Allegiant Air Change Flight Policy

Allegiant Air Change Flight Policy

Passengers can use the official website of Allegiant Air to make relevant changes to flight bookings online.

  • Passengers can visit the official website of Allegiant Air to begin the process of flight change via an online medium.
allegiant air flight change process
  • Passengers can sign in to their official account of allegiant air on any web browser.
login to change allegiant flight
  • Passengers can use the ticket number and their surname to view the current reservation.
use manage booking to change allegiant flight
  • Passengers can choose a new flight from the displayed list available on the web screen and make the required amendments to the existing travel schedule.
  • All passengers are liable to pay the variance in ticket prices of the existing flight and the new flight that has been reserved.
  • Allegiant Air Flight Change Policy creates awareness amongst passengers about different parameters they need to keep in mind while making a change to their travel booking on Allegiant Air.

Allegiant Air Change Flight Process via Mobile Application:

The following steps facilitate passengers to make allegiant air change flight via the mobile app.

allegiant app to change flight
  • Passengers need to sign in to the application.
  • Now the passenger needs to retrieve his booking by entering required information such as reference number and his last name.
  • Passengers can now view the existing booking on the screen.
  • Passengers can click the option “Change Flight/Cancel”. This option helps in making relevant changes to the current flight reservation.
  • Passengers can fill in the pre-requisite details through the mobile app and carry on a flight search.
  • Now a suitable flight can be chosen from the available options displayed.
  • Passengers can continue to make relevant Allegiant Air change Flight by selecting a new flight of their choice.
  • After confirming the changes, payment methods can be chosen.
  • Now the travel booking is ready to be sent to the passenger via SMS or Email.

The Process to Change Passengers on Allegiant Air:

  • Passengers need to open the website they used to make the Allegiant Air reservations in the first place.
  • Now click on the login button to make a successful login.
  • Use the email credentials to access your account on the website chosen for booking.
  • Navigate the cursor to manage the booking window.
  • Now enter the details such as name and booking reference number in the appropriate fields to access your reservation.
  • As soon as the reservation is displayed, look for the option to edit your name, make the required changes and save them.
  • Passengers are required to upload a relevant document which validates the name that has been changed such as a copy of passport, driving license.
  • The name change may involve a nominal fee to make the relevant changes.
  • Passengers can complete this process by clicking the finish button given at the end of the screen.

Passengers can raise specific queries for Allegiant Air Name change either with the reservations team or the customer service team for seeking a suitable recommendation to make the appropriate change.

How to Change the Date and Time on Allegiant Air?

  • Open the website of Allegiant Air
  • Now use your email id and password to login
  • Enter the ticket reference number followed by your last name.
  • Once the reservation opens, click on the option edit Date and Time.
  • Then you’re required to add new date and time of the flight and then click ‘ apply a trip ‘ flex feature
  • Confirm the changes and pay the ticket price variance as applicable.
  • Passengers will receive the updated reservation details with the new date and time on their email.
  • This completes Allegiant Airline Change Flight Date & Time Process.

How to Manage Allegiant Air Reservations?

  • Open the official website of Allegiant airlines or directly visit at
  • You’re required to add your account details to login.
  • Use the reference number and your surname to open the current reservation, under the Manage Booking window.
  • The reservation will be displayed on the screen.
  • Passengers can use the ticket reference number to view the flight confirmation status.
  • Manage Booking sections facilitates passengers to make suitable changes to the flight itinerary in a convenient manner.
  • Any relevant changes which are to be included in the existing travel itinerary, can now be added with the Edit Booking option.
  • Passengers need to confirm and save relevant changes to complete the managed reservations process for Allegiant Air.

Allegiant Air Flight Change Process:

There are numerous methods to exercise the allegiant air flight change process, each method assists passengers to change their flight very easily and conveniently.

  • Passengers are facilitated by Allegiant airline to make changes to their travel plans one hour before the scheduled flight, via the trip flex feature offered by the airline.
  • Applicable change fee is $75 for each passenger, who does not exercise the trip flex feature to make changes as per allegiant air flight change policy. These changes can be completed 7 days prior to scheduled travel.
  • Though Allegiant air change fee is charged, passengers can make a valid change to the travel schedule only once. The travel credit or travel amount is not refunded to the passenger.
  • Passengers are directly responsible for any changes in prices of service related products such as airfare, accommodation, and price of renting a car for airport transfer or city travel.
  • Passengers need to create an account on the website of Allegiant airlines.
  • In order to retrieve their booking, passengers can use their booking id and surname.
  • Passengers can make a change to their flight online via the website of the airline through the Manage Booking tab.
  • Passengers are required to enter mandatory details such as First name, Last Name and booking confirmation details in the respective fields.
  • In order to view the reservation details the ‘ Find my Trip ‘ option can be used.
  • Available flights can be chosen from the list displayed on the screen.
  • All changes must be saved and differences in fare should be paid to confirm the new Allegiant air flight.
  • Passengers must be aware of allegiant air flight change policy well in advance so that changes in their flight can be done smoothly and allegiant air change fee can be avoided.

