How To Cancel American Airlines flight | +1-800-548-3192

How To Cancel American Airlines flight | +1-800-548-3192

We can only sometimes stop bad things from happening that can mess up our trip plans. Cancelling a flight can be expensive and hard to figure out. You’re in the right place if you booked your flight with American Airlines and now need to cancel it. Here is everything you need to know about its refund policy, american airline non-refundable ticket policy and figure out which rules apply to you.

What is American Airlines cancellation policy?

Basic Ticket for Economy:

You can only cancel a basic economy American ticket if you do it within 24 hours of buying it. You can cancel and get a return if American changes your flight time by 4 hours or more if you have orders from the military, or (very morbidly) if you or your travel partner dies.

Non-Refundable Ticket:

American airlines non-refundable doesn’t charge a fee for paid domestic or foreign cancelled flights. If you cancel your American Airlines ticket before the first flight and start a new trip within a year, you can use the remaining value toward it.

Refundable Ticket:

If you bought a refundable ticket, you can cancel it any time before your trip and will put the refund back into the credit card you used to buy it within seven days. 

Award Ticket:

AA cancellation policy has removed all fees for cancelling and re-depositing award tickets as of November 11, 2020. You can return fully refundable tickets to how you paid for them anytime.

As you can see, the current refund policy for American Airlines is very customer-friendly. American airline cancellation policy to get more people to book flights during the pandemic. Almost all fees and limits were taken away. You won’t lose value or jump through hoops except for base economy and some seats outside North and South America.

You’ll get a trip credit for any price drop when you change a ticket that can’t be refunded. For example, if you change a $500 ticket to a $300 ticket, you’ll get a $200 trip voucher to use on future access.

What is American Airlines 24 hour cancellation?

If passengers cancel their aa 24 hour cancellation, they are entitled to a full refund as they paid. This is true no matter what class or price of the flight is picked.

This american airlines 24 hour cancellation policy is turned on for basic economy tickets. The amount of the refund is started, and it generally shows up in your account within seven to ten business days.

After this 24-hour risk-free time, you must pay the cancellation fee. This would depend on the class and price of the picked ticket.

Cancellation policy American airlines says you won’t be charged a fee Flight cancellations within 24 hours. This rule applies to all kinds of tickets, no matter how much they cost.

But if you cancel your ticket after the given time, you must pay a fee. American Airlines has four different types of tickets, and the way to balance depends on your ticket type.

The cancellation rules for basic economy tickets on American Airlines

• If you book a basic economy ticket on American Airlines, you can’t usually change your mind and get your money back. But American airlines cancel within 24 hours of buying it, so you can get your money back.

• You can’t cancel a basic economy ticket on american airlines main cabin cancellation policy unless you do it within 24 hours of buying it. But sometimes you can cancel and ask for a refund: when America alters your flight time by 4 hours or more if you are in the military, or (sadly) if you or your travel partner dies.

How does American Airlines handle cancellations for tickets that can’t be refunded?

  • Non-refundable American airlines don’t charge a fee to stop a domestic flight, but if a passenger cancels an international flight, they must pay $75. The no-show fee for domestic flights is $150 each way, and the no-show fee for foreign flights is $200.
  • You can use the leftover value of your American Airlines ticket for a future trip if it starts within a year of the date the ticket was issued and cancel the original ticket before the first flight.
  • Using American airlines cancellation policy 24 hours you can cancel a non-refundable ticket up to 24 hours after you book it. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours, you’ll have to pay a $200 american airlines cancellation fee and any other fees with your trip. But there is no fee if you cancel more than 24 hours after making a reservation.

American Airlines’ policy for cancelling tickets that can be refunded

  • Refundable tickets have consistently been the best choice because you can stop them whenever you want and get your money back as you paid.
  • If you have a refundable ticket, you can cancel it any time before your trip, and the refund will be put back on the credit card you used to buy it within seven days.

How to cancel award tickets on American Airlines:

Customers with American Airlines Award tickets can cancel or redeposit them without being charged any fees. Up until the time of departure, customers can cancel or change their tickets for free.

What is the American Airlines cancellation fee?

