebooking fee.

Q. How much does it cost to change a flight date on Spirit?

Ans. To change the date of a Spirit flight one has to pay according to the fare type and when they want to change. If it is during the risk free period it is free. If it is within more than 60 days then also the airline will not charge a fee. Otherwise, it will charge $39, $79 and $99 respectively.

Q. Can you cancel a Spirit flight if they change the schedule?

Ans. If the schedule change caused you a delay of more than 3 hours then yes. Not only can you cancel a flight, but you will also receive a full refund. Furthermore, you will also qualify for a financial compensation.

Q. What happens if you don’t show up for a Spirit flight?

Ans. The airline will charge you a penalty under the no show policy.

Q. How can I change my flight date for free?

Ans. As long, you buy a refundable fare with Spirit Airlines or change a flight during the 24 hours risk-free period, it can be done for free.

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