Emirates Airways Reservations

Emirates Airways Reservations

Emirates is known for connecting the world globally. This airline is headquartered in Dubai. Emirates Airlines believes in operating in a modern, efficient and comfortable line of aircraft. Emirates Airlines has a culturally diverse workforce which works towards delivering a customized and modernized range of services to customers across the globe each day.

Emirates Reservations caters to approximately 56 million passengers across the globe. Emirate Airlines has a fleet size of 270 aircraft which fly across 157 destinations. Passengers travelling by Emirate Airlines belong to 172 different nationalities. Emirate Airlines and Emirates Reservations work with 59,519 employees across the globe.

Emirates  Reservations process via Official Website:

Emirates Reservations through the official website
  • Passengers can create an account on the official website of Emirates called www.emirates.com.
  • Passengers can specify travel dates.
  • Passengers can specify the airports of origin and arrival
  • Select the kind of trip
  • Fill in all the personal details in the reservation form
  • Select the mode of payment save changes after the mode of payment is done.
  • The reservation details are shared via email and SMS with the passenger.
  • For further assistance connect with our team to know more how to book by emirates website

Process of Searching flights on Emirates

Passengers can search for airlines with Emirates in the following ways:

  • Passengers need to open the official website called: www.emirates.com, now under book a flight section passengers can specify the departing airport and arrival airport respectively, now click on continue.
  • Passengers must choose their dates and category of travel.
  • The total number of passengers needs to be specified in a single reservation.
  • This allows you to choose flights on a daily and weekly basis from a network of flights which is serving destinations at present.
  • Passengers can carry out a comparison of flights, ticket prices and also look for the best price offered by emirates.
  • Emirates Airlines Reservation offers attractive deals and offers which passengers can avail while booking flights.
  • Emirates Reservations has made the process of searching for flights and reserving airline tickets very easy and secure.
  • Passengers can choose to book their flight, first by carrying out a flight search on the official website of Emirates.
  • Passengers can start their adventurous vacation happily with the assistance of Emirates Reservation.

Steps to make a reservations via Emirates App

Emirates Reservations through the mobile app
  • Download the Emirates Reservation App from the Play Store/App Store on your phone.
  • Login with registered credentials into the app
  • Under the Manage Booking section, specify departure and arrival airport.
  • Now click on search flight options.
  • Passengers need to select between a round trip and a multi-city flight.
  • Specify the travel dates
  • Enter the relevant passenger information.
  • Ensure registered contact details such as email id and contact number are specified.
  • Check the eligibility for flier miles
  • Now select the seat of your choice.
  • Confirm the mode of payment for the booking
  • Buy extra baggage allowance if required.
  • Confirm the Emirate reservations so that you receive the confirmed booking in your email.

Downlaod link of Official Emirates Mobile App:

https://play.google.com/store/ – Android

https://apps.apple.com/ – iPhone

Emirates Flights Reservations Phone Number

The official Emirates Flights Reservations Phone Number is: 022 3377 3377. The passenger can also contact our support number, for instant and fully secured Emirates Reservations.

Make your Emirates Reservations with Airtrips Advisor

  • Passengers can visit the travel website called airtripsadvisor.com
  • Passengers are required to fill in the details in the reservation form.
  • Passengers need to fill the required fields to search for appropriate flights.
  • Departure and arrival cities can be specified.
  • After details are filled payment mode can be chosen, this creates a confirmed reservation.
  • Now details of the reservation are shared with the passenger.

Online Ticket Booking for Emirates Airline

Online Ticket Booking for Emirates Reservations

Passengers can plan their travel plans well by using the feature of online ticket booking offered by Emirate Reservations.

  • Passengers need to enter the following details which include City of departure, Arrival destination, dates of travel, category of travel.
  • Passengers can book at an economical price.
  • Passengers can also make a choice for the airline seat chosen, selecting a special meal, adding hotel accommodations and car rentals, or booking free of cost airport transfers.
  • Passengers can securely pay via Credit / Debit Card or through Skywards Miles.
  • All flight details are emailed to the passenger with the booking confirmation reference number.
  • Passengers can manage their travel plans through the Manage Booking section.
  • Emirate Reservations encourages check-in through the website before reaching the airport.