Customers won’t have to pay for tickets if they cancel within 24 hours of booking them, but American Airlines will charge an aa cancellation fee if they cancel after that. Here are the different refund fees based on the type of ticket:-

  • Basic Economy Ticket: You can only cancel a basic economy ticket on american airlines first class cancellation policy if it’s been less than 24 hours since you booked it. However, if American Airlines makes a change to your trip of 61 minutes or more, if your travel companion passes away, or if you have certain military orders, you can request a refund.
  • Non-refundable tickets: american airlines cancellation fee cost $200 for domestic trips and $750 for international flights on American Airlines. Even tickets that can’t be returned can be refunded if the passenger or a travelling partner dies or the military gives certain orders.
  • Refundable Ticket: If you have a refundable ticket, you can stop your flight anytime before it leaves. Within seven days, the money will be put back into your account.
  • Award Ticket: If you use AAdvantage miles to book a ticket, the cancellation fee american airlines is $150 for the first and $25 for each extra award.

What is American Airlines refund policy?

You should be able to cancel your American Airlines trip easily. The big question is whether or not you will get your money back. Whether or not you get a return depends on the American refund policy, what kind of ticket you bought and when.

Flights that are cancelled within 24 hours will get a refund:

If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of making it, the American airline refund policy will give you a return for any ticket you bought. So, you have the chance to change your mind. For instance, if you booked the wrong flight or your plans changed at the last minute. You can only get a refund within 24 hours if you get your ticket at least two days before your flight.

It’s important to remember that your American basic economy refund may be reduced in some way. This could include a service fee if you booked through the bookings team and any taxes that aren’t refundable because they are part of the sale. You’ll need to contact the Reservations team or try to cancel at If you booked your flights through an AA refund policy, you must call them to get your money back.

Refundable tickets:

If your flight ticket lets you get an american airlines refundable ticket, you can do so online or by calling the Reservations team. Payments are returned to a debit or credit card after about seven days.

Non-refundable tickets:

If you bought a non-refundable ticket, you could only get your money back if you cancel within the first 24 hours. Only in the following situations is this rule not true:

  • One of the people on the plane dies.
  • There’s a change of more than 4 hours in the plan, so you decide not to go.
  • When you decide not to travel due to a change in plans of 90 minutes or more within 72 hours of your initial departure time.
  • Here, you can ask for a return if any of the above is true. If you are asked, you should show proof.

You can also use the value of your empty ticket for a flight in the future, as long as it’s within a year of the date the original ticket was issued. You can check American airlines refund status.

American Airlines eVoucher:

Passengers can get their coupon number and PIN by clicking on the link in their email and entering it on the payment screen. You can use as many as eight coupons at once. You can use a credit card to cover any remaining balance after applying discounts toward your ticket purchase.


A prepaid ticket should be purchased at a higher price in case of flight cancellation for the sake of guaranteed return. Cancelling a flight can be hard enough, but knowing what to do can help. Read the fare rules carefully so you know what you can do when you book and if you need to change your plans.


1. Will American Airlines make my trip refundable?

If you bought your ticket at least two days before the flight, you could get a return up to 24 hours after you purchased it. All types have a 24-hour american airlines fully refundable ticket, but you must stop the trip to get a refund. The 24-hour return does not apply to reservations made as part of a group block.

2. Can I cancel my American airline flight and get a refund?

Yes. American Airlines allows customers to request refunds and view their refund statuses for tickets and other travel-related products and services.

3. Is American Airlines’ economy refundable?

American airlines cancellation policy basic economy flights can only be changed or refunded if you ask for one within 24 hours You can use a credit card to cover any remaining balance after applying discounts toward your ticket purchase.of buying. You could get your money back if you bought a refundable Main Cabin, Premium Economy, Business Class, or First Class ticket on American Airlines.

4. Can I get a refund if I postpone my nonrefundable American Airlines flight?

Tickets that aren’t refundable can be changed or dropped for free, but you won’t get your money back. Instead, you’ll get an American airlines flexible fare refund for another flight you must use within a year of the date the original ticket was issued.

5. What is the penalty for cancelling a flight on American Airlines?

Every major U.S. airline, except Southwest Airlines, charges fees to change or cancel a flight with an economy price. However, prices can start as low as $75 for a flight within the country and go up to more than $400 for a vacation abroad.

6. Will American airlines refund my ticket?

American Airlines tickets that are only changeable are refunded if: You cancel within 24 hours of buying the ticket.

7. Can you cancel a flight within 24 hours American Airlines?

No, If you bought your ticket at least two days before the flight, you can get a return up to 24 hours after you purchased it.

8. Do American airlines give you credit if you cancel a flight?

Most of the time, if you book a nonrefundable fare, the most common type, you’ll get a credit or voucher to use on a future trip. But you’ll find that some companies charge a fee to do this, and some base the fee on how far in advance you cancel.

