United Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy

Walking along with the waves of the beach and eating your favorite seafood can be your ideal vacation but unfortunately, when things go south we will be left with a single option which is the cancellation of a flight. This is a common yet triggering fear that we all have because of its long and frustrating process. But, with the United Airlines cancellation policy cancellation of flights is made quick and convenient.

In this article, we are going to delve into all the cancelation policies, rebooking, and flight changes offered by United Airlines.

A stepwise process to cancel your United Airlines ticket

A stepwise process to cancel your United Airlines ticket

  1. In order to cancel your ticket visit the airline website (https://www.united.com) or switch to a mobile application.
  2. Click on the “My Reservations” option, as soon as you tap on my reservation the website will ask you your ticket number and name.
  3. Enter your ticket number and name and select the “cancel” option.
  4. The airline will send a notification indicating your flight is successfully canceled.
  5. You can request a refund if your ticket is eligible for a refund.
  6. United airline have a low cancellation fee compared to other flight cancellation fees

United Airlines Cancellation Policy Overview:

  • According to the united cancellation policy, a customer can cancel his/her ticket within 24 hours from the time of booking to avoid a cancellation fee.
  • Once these 24 hours are completed you will be charged a certain amount as a cancellation fee but this can be avoided if you purchase a refundable ticket.
  • United Airlines reservations segregated tickets into two different classes when it comes to ticket cancelation. They are Refundable and Non-Refundable.
  • As per the United cancellation policy, a Refundable ticket can be canceled at any time, and the customer can get a complete refund without any cancelation fee.
  • When it comes to a non-refundable ticket a customer can only cancel within 24 hours from the point of booking. If he/she exceeds that time then they have to pay the cancelation fee of nearly 200$ depending upon their destination and the customer will not get any Refund however, he can use that amount to book a new flight.
  • United Cancellation policy is only applicable for the tickets that are directly purchased from the United Airlines website, customer care centers, and ticket offices.
  • If any customer happened to purchase their ticket using a United gift certificate then the refund is given in the form of an electronic travel certificate.
  • As per the United cancellation policy, a customer has to pay a cancellation fee irrespective of refundable or non-refundable, if he/she wants to cancel their fight on the day of departure.

United Airlines Refund Policy:

  • As per the 24-hour policy, if you purchase a ticket a week ahead from the day of departure of the flight and booked it in the last 24 hours you can dispense the changes and cancellation fee.
  • You cannot make changes with basic economy tickets however you can cancel the ticket within 24 hours from the point of booking to get a refund without any cancelation fee.
  • It takes 20 business days to process a refund however if payment is done by credit card it will take only 7 business days to process your refund.
  • A refund is always done in the original payment method.
  • The refund will be done depending upon the fare and class that you booked.

For more information visit the https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/booking/refund-policies.html

United Airlines Cancellation Fee:

United Airlines Cancellation fees

The cancellation fee depends upon what kind of ticket a customer purchased. As per United airlines, the tickets are classified into four types namely Refundable tickets, nonrefundable tickets, basic economy tickets, and Award tickets.

  • For a Refundable ticket, you are allowed to cancel your ticket whenever you want you won’t have to pay any cancellation charges unless you cancel the flight on the day of departure.
  • For a Non-Refundable ticket, you can cancel the ticket but you have to pay a cancellation fee of 200$ if you are canceling after 24 hours from the point of booking.
  • You will be not eligible to cancel your ticket if you purchase a Basic Economy ticket.
  • For an Award ticket, you should pay from 25$ to 125$ as a cancellation fee depending upon your destination.

United Airline 24-Hour Policy

  • According to the United Airlines 24-Hour policy if a customer cancels or changes his ticket within 24-hours from the point of booking then he can avoid the cancelation fee and get a full refund in the same payment method.
  • The payment will be refunded within three weeks in the original payment method.
  • If a customer wants to cancel his ticket after 24 hours of booking then he has to pay the cancellation fee.

How to change your flight or cancel and rebook:

Here is a step-by-step guide to change your United Airlines ticket.

  • Visit the official website “United.com” or you also use the mobile application to change your flight.
  • Now choose “change flight” to change your ticket.
  • Now you can search for a new flight and you can see the fare difference it also displaces the change fee if you have to pay any.
  • United flights will send you a message In case your ticket is not eligible for change.

Here is a step-by-step guide to Rebook your United Airlines ticket

Rebook your United Airlines

  • Go to the airline’s website and click on “my trip”.
  • Now click on “cancel flight” and enter your details like ticket number and name.
  • Once your cancelation is confirmed you can book a new flight by clicking on” Reservation”.
  • If you have any flight credits you can use them while booking a new flight.

