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British Airways Cancellations & Refund Policy

British Airways Cancellations & Refund Policy

Seriously, there are not too many steps to cancel your ticket. If you are someone who booked a British airline ticket then keep reading as we are going to unmask all the tips and tricks that you need to know to employ the benefits of your ticket to its fullest extent.

British Airways Cancellation Policy [Updated on October 2023]

  • You can cancel any flight.
  • However, the ticket must be directly purchased from the airline.
  • And the flight must operate under BA.
  • However, a cancellation fee may apply subject to the fare rules.
  • If you cancel a code shared flight then only the segment associated with British Airways will be cancelled.
  • Any British Airways cancellations within 24 hours of booking will be eligible for a full refund, regardless of fare type, destination or origin of the flight.
  • No cancellation fee will be levied when British Airways cancel flights during these 24 hours.
  • But there must be 7 days or more between such booking and scheduled flight departure.
  • Non-refundable tickets do not warrant a full refund.
  • In case of an airline-initiated cancellation, passengers will be eligible to a full refund and additional compensation if British Airways flight cancellations was due to controllable reasons like a lack of pilots, technical issues etc.
  • You can only cancel a confirmed flight.
  • The latest you can cancel a flight is 3 hours before departure, after that, you won’t get any refunds.
  • In case of same-day cancellations, you are free to cancel the flight 1 hour prior to the flight departure but no refunds will be made.
  • You can’t cancel the flight if the booking and departure is on the same day.
  • You can cancel a flight online and offline. However, additional charges may apply if you cancel via offline means.
  • Under certain conditions you are free to cancel a flight as you want without any charges and get a full refund. These conditions are:
    1. Death of a close relative.
    2. Court order/jury duty
    3. Sudden illness
  • However, you have to provide some proof as documentation.
  • Any ticket purchase via a third party will only be eligible for cancellation through them.
British Airways Cancellation

British Airways Cancellation Process

Considering the passenger difficulties and issues regarding cancellation British airways made its cancellation policy much easier and simpler, which allows passengers to make quick and more reliable decisions before canceling their ticket.

A step-by-step guide to cancel your British airway ticket:

In order to cancel a flight online, passenger need to visit the BA website. Also make sure to follow the cancellation policy.

  • First, go to the official British Airways website
  • Then, click on Manage and fill in your booking details.
  • Your booking details entail the following:
  • Booking reference number
  • Passenger’s last name
  • Then click on your pre-booked flight and scroll down.
  • Now click on Cancel My Flight.
  • The website will redirect you to the check-out page.
  • Here make sure of your refund amount and the cancellation fee applied.

Cancel Your British Airways Flight via A Call

British airways have an amazing call support system that assists you in canceling your ticket in a single phone call. You can reach the customer care representative at the British Airways cancellations contact number 1-800-247-9297 or 1-800-548-3192 ( Direct line +44-208-638-7369).Then follow the step-by-step process to cancel your ticket. 

  • Call British Airways cancelation phone number to cancel your flight.
  • One of the members from the Airline desk will pick your call and guide you through the process.
  • Once you request for cancelation you will be asked the basic details like first name, last name, and confirmation number to proceed with the process.
  • The executive will cancel your ticket and you can also enquire about how you can get the refund and questions regarding your flight cancellation.

British Airways Flight Cancellation via Mobile App

Similarly, you can also use the mobile app for online cancellations. All you need to do is:

  • First, download the app from the Google or Apple App Store.
  • Then tap the app icon to launch it.
  • After that, click on Manage and fill in the relevant details.
  • Then click on your pre-booked flight and tap on Cancel flight.
  • Lastly, make sure of your refund amount and cancellation fee applied.

British Airways Flights Cancelled at the Airport

British flight cancellation can also be done at the airport. Although it is mostly used in a hurry. You can visit the ticketing counter at the airport and request the airline representative to cancel your flight. But beware that extra charges will apply.

