Managing American airlines booking often seems a very difficult task for the passengers. A maximum of the airlines do not provide the facility of mobile app reservation management processes. But the task of the reservation of a flight ticket becomes easier today with the help of American Airlines. Currently, American Airlines is the leading US Airlines and it’s headquarter is in Texas.

American Airlines or is considered the largest airline in the world with a fleet of 951 aircraft. The aircrafts mainly used for the transportation of passengers and cargo. More than 350 destinations around the whole world American Airlines provides its services. Being the largest airline in the world, the Maximum of passengers have to take the services from American Airlines to receive a comfortable flight journey. On the other side, the largest airline is also dedicated to its passengers by providing all the best services. Whether flight reservations or American airlines manage booking, they single-handedly provide their services around the globe.

Travelers can use the American Airlines website to book a new reservation. Alternatively, they can also utilize the service to modify an existing flight. And Manage Booking can aid these passengers. They can go to the official website or the exclusive app and facilitate ticket change or cancellations. It is easy, convenient and done within minutes by following simple steps. We will use numerous examples and include the various methods to tackle American Airlines Manage Booking below.

American Airlines Manage Booking With the Official Website

American Airlines Manage Booking

Passengers who want to change their itineraries or cancel the flight all together can visit the official American Airlines website to do so. We will demonstrate American Airlines Manage My Booking with the official site with the following steps:

  1. First, the passengers should head to the American Airlines site.
  2. After that, those with the AAdvantage accounts can log in and continue Manage Booking that way.
    • Simply click on Plan Travel and on the drop-down menu select Your Trips.
    • The website will ask your AAdvantage credentials.
  3. But those who do not have such account can also use Manage Booking AA by continuing as guests.
  4. Now, the passengers should enter the flight details of the existing trip.
  5. The details entail the following:
    • The six-digit record locator or the ticket number.
    • And the passenger’s full name as on the booking.
    • Passengers can find the record locator on the confirmation email received at the time of making the reservation.
  6. Then, click on Find Your Trip to locate the flight they want to change/cancel.
  7. Here, the passengers are allowed to make changes to the itinerary.
  8. These changes include but aren’t limited to:
    • Flight change
    • Date change
    • Destination change
    • Name change
    • Seat change and upgrade
    • Cabin upgrade
    • Extra baggage purchases
    • Meal change
    • Flight rescheduling/rebooking
    • Flight cancellations
    • Redeeming travel credits
    • Requesting refund
    • Purchasing add-on services, etc.
  9. After making the desired changes the passenger can safely proceed with the next step as the website will redirect them to the check-out page.
  10. On this page, they are required to view the total travel funds, any extra added charges, the change and or cancellation fee and the fare difference between the older and the newer flight.
  11. IF any refund has to be made, it will be done here similarly any travel credits can be redeemed and awarded on the check-out page.
  12. Finally, the passenger can finalize the process by completing the payment.

American Airlines Manage Booking Through Mobile

AA Manage Booking through mobile app

American Airlines has stayed true to the shift in technology. As such, it recognizes the value of smartphones and has made available exclusive Manage Booking apps for popular mobile platforms. Passengers can download these apps and manage my booking American Airlines on the go. Here’s how:

  • Before starting the passenger needs to download the American Airlines app.
  • The app is available on both Google Play Store for Android users and Apple App Store for iOS users.
  • After downloading and launching the app, the passengers should either log in or continue as guests.
  • Then, click on Plan Travel and Your Trips to bring up the Manage Booking section.
  • Here, they have to enter the details of the flight they are hoping to modify.
  • However, one should heed that any modification to the flight is strictly subject to the relevant governing policy.
  • Now, the existing reservation is visible on the screen. Select it to start the modification process.
  • Once the passengers are satisfied with the changes they can proceed to the payments to finalize it.

American Airlines Manage Bookings through Mobile Number

American Airlines not only supports online booking management, but American Airlines flights Manage My Booking is also possible offline over a phone call. All the passengers need to do is retrieve the customer care number from the website and give AA a call. Here’s how a passenger can change or cancel a trip using Manage Booking over a phone call.

  • First, the passenger should call the American Airