Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Procedure for Hawaiian Airlines Flight Cancellation Online

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Cancellation

To Cancel your Hawaiian Airlines Flight, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Firstly, head on to the Hawaiian airlines official site “www.hawaiianairlines.com” and tap on “my trip”.
  2. You will be allotted a specific number while booking a ticket, you need to use that number along with your last name to log in successfully.
  3. After logging in go to “View my trip”.
  4. Tap on the “cancel reservation now and rebook later” option.
  5. A confirmation tab filled with terms and conditions will popup.
  6. Now, tap on the “yes, cancel my reservation”

And that how you cancel your Hawaiian ticket at the end of the process you will get a 13 digit ticket number, save that number for rebooking a ticket in the future.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Cancellation with a Mobile App

We will begin the Hawaiian Airlines flight cancellation process with downloading the exclusive app. Here’s what you have to do:

  • First, the passenger needs to download the app for that just pick up your phone and find the play store or app,
  • Now search for the Hawaiian App and install it.
  • Then, launch the app and either log in to your HawaiianMiles account or continue as a guest.
  • If you do not have an account, input your flight details by tapping the Manage Flights tab.
  • Here, you have to provide the passenger’s last name and your confirmation number or ticket number.
  • You can find the confirmation code on the confirmation email.
  • Then, click on Cancel flight.
  • Now, on the check-out page confirm the refund amount and the cancellation fee.

Hawaiian Airlines Cancel Flight at Airport

As a last resort, passengers can also visit the airport to handle flight cancellations. All they have to do is contact the ticketing counter and provide the booking details. And lastly, they will need to pay the relevant cancellation fee.

How to Reschedule a Hawaiian Airlines Flight?

In order to reschedule a flight with Hawaiian Airlines, the passenger has to either change it or cancel it prior his attempt. Only modified itinerary can be rebooked. Here’s how:

  • The passenger has to visit the official Hawaiian Airlines website
  • Then, he can log into the HawaiianMiles account and cancel his flight.
  • Now, go to Manage Flights tab and select My Trips.
  • Here you have to enter the flight details of your already cancelled flight. Such as:
  • Ticket number and the passenger’s last name as on the ticket.
  • After that, search for your flight and click it.
  • Scroll down and rebook it.
  • Now create a new itinerary and at the check-out page, pay the relevant change fee and the difference in fare.

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy – Updated 2022

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Although passengers can cancel a flight with ease, they have to follow the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, to the dot. As such, given below are a few salient points of the said policy:

  • Hawaiian Airlines observes a 24-hour risk-free period, as per the US DoT. During this period, any flight cancellation is free of costs and a full refund will be met. However, the passengers have to ensure that there is a difference of at least 7 days or more between said booking and scheduled flight departure.
  • But it doesn’t mean you can’t cancel a flight after the risk-free period.
  • You can still get a refund if you are on a refundable ticket.
  • However, if you want a refund for non-refundable fare, you will only get travel credits.
  • These credits are valid up to 1 year from the date of issuance.
  • However, if allowed, passengers can request a refund to the original payment method against these credits.
  • The passenger has to ensure that the ticket is purchased via the official channels as any tickets from a third party will be illegible for cancellation through the airline.
  • Once the ticket expires, there will be no cancellation or refunds. Hence, make sure to cancel your tickets within the stipulated time frame.
  • A refund can take up to 10 business days with the airline.
  • If the airline cancels the flight due to reasons outside its control, it will offer free rebooking on the next flight.
  • Basic fares can’t be refunded other than during the risk-free period.
  • Any cancellation outside the risk-free window will be charged a cancellation fee.
  • Failure to cancel a flight will result in auto conversion of the total travel funds into credits.
  • The airlines also allows free cancellations and full refunds during emergencies. But you have to provide the necessary documents.

Hawaiian Airlines Covid-19 Cancellation Policy:

Hawaiian airlines improvised the cancellation policy to avoid any kind of panic situations that passengers may face.

Here are some of the guideline for inter-island passengers from Hawaiian airlines:

  • If you are an inter-island tourist as per the covid policy you can travel from Aug 11 for more details you can visit the official website of Hawaiian airlines.
  • People who are willing to travel should get tested before hitting the airport. An approved covid test can help you ticking off your travel goals.
  • It is suggested to explore all the security and safety factors that are framed by airlines and one must follow them with full attention.

