American Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy

Coping up with flight updates like delays and cancellations can be nerve-racking. Especially, those late-minute unexpected Cancellations can be frustrating as you are unsure about the next step.

Don’t worry because we got you covered. Know how you can make the best use of your ticket by knowing all the benefits that the American Airlines Cancellation policy offers.

American Airlines Cancellation Process:

A step-by-step guide to cancel an American Airline ticket
  • In order to cancel American Airlines flight online, the passenger will have to visit the official AA website. Once on the site, he can utilize the Manage Booking service to initiate American Airlines cancellation. However, keep sure to follow the American airline cancellation policy, if you do not want to lose your travel funds, or want a full refund. 

    Here’s how a passenger can cancel his flight:

    1. First, start with visiting the official American Airlines website
    2. Now, click on plan travel and a window will open.
    3. Here, he has to select Your Trips tab.
    4. On the new page, the website will prompt the traveler to log in to his AAdvantage account.
      1. Those who have the AAdvantage membership can log in using the AAdvantage number and or username/password.
      2. Then they can directly view all upcoming flights and modify them directly.
      3. But those who are yet to own an AAdvantage account have to continue as a guest.
    5. If the passenger does not have an AAdvantage account, click on Continue as Guest.
    6. Now, he has to input the flight details of your existing booking, such as:
      1. The six-digit record locator or confirmation code.
        1. It can be found on the email you receive at the time of booking a flight.
      2. Or the 13-digit ticket number.
        1. Which can be found on the email as well as your bank statements.
      3. Lastly, input the passenger first and last name.
    7. Then, click on Find Your Trip.
    8. Now, your existing flight will be displayed. 
    9. After he selects the flight, he will have multiple options like: Change Flight, Select seats, Cancel Flight.
      1. Choose Cancel Flight.
    10. And then proceed with the cancellation and finally the website will drop you at the check-out page.
    11. On this page you can view your total travel funds minus the cancellation fee.
      1. Remember that cancellation fee will vary as per the fare type.
    12. Cancel the flight and get either a refund or a travel voucher/credit for future use, depending on the fare type.

American Airlines Cancellation Fee:

The Cancellation fee completely depends upon the type of ticket and destination that you booked.

  • If you booked a basic economy ticket then you will not be permitted to cancel the ticket in the first place. However, you can cancel your ticket within 24 hours from the point of booking and get a refund.
  • With a non-refundable ticket, the American airline charges a Cancellation fee of $ 200 for domestic flights and $ 750 for international flights.
  • You can still avoid the Cancellation fee if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours from the point of booking.
  • When it comes to a non-refundable ticket one cannot get a complete refund. The cancellation fee will be deducted from the total amount and the rest of the amount will be refunded in the form e credit which serves for your upcoming flights.
  • For refundable tickets, the cancellation is easy as pie and cheap as chips. There is no Cancellation fee no matter when you cancel your ticket.
  • You can get a complete refund in the original payment mode with a refundable ticket.
  • Next comes the Award ticket, it is said that from the 11th of November 2020 American airlines eliminated all the Cancellation fees and redeposit fees.

American Airlines Cancellation Fees – 2022

Fare Type

Ticket Type

Time of Cancellation

Risk-Free 24 Hours

After Risk-Free 24 Hours



Basic Economy


Not Allowed


Main Cabin


$200 to $750


Premium Economy


$200 to $750






First Class 









Main Cabin




Premium Economy








First Class 








American Airlines Cancellation Policy:

According to the American Airlines cancellation policy if you cancel your flight in the next 24 hours from the point of booking you will not be charged any cancellation fee. This policy applies to all kinds of tickets irrespective of fares.

But, if you cancel your ticket after this particular period then you have to pay a Cancellation fee.

American Airlines offers 4 different kinds of tickets and the Cancellation process depends upon the type of ticket you chose to fly with.

