United Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy 2024

United Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy 2024

United Airlines has a very flexible flight cancellation policy. The quick and convenient United Airlines cancellation policy allows you to cancel your flight in the most hassle-free way.

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If you are planning to travel with United Airlines, then it is important that you thoroughly go through all its policies including the United Cancellation Policy.

To help you in acquainting with the United Airlines Cancellation policy, we have discussed all that you must know in this article. After you finish reading this article, you will be clear about the various aspects of the United flight cancellation policy which include flight cancellation, Refund Policy, Cancellation Fee, Refund Reuest etc.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy [Updated October 2024]

There are some key features of the United Airlines Cancellation Policy which you must know before making up your mind to cancel your flight reservation. Here are the features of the United Airlines Cancellation Policy:

  • The passengers are free to cancel their tickets anytime. However, a cancellation fee will be applicable.
  • The airline has abolished the United cancellation fee for most fares, but you can still end up paying $200 to $400 per person per cancellation.
  • The airline provides a risk-free period of 24 hours from the time of booking, during which every United flight cancellations will be free of cost and will be fully refunded, irrespective of fare type. But the policy states that there has to be at least a week’s time between such booking and departure time of the flight.
  • Passengers can only cancel those tickets that were purchased directly from the United Airlines. For a ticket which was purchased from a third party, the airline won’t be responsible.
  • United offers refunds only on refundable tickets. Non-refundable tickets will get travel credits. You can’t request a refund against travel credits from non-refundable tickets.
  • If you have credits tied up with a refundable ticket, you can contact the airline for a refund online or offline.
  • A refund request can also be made when the airline cancels a flight.
  • Same day flight cancellations cost a cancellation fee, irrespective of the fare type.
  • If a person cancels a ticket purchased via gift cards or vouchers, then he may get e-credits or Future credits of the same value.
  • Failing to check in can result in full forfeiture of travel funds under the No show policy.

United Airlines Cancellation Policies By Ticket Type

According to the United Airlines cancellation policy, passengers have 24 hours from the time of their initial booking to cancel their reservation without incurring a cost, as long as the ticket was bought a week or more before departure.

Depending on the fare type, the cancellation policy is different for different fares.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy For Basic Economy Ticket

united airlines cancellation policy

If you want to cancel a basic economy ticket from United Airlines, you must do it within 24 hours after the original purchase and at least one week before departure.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy For Non Refundable Ticket

  • There is a $200 domestic cancellation cost and a $400 international cancellation fee if you cancel your flight more than 24 hours after booking it, depending on the fare class.
  • If you cancel your original ticket before the first flight departs and you have already paid the cancellation charge, then you may use the remaining value of your ticket against a future trip with United as long as your new journey doesn’t start more than a year after the initial issuance date of your ticket.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy For Refundable Ticket

According to the United Cancellation policy, cancellation of United Airlines refundable tickets is free at United. Any variation in fare as per United cancellation policy is your responsibility.

For domestic flights, the cost of cancelling United Airlines Refundable tickets is $400 and for foreign trips, there is a cost of $200 for cancelling United Airlines Refundable Tickets if the 24 hours cancellation window is missed.

The remainder is credited to your account or can be applied to subsequent travels after this amount has been subtracted from the cost of your ticket. There are several guidelines you must adhere to which are as follows:

A non-refundable ticket, however, may be cancelled and you will receive a full refund in the event of the death of the passenger or any of his near relatives, as well as any jury duty or military orders. You will undoubtedly need supporting documentation in order to receive the benefits.

For United, Silver and general members, same-day cancellation cost $75. The cost is waived for elite members who are Gold level or higher.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy For Award Ticket

Depending on your status with United airlines, there may be a significant difference in the cost of cancelling your award ticket and having your miles redeposited.

You will not incur a United Cancellation fee and receive a refund of your miles if you cancel your flight at least 31 days prior to departure, as per the United Refund Policy.

However, depending on their level of elite membership with United, travellers who cancel a ticket bought using miles fewer than 30 days before departure will be required to pay a cancellation fee of $50 to 125.

Irrespective of your status level, you must spend $125 to have your miles redeposited if you miss your flight.

United charges Silver and regular members $75 for same-day modifications to award tickets. The cost is waived for elite members who are Gold level or higher.

The cost to cancel United Airlines flight 61 or more days prior to departure is $0 for Platinum and 1K members, $75 for General Members, $50 for Silver Members, $25 for Gold Members, and $75 for Silver Members.

When you cancel a United flight 60 days or less before takeoff, there is a cost of $100 for silver, $75 for gold, $50 for platinum, $125 for general members, and $0 for 1K members.

United Airlines 24 hours Cancellation Policy

United Airlines also offers a 24-hour risk-free period, during which free cancellation for a full refund is possible, irrespective of the fare type. However, there has to be a difference of 7 days or more in-between the time of booking and flight departure.

Some terms and conditions as per the 24 hours cancellation policy:

The passenger has to buy the ticket from United Airlines to be eligible for the policy. Tickets bought via a third party will not be eligible for this policy.
The 24-hour period starts after you finalise your reservation.
United will offer cash refunds during this period that will revert to the original source of payment as per the United Refund Policy.
Group bookings are kept out of this policy.
Vacation bundles also don’t qualify for this policy.
If you bought a ticket with e-Credit then you won’t get a cash refund.

United Airlines Flight Cancellation Process

Here is the entire process to cancel the United Airlines flight:

  • Go to the United Airlines official website
  • After this you can log into the MileagePlus program if you have an active account.
  • Or you can continue the process as a guest.
  • Now, click on the My Trips tab.
  • Here, you will be required to enter your existing flight details that you need to cancel.
  • You have to provide the confirmation number and the passenger’s last name.
  • Confirmation number will be on the email which you received during the booking.
  • Also, make sure that the passenger name is the same as on the booking.
  • After that, search for your trip and click on Cancel.
  • Now, you will be redirected to the check-out page. Here the airline will either provide the flight credit/e-credit or refund to the original source, depending on the fare type and the time of cancellation.
  • This refund will be calculated after deducting the respective fee as per the United Airlines cancellation policy. Although most fares do not have a charge.
  • Lastly, proceed with the cancellation. If you get e-credits/future credits, you can refund it later via a refund request. But conditions will apply.

United Flight Cancellation Process via App

As per the United Cancellation Policy you can similarly cancel a flight on your smartphones by using an app. To get your flight cancelled via app, you will have to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Download the United Airlines app.
  • Login and click on My trips.
  • Those with the MileagePlus program can also choose to log in.
  • Then, you are required to fill in all the relevant flight details which include
  • The six-digit confirmation number
  • The passenger’s last name
  • Finally, click on Cancel to cancel your flight.
  • Refunds will be made accordingly as per the United cancellation policy. In case you receive future credits or e-credits you can also request a refund separately. However, everything is based on the fare type of the cancelled flight.

How to Cancel Flight on United Airlines for Award tickets?

Following the United flight cancellation policy, one can also cancel United award tickets. The process is equally easy and convenient. But unlike normal tickets, the passenger will have to pay the United cancellation fee for award tickets if they want to preserve their Miles. The airline has proposed different cancellation fees for different award tickets. And the time of cancellation also plays a very important part.

Which Tickets Can be Cancelled and When?

Now let us look at the different fare types available, and when and how you can cancel them.

In this section we will also read about how the airline practises a risk-free period, during which a passenger can cancel any flights, regardless of fare type. But after the period ends, the rules are different depending on fare type.

Basic Economy

You can’t cancel a basic economy ticket according to the United Economy Cancellation policy after the booking, outside the risk-free period. If you do, the whole travel fund will be forfeited, and you will not receive a refund nor flight credits.


Almost every ticket available on United is non-refundable except the United Fully refundable tickets. Hence, you won’t get a refund on cancellation. But it doesn’t mean that your travel funds will be lost. As the airline offers e-Credits or Flight Credits against such cancellations which can be used for future travel. However, these credits are expendable and prone to expiry. Also, you can’t request a refund against these credits, unless it is an e-Credit. If you get any credits when United Airlines cancel a flight, you can request a refund against those.


Refundable tickets allow for cash refunds, irrespective of the time when it is cancelled, as long as it adheres to the cancellation policy No-Show. An example of this is United Economy fully refundable tickets. Since the airline has abolished cancellation fees, chances are you can clench a full refund.

