How to upgrade seat on Qatar Airways

How to upgrade seat on Qatar Airways

A cash and point upgrade offer can be obtained one or two weeks before the departure of your flight, and there are other options to arrange an upgrade with Qatar Airways before it leaves. The price of a Qatar Airways upgrade can range from USD 200 to USD 4,999, depending on your itinerary and fare class. However, this is still less expensive than a complete Business or First Class ticket. You won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of a Qatar upgrade, such as access to a first-class airport lounge or more luggage allowance, even though it would put you in the next class.

Qatar Airways Seat Upgrade

Upgrade your seat to improve your travel experience with Qatar Airlines. To get a better seat on Qatar Airlines:

  • Go to the official website of Qatar Airways.
  • Use your booking reference and last name to access your booking or log into your Privilege Club account.
  • Check your reservation and select the “Seat Selection” or “Upgrade” option.
  • Consider the alternatives for upgrading your seat, including Business Class or First Class seats.
  • Select the appropriate upgrade and adhere to the instructions to finish the process.
  • Pay the upgrade’s applicable fees.
  • Upon confirmation, a new boarding pass with your upgraded seat will be sent to you.

Upgrade options may vary based on fare class and number of passengers on the aircraft. Visit the Qatar Airways website or contact customer care for the most recent details and particular upgrade choices.

Ways to Upgrade in Qatar Airways?

Check out the different ways you may work with us to book an upgrade on Qatar Airways. You can check if upgrades are available a few days before your trip. Consider the following options to help you improve your reservation: 

  • On the Call – Contact a competent contact centre agent from the airline to get assistance with your upgrade request. Call Qatar Airways seven days a week, at any time of day or night.
  • At Hamad International Airport, Doha – When travelling from Doha to your ultimate destination, stop by the designated “Qatar Business Class Upgrade” counter to obtain an upgrade. Hamad International Airport (HIA) is situated in the Market Hall. Should your journey begin in Doha, you can proceed to the booth to make a request following immigration and check-in procedures.
  • Online – The “Manage Booking” area is where you can request an upgrade to Business Class on Qatar Airways. Additionally, you can ask for it when you check-in. 
  • Through Mobile App – Visit “My Trips” on the Qatar Airways mobile app after installation to add your upcoming trip to your dashboard. This ensures you obtain any upgrade packages that Qatar Airways has for your trip.

Qatar Airways Upgrade Offer

If available, an upgrade offer from Qatar Airways will normally be sent to you one or two weeks before your flight’s scheduled departure time. As upgrade requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis, please check your email to see whether you have received an offer. 

Aside from using the mobile app on your phone and the Upgrade on Departure counter at Hamad International Airport, you can also look for upgrade deals online using My Trips (Manage My Booking).

The First- Rate Experience With Qatar Airways at the Airport 

Qatar Airways First Class Lounge

One of the best things about travelling first class in Qatar is having accessibility to the exquisite but limited Al Safwa first-class club, which offers a la carte meals, personal bedrooms, and decor designed by the Museum of Islamic Art.

First-Class Check-in on Qatar Airways

If the flight arrives from Doha Hamad International Airport, you can attend the first class in an exclusive area. Guests can settle down at their comfortable private desks in the designated area throughout the check-in procedure. 

Benefits of First Class Travel on Qatar Airways

Undoubtedly, the highlight of any trip on a Qatar Airways A380 is visiting the top deck premium lounge, a lounge bar area behind the first-class and business-class cabins. The bar is for more than just first-class passengers; anyone in any cabin can use it. 

There are two roomy bathrooms at the cabin’s entrance (soon to be replaced by a shower) in the first-class cabin. 

In 2022, Qatar also began incorporating products from the high-end French fragrance brand Diptique into its amenity kits. Furthermore, Qatar Airways’ A380s have been fitted with Wi-Fi. You also receive a large 26-inch personal screen from Qatar called Oryx One that provides the whole line of in-flight entertainment. 

Qatar Airways Upgrade Types

The airline offers Qatar Airways flight upgrades to accommodate a wide range of passenger preferences and travel requirements. Thanks to these Qatar enhancements, passengers may improve their trip with extra comforts and benefits. The primary categories of upgrades offered in Qatar are listed below:

First Class Upgrade on Qatar Airlines

  • First-class cabins on Qatar Airlines are opulent and exclusive, including plush couches and separate suites.
  • Travellers benefit from personalised amenities, designer toiletries, plush bedding, and round-the-clock concierge services.
  • Unmatched comfort, sophistication, and individualised attention characterise the first-class experience on Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airlines Upgrade For the Cabin

  • The airline uses high-quality materials, sophisticated patterns, and opulent aesthetics to improve the interiors of the cabins.
  • Passengers benefit from improved seating configurations that offer more comfort, legroom, and private space.
  • A calm and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere is created by sophisticated décor, including ambient lighting.

Upgrades to In-Flight Entertainment

  • A wide range of entertainment options are available on Qatar Airlines, including games, movies, TV series, and music. 
  • Passengers can easily select and enjoy their preferred content with on-demand entertainment systems.
  • Modern audio systems and high-definition screens create a fun and engaging entertainment experience.

Upgrades in Technology and Connectivity

  • With the improved Wi-Fi access provided by this Qatar Airlines update, travellers can stay connected while travelling.
  • For business and leisure travellers, seamless connectivity is made possible by advanced communication technology.
  • The airline uses technology to offer a contemporary, networked travel experience.

Culinary Upgrade

  • Famous chefs and Qatar Airways work together to provide outstanding dishes that highlight a variety of cuisines.
  • Gourmet meals are made using the best ingredients and carefully presented.
  • Innovative food options are offered to accommodate different dietary needs and tastes.


Although Qatar Airways offers first-rate service to all its passengers, regardless of the seats chosen, the advantages of premium classes are very alluring. For this reason, many passengers on Qatar Airways choose to be upgraded. Whichever strategy you decide on will get you closer to having an amazing flying experience. To improve your trip experience, upgrade your amenities to a higher class even if you initially decide to reserve an economy seat.


Is there a premium economy in Qatar?

The airline has consistently been towards a premium economy. According to the airlines, the economy class of Qatar Airways is the premium economy. Any economy class seat offers substantially better inflight service than a premium one.

What happens if only one traveller is upgraded to a better class?

To be eligible for this offer, each person named on the booking reference must purchase the upgrade. This deal cannot be applied to a passenger named in the booking reference.

How much does Qatar Airlines’ business class cost?

Numerous variables affect the cost of a Business Class ticket on Qatar Airlines. Generally speaking, the typical Business Class booking ticket for overseas travel will cost between $3000 and USD 5,000.

Is upgrading to Qatar worth it?

If you’re looking for more facilities and comfort, the Qatar Airways Upgrade Program is a wise decision. Travelling in Business and similar classes can be very comfortable on long trips. Passengers can utilise their frequent flyer miles to upgrade from economy to business class and beyond.

How can I see if I’m eligible for an upgrade on Qatar Airways?

On the day of your flight, you can check for possible upgrades at the airport kiosk or check-in counter, depending on your price class and available space. If seats are still available in a higher class, Qatar Airways might provide last-minute upgrades for a price.