  1. Basic economy ticket
  2. Non-refundable ticket
  3. Refundable ticket
  4. Award ticket

1. Basic Economy Ticket:

Normally, you are not allowed to cancel a basic economy ticket booked on American Airline but, if you can cancel your ticket within 24 hours from the point of booking you can get a refund.

2. Non-Refundable Ticket:

The non-refundable ticket can be canceled with 24 hours from the point of booking to avoid the Cancellation fee however if you cancel after 24 hours then you will be charged a Cancellation fee depending upon the destination you choose to fly to and once you have canceled the Cancellation fee will be deducted from your total amount and unused part of your ticket will be refunded in the form of credit which you can use for your future flight.

3. Refundable Ticket:

Refundable tickets have always been the best option as they allow you to cancel your ticket whenever you need and you can get a full refund in the original mode of payment.

4. Award Ticket:

As of Award tickets, American Airlines have removed all cancel and redeposit fees from November 11, 2020.

If you are wondering how to cancel your ticket, here is a step by step guide that helps you cancel your ticket effortlessly.

American Airlines Policy 24 Hours:

As per the American Airlines 24 hour policy if anyone cancels their ticket by the next 24 hours from the point of booking they will get the complete refund in the original payment method irrespective of class and fare they chose to fly.

This policy is applicable even for a basic economy ticket and the amount will be refunded to your account within 7-10 business days.

However, after the compilation of the risk-free period, you will be charged a cancellation fee depending upon the class and fare of your ticket.

American Airlines Cancellation Policy – Covid:

Coronavirus knocked down many travel dreams as we all were utterly unaware of this extreme level of isolation and there is just too much on our plate right now, to get a handle on this situation American Airlines planned and established some rules that saved many travelers from panicking.

  • They waived the charge fees for all the currently existing and new tickets till September 30, 2020
  • So next time when you are booking a ticket you might notice different prices on the given ticket.
  • This offer also allows you to change your destination.
  • If you decided to rebook your ticket then you should complete your journey by December 31, 2021
  • If you happened to own an American airline ticket that was experienced before 31 September of 2020 then you can use the value of that ticket for booking a future ticket within December 31, 2021.
  • By keeping the pandemic breakdown in mind American airlines put efforts to lighten the road it also allows the passenger to change their flights once by waiving the charges.
  • You can simply change the ticket by making a call directly to the airlines.

American Airlines Cancellation Policy Miles:

American Airlines promises to restrain your miles if you cancel in flight. If you are not in the mood for traveling then American airlines will restrain your miles for one year from the date of ticket purchased. You won’t be charged any fee to restrain your miles.

American Airlines Cancellation Phone Number:

American Airlines made ticket cancellation easier than ever as you can contact their customer services to help you in canceling your ticket. To know everything about American Airline policy make a call to 1-800-548-3192  they offer a wide range of services from booking to cancelling your ticket at the last moment. They provide services 24/7 to help you irrespective of the time limit.

Know the compensation that you can get if American Airlines cancel your ticket:

Generally, flights don’t change or cancel unless there is a strong reason like weather changes and if the crew is facing some technical issues. However, American Airlines takes full responsibility if they cancel or change a flight.

  • The compensation remains the same for both domestic and international flights.
  • The compensation depends upon two key factors one being the number of hours delayed while the other is the number of miles.
  • American Airlines offers compensation of USD 275 if the flight distance is less than 900 miles and delays last for three or more than three hours.
  • American Airlines offers compensation of USD 450 if the flight distance is 900-2100 miles and delays last for three or more than three hours. American Airlines offers compensation of USD 650 if the flight distance is more than 2100 miles and delays last for three or more than three hours.