9. Are American Airlines flights refundable?

Yes, you can get a return if you have to change your plans. You can return your ticket online and get a refund minus cancellation fees.

10. Can I get my money back if I cancel my flight with American Airlines?

If you cancel your tickets within 24 hours of booking them, american airlines involuntary refund policy will put the full amount back into your account in the next.

11. Can I cancel my American airline flight?

Cancelling a flight on American Airlines is free. The airline has done away with withdrawal fees for the premium cabin, premium economy, and main cabin fares on nonrefundable domestic, short-haul international, and some long-haul international tickets.

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  • David Dolan says:

    As the situation is getting worse in this pandemic situation all the air carriers are cancelling their flights. I was about to move to Miami from New York city for some official work, but unfortunately American airlines cancelled all their flights, but luckily the flight which I had booked was the last flight to fly. I reached my destination without any interruption.

  • Joshua Thomas says:

    I accidentally cancelled my flight, and for refund I approached customer care for refund. The customer support executive was very friendly and he said that it was cancelled within 24 hours. So according to the American airlines 24 hour cancellation policy I am eligible to get a full refund. I got my money back and thanks to the American airlines staff.

  • I love flying with American Airlines, because they provide well organized and polite services. You can rely on American airlines. They will send alerts as soon as possible and let the customers know about American Airlines flight cancellation or delay and will provide an alternative.

  • Patricia Merz says:

    My boyfriend and I had to switch flights due to American airlines cancelling their flights. The customer support executive did everything that is possible to make an easy and smooth transition. At last we got another flight and reached home happily.

  • Nancy Jennings says:

    Honestly speaking American airlines cancellation policy is more comfortable for customers. I experienced it with the American airlines, once I booked a ticket, but because of health conditions I called the customer support executive to cancel my ticket, he asked to select one option either to reschedule my flight or refund with minor charges. I selected a refund and got my money back.

  • Sadie Moore says:

    Best ground staff and cabin crew, comfortable air carrier with flexible cancellation/credit policies. They gave me flight credit to book one in the future without any extra charge. American airlines cancellation policy is very profitable to the customers.

  • Flight was cancelled at the last minute. 17 hour wait to talk to AA. We booked ourselves on another airline and drove 5 hours to get out the same day. Called AA and ticket price was refunded but they are refusing to pay for difference to get new flight.
    Will be fighting this – not happy at the additional $1,027 that was spent to get to my destination on time when we had an unchangeable 4 hour window to see family member on the other end.

  • American Airlines canceled the flight on us, and I would like the compensation as I am now out hotel reservations, car reservations and tour reservations. We tried to catch a later flight, but there were no more

  • Cancelling flights is difficult. Obviously they use outside people from another country to speak with and some are very rude. American should change their name to Non-American and rude! Won’t ever book with this airline again. Southwest is awesome!

  • I have to cancel and rebook my flight because of Covid. A letter from AA dated 3/29/2021 states they will waive fees until 3/31/2022. The rep told me I will be charged a cancellation fee, even though I’m going to rebook in March.

  • Brenda Martinez says:

    American Airlines need to change their police on a non refundable ticket. I had bought a ticket for my mother traveling from Nicaragua to Miami right before the pandemic started she supposed to come here on March but that’s when the pandemic started her Dr. Recomendad do not travel because her condition she is 85 years old. Since then I have been trying to get the money back plus the airlines isn’t travel to Nicaragua. I haven’t had any good response from them, because it was a non refundable ticket. My mother can’t travels any more she had Covid and her health Isn’t good for her to travel. What should I do?

  • My flight was cancelled and an alternate flight was provided after 5+ hours. I tried to get help from crew but they didnot even offer to help. Alternate flight was 5 hours longer with multiple stops.

  • Bernie vodzak says:

    Booked a trip to orlando had to cancel due to family emergency trip was for four people 3 tickets fully refunded one was not ? Nice consistent policy you can count on American Airlines never again

  • Beth Fields says:

    American Airlines cancelled due to flight staff issues. We were not able to make connecting flight to Bahamas. Had to reschedule another airline. No refund!!

  • Clara Raffaele says:

    The American Airlines cancellation policy stuns passengers. I recently booked a round-trip first class ticket directly through the American Airlines website. They have altered my flights numerous times without checking to make sure I am receiving the level of service I paid for, but nothing has changed. Examples include switching the ticket tier from first to economy class and eliminating my preferred seat from the flight. First class tickets were unavailable to me, and attempts to rebook them were fruitless. Be careful while buying from American Airlines. For myself, my friends, and my family, I am certain that I will avoid them in the future.