British Airways 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

British Airways cancel policy as per the US DoT provides a 24-hour risk-free period. It is 24 hours from the initial booking. During this period you can cancel any flights, regardless of fare type, without paying a fee. And every cancellation will qualify for a full refund. But there must be a gap of 7 or more than 7 days between said booking and flight departure.

British Airways Flight Cancellation Policy for Lost Tickets

British flight cancellation policy for lost tickets states the following:

  • If you lose a ticket, you have to inform the airline and provide proof of the same and pay the relevant fee.
  • At the same time you have to request for a reissue.
  • If your request is accepted, the airline will cancel your previous ticket.
  • But you will only receive a refund after your ticket has officially expired.
  • Furthermore, you have to promise the airline repayment in case of a potential fraud.

British Airways Avios Cancellation Policy

British Airways gives Avios to its customers as reward points. You can get Avios and use these for any kind of future purchases.

You can use these Avios from upgrading your flight fare to booking a hotel. But, to get the Avios one should invest in services that are provided by British Airways.

But sometimes you may find yourself thinking about canceling your Avoid reservations, if you are stuck in that situation here are some terms and condition that you should consider:

  • The cancellation fee or changing fee of Avios depends upon your departure.
  • If you are someone who departures from Europe then you have to pay EUR 42.50 under the name of the British airway cancellation fee.
  • If you make any changes or cancellations then you should pay an extra amount of EUR 15 under service charge.
  • Every ticket has its cancellation fee and service charge.

British Airways Cancellation Policy Due to Illness:

According to the British Airway Cancellation policy, a person can avoid the cancellation fee if he/she has some serious illness or the death of a family member. But, this policy is only applicable if he/she submits all related documents to British Airways.

British Airways Cancellations Policy Reward Flights:

You can make use of your Avios to get a reward flight but when you want to cancel your reward flight you must inform British airways by making a call within 24 hours from the point of departure. In this way, you can get a refund of your Avios without any hassle.

British Airways Cancellations Fee

British Airways Cancellation Fee

Mode of cancellationCharge Amount

Refundable Tickets

Online CancellationFree
Cancellation by Phone$25
Cancellation at the Airport$35

Non-refundable Tickets

Online Cancellation$10
Cancellation by Phone$25
Cancellation at the Airport$35

British Airways Refund Policy:

As per the British Airways refund policy, a passenger can qualify and claim a refund under specific conditions, such as:

In case of Airline-initiated cancellations:

  • You will receive a refund on the unused portion of your flight.
  • The amount will be the difference between total fare paid minus taxes, fees and additional surcharges.

If you were the one to cancel the flight:

  • A cancellation fee will apply.
  • The refund will depend on the fare type.
  • It can also be in the form of credits.
  • In case of a partial refund, only a portion of the travel fund will be refunded.

You can’t get full refund on non-refundable ticket outside the risk-free period.

  • But there are special circumstance and if you can prove to the airline that your case was such, you can get a full refund.
  • All refunds are subject to the fare rules and conditions that apply to the bookings.
  • The refund will revert to the original source of payment.
  • Only he who paid for the flight has the right to claim the subsequent refund.

British Airways Cancelled Flight Refunds

British Airways cancelled flights, state the following:

  • You can utilize the risk-free 24-hour to cancel a ticket and enjoy full refund.
  • You can also get a refund if BA cancels your flight.
  • If the airline reschedules.
  • If there is a delay of more than 5 hours.

How to Claim a Refund Online

Here’s how to claim a refund online:

  • First, visit the British Airways website.
  • Then click on Help.
  • Now, locate Bookings on the menu and click it.
  • After that, select Delays, Cancellations and Refunds.
  • A new page will load. Then click on Start A New Complaint.
  • Now fill in the relevant information such as your booking details etc. and attach the supporting documents mentioned previously.
  • Lastly, click on Submit.

British Airways Holiday Refund Policy:

British Airways offer holiday packages and this holiday package comes with some terms and conditions that you should consider before booking the tickets.