American Airlines Change Policy

Passengers can also change their flights on American Airlines without worry. The airline offers a seamless flight change experience and has set a strict yet straightforward policy for American Airlines change: 

  • A passenger is free to change his trip, save Basic Economy, regardless of fare type, as long he has procured the ticket directly from the airline.
  • Furthermore, the airline also allows such changes for free, although only once per passenger per booking.
  • Failing to do so can result in ticket forfeiture.
  • If you want to change the basic economy ticket, then you have to do it during the 24 hours risk-free period. 
  • The risk-free period starts with your booking and lasts 24 hours.
  • However, you must ensure that there is at least 2 days gap between your booking and flight schedule.
  • The latest a passenger can change a ticket is 2 hours before flight departure.
  • Same-day changes are also allowed, but the passengers are required to pay a fee of $75 to $150.
  • Although most changes are free on:
    • Domestic flights
    • International flights originating in North or South America
    • Select Long haul flights
    • Most short haul flights
  • But the difference in fare between the new and the older flight will be charged.
  • In case the new flight is cheaper than the original one, the airline will reimburse the balance as travel credit.
  • A passenger is free to make the following changes:
    • Destination change
    • Name change
    • Date and time change
    • Seat change and upgrade
    • Meal change
    • Cabin upgrade
    • Baggage allowance etc.

How to Change or Rebook Your American Airlines Flight?

If American Airlines cancel flight, you have to either rebook it or change it for future travel. The passenger is supposed to visit the online website and facilitate this rebooking if he wants to use the travel funds for future. Otherwise, these tickets may be forfeited. 

Now follow the steps we have provided to successfully rebook a trip after American Airlines cancel flight:

  1.  To initiate the process, first visit the official American Airlines website.
  2. Then, click on the Manage Trips/Check-in tab.
  3. After that, click on View Cancelled Flights, and enter the details pertaining to it.
  4. Here you have to enter your passenger last name and the record locator or the ticket number. 
    1. A record locator is also your confirmation number.
    2. It is a six-digit code that can be found on your confirmation email.
    3. Otherwise, you can also use the 13 digit ticket number. 
    4. The ticket number starts with 001 and can be found on the cancellation/confirmation email as well as your bank statement.
  5. Finally, enter the details successfully.
    1. If you want to save yourself some trouble, you can also log into the AAdvantage account and directly view your Upcoming and cancelled trips, making rebooking easier.
  6. Now, click on Find Your Trip.
  7. Here, you can see the total Flight credits ready for future travel. 
  8. Hence, click on the Rebook your trip button.
  9. Now, the website will urge you to create a new itinerary. 
  10. Once done, you will be redirected to the payments page. 
  11. On this page, select Add Flight credit, and enter the ticket number from your cancelled flight.
  12. The credits will be applied, and any balance will be paid via other sources.

American Airlines Refund Policy

American Airlines flights cancellation and refund adheres to a strict policy, such as:

  • Passengers can have up to 24 hours to cancel and get a full refund under the risk-free period. During this time, they can get cash refunds regardless of the ticket type and that too at zero cost. However, one must ensure that there is at least 2 days left for flight departure.
  • Group bookings are exempted from this policy.
  • Although passengers will get a full refund, the airline will deduct the following:
    • Sale-imposed non-refundable taxes
    • And Service charge for booking through Reservations.
  • If the ticket was purchase directly from the airline, only then can a passenger cancel and request a refund online or offline. 
  • The refund can take 7 days to show on your bank statement, if the ticket was purchased with a credit card. For cash transactions the refund can take up to 20 days.
  • The passenger can only submit a refund request while the ticket is valid, which is 1 year from the date of issuance. Henceforth, the airline will not refund any expired tickets.
  • In case the passenger bought a ticket from an external source, the airline won’t be responsible for the refund. It is advised to contact the external parties for the refund and ticket cancellation.
  • The passenger can not refund a non-refundable fare, unless there is some extenuating circumstances such as death or sudden illness. In case of military or government order, the passenger can still request a refund, regardless of ticket type.
  • If the airline was behind a flight disruption that lasted more than 4 hours, then the passenger can still claim a refund, even on non-refundable fare. 

How to Cancel American Airlines and Get a Refund?