Allegiant Air Flight Change Fee

The passengers can change their flight to any other scheduled Allegiant flight(s) at no additional cost. But might be charged for fare differences. This is applicable for all the passengers either belonging to the Economy or Business class.

Another option is that the airlines will give Credit Voucher for future travel if there is any credit due (after the deduction of any applicable fees). All Allegiant Air Flight Changes can be done without using the trip flex feature in the following way:

  1. All changes for Allegiant Air must be completed 7 days before the scheduled travel.
  2. Allegiant Air Change Fee is $ 75 per passenger on each trip. Passengers also need to pay the ticket price difference applicable during that time.
  3. All changes made without the trip flex feature are non-refundable in nature.
  4. Any travel credit or difference paid by the passenger is not applicable for a refund.
  5. All travel itineraries cannot be transferred to someone else or refunded to the passenger.
  6. It is the responsibility of the customers to manage all changes within air travel prices, accommodation fares and price changes in car rental services due to a change in travel itinerary for Allegiant Air.
  7. Many passengers utilize the trip flex feature to amend their travel itineraries created for Allegiant Air.
  8. Passengers receive flexibility to make the changes one hour before the scheduled flight via the trip flex feature.
  9. All changes to any vacation packages should be done 72 hours before the scheduled flight. All service related products such as accommodation and vehicle rental prices may change based on availability.
  10. Allegiant Air however retains aircraft cost and the fee charged during reservation.
  11. All travel itineraries can neither be transferred nor can be refunded to the passengers.
  12. Trip Flex only provides flexibility that it doesn’t charge an allegiant air change fee to passengers making changes via this feature to their travel booking.

Table of Allegiant Change Flight Fee

Allegiant Air Change Fee

Fare TypeTime of change
24-hour Risk-free PeriodAfter the Risk-Free PeriodSame-Day Changes

Tickets without Trip Flex

Allegiant BasicFree$75Not Allowed
AwardFree$75Not Allowed

Tickets with Trip Flex

Allegiant BonusFreeFreeFree
Allegiant TotalFreeFreeFree
Award FreeFreeFree

Suggestions to Avoid Flight Change Fee:

  • All changes must be made 24 hours after the ticket is purchased.
  • It is recommended to make sure of all the details of the flight a minimum of 60 days prior to the scheduled flight.
  • Passengers can buy an open ticket which provides the flexibility to amend travel plans within an extended period till the ticket is valid.
  • Frequent Flier Miles or Club Membership with the airline helps to avoid change fees.

Seat Change Process for Allegiant Air:

  • Allegiant flights offer seats which are comfortable at an economical cost. Passengers can select a seat during the reservation of the flight.
  • A passenger can also opt for a seat with extra leg space available near the exit
  • Passengers can select a pre – booked seat at the time of reservation from the seat map displayed on the website.
  • During check – in procedure, passengers are allocated seats by default without paying any additional cost.
  • Passengers can view the pre-allocated seats. Passengers can request for an upgrade as per their eligibility.
  • In order to change the seat, passengers can use the Manage booking option on website.
  • Passengers can click change seat under the Manage Booking tab on the website and make a seat selection of their choice.
  • Passengers should login into their official accounts to access the manage reservations section.
  • Now click on the change seat option to change the seat.
  • Pay the applicable fee as displayed on the screen and save the changes.
  • The details of seat allocation will be shared with the passenger.
  • Passengers can visit the ticket counter at the airport to complete Allegiant Air Seat Change Process.

Allegiant Air Same Day Flight Changes:

If a passenger needs to exercise same day flight changes on Allegiant air he can use the trip flex facility to make relevant flight changes one hour before the scheduled flight. This can be done free of cost without the passenger requiring to pay the change fee to complete this process.

The passenger can also request the ground staff or reservations team to complete the same day flight changes one hour before the scheduled flight by exercising a trip flex feature.

Allegiant Air Flight Change Policy:

  • All passengers can make changes as per Allegiant Air Flight Change Policy by following the below terms laid down in the policy.
  • All changes to the flight should be made 7 days in advance from scheduled travel without applying the trip flex feature.
  • All flight changes charge an Allegiant Air Change Fee which costs $ 75 for each trip.
  • All changes cannot be refunded or transferred to another passenger.
  • A travel credit is issued for a period of 2 years which cannot be extended after its expiry.
  • Passengers who book with a trip flex feature can make changes to their flight one hour before the flight departs with no additional fee.
  • All changes for vacation packages can be amended 72 hours before the flight. The ticket price difference is a non-refundable component.
  • Any kind of flight changes or cancellation made within 24 hours of purchase of the tickets are done free of charge without paying a single penny.
  • A travel voucher is issued to passengers who make changes with the trip flex feature.