Award Flights

Award flights need to be treated the same as normal fares under the United airlines cancellation policy. However, there are different types of award flights and the cancellation depends on these tiers and timing. If you fail to board the flight, then United will redeposit your Miles but charge a No-show penalty.

How to Rebook United Airlines Flight?

Rebooking a flight under the United Airlines cancellation policy is pretty much the same. Although we suggest logging into the United account to make the process easier.

Here’s how a passenger can rebook when United Airlines cancels a flight.

  • First, visit the official United Airlines website and login to your account.
  • Then make sure there is a cancelled flight to be rebooked.
  • Click on Cancelled Flights to view the list.
  • Now, select the flight you want and scroll down.
  • After that, click on Rebook Flight.
  • Then, create a new itinerary as per the United Airlines cancellation policy.
  • Lastly, click on Rebook and pay the fare difference. As the airline has abolished the flight change fee, it won’t charge you.

How to change your United flight or cancel and rebook:

  • Here is a step-by-step guide to change your United Airlines ticket.
  • Visit the official website “United.com” or you can also use the mobile application to change your flight.
  • Now choose “change flight” to change your ticket.
  • Now you can search for a new flight and you can see the fare difference. It also displaces the change fee if you have to pay any.
  • United flights will send you a message In case your ticket is not eligible for change.

Process to Rebook Your United Airlines Ticket

Rebook your United Airlines

Go to the airline’s website and click on “my trip”.
Now click on “cancel flight” and enter your details like ticket number and name.
Once your cancellation is confirmed you can book a new flight by clicking on” Reservation”.
If you have any flight credits you can use them while booking a new flight.

Refundable ticket:

Refundable tickets are a good option if you are unsure about your trip. Refundable tickets are a little pricey. For instance, you can book United Economy fully Refundable tickets which will save you from hassle as you don’t have to go through any kind of cumbersome process if you want to cancel your ticket. A refundable ticket allows you to cancel your flight at any time until the day of departure and resultantly, you don’t have to pay any kind of cancellation fee.

The refund is done very quickly and easily for a refundable ticket as per the United Refund Policy. A refund will be done within 7 business days and the refund will be done in the same payment mode as you did to book the ticket according to the United Refund Policy.

Non-Refundable ticket:

If you purchase a Non-refundable ticket then you cannot get any refund in case you cancel your flight. You will also be charged a cancellation fee of $200 as per the United flight cancellation policy.

With a non-refundable ticket, you will not get any refund in the original payment method. However you will get credit as a refund and you can use this to book your future flights.

Travel insurance:

You can use the travel guide travel insurance plan called AIG travel provided by United Airlines. Travel insurance will cover your travel expenses and investments and will assist you in case of travel emergencies.

United Airlines Refund Policy

According to the 24-hour cancellation policy, if you purchase a ticket a week ahead from the day of departure of the flight and booked it in the last 24 hours you can dispense the changes and cancellation fee.

You cannot make changes with basic economy tickets however you can cancel the ticket within 24 hours from the time of booking to get a refund without any cancellation fee.

It takes 20 business days to process a refund. However if payment is done by credit card it will take only 7 business days to process your refund.
A refund is always done through the original payment method.
The refund will be done depending upon the fare and class that you booked.

How do I Get a Refund from United Airlines?

Refund is only done for refundable tickets like United Economy fully Refundable tickets through the original payment method within 7 business days. However nonrefundable tickets can also get the refund in the form that they can use to book their next flight.
As per the United Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy one can get their Refund without any cancellation fee; this is only applicable if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours from the point of booking.
To request a refund go to the United Airlines official website or mobile application of the airline and click on manage reservation and fill in the request refund form once you submit it you will be refunded within 7 business days in the original payment form or e-credit form.

What if United Airlines has cancelled my flight?

According to the United Cancellation Policy, after cancelling your flight you have to visit the website of the airline and click on my trip and fill the refund form to request for refund.
The United Airlines team will get back to you as soon as possible and based on ticket eligibility you will get a refund either in the form of original payment mode or form which you can use for your future flights.

United Flight Cancellation Phone Number

How do I get a refund from united airlines

You can get in touch with the customer support team of United Airlines by giving a call on 1-800-548-3192 according to the United Cancellation Policy. You can talk to the customer support executive and get all kinds of information related to your flight whether it is claiming for a refund or cancelling your flight ticket without any hassle. You can simply reach out through customer care and ask for all your queries related to your flight or relating to the United Cancellation Policy.