The passenger has to understand that a refund will only be met if he was traveling on a refundable fare. Non-refundable fares will be given travel vouchers or credits. If American Airlines cancel his flight, then he can claim a refund regardless of fare type. In order to do so, the passenger has to request a refund. This can be done both online and offline. But remember that Award tickets can’t be refunded the same way. 

If you want to refund an award ticket, either visit the AAdvantage Section on or call the customer care number at 1-800-548-3192

If you want to claim a refund against a standard ticket bought with cash, follow these steps:

Request American Airlines Cancellation Refund Online

  1. First, visit the American Airlines website and scroll down.
  2. Now, select Receipts and Refunds and wait for the page to load.
  3. After that, find the Request a Refund link and click on it.
  4. On the new page, enter the ticket number and passenger’s last name and submit your claim. It is that easy.

Request American Airlines  Flight cancellation Refund Offline

Before attempting a refund offline, be sure to prepare the following:

  • Passenger name
  • Email or U.S. mail address
  • Reason for request
  • Various receipts
  • Your ticket number
  • The date of travel and lastly,
  • The arriving and departing cities.

Include these in a letter to the following address:

American Airlines,

4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd.

Phoenix, AZ 85034

Subject: Refund Request

Or you can fax it to the following:

  • 800-892-3447 within U.S.
  • 480-693-2759 for international use

How to Check Status of Your Refund After You Cancel American Airlines?

In order to check the status of your refund after you cancel American fight, you have to first visit the airline’s website at 

Now, follow these steps:

  1. You should scroll down and locate the Help tab.
  2. Then, find the option Receipts and Refunds under the tab and click it.
  3. On the new page, scroll down to the Refunds segment and click on Check the Status of a Refund.
  4. Now input the relevant details such as:
    1. Ticket number
    2. Passenger’s first and last name
  5. Lastly click on search to view the refund status.

American Airlines Compensation for Delays Flight

American Airlines Delayed Flight Compensation

Flights To and From EU

Flights To and From the US

Delay of

On a route of


Delay of

On a route of


3 Hours +

1500 Km


2 Hours

1500 Km

No compensation

4 to 5 Hours

1500 Km to 3500 Km


2 to 3 Hours

1500 to 3500 Km

200% of ticket value, OR $700

More than 5 Hours

More than 3500 Km


More than 3 Hours

More than 3500 Km

400% of ticket value, OR $1400

American Airlines Compensation Policy for Cancelled Flight

American Airlines Cancelled Flight Compensation

If the alternate flight is

The journey is of

Compensation Amount

Delayed for more than 3 hours

Less than 1500 Km


Between 1500 and 3500 Km


More than 3500 Km


When Can You Claim Compensation for Cancelled or Delayed American Airlines Flight?

There are certain rules and guidelines to claiming compensation when American Airlines canceling flights. 

  • The passenger has to first wait and ensure that at least 5 hours are gone before he can claim a compensation. 
  • Also, the airline will offer an alternate flight in most cases. 
  • If the American Airlines canceling flights causes the passenger to miss a connecting flight. 
  • Or the delay was more than 5 hours. 
  • Or if the connecting flight was not up to the mark, only then can a passenger claim a compensation. 
  • This compensation is also subject to American Airlines flight cancellations. 
  • Hence, it will take at least 14 days to process.

Conclusion: If 2020 taught us anything that would be probably being ahead of time and ready to face any kind of situation. Having a clear idea about how things work will give a lot of peace to the soul and the chances of getting lost will be narrowed down. So if you are someone who recently booked a ticket in American Airlines this article will help you in answering all your questions about canceling and how to get the most out of the ticket.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans. You can easily cancel your American airline’s flight but by visiting their official website and login in with your details and go to “my trip” and a tab will appear asking for your name and six-digit reference booking number. After entering all your details you can continue by clicking on “cancel my booking”. American Airlines will ask you to confirm your Cancellation after you confirm your Cancellation American Airlines will send you a mail that has details related to the refund.