Trip Flex Feature:

The trip flex feature facilitates passengers to reschedule their flight or make changes to their travel itinerary one hour before the scheduled trip. None of the ticket components are transferable or refundable to a passenger. The only advantage of this feature is no additional fee is charged for making any changes. Travel credit for 2 years is issued which cannot be extended once it expires.

Allegiant Flight Change Policy for Award Tickets

Allegiant change flight policy for Award tickets allows the passenger to change a flight purchased via rewards points. However, if the person has used the the points/credits to purchase a Saver fare then he has to pay the relevant fee.

The change fee is the same as other tickets.

Allegiant Flight Change Policy for Tickets with Trip Flex

Allegiant airline offers an add-on known as Trip Flex with its bundles: Allegiant Bonus and Total. The add-on has certain benefits. One such benefit is to cancel or change flights without paying. But it is a one time use.
Other features included are:

  • Passengers can change a flight 2 days prior departure instead of a week.
  • Same-day changes are allowed for free.
  • If the changed flight is cheaper, the airline will offer travel credits for the balance amount.

Allegiant Flight Change Policy for Standard Tickets

These include Saver fare as part of the Allegiant Basic bundle. These tickets do not enjoy free changes. A passenger has to pay $75 for any changes. Also, you can only change a flight within the risk-free period. Otherwise, the airline allow any changes, although you can cancel and rebook the trip.


Allegiant airlines are known for redefining travel parameters for their passengers by providing them convenient and simple modes of air travel. It offers daily air travel for all cities across the USA at a fairly economical cost. The airline is known for creating a memorable travel experience for its passengers.
It focuses on providing the means to travel from one city to another. Passengers choose to travel via Allegiant airlines to receive a valuable service at an economical cost. Allegiant Air flight change, the process holds importance for passengers who choose this airline for their travel.

Bottom Line: is your travel partner and facilitates you to make relevant flight changes to your existing trip whenever required and confirm the new changes to your booking by selecting the relevant mode of payment. Allegiant Airline utilizes multiple channels to change their flights and enhance the travel experience of passengers in the long term.

The article explores specific guidelines under each channel for Allegiant Air Flight Change Process to be exercised by passengers.

Allegiant Air Change Flight FAQs

Q1. Can passengers change their flight with Allegiant?

Ans. Yes, passengers can do so but passengers might be charged for fare differences. Passengers can contact the Allegiant Air Reservations Customer Care Center for any further queries.

Q2. Can passengers cancel Allegiant flights along with money back?

Ans. Yes, the passengers can cancel their reservations. Also, they’ll be given the full amount of credit but in the form of an allegiant voucher which is redeemable in form of flight booking for two years from the initial reservation date.

Q3. How much does it cost to change or cancel an Allegiant Air flight?

Ans. Though passengers don’t have to bear any additional expenses for flight change, yet they’re liable to pay for fare differences if any.

Q4. Can you get a refund on Cancelled Allegiant Air flights?

Ans. Yes, the amount will be refunded fully if the request is made within 24 hours of purchase ; also the trip shall be at least 7 days away.

Q5. Does a passenger have to pay for a seat assignment on Allegiant?

Ans. A passenger checks in, a seat is automatically assigned on the normal ticket fare. But if a passenger checks in online they can view the seat assigned to them and upgrade it if they want.

Q6. How much does it cost to change an Allegiant flight?

Ans. If you own a Saver fare then you have to pay $75 per change. Trip Flex users are exempted from any change fee.

Q7. How much does trip Flex cost on Allegiant?

Ans. Trip Flex scales as per the ticket cost. Nominally it will cost you around $8 – $35
.First, visit the Allegiant website and login your account.
.Then click on View upcoming Trips.
.After that, select the flight you want to change and click on edit.
.Make your changes and pay the fare difference and change fee if applicable.

Q8. How do I change my return flight with Allegiant?

Ans. .First, visit the Allegiant website and login your account.
.Then click on View upcoming Trips.
.After that, select the flight you want to change and click on edit.
.Make your changes and pay the fare difference and change fee if applicable.

Q9. How can I get on an earlier flight without paying extra?

Ans: If you are holding a Trip Flex ticket or changing the flight within the 24-hour risk-free period, then you can get an earlier flight without paying any extra charges.

Q10. What does trip Flex on Allegiant mean?

Ans. Trip Flex is an add-on feature that offers a few services not provided with basic tickets. One such benefit is free changes and cancellations.

Q11. Is it possible to make a flight change for free in Allegiant Air?

Ans. Yes, the passenger needs to purchase a Trip Flex add-on or change the flight during the 24-hour risk-free cancellation period.

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