Finnair Reservations

Finnair Reservations

Finnair was launched on 1st November 1923, it originated in Helsinki in Finland. It is headquartered at Vantaa in Finland. Finnair Airlines is a well-known passenger carrier and a cargo transporter too.

Finnair is a preferred airline which connects continents such as Asia and Europe. Its fleet size consists of around 80 airplanes which are mainly airbuses. Finland aims at connecting people and assisting them to experience the world. Finnair aims to provide faster connectivity between various destinations in Europe.

Finnair believes in providing comfortable travel with fewer emissions which contributes to the environment as a sustainable practice. This article highlights the importance of Finnair reservations for passengers traveling by Finnair airline.

Book on Finnair Reservations through the official website:

Finnair Reservations

The process of booking flights on Finnair through their official website is extremely easy. Let’s understand the process of Finnair reservations by following the below steps.

  • Visit the official website of Finnair
  • Passengers can log in to the website of the airline from any browser.
  • On the home screen the option of “Finding and Booking Flights” is visible and click on this option.
  • Make a valid choice of the trip being chosen either one way or round trip.
  • Now specify the departing and arrival airports in the specified fields.
  • Passengers need to specify the total number of passengers for a single reservation.
  • Make a selection of the class of travel such as Economy or Business.
  • Make a valid selection of the dates of travel and the timing of the flight.
  • After this information is entered you will be able to view the prices offered by Finnair for the flight options. Press the book now button and make your valid selection.
  • Personal details of the passenger need to be entered and then proceed for payment.
  • The last step helps you confirm the Finnair airlines reservations.
  • Finnair Airlines also operates in the USA hence passengers can make Finnair Reservations within the USA as well.

Finnair Reservations Via Finnair App:

Finnair Reservations Via Finnair App

Making a Finnair airline reservation is very simple via the Finnair App.

  • Finnair mobile application needs to be downloaded.
  • Now log in to the Finnair app with the username and password or create a new account.
  • On the manage booking tab select the option “Find flights & Book”
  • Make a valid choice of the trip whether one way or round trip.
  • Now specify the departing and arrival airports.
  • Specify clearly your travel dates.
  • Specify clearly the number of passengers traveling in a single reservation with the appropriate categorization such as Adults & children.
  • Make a choice for the different classes of travel such as Economy class or Business class.
  • Once this is chosen the flight options will reflect with the appropriate price press book now option to proceed.
  • Ensure all details of the passenger traveling are added appropriately.
  • Define the mode of payment, the confirmed booking will be mailed to your email
  • Passengers can make a new reservation via the Finnair app easily in a technologically savvy way.

Download link of Finnair Mobile App: – iPhone – Android

Reservations via for Finnair:

  • Passenger must open the website link for
  • Now fill the displayed form for reservations.
  • Now fill in the specific fields to search flights as per the need of the passenger.
  • All passengers must select travel dates and cities for travel.
  • Personal information for passengers can be mentioned in the form provided.
  • After payment travel booking stands are confirmed.
  • Travel details are ready and can be shared with passengers.

Finnair Reservations Phone Number:

Finnair Airlines is a centralized reservation system on the following Finnair reservations phone number: +44-870-241-4411 for the UK; In the USA the Finnair Booking Reservations can be contacted with the following Finnair booking phone number which is: +358 9 818 0800.

Seat Reservations on Finnair:

Seat Reservations on Finnair

Reserving a seat on Finnair is a simple and user-friendly process you can follow the below steps to reserve a seat with Finnair reservations.

  • Log in to the official website of Finnair Airlines here is the login link-
  • Click on the option “Finding and booking flights” button.
  • Departure and Arrival destinations can be selected.
  • Specify the total number of passengers with the appropriate categorization of Adults & Children.
  • A Schedule of travel can be made.
  • Now from the seat map select the appropriate seat.
  • If you are a Finnair club member you can use the reward points to upgrade your class of travel and seat.
  • The customer service can be contacted if another alternate airline has issued the ticket to the passenger to make the seat changes on Finnair Airlines.
  • All children below 12 years will be seated with an adult traveling as a group or as a family.
  • Passengers can book Finnair seat reservations by carefully understanding the Finnair Flight Reservations procedure.

Manage Booking Feature at Finnair:

  • Open the website of Finnair Airlines or simply visit at
  • Now login with username and password.
  • On the home screen, click on the Manage Booking tab
  • This enables passengers to view the upcoming bookings with Finnair and passengers can also make relevant edits to their desired booking whenever they want before the risk-free period ends.
  • Any changes made after 24 hours of purchasing the ticket will be chargeable in nature.

Baggage Policy at Finnair:

Baggage Policy at Finnair

Passengers can use the Finnair reservations to plan and execute their next trip with the Finnair airline. It is important for any passenger traveling by Finnair airlines to understand and implement the Baggage policy of Finnair Airlines.

Baggage allowance for carrying on Baggage on Finnair:

  • Finnair baggage policy states that business class passengers are allowed to bring along 2 bags per passenger as hand luggage with a measurement of 56X45X25 Cms.
  • Apart from this, they can carry a single personal belonging with a dimension of 40 X 30 X 15 cms. A weight measurement of the bags should not be more than 10 Kilos.
  • Baggage policy permits economy class travelers to carry-on only a single piece of personal belonging and hand baggage which measures 56X45X25 cms. In its dimensions. The total permitted weight in economy class is 8 Kgs.
  • Cameras, Laptop bags, and briefcases, and small-sized backpacks are considered for personal belonging in a carry-on baggage allowance.