Ans. It depends upon the kinds of class and fare you chose to fly. But, you can avoid the cancellation fee by canceling your ticket 24 hours from the point of booking. The 24-hour American airline’s cancellation policy applies for all kinds of tickets including basic economy tickets.

But if you want to cancel your ticket after 24 hours from the point of booking then you will be charged a Cancellation fee.

If you booked a basic economy ticket then you cannot cancel your ticket after 24 hours from the point of booking.

If you booked a non-refundable ticket then you will be charged around $200 to $750 depending upon domestic or international flight.

You will not be charged any Cancellation fee if you booked a refundable ticket and the refund is also done in the original form of payment.

Ans. You can get a refund if you booked a refundable ticket but if you booked a non-refundable ticket then you have to pay a certain amount as a Cancellation fee and the rest of the amount will be refunded in the form of credit that you use for your future flights.

Ans. You can get your money back if you bought a refundable ticket but if you happened to book any other kind of ticket you might have to pay a Cancellation amount and the left will be refunded in the form of credit.

However, if you cancel your ticket in the next 24 hours from the point of Cancellation then you can get your refund in the original payment mode.

Ans. As per the 24-hour cancellation policy, one can get a refund without paying any cancellation fee. This policy is also applicable to non-refundable tickets. But, if you cancel the ticket after 24 hours then you have to pay a Cancellation fee, and the rest of the amount after getting deducted will be refunded in the form of credit.

Ans. You can rebook your ticket anytime but to rebook your flight. Firstly, you have to go through the Cancellation process and book a new flight.

Ans. The charges of both Cancellation and flight change of American Airlines are almost the same. So you can pick anything that suits your situation.

Ans. Passenger can use the Manage Booking tool to cancel and rebook a flight as we have demonstrated earlier in the article. They can also do so over a phone call.

Ans. In order to cancel a flight with Miles, passengers can either log into their AAdvantage account and then handle flight cancellations as per the norm or contact the AAdvantage team offline and request a flight cancellation.

Ans. When the airline cancels, delays or disrupts a flight, it provides a Travel e-Voucher with the same value as the original fare. Passengers can use this voucher for future travel. If the flight was refundable, they can also redeem this voucher for a cash refund. To use an e-Voucher one has to know the voucher number and PIN.

Ans. American Trip credit is awarded when a passenger cancels a non-refundable flight. After deducting the cancellation fee, the remaining travel fund is converted into credits to be used for future travel. Passengers can use it at the time of making a trip purchase.

Ans. For payments made via a credit card, one can expect a refund within 7 working days. IF the payment was done through other means such as check or cash, then it can take up to 20 days for the refund to reflect into your banking statements.

Ans. In such cases, passengers are free to rebook a flight at zero costs or request a full cash refund. If certain conditions are met, then passengers can also claim a compensation

Ans. Although the airline has abolished cancellation fees on short haul and select long haul internation trips, alongside any domestic flights, you can further avoid it by cancelling the trip during the risk-free 24 hours and or purchasing a refundable fare.

Ans. Yes, other than several add-on services, the passenger is entitled to a full cash refund and an alternate flight if the airline cancels a trip. If the said alternate flight is not up to the mark then the passenger can also claim a compensation.

Ans. As per the new cancellation policy, passengers are free to cancel a trip outside the risk-free period, as long they have bought the ticket directly from the airline. Refundable tickets are free to cancel for domestic and short haul/long haul trips while a non-refundable ticket will be charged a cancellation fee. Passengers can’t cancel the basic economy fare.

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Comment by: Alisha Ferguson on Sun Aug 7th 2022

American airlines cancel flights without any information given. Because of this, such a frantic, disjointed trip experience was had by me! However, American Airlines' cancellation policy is quite tolerable. the unexpected postponements and cancellations. Miscommunication and maintenance problems, although a new reservation is guaranteed. Although it was a poor experience, airlines did their best. To avoid having my "new" flight be the next afternoon, I finally had to take a flight that was an hour from my house. Additionally, that flight was delayed. If I weren't experiencing this catastrophe, I wouldn't believe it myself.