  • If you wish to make any changes to your holiday package you have to make direct contact with the airway customer service. You cannot make any changes with the help of their official website.
  • Although it is a package you can still cancel a single ticket. But, you have to pay a certain cancellation fee for the canceled ticket and the refund of the ticket will be done if the canceled ticket satisfies the eligibility criteria.
  • If you want to change the number of days then you won’t be eligible to do that, in this case, you have to get in touch with the helpline team to check with eligibility.
  • If you are eligible to make changes then you will be asked to pay change fees by the airways depending upon your fare and you should also pay an extra amount if your request includes changes in the external factors like hotels, cars, etc.

Can I Claim Compensation if British Airways Cancel my Ticket?

Due to bad weather or technical issues, a flight may get canceled but this is a very rare case. However, when this happens British airways will provide an alternate flight to the customer, if they are not willing to fly in an alternate flight then British airways will make a complete refund to the passenger in the original form of payment.

Claiming Expenses and Compensation

If British Airways cancelled flights, you can claim a refund, if you are eligible. Refer to the following:

  • If you cancel the ticket within the risk-free period.
  • If you purchase a refundable ticket.
  • In the case of an airline-initiated cancellation due to controllable reasons.
  • In case of flight rescheduling.
  • If the airline failed to provide prior notification.
  • If the delay is more than 5 hours.
  • BA denies stopping at your destination.
  • If you miss your connecting flight due to British Airways.
  • If the airline stops you from boarding the flight.

Given below are the expenses you can claim:

  • Hotel accommodations
  • Transportation to and from airport.
  • Meals and drinks.
  • Personal phone call or email.

Here are the expenses you can’t claim:

  • If you change your flight origin or destination, then the subsequent changes in hotel bookings and transportation and the difference in rental won’t be compensated.
  • If you miss your hotel stay or transportation, there will be no refunds.
  • No irrational costs will be entertained.

How to Submit a Claim for Expenses

Before claiming expenses, you have to ensure the following as per the British Airways flight cancellations:

  • Name of the person or persons requesting/filing the claim.
  • Proof on delay/cancellation/any other flight disruptions
  • Original and actual departure and arrival.
  • Reason behind the disruption.
  • Passenger’s booking details.
  • And his expenses during the disruption, backed by receipts, scanned bills, other documentations.
  • Passenger’s bank account detail to process the relevant payment.

But you won’t qualify for any compensations or expense claim if:

  1. The airline gave 14 days prior notice for the delay/cancellation.
  2. The delay was less than 3 hours.
  3. It was due to reasons beyond the airline’s control, such as:
    • Adverse weather
    • Political instability
    • Employee strike
    • Bird hits
    • Airport closure
    • Air traffic
    • Pandemic or epidemic

British Airways Compensation Policy for Delayed and Cancelled Flights

As per the guidelines and rules mentioned in the cancellation policy, given below is the recourse in the event of a delayed or cancelled flight:

  • If the flight originates or is destined to any European country, but is delayed due to controllable reasons, a passenger can qualify for compensation if:
    • The delay is more than 3 hours.
    • The airline failed to notify 14 days prior.
    • If there were no alternate flights offered.
    • If the rebooked flight is later than 2 hours from original booking, or it fails to reach the destination within 4 hours.
    • If the airline cancels the flight less than 7 days from scheduled departure and the rebooked flight is only 1 hour earlier, yet arrives more than 2 hours late.
  • Also, the airline can reduce the compensation amount if the new flights’ arrival time doesn’t exceed the original by:
    • 2 hours for any flights within 1500 km
    • 3 hours for flights exceeding 1500 km
    • 4 hours for flights exceeding 3500 km

How Much is the British Airways Flight Delay Compensation?