Emirates Airlines Check-in Procedure

Emirates Airways Reservations promise its passengers to carry out check-in via 4 methods:

  1. Passengers can do an online check-in via the official website and print a boarding card once the check-in is complete.
  2. Passengers can do a mobile check-in via the Emirates Airlines App through their smartphone. They can save a digital boarding pass on their phone which can be used at the time of boarding.
  3. Emirates Airways Reservations permits passengers to check-in via the airport kiosk placed near the Emirates counter. The passenger can print his boarding card from the kiosk post check-in.
  4. Passengers can reach 4 hours early to the airport and check-in via the Emirates ticketing counter and seek assistance from ground staff. The ground staff will issue the boarding card to passengers.

Seat Selection on Emirates Airlines

Seat Selection on Emirates Airlines
  • Emirates Reservations permits passengers to make a valid seat selection through their managed booking section with no extra cost involved in the class of travel chosen by the passenger i.e. first, business, and economy class respectively.
  • You can make a valid seat selection via the 3D seat map available on their official website seat can be chosen on the Economy class of travel with additional cost if the passenger is travelling on either a special fare or saver fare.
  • The choice of seat selection becomes limited at the time of check-in if it is not pre-selected in advance.
  • In case a passenger fails to select a seat, he can do so at the time of check-in into the aircraft.

Passengers need to change their Emirates Flight

Passengers can change an Emirates flight online in a very convenient and easy way. Passengers can raise a simple request of making changes to the flight just by making a few clicks or seeking assistance from Emirates Reservations. It is essential that passengers follow the below-given steps to carry out an online flight change with Emirates Airlines:

  • Passengers need to open the official website of Emirates Airlines of “Manage Booking” https://www.emirates.com/english/manage-booking/.
  • The reservation is retrieved by filling the required information in the fields provided such as reference details and surname.
  • Change flight facilitates passengers to edit the flight booking.
  • Now the passenger can make fresh Emirates Flight reservations as per his requirement.
  • The available list of flights can be used to make a suitable flight selection for your travel.
  • To confirm the changes, passengers need to pay the difference in fare and any other charges applicable as per the flight change policy.
  • Passengers will receive a confirmation email with details of new reservations made on their registered email id or contact number.

Passengers can also contact Emirates Reservations phone number for any further guidance and assistance in this regard.

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Passengers can change a flight with Emirates within 24 hours

Passengers in Emirates are permitted to make a flight change within 24 hours of booking. This change can be made without any additional cost within a 24 hours change window. No changes will be entertained by the airline if only 1 hour is left for the flight to depart.

  • Passengers select a new flight; it should cover the same airport as per the original booking.
  • On the same day, 24 hours service is not permitted on International routes. This is applicable on Domestic routes only.
  • Passengers are liable to pay the variance in fare and the change fee is applicable as per the laid down terms and conditions of Emirates.
  • In case a passenger has already checked in on the current flight, he is not permitted to choose a flight which is flying earlier.

Emirates Airlines Reservations Deals which are value for money

  • Emirate Airlines Reservations offers attractive economical deals for passengers across the globe.
  • Passengers can fly with Emirates flights booking between Chicago to Dubai for a price of 806 dollars.
  • Passengers can fly with Emirates Airline between New York City to Dubai for a price of 811dollars.
  • Passengers can fly with Emirates Airways reservations flight booking between New York City to Lahore for a price of 825 dollars.
  • Passengers can fly with Emirates Airline flight booking between New York City to Islamabad for a price of 831 dollars.
  • Passengers can fly with Emirates Airline flight booking between Los Angeles to Dubai for a price of 906 dollars.
  • All these rates are applicable between January’2021 to April’2021.
  • All these fares are for a round trip; however, they do not include fuel and service charges or any kind of taxes or other fees that are involved.