Comment by: Walter Grady on Sat Jul 23rd 2022

This airline is the greatest, and its outstanding meal service is well worth mentioning. Most significantly, it consistently attends to its customers' needs, such as American Airlines change flight and cancellations, which is the primary interaction with the crew and was lavishly presented and aesthetically designed. I think other airlines and flight crews should fly American Airlines from time to time just to see what style means when it comes to offering service.

Comment by: Kelly Romans on Thu Jul 14th 2022

Amazing customer service manager at American is Charlotte Wilson. She became aware of our 36-person group and assisted us in reserving a cancelled flight. She helped us at every turn, from arranging a private bus to transport us to our hotel to arranging for the same bus to pick us up the following day and transport us back to the airport to arranging for dinner at Chick-Fil-A. We waited for our new flight for a long time. We were returning from an eight-day trip to the East Coast with middle and high school students, and she managed to secure permission to switch out a plane so that our group could fit on a flight. We are really happy we met her and that she was able to help us since she is amazing.

Comment by: Kelly Romans on Tue Jul 5th 2022

Worst fears came true. Eight unforeseen delays and American airlines flight cancellations, and they never even started to look for their passengers. This wasn't a leisurely flight—I had to make it to my cousin's wedding. I think the company is lying when it says it has just enough employees to manage the airline. When you add your own delays to those of people who boarded flights before you that were either cancelled or delayed, it becomes hard to travel outside of a hub city. It's time to return to the trains. I am not joking.

Comment by: Luella Tidwell on Tue Jun 21st 2022

I live in New York but have customers all around the country. American airlines are always my first choice for a flight; their app and constant updates are excellent. American airlines cancellations and delays are extremely rare. The service of this airline is far better than the other airlines and when the schedule dictates I take the next available flight. Love to travel with American airlines.

Comment by: Audrey Hamilton on Thu Jun 2nd 2022

Cancelled American Airlines flights are now common!!!! How can i even explain this…At 11 o'clock, I'm held at O'Hare along with about 300 other passengers who are also stuck because of the cancellation. The line is longer than two football fields. The flight that might take me to my destination tomorrow was just made known to me. They can do this even if the weather is poor. However, at least they tried. I won't get there till tomorrow night at ten o'clock. We were allowed to feel a small amount of sympathy for their total lack of execution. If I could submit a picture of this line, I would. full support on their end. I would never try to spend any money on a flight in bad weather where there are plenty of cancellations.

Comment by: Johnny Stephens on Fri May 20th 2022

American Airlines is the best company to travel. If you are thinking of booking a trip with them, without any doubt go for it. I’ve had 6 trip cancellations and I am pleased with the way American airlines handled each and every transaction. They only care about passengers. American airline cancellation policy is very flexible and I didn’t face any problem while cancelling tickets. I love to travel with them in the future.

Comment by: Clara Raffaele on Thu May 12th 2022

The American Airlines cancellation policy stuns passengers. I recently booked a round-trip first class ticket directly through the American Airlines website. They have altered my flights numerous times without checking to make sure I am receiving the level of service I paid for, but nothing has changed. Examples include switching the ticket tier from first to economy class and eliminating my preferred seat from the flight. First class tickets were unavailable to me, and attempts to rebook them were fruitless. Be careful while buying from American Airlines. For myself, my friends, and my family, I am certain that I will avoid them in the future.

Comment by: Beth Fields on Tue Mar 1st 2022

American Airlines cancelled due to flight staff issues. We were not able to make connecting flight to Bahamas. Had to reschedule another airline. No refund!!

Comment by: Bernie vodzak on Sat Feb 26th 2022

Booked a trip to orlando had to cancel due to family emergency trip was for four people 3 tickets fully refunded one was not ? Nice consistent policy you can count on American Airlines never again

Comment by: Puneet on Thu Feb 24th 2022

My flight was cancelled and an alternate flight was provided after 5+ hours. I tried to get help from crew but they didnot even offer to help. Alternate flight was 5 hours longer with multiple stops.