Flight Delay and Cancelled Compensation



Less than 1500 km£250
1500 or more within EU£400
More than 3500£600

Conclusion: One must always be aware of all the terms and conditions before picking British airways. This will help you in facing any kind of situation like flight delays and cancellations. Instead of panicking at the very last moment stay updated and make a move by availing of all the services that British airways will offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q1. Are British Airways tickets refundable?

Ans. It depends upon the kind of ticket you booked, if you booked a refundable ticket then you can get a full refund in the original form of payment without any cancellation fee.

Q2. Can I cancel checking in at British airways?

Ans. Yes! You can cancel your ticket by visiting the official website of British airways or you can directly contact airways customer support to enquire about the services and doubts related to cancellations and updates.

Q3. How much money is refunded on the cancellation of the British airway ticket?

Ans. If your ticket is eligible for a refund then you can complete the refund in the original form of payment. But this only happens if you book a refundable ticket. One can get a complete refund if they cancel their flight in the next 24 hours from the point of booking.

Q4. How late can I change my British Airways flight?

Ans. It is suggested to change your flight within 24 hours from the point of booking to avoid the change fee that tags along.

Q5. Is it better to cancel or change a British airway ticket?

Ans. It depends on your requirement as the difference between the cancellation and change fees are almost negligible.

Q6. What can I expect if I cancel my non-refundable ticket?

Ans. You have to pay a cancellation fee and this amount will be deducted from the original ticket payment and the rest of the amount will be refunded in the form of credit.

Q7. What happens if my British airline ticket is canceled?

Ans. If the ticket is canceled by British airways then they will take full responsibility and arrange another flight. But if the customer refuses to fly on an alternative flight then British airlines will make a refund and pay a certain amount as compensation.

Q8. Can I cancel my British airline ticket within 24 hours?

Ans. According to the British cancellation policy, one can get a complete refund without any cancelation fee if they cancel their flight within 24 hours from the point of booking.

Q9. Can I get compensation from British airlines for a two-hour delay?

Ans. In this kind of situation, British airlines will arrange an alternate flight or make a complete refund. Compensation is only made if you are unaware of the delay.

Q10. How do I get a refund from British airways?

Ans. You can get a refund only if your ticket is eligible; to request a refund you should visit the airways official website or contact customer service.

Q11. How do I know if my British Airways flight is cancelled?

Ans. To learn the status of your flight:
. Go to the BA website.
. Then take your cursor to the Manage tab and on the dropdown menu, select flight status.
. Now enter your flight details and click on search.

Q12. Am I Eligible for a Refund on British Airways?

Ans. If you cancelled the flight within the risk free period and or purchased a refundable ticket then yes.

13. Does BA charge for no show?

Ans. Yes, BA can forfeit the total fare amount in case of No-show, It will also add a penalty.

Q14. What happens if you miss your flight from British Airways?

Ans. You have to inform the airline if you are going to miss the flight. Then the airline can rebook you on the next flight.

Q15. Can I get a refund if I cancel my British Airways flight?

Ans. Yes, if you cancel a ticket within the risk-free 24-hour period, you are eligible for a refund.

Q16. What are the cancellation charges for British Airways?

Ans. The airline charges 0-$35 for cancellations.

Q17. How long does British Airways refund take?

Ans. A refund made on credit card purchases can take 7 to 10 days. Otherwise, it can take up to a month.

Q18. How long before a BA flight can you cancel?

Ans. The latest you can cancel a flight is 3 hours before departure. In case of same day cancellations, it increases to 1 hour before departure.

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  • Louise Norton says:

    Flight delays are unavoidable, but the way BA handles them goes above and above. Our trip was delayed overnight, and we missed our connecting connection, resulting in a total delay of more than 48 hours. We waited in line for 4 hours to recheck our bags. Rebooking to an earlier flight was not possible, whether online or at the counter. So we called British Airways customer care to rebook our cancelled tickets; they handled our British Airways cancellations expertly and also referred us for more assistance so that we wouldn’t have any issues with our next booking. It was a huge relief to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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