Refundable ticket:

Refundable tickets are the go-to option if you are unsure about your trip although. Refundable tickets are a little pricer. They will save you from immense peace as you don’t have to go through any kind of process if you want to cancel your ticket.

A refundable ticket allows you to cancel your flight at any time until the day of departure and as a result, you don’t have to pay any kind of cancelation fee.

The refund is done very quickly and easily for a refundable ticket. A refund will be done within 7 business days and the refund will be done in the same payment mode as you did to book the ticket.

Non-Refundable ticket:

If you purchase a Non-refundable ticket then you cannot get any refund in case you cancel your flight and you will be charged a cancellation fee of 200$.

With a non-refundable ticket, you will not get any refund in the original payment method however you will get credit as a refund and you can use this to book your future flights.

Travel insurance:

You can use the travel guide travel insurance plan called AIG travel provided by United Airlines. Travel insurance will cover your travel expenses and investments and will assist you in any case of travel emergencies.

How do I get a refund from united airlines?

How do I get a refund from united airlines

Refund is only done for refundable tickets in the original payment method within 7 business days however nonrefundable tickets can also get the refund in the form of ecredits that they can book their next flight.

By using the United Airlines 24 hour policy one can get their Refund without any cancellation fee; this is only applicable if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours from the point of booking.

To request a refund go to the United Airlines official website or mobile application and click on manage reservation and fill in the request refund form once you submit it you will be refunded with 7 business days in the original payment form or ecredit form.

What if United Airlines canceled my flight and it is not offering a refund?

After canceling your flight you have to visit the website portal and click on my trip and fill the refund form to request for refund.

United services will get back to you in a very short time and based on ticket eligibility you will get a refund either in the form of original payment mode or ecredit form which you can use for your future flights.

United flight Cancellation  Phonenumber:

You can contact 1-877-624-3653 to get all kinds of information related to your flight whether it is claiming for refund or cancelling your flight ticket without any hassle you can simply reach out through customer care and ask for all your queries related to your flight.

Conclusion: To have a smooth and trouble-free journey it is always important to know a little more about the Airlines that you are traveling to. Either it is a cancelation or getting a refund make sure to know the whole process to get the most out of a ticket.

United Airlines helps you fly with peace without any bothering of cancelation fee if you go ahead with a refundable ticket even if you choose other tickets you can make use of 24 house risk-free cancelation policy and United Airline Refund policy to get your refunds.

United Airlines will ensure to give you all the information if there is any delay or flight cancelation. So fly with no worries by knowing everything before getting your United Airlines ticket reservations.

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Comment by: Angelina Schild on Tue Jun 22nd 2021

The United Airlines ticket cancellation process is very easy. I cancelled my ticket through the app with ease. I have never had a problem with united airlines that went unsolved. They will try their best to fix whatever is bothering you regarding your journey. Nice airline.

Comment by: Samuel Cecil on Tue May 11th 2021

My parents have been stuck in another country since this covid-19 outbreak. After 2 months, air carriers slowly started their services. So I decided to bring back my parents. I booked tickets with United airlines. But unfortunately covid cases have increased in my area and the government listed my area in the red zone. So I cancelled tickets and got a refund as per the United airlines flight cancellation policy with fewer charges.

Comment by: Matthew Putnam on Thu Apr 29th 2021

I got a message that the flight had been cancelled, so I searched for the United Airlines cancellation phone number, but the company themselves called me up and explained the reason for cancellation and within a few minutes they refunded my money and credited some points to my account.

Comment by: John Smith on Tue Apr 20th 2021

I booked an under refundable policy and paid extra money because my company officials announced the date for the meeting. I was not sure whether this meeting was going to be held on the announced date because of pandemic situations all over the world. As expected, the meeting got cancelled and I cancelled my ticket, so as per the United Airlines tickets cancellation policy I requested for a refund and got my money.

Comment by: Colin Bone on Fri Apr 9th 2021

Cancellation policy of the United airlines was changed because of the Covid-19. Previously it was one year validity for any cancelled/rescheduled tickets and now it is extended to two years. It is so beneficial to the customers. I got a credit to book in the future for my cancelled ticket. Thanks to United airlines.

Comment by: Shirley Scott on Sat Mar 20th 2021

I cancelled my ticket but money didn’t get reflected into my account. So I called customer support and they asked for my United Airlines cancellation number that I got during the cancellation process to check the status of my cancellation. After a few minutes he said that it will take 7 working days to get my money back. After one week I got my money into my bank account.