Terms and Conditions for availing cheap reservation deals

  • All flights booked under cheap reservation deals offer tickets which are non – refundable, non – transferrable, and cannot be assigned to another passenger.
  • Emirates Reservations doesn’t permit any changes in name while availing of these deals.
  • Emirates Airlines Reservations can change the flight fares without prior notice.
  • Emirates Airline can change the fares of tickets based on availability.
  • It is recommended by Emirates Airlto book on the available fare on days such as Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and also passengers may be required to stay at the destination on Saturday night.
  • It is recommended by Emirates Airlines Reservations to book tickets to avail these deals at least 21 days in advance.
    Weekends and holidays travel include a surcharge.
  • On these kinds of attractive deals, reward points and promotional codes may not apply. This means blackout days are applicable for this kind of travel.
  • There may be other restrictions while booking economical deals with Emirates Airlines.

Hubs and Destinations served by Emirates Airlines

Hubs and Destinations served by Emirates Airlines Reservations

Emirates Reservations recommends that Emirate Airlines has a vast network of destinations that it serves. Destinations include the following:

  • Flights to Nigeria
  • Flights to Ghana
  • Flights to Ethiopia
  • Flights to Australia
  • Flights to India
  • Flights to Algeria
  • Flights to Jordan
  • Flights to Netherlands
  • Flights to Greece
  • Flights to New Zealand
  • Flights to Iraq
  • Flights to Bahrain
  • Flights to Indonesia
  • Flights to Thailand

Travel Classes by Emirates

Emirates Airlines Flight Booking permits passengers to travel on the following class categories while choosing Emirates as their flight partner. The different classes include Economy, Business, and First class with their variants too.

  1. The other travel classes include the S – class which is used by airline staff and their families and friends.
  2. G- class is offered to groups travelling by Economy Class.
  3. N – class offers award tickets in Economy class which are purchased with the miles program. The miles program offered by Emirates is called Flight to Emirates Skywards through which passengers can enjoy various benefits while travelling by Emirates Airlines.
  4. D – class of travel offers Business award tickets which are purchased with miles earned on loyalty programs.
  5. Z – class is an award ticket for First class travel purchased by upgrading the seat through miles.

Emirates Airlines Flight Bookings offers a special range of fares termed as Economy Special and Business Special. These fares are generally non – refundable in nature and they can’t be upgraded with the utilization of miles or cash. Special fares can’t be purchased with the loyalty program offered by Emirate Airlines Flight Booking. Passengers can earn additional miles at a rate of 20-25% based on the actual miles flown by the passenger. Business special fares are able to earn miles at a rate of 85-90% based on the actual miles flown by the passenger.

Economy Saver fare for Emirates Airlines Flight Bookings is 300 dollars and Business Saver fare is 400 dollars, the applicable change fee is 200 dollars.

All saver fares allow passengers to earn miles based on actual miles flown by passengers.

It is recommended by Emirates Reservations not to upgrade using a saver fare since it is allotted to passengers who want to travel at an affordable price.

The rest of the fares, such as Economy Flex Plus, Business Flex Plus and First Flex Plus allow passengers to upgrade their seats at the time of online check-in and also provide them the opportunity to earn more miles during the travel.

Facilities offered by Economy Class of Emirates Airlines

  • The Emirates Economy class is well designed in a way to ensure comfortable travel for passengers on board.
  • Economy class offers a wide range of channels, on-board internet services, and an extensive menu of regional delicacies to choose from.
  • Emirates assisted passengers to book tasteful and flavorful meals while making new emirates airlines reservations.
  • Emirates Reservations also allows passengers to enjoy world-class in-flight entertainment.
  • Passengers can choose from a range of flavorful beverages which compliment their meals while travelling.
  • Emirates Airlines encourages caring and attentive service while passengers are on board.

Facilities offered by Business Class of Emirates Airlines

  • The Business Class of Emirates Airlines is designed in such a manner that it offers completely reclinable seats.
  • Personalized television of 23 inches with an inbuilt entertainment system.
  • Customized and personalized minibar, power sockets, and Emirates amenity kit to make your travel more convenient and comfortable.
  • Access to the airport lounge, priority check-in and on-board service, priority boarding, and early baggage delivery services.