  • Johnny Stephens says:

    American Airlines is the best company to travel. If you are thinking of booking a trip with them, without any doubt go for it. I’ve had 6 trip cancellations and I am pleased with the way American airlines handled each and every transaction. They only care about passengers. American airline cancellation policy is very flexible and I didn’t face any problem while cancelling tickets. I love to travel with them in the future.

  • Audrey Hamilton says:

    Cancelled American Airlines flights are now common!!!! How can i even explain this…At 11 o’clock, I’m held at O’Hare along with about 300 other passengers who are also stuck because of the cancellation. The line is longer than two football fields. The flight that might take me to my destination tomorrow was just made known to me. They can do this even if the weather is poor. However, at least they tried. I won’t get there till tomorrow night at ten o’clock. We were allowed to feel a small amount of sympathy for their total lack of execution. If I could submit a picture of this line, I would. full support on their end. I would never try to spend any money on a flight in bad weather where there are plenty of cancellations.

  • Donald Herman says:

    Due to school scheduling I ave to cancel and rebook nonrefundable tickets for my son & grandson.

    Can this be done and what are the additional costs.

  • Luella Tidwell says:

    I live in New York but have customers all around the country. American airlines are always my first choice for a flight; their app and constant updates are excellent. American airlines cancellations and delays are extremely rare. The service of this airline is far better than the other airlines and when the schedule dictates I take the next available flight. Love to travel with American airlines.

  • Kelly Romans says:

    Worst fears came true. Eight unforeseen delays and American airlines flight cancellations, and they never even started to look for their passengers. This wasn’t a leisurely flight—I had to make it to my cousin’s wedding. I think the company is lying when it says it has just enough employees to manage the airline. When you add your own delays to those of people who boarded flights before you that were either cancelled or delayed, it becomes hard to travel outside of a hub city. It’s time to return to the trains. I am not joking.

  • Kelly Romans says:

    Amazing customer service manager at American is Charlotte Wilson. She became aware of our 36-person group and assisted us in reserving a cancelled flight. She helped us at every turn, from arranging a private bus to transport us to our hotel to arranging for the same bus to pick us up the following day and transport us back to the airport to arranging for dinner at Chick-Fil-A. We waited for our new flight for a long time. We were returning from an eight-day trip to the East Coast with middle and high school students, and she managed to secure permission to switch out a plane so that our group could fit on a flight. We are really happy we met her and that she was able to help us since she is amazing.

  • Walter Grady says:

    This airline is the greatest, and its outstanding meal service is well worth mentioning. Most significantly, it consistently attends to its customers’ needs, such as American Airlines change flight and cancellations, which is the primary interaction with the crew and was lavishly presented and aesthetically designed. I think other airlines and flight crews should fly American Airlines from time to time just to see what style means when it comes to offering service.

  • Alisha Ferguson says:

    American airlines cancel flights without any information given. Because of this, such a frantic, disjointed trip experience was had by me! However, American Airlines’ cancellation policy is quite tolerable. the unexpected postponements and cancellations. Miscommunication and maintenance problems, although a new reservation is guaranteed. Although it was a poor experience, airlines did their best. To avoid having my “new” flight be the next afternoon, I finally had to take a flight that was an hour from my house. Additionally, that flight was delayed. If I weren’t experiencing this catastrophe, I wouldn’t believe it myself.

  • Nora Corkill says:

    I bought a ticket for my niece on March 15, 2022, to fly APRIL 13, 2022 from American Airlines. The trip was canceled April 2, 2022, because her father, who has Parkinson’s, got covid and got very ill. I was told I could not get a refund only a credit and only my nice could use the credit and it needed to be used within a year. Unfortunately the one year deadline was getting close and she has not been able to travel, so I once again asked for a refund March 9, 2023. Six days before the deadline. There was correspondence back and forth and ultimately, on March 22, 2023, I was told the ticket I purchased was nonrefundable, nontransferable and must have been used within the ticketing validity.
    It is outrageous to me that a company has policies that allows them keep $649.36 when no services have been provided. This is a large some of money for us and the policies they have are set up to basically take control of the money within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket and ultimately openly take the money. I’m hoping American Airlines, “the world’s largest air carrier”, is stopped from using the policies that allows them to steal money from hard working people all over the world.

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