Here are some of the guideline for mainland and international passengers from Hawaiian airlines:

  • Hawaiian airlines will allow all the passengers irrespective of being inter-island or international as long as you take the preliminary safe travel test.
  • Firstly, visit a state approval test center and get the test done, make sure you get the results within 72 hours before the point of departure.
  • Make sure to fill in the health form by creating a safe travel account and you will get a QRcode that is used for verification purposes in the airport, one should create this account 24 hours prior to departure.
  • Once you fill in the form upload your test results in the pdf form and get the hard copy of the test results as they may check the results at the airport.

Hawaiian Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy

As per the 24-hour cancellation policy, anyone can get away without paying charges if they make up their mind and cancel their ticket in the next 24 hours from booking.  During which, a flight cancellation will be free of cost. And the passenger will also get full refunds, no matter what tickets they hold. However, the passenger has to make sure that there is a difference of 7 days or more between respective booking and flight departure. 

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Fee

Based on time of cancellationBased on flight destinationBased on Fare type
TimeAmountDestinationAmountFare typeMode of cancellationAmount
During Risk-free periodFreeWithin Hawaii$25EconomyOffline cancellation$200
Premium Economy$200
After Risk-free period$100 to $500Within US$100Business$150
In between Hawaii and US$100EconomyOnline cancellation$150
24 hours before departure$100 to $400Premium Economy$150

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy for Cancelled Flight

In an event where Hawaiian Airlines is responsible for canceling the flight, there are some rules and such that state the following:

  • In case of an airline-initiated cancellation due to controllable reasons:
    • The passengers can claim a full refund.
    • Hawaiian Airlines will not charge a cancellation fee.
    • Also, it will offer a free rebooking on the next flight.
    • You may also qualify for financial compensation and other assistance like:
      • Hotel accommodation
      • Transportation
      • Meals and drinks
      • Communication
  • The above-mentioned is only possible if the airline fails to inform the passenger of said cancellation at least 14 days in advance.
  • In case of an airline-initiated cancellation due to uncontrollable reasons:
    • While the passenger is eligible for free cancellation and a full refund, no other compensation will be met.
  • If you miss a connecting flight due to Hawaiian Airlines flight cancellation, you will qualify for a free rebooking.

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy for Bad Weather

Bad weather falls under uncontrollable reasons. Hence, any cancellation due to such reasons will not warrant a compensation. However, the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation will provide the passengers with free rebooking and a full refund at zero cancellation fees.

Chances of Your Reservation Getting Canceled

In some cases, the airline might cancel your reservation to avoid these uncomfortable situations. Keep yourself updated by learning all the mentioned methods.

When things go down:

  • The cancellation of a reservation can be done for some unexpected reasons like bad weather or some technical issues.
  • If the government passes any orders to cancel a flight the airlines will obey the rules passed by the government and cancel your ticket.

Make sure to purchase your ticket in advance

If you happen to book your ticket on the date of departure the airline may not get the information about the ticket you booked so it will end up canceling your booked ticket

Do not break the rules and regulations of airlines

If you disobey the rules and regulations regarding the carriage or if you disagree to pay the airfare of the ticket you reserved.

If you failed to get on the board

If you happen to fail in getting on the board then the airlines will cancel your reservation.
If airlines happened to cancel your flight then Hawaiian airlines will go along with that by canceling your reservation

Hawaiian Airlines Refund Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy
  1. You can get a complete refund if you happen to cancel your ticket in the next 24 hour from point of purchasing the ticket, this policy also helps you flee away from the annoying penalty
  2. Refund can be given to some special categories to avail this benefit one has to book their ticket 7 days prior the departure
  3. One can also get a complete refund if your flight got canceled or delayed by the airways

Refundable Voluntary Ticket:

  1. A full refund will be given to the canceled unused tickets and this refund includes the amount of the original ticket with the extra charges you spent on booking.
  2. If you booked a round trip and went on using the first half of the ticket and want to cancel the second part then you should get a refund of the difference between the original ticket and charges applied to it.