Facilities offered by First Class of Emirates Airlines

  • Access to First Class airport lounge at Dubai Airport.
  • Comfortable pajamas
  • Airport transfers are chauffeur driven and complimentary
  • Offers an enclosed suite on the aircraft.
  • Access to in-flight lounge and bar.
  • Exclusive amenity kits
  • Unlimited service of champagne and wild caviar.
  • Access to on – board showers.

Emirates Airlines Specialty

  • Emirate Airlines is known for its lounge experience.
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Travel experience with family
  • Safety measures during the flight
  • Emirates Skywards loyalty program
  • Emirates Airlines Skywards Program allows passengers to earn miles on Skywards miles and tier miles on Emirates Airlines, it also allows you to earn miles with partner airlines.
  • These miles can be used to buy or gift something to your family and friends by increasing your miles.
  • On a long-haul flight, a passenger can earn enough miles for a seat upgrade.
  • Miles can be used on hotel stays, family’s day out, purchase of tickets for a wide range of cultural and sports events taking place across the globe.
  • The validity of miles is 3 years and you can use them effectively within the specified time frame.
  • Emirates has 4 levels of privileged members i.e. Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
  • Miles can be used for services like hotels, airline booking, car rentals, retail, and lifestyle services.
  • You can earn a chance to avail of special offers under the “FlyDubai” category with Skywards miles and tier miles which allow you to avail of special discounts and fares while travelling with Emirates airlines.

How does a passenger check an Emirate Reservations?

The following steps can be used to check reservations for Emirates:

  • Passengers need to open the Manage Booking section on the official website.
  • Passenger can check their itinerary and then click on the print option to print the existing flight itinerary
  • Passenger can retrieve their reservation details by entering their last name and booking reference number on the website, this helps them to retrieve the flight booking and view it.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)
Q -1. How does a passenger download their Electronic Ticket on Emirates Airlines?
Ans. Once the passenger completes the reservation procedure of booking a flight ticket via the Emirates reservations process, the passenger can download his E-ticket in the following way. Booking id and surname can be used to access the booking Through this they can view the current flight ticket and print the same by clicking on the print option. This can be shown at the time of entering the airport at the ticket counter or during the boarding process.

Q – 2. Benefits of traveling via Economy class.
Ans. The Economy class of Emirates airlines is designed for providing a comfortable and convenient journey to passengers at an affordable price. With best in class facilities to make the travel journey more and more exciting and enjoyable. For any further assistance connect with the Emirates airlines reservations at any given point in time.

Q -3. How much does a passenger pay for seats on Emirates Airlines?
Ans. On Emirates airlines, passengers can use the Emirates airlines flight booking to book a flight on Emirates airlines. Where they can pay a fee of $15 to $40 for a seat reservation on shorter duration flights and long-haul flights. If you are a frequent flyer you can use miles to upgrade yourself on the emirates flight.

Q – 4. Is it necessary to print an electronic ticket on Emirates Airlines?
Ans. It is always a good idea to carry a print out of your E-ticket, however, you can also digitally save the ticket on your phone so that you can save paper and the hassle of printing. Passengers can request the ticket counter to print their tickets in the case specified by the emirates airlines to do so.

Q – 5. Are Beverages complimentary for passengers traveling via the Emirates Economy?
Ans. In case passengers can book a meal with their ticket of economy class they can request a complimentary beverage to match the meal they have chosen. Yes, complimentary beverages are provided on the flight.

Q – 6. How can passengers select a meal on Emirates Airlines?
Ans. Passengers can make a choice of meal from the menu options given on the website of the airline. From the menu, they can choose tasteful delicacies.

Q – 7. Why do you think First-class travel by Emirates Airlines is an expensive affair?
Ans. First-class travel by Emirates airlines is an expensive affair since it facilitates passengers to enjoy exquisite dining experiences, luxury spas treatments, access to airport lounges and seats which are like suites rooms in midair it is a lifetime travel experience.

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