Checked Baggage allowance on Finnair:

  • Business-class passengers are allowed to carry 2 checked baggage on board with them. However, for an intercontinental airline such as traveling towards Japan, you can carry three checks in baggage on board with you.
  • Baggage weight for Business class passengers is up to 32 Kgs.
  • Economy class passengers are permitted to carry one bag as checked baggage and on an intercontinental airline, the passenger is allowed two check-in baggage which they can carry onboard.
  • The weight of baggage allowed on the economy class of travel is 23 Kgs.
  • Thus, Passengers can choose Finnair reservations to plan their travel effectively and smoothly.

Finnair Check-In Procedures:

Passengers are provided the flexibility to check-in into the Finnair airline through multiple channels. This section discusses each channel and its usage for check-in procedures. Nowadays passengers do not follow traditional ways of checking the aircraft.

Online Check-in on Finnair Airline:

Passengers are permitted for online check-in 36 hours before the aircraft departs. Passengers can visit the official website and follow the on-screen instructions to complete check-in procedures.

Mobile Check-in:

  • Passengers can download the Finnair App on their phone or tablet respectively.
  • Now login with the Username and Password.
  • With the booking number and last name open your current reservation.
  • Validate all the information and personal details on the reservation and now click on Generate E-boarding card.
  • Passengers can save the digital boarding card on their smartphone or tablet and show the same at the time of boarding.

Airport Check-in:

  • In airport check-in, passengers can avail themselves of 2 kinds of check-in options.
  • Either they can check-in via the ticket counter or self-check-in through the airport kiosk.
  • On the airport kiosk, the passengers can generate a boarding card by providing the booking reference number and last name,
  • this opens their current reservation.
  • Passengers can click on the check-in option and then generate the boarding card.
  • Once the boarding card is generated on the screen, passengers can print the boarding card from the airport kiosk.
  • On the ticket counter, passengers can check-in by seeking assistance from the ground staff of Finnair Airline.

Types of Fare Classes in Finnair Airlines:

If passengers would like to book flights with Finnair Airlines, they need to understand the different classes of travel offered by the airline while making Finnair Reservations. There is 2 class of travel options offered by Finnair which are Business Class and Economy Class.

Features of Business Class:

If passengers have used Finnair Reservations to book a Business Class travel, they would be able to enjoy an exclusive menu offering tasty meals and beverages.

The Business Class travel ensures top-rated services and hospitality offered to passengers making their journey both comfortable and enjoyable.

Airport Transfers with Finnair:

Finnair Airlines Reservations permits Business Class travelers to avail free of cost airport transfers from the Helsinki Airport to their place of stay. Passengers also enjoy free access to the airport lounge; priority check-in and many other benefits.

Features of Economy Class:

Finnair Reservations in Economy Class permits passengers to travel at their convenience at an affordable price. Passengers traveling via economy class can fly on cheaper fares.

  • Offers and Eco-Friendly fleet: Finnair Airlines is the most preferred passenger airline because it produces extremely less amount of carbon emissions in midair.
  • Offers comfort in seating options: The Finnair aircraft are well equipped to provide comfortable seats to make the passengers’ travel journey easy and enjoyable. The only condition here is, if you book a seat in advance in Economy Class you will have to pay an additional fee to book the seat in advance.
  • Offers tasteful snacks and beverages: Finnair Airlines offers a multi-cuisine menu to choose appetizing snacks and beverages while passengers are midair.

Reasons to choose Finnair for travel:

Finnair Airlines promotes a comfortable mode of travel at a pocket-friendly price. The Finnair Staff is extremely courteous and caring towards managing the needs of passengers during the travel. Passengers can enjoy in-flight entertainment during long haul flights. Finnair assists passengers with all the necessary flight information which comes in handy during travel in the Finnair Application. Hence, passengers choose to fly Finnair whenever they can.

What can passengers expect while travelling on Finnair Flight?

Passengers are given a home-like treatment while in the sky. They are given the privilege to enjoy all kinds of essential services offered by Finnair Airlines that could make their journey a memorable one. Passengers can not only entertain themselves with the extensive list of movies and TV Shows but at the same time, they can shop during their travel on the airline. Passengers can purchase a suitable Wi-fi package either while making Finnair Reservations or after they board the aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

Q – 1. Can a passenger trip with an infant on Finnair Flight?

Ans: Yes, all Finnair Flights permit passengers to travel with an infant who should be a minimum of 2 days. Finnair defines infants who age between 0 – 2 years, these babies mostly travel on their parent’s lap; hence they do not require a separate seat reservation. Children with an age group varying between 2 to 11 years require a proper seat booking to fly with Finnair.

Q – 2. Is it necessary to notify Finnair Airline while travelling with an infant?

Ans: Yes, it is the passenger’s duty to inform the airline prior to their travel while travelling with an infant so that the cabin crew can provide you relevant assistance during their travel in long haul or domestic flights. Finnair offers specially designed meals for the baby based on their nutritional needs.

Q – 3. When does the check-in process begin for Finnair?

Ans: Any passenger travelling on Finnair Airline can check in to the airline 36 hours prior to the departure or 24 hours if he takes the flight in the USA.

Q -4. How does a passenger contact Finnair?

Ans: A passenger can contact Finnair by calling the toll-free number which is: +358 9 818 0800 between Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm.  Or they can write an email through the contact us page available on the official website or the mobile application. Live chat facilitates passengers to chat with the reservations officers to create their reservations.

Q – 5. Does Finnair Airline provide meals free of cost?

Ans: The meals offered on Finnair flights which travel on long haul routes provide 2 complimentary meals during the duration of the flight. Passengers can purchase additional beverages and snacks from the menu by paying a price. On domestic flights, soft beverages, water, and canned juices can be enjoyed free of cost. The rest of the meal options need to be bought on the flight.

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