Involuntary Ticket

  1. You will get a refund when the airlines cancel your flight due to some reasons like flight delays and acceptance of children and infants.
  2. If you happened to cancel the particular part of a ticket then you can get a refund.
  3. If you, unfortunately, cancel your ticket by mistake then Hawaiian airlines will give you a refund

How to Get a Refund for Hawaiian Flights Cancelled by Airlines?

If you want to get a refund from Hawaiian Airlines, first you have to ascertain a few things, such as:

  • You have to cancel the flight during the risk-free 24-hour period.
  • If you were denied boarding, you can claim a refund.
  • If the airline cancelled your flight.
  • A passenger with a refundable ticket can get a refund.
  • Under special circumstances

Request Refund Online

  • First, the passenger has to login to his account on the official Hawaiian Airlines website.
  • Then, search for the cancelled flight.
  • If the flight has yet to receive a refund, select the flight.
  • Then click on the Refund tab and fill in the details.
  • If the flight has received travel credits,
  • You have to contact the customer care and request a refund against the credits.
  • If your flight was cancelled by the airline, and you received credits, contact customer care.

Request Refund Offline

  • In order to request a refund, follow these steps:
  • First, call the Hawaiian Airlines customer care.
  • Then, contact the customer care and request a refund.
  • Provide your cancelled flight details and wait for further notice.

How to Check Hawaiian Airlines Refund Status?

It is simple to check for refunds on the official Hawaiian Airlines website:

  • First, click on Help.
  • Then select Email and fill in the details.
  • Now, select Check Refund status.
  • You will receive an email with your current status.
  • Or you can call customer care and provide your details then request a refund status.

How Much Compensation Will I Get for my Cancelled or Delayed Flight?

Compensation for Hawaiian Cancelled Flights

Compensation for Hawaiian Cancelled Flight

Less than 2000 Km$300
Between 2000 and 4000 Km$400
Greater than 4000 Km$600

Compensation for Hawaiian Delayed Flights

Compensation for Hawaiian Delayed Flight

As per EU guidelinesAs per US guidelines
Flights within the EUFlights outside the EU
2 hours 1500 Km£125More than 3 hoursLess than 1500 Km£2501-2 hours200%
3 hours1500 – 3000 Km£2001500 – 3500 Km£4002-4 hours400%
4 hoursMore than 3000 Km£300More than 3500 Km£6004 hours +400%


Sitting on the tranquil beach, soaking under the mild sun rays, and hearing the sounds of waves may sound dreamy. But, to reach your favorite vacation spot to rejuvenate yourself you might have to plan a trip that is filled with fun.

If you are someone who booked your vacay tickets with Hawaiian Airlines then keep reading as we bought you all the secret sauce that you should know to have a delightful travel experience.

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q1. Will Hawaiian airlines waive the change fee?

You can avoid the change fee if you rebook a ticket before 2 years from the point of purchasing your first ticket. traveling should also be done within 2 years from the point of booking the original ticket. but you might have to pay a different amount if you happen to book a higher class ticket.

Q2. How long do Hawaiian airlines take to refund?

Usually, for eligible tickets, the refunds will be credited within 7 days of working days if you buy the ticket through a credit card. However, it takes 20 working days if you buy through cash, checks, etc.

Q3. What are the change fees if I decide to change my Hawaiian Airlines flight?

You will be charged $300 per ticket if you make any kind of changes this will also have the fare difference in it

Q4. Is it possible to change my Hawaiian flight date?

Yes, you can change your flight date by visiting the official website of Hawaiian airlines.

Q5. Can I change the name on a Hawaiian airline ticket?

Your name on the ticket should match your government-issued photo id. However, there are specific factors that you can change, to get the below changes.
1.The name change considering marriage, divorce, etc.
2.Wrongly spelled
3.Adding Middle name

Q6. What is the best way to reach Hawaiian Airlines customer services?

Directly contact the Hawaiian Airlines customer care number to get any help with your ticket, the customer service is available 24/7 to assist you without any hesitation.
Note: You will be charged an extra amount of 25$ if you happen to book your ticket through the third party

Q7. What if you are unable to cancel a trip before I was scheduled to travel. Is my ticket still valid?

If you fail to cancel a trip that was scheduled to travel the airlines will immediately credit the value of the ticket for your upcoming flight

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