This was all about the United Cancellation Policy. We hope that all the sections of this article were clear to you. You must understand that in order to have a safe and smooth flight, it is important for you to know about the rules and regulations which are there in the United Airlines Cancellation policy depending on your fare type. All the policies of United Airlines are very flexible and the customer support staff is also very supportive and cooperative. In case you have any doubt, you can visit the official website of the airline to have more precise details or you can always get in touch with the customer support team of the airline and get their help.

United Airlines Cancellation Fee

United Airlines Cancellation fees

The United cancellation fee depends on what kind of ticket a customer has purchased. According to United airlines, the tickets are classified into four types namely refundable tickets, nonrefundable tickets, basic economy tickets, and award tickets.

In case of United Airlines Refundable tickets, you are permitted to cancel your ticket whenever you want. You won’t have to pay any United cancellation fee unless you cancel the flight on the day of departure in case of United fully refundable tickets.

In case of a Non-Refundable ticket, you can cancel the ticket but you will have to pay a United cancellation fee of $200 if you are cancelling after 24 hours from the time of booking.

You will not be eligible to cancel your ticket if you purchase a Basic Economy ticket.

For an Award ticket, you will have to pay a United Cancellation Fee ranging from $25 to $125 as a cancellation fee depending upon your destination.

Time of cancellationGeneral MembersPremier SilverPremier GoldPremier PlatinumPremier 1K
31 days or more from departureFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
30 days or less from departure$125$100$75$50Free

United Airlines Cancellations Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Avoid Cancellation Fee on United Airlines?

Ans. In order to avoid cancellation fee, one can:
Buy refundable tickets.
Cancel during the 24-hour risk-free period.
Request a cancellation is the flight is late.
Request a cancellation is the airline initiates to cancel your trip.
Become an Elite member.
Cancel during special circumstances.
Cancel as per government or military order.

Q. United Airlines flights canceled booked with Miles possible?

Ans. Yes, the airline offers the same cancellation rules for award tickets. However the cancellation fee vary depending on when you cancel a flight.

Q. Is it better to cancel a flight or change it on United Airlines?

Ans. If possible, it is always better to change a trip, but on United most cancellations are free, so it is up to the passenger.

Q. Explain United Airlines cancelled flights?

Ans. One can cancel a flight and get a refund according to the fare rules. But the cancellation is only possible on tickets directly purchased from the airlines.

Q. Can you cancel United flights right now?

Ans. Yes, United Airlines allows a passenger to cancel a flight no matter when, as long it is prior to departure.

Q. Can I cancel my United Airlines flight within 24 hours for free?

Ans. As per the US DoT guidelines, an airline operating within the United States has to offer a risk-free period of 24 hours from the initial booking. A passenger can enjoy free cancellations and full refunds on any trips cancelled during this time. However, he has to ensure that a gap of seven day or more remains between his booking and scheduled flight departure.

Q. What is the cancellation fee for United Airlines?

Most tickets do not have a cancellation fee except non-refundable and award tickets.
Non-refundable – $200 for domestic flights and $400 for international flights
Award tickets – $125 to $50 depending on your membership tiers.

Q. Explain the different travel credits I can receive when I cancel my flight?

 The airline offers 3 types of credits which are:
Future Travel Credits and
Travel certificates.
The first two are awarded when you cancel a flight as per the cancellation policy.
The last one is awarded upon voluntarily giving up a seat.

Q. Can I cancel my non-refundable United booking?

Ans. Yes, however a cancellation fee will apply when you cancel it outside the risk-free period. And you will only get travel credits upon cancellation and no refunds.

Q. United Airlines cancelling flights. What should I do?

Ans. You can claim a refund and free rebooking and also compensation if the flight was cancelled due to controllable reasons.

Q. Can I get credit for my United Airlines ticket cancellation?

Ans. Yes, any non-refundable ticket cancellation will warrant you future travel credits or e-credits.

Q. Does United have fully refundable tickets?

Ans. As per the United Airlines refund policy, the airline offers refundable tickets that do not incur any cancellation charges.

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    I cancelled my ticket but money didn’t get reflected into my account. So I called customer support and they asked for my United Airlines cancellation number that I got during the cancellation process to check the status of my cancellation. After a few minutes he said that it will take 7 working days to get my money back. After one week I got my money into my bank account.

