Qantas Manage Booking

Qantas Manage Booking

Qantas Manage Booking is an extremely streamlined process for Qantas airlines which is one of the most popular carriers in Australia. The passengers can follow the following Manage Booking process at Qantas Airlines.

Qantas Airline Manage Booking Process

Qantas Manage Booking
  • Open the official website of Qantas Airlines which is
  • Now choose the desired flight and enter your details.
  • Now retrieve the flight details with booking reference id and last name.
  • You can select the desired details from the manage booking menu.
  • Select the payment option of your choice and confirm your collection.
  • Now Qantas Manage booking process is complete. Now you will receive a message for confirmation for the same.

Manage Booking Process Via Mobile App

  • Download the app on your Android device from google play store.
  • Now login with your email id and password in the Qantas Airline Account.
  • Click on My trips icon to manage your bookings through the mobile app.
  • Passengers need to enter their last name and booking reference id to view the existing booking.
  • You can also select the desired seat from the seat selection tab.
  • The mobile app facilitates manage booking process for Qantas airlines in a quick and easy manner.

Downloadable Link of Qantas Airlines Mobile App For: – iPhone – Android

Change Flight in Qantas Airlines

Change Flight in Qantas Airlines

Qantas manage my booking to assist passengers to change their flight by following the below steps:

  • Open the official website ( of Qantas Airlines on your desktop.
  • Select the My Trips option from the menu displayed on your screen.
  • Now provide your booking reference id and last name
  • Click on the search option, the existing booking will open.
  • Now click on change/ cancel and make the changes which are applicable.
  • Now click on confirm changes to save the new changes to the Qantas reservation.
  • You will now receive the updated travel booking via SMS or an email sent from Qantas manage booking.

Reschedule A Qantas Flight

  • Passengers need to review schedule changes by viewing the new travel arrangements, they also need to acknowledge these changes over an email.
  • Passengers can also call the Qantas agent to acknowledge the flight changes.
  • Passengers cannot make any changes to existing booking if the flight number has changed.
  • Passengers should be aware of the travel arrangements and new flight options before they reschedule their flight.
  • Passengers can rebook the flight if their flight number changes so that they can fly Qantas Airlines.
  1. Passengers should open the official website.
  2. Login with email id and password.
  3. Now enter the reference id and last name.
  4. View your booking and rebook as per your requirement.
  5. Confirm the changes and pay the price difference if any.
  6. You will now receive an updated reservation on your registered email id.

Process to Change Date on Qantas Airlines

  • Open the official website of Qantas airlines.
  • Now login into your Qantas Airline Account.
  • Now select your existing flight booking.
  • Now click on the manage booking section.
  • Now click on the change button in the flight menu.
  • Pay the fare difference wherever applicable.
  • Confirm the changes to complete the Qantas date change process.

Process to Change the Seat on Qantas Airlines

  • Open the official website of Qantas Airlines.
  • Login with your credentials.
  • Now click on the manage booking section.
  • Select the check in option.
  • Now click on change seats.
  • Select the desired seat and pay the fee for seat allocation.
  • Confirm and save the changes.
  • You will receive a notification for a new seat being allocated to you.

Process to Cancel Flight at Qantas Airlines

cancel Qantas Flight
  • Passengers can open the official website.
  • Now login into their Qantas account.
  • Now enter booking reference id and last name.
  • Once the booking is visible on screen.
  • Passengers should click the cancel button.
  • Now click on confirm cancellation.
  • Passengers will be notified through an email or confirmation message.

Qantas Airlines Cancelation Policy

  • Qantas cancelation policy states that the airline will charge a no show fee to passengers who don’t show up at boarding.
  • If any passenger tests Covid positive, he will not be charged a no show fee.
  • If the passenger has been granted exemption, he will not be charged a no show fee.
  • If Qantas airline cancels your flight you will have to wait for the airline to rebook your flight.
  • You can also request the airline to credit flight credits for your impacted flight.
  • You can also request for a refund through the official website.

Qantas Airlines Flight Change Policy

Qantas Airlines Flight Change Policy
  • Passengers should check their fare type and fee.
  • Flight changes are applicable to all passengers within a booking.
  • You can contact the local Qantas ticketing office for any changes in your existing reservations.
  • Retrieve your booking with the booking reference id and last name.
  • Click the Change button.
  • Make your changes and pay the fare difference.
  • Now click the new flight options select the new flight as per your choice.

Benefits of Qantas Manage Booking

  • Passengers can redeem their flight credits.
  • Passengers can change flights.
  • Passengers can purchase seats with extra legroom.
  • Passengers can request for a separate booking.
  • Passengers can purchase additional baggage allowance.
  • Passengers can perform an online check in
  • Passengers can book seats of their choice.

Qantas Manage Booking FAQs

Q. How do passengers contact Qantas Airlines by phone?

Ans. Passengers can connect with Qantas Airlines through the toll free number which is 1300 655 234. This is available 24/7.

Q. Can passengers change flight timings?

Ans. You can select the date and time option from the manage booking section and choose a new flight which suits your date and time of travel. To make any changes you must click the change button to ensure that you are able to select a new flying time as per the available list on your screen. Confirm the changes and pay the price variance to rebook your flight.

Q. How does a passenger speak to a customer care agent at Qantas?

Ans. You should dial the number of the general call center which is 1300 655 234

Q. How long will Qantas Airlines take to refund money?

Ans. It takes a total of 8 weeks to process the refund for passengers. You will also receive a confirmation email once the refund amount is processed. There is no need for the passengers to take a follow up on the refund process.

Q. What happens if the Qantas airlines cancel a passenger’s flight?

Ans. Qantas airlines will book the passengers on the next available flight or convert their unused ticket into a flight credit for future use. The passengers can also request for a full refund if the next available flight schedule does not suit them.

Q. Why cannot passengers change their Qantas booking online?

Ans. Sometimes a situation may arise where the change button on the official website is disabled. In this case you can contact the Qantas ticketing office to make a change in your existing reservation. Qantas also receives a large number of refund requests within a short period of time.

Q. Are passengers eligible for a refund at Qantas Airlines?

Ans. Yes passengers are eligible for a refund if Qantas cancels their flight. They are also eligible for a refund if they enjoy an elite status with the airline. Qantas Airlines takes 8 weeks to process all pending refund requests.

Q. How much notice does Qantas Airlines give its passengers for cancellation?

Ans. Qantas Airlines gives passengers a 14-day notice before rescheduling their flights or canceling them.

Q. Does Qantas airlines notify passengers about flight cancellation?

Ans. A confirmation message is sent to passengers to notify them about flight cancellations whenever there is a cancellation.

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