Comment by: Brenda Martinez on Mon Feb 21st 2022

American Airlines need to change their police on a non refundable ticket. I had bought a ticket for my mother traveling from Nicaragua to Miami right before the pandemic started she supposed to come here on March but that’s when the pandemic started her Dr. Recomendad do not travel because her condition she is 85 years old. Since then I have been trying to get the money back plus the airlines isn’t travel to Nicaragua. I haven’t had any good response from them, because it was a non refundable ticket. My mother can’t travels any more she had Covid and her health Isn’t good for her to travel. What should I do?

Comment by: Barbara M Goddyn on Fri Feb 18th 2022

I booked my flight through orbits. My locator is XKMGVN. If I cancel will I have to pay a cancelation fee? If I do, what would it be?

Comment by: Paula Berkey on Thu Jan 27th 2022

I have to cancel and rebook my flight because of Covid. A letter from AA dated 3/29/2021 states they will waive fees until 3/31/2022. The rep told me I will be charged a cancellation fee, even though I’m going to rebook in March.

Comment by: Antonio on Thu Jan 13th 2022

Cancelling flights is difficult. Obviously they use outside people from another country to speak with and some are very rude. American should change their name to Non-American and rude! Won't ever book with this airline again. Southwest is awesome!

Comment by: KUNAL on Sat Oct 30th 2021

I book a flight but I do not have any idea that for stay in us we need visa so i request a refund but i do not get that

Comment by: Ramona on Fri Oct 22nd 2021

American Airlines canceled the flight on us, and I would like the compensation as I am now out hotel reservations, car reservations and tour reservations. We tried to catch a later flight, but there were no more

Comment by: M K on Wed Aug 25th 2021

Flight was cancelled at the last minute. 17 hour wait to talk to AA. We booked ourselves on another airline and drove 5 hours to get out the same day. Called AA and ticket price was refunded but they are refusing to pay for difference to get new flight. Will be fighting this - not happy at the additional $1,027 that was spent to get to my destination on time when we had an unchangeable 4 hour window to see family member on the other end.

Comment by: Sadie Moore on Tue Jun 22nd 2021

Best ground staff and cabin crew, comfortable air carrier with flexible cancellation/credit policies. They gave me flight credit to book one in the future without any extra charge. American airlines cancellation policy is very profitable to the customers.

Comment by: Nancy Jennings on Wed May 12th 2021

Honestly speaking American airlines cancellation policy is more comfortable for customers. I experienced it with the American airlines, once I booked a ticket, but because of health conditions I called the customer support executive to cancel my ticket, he asked to select one option either to reschedule my flight or refund with minor charges. I selected a refund and got my money back.

Comment by: Patricia Merz on Tue Apr 27th 2021

My boyfriend and I had to switch flights due to American airlines cancelling their flights. The customer support executive did everything that is possible to make an easy and smooth transition. At last we got another flight and reached home happily.

Comment by: Adam Bell on Fri Apr 16th 2021

I love flying with American Airlines, because they provide well organized and polite services. You can rely on American airlines. They will send alerts as soon as possible and let the customers know about American Airlines flight cancellation or delay and will provide an alternative.

Comment by: Joshua Thomas on Tue Apr 6th 2021

I accidentally cancelled my flight, and for refund I approached customer care for refund. The customer support executive was very friendly and he said that it was cancelled within 24 hours. So according to the American airlines 24 hour cancellation policy I am eligible to get a full refund. I got my money back and thanks to the American airlines staff.

Comment by: David Dolan on Thu Mar 25th 2021

As the situation is getting worse in this pandemic situation all the air carriers are cancelling their flights. I was about to move to Miami from New York city for some official work, but unfortunately American airlines cancelled all their flights, but luckily the flight which I had booked was the last flight to fly. I reached my destination without any interruption.

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