  • Cancellation policy of the United airlines was changed because of the Covid-19. Previously it was one year validity for any cancelled/rescheduled tickets and now it is extended to two years. It is so beneficial to the customers. I got a credit to book in the future for my cancelled ticket. Thanks to United airlines.

  • I booked an under refundable policy and paid extra money because my company officials announced the date for the meeting. I was not sure whether this meeting was going to be held on the announced date because of pandemic situations all over the world. As expected, the meeting got cancelled and I cancelled my ticket, so as per the United Airlines tickets cancellation policy I requested for a refund and got my money.

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  • Very disappointed in this whole process of a refund! I booked through expedia and had to cancel one of the tickets. Was told by Expedia that I would have to go through United for a refund. I just spend over three hours trying to get this resolved. I am being told I need to pay a cancellation fee to get a voucher!! I can’t use the credit because it is in someone else name, even though I purchased the ticket with my debit card. Frustrated!!!

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    I called yesterday to cancel tickets with confirmation #AWV5N4. When I made the reservation I thought the tickets were refundable. The woman I talked to said I would have a credit of $894.40 to use by 2/26/23. I was cutoff after holding for an hour before I could ask about my refundable ticket. When I looked at the record it looked like she had entered the cancellation date as 2/6/22 instead of 2/26/22. I prefer to have a refund which I expected.

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    Massive delays and cancellations. There were two flight changes in the weeks before my vacation. then once more following my check-in. After several delays, both of the new flights were cancelled. The following morning, planes departed on time. Despite attempts to switch to a flight earlier, it was delayed. I chose the later flight with no delay as a result. At the same time as our later flight, another flight was four hours late. My flight was 20 minutes early and everything seemed fine, however there was no ground crew until 55 minutes later. It appears they could perform better if they read their own United Airlines cancellation policy. I inquired about an upgrade for my seat. The first class would cost $800, so I was informed. That is the whole cost. What makes this an improvement? Crazy, huh? There is a lot of suffering in Dulles itself.

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    It went well. We merely requested information so we could decide whether to cancel the flight because we had a connecting flight. United cancellation policy is easy to understand. The attendant offered no assistance at all. So we requested a manager, who never showed up. Ultimately had to cancel the connecting flight, reschedule on a different carrier, and pay an additional fee. Silver didn’t accept accountability. tried to call. They rescheduled the flight in response to our request. We ultimately arrived at our destination after a satisfactory response.

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    The worst flying experience I have ever experienced in my 20-year career. United Airlines cancel a flight often due to bad weather. Due to some thunderstorms, my flight was initially delayed just as we were about to start boarding, and then it was cancelled. I attempted to board the following aircraft but was placed on standby. After a 3 hour delay, I went to customer service because I didn’t get the standby flight. After 7 hours of waiting in the airport, one luggage was lost. When I returned the following morning, they informed me that, despite the flight being cancelled and filing a claim, my luggage had been sent to my final destination city without me. That is the height of incompetence. After receiving several assurances, I waited all day for my suitcase to arrive, only to learn at the end of the day that because I was on standby to fly to Seattle on Sunday, the checked-in missing luggage remained at the final destination because I would be leaving the following day. Complete stupidity and arrogance. Do not believe that any other industry has such lax client expectations.

  • Ellen Frasure says:

    The worst flying experience I have ever experienced in my 20-year career. United Airlines cancel a flight often due to bad weather. Due to some thunderstorms, my flight was initially delayed just as we were about to start boarding, and then it was cancelled. I attempted to board the following aircraft but was placed on standby. After a 3 hour delay, I went to customer service because I didn’t get the standby flight. After 7 hours of waiting in the airport, one luggage was lost. When I returned the following morning, they informed me that, despite the flight being cancelled and filing a claim, my luggage had been sent to my final destination city without me. That is the height of incompetence.

    After receiving several assurances, I waited all day for my suitcase to arrive, only to learn at the end of the day that because I was on standby to fly to Seattle on Sunday, the checked-in missing luggage remained at the final destination because I would be leaving the following day. Complete stupidity and arrogance. Do not believe that any other industry has such lax client expectations.

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    What is your policy for cancellation policy for hurricanes? Does this come under your special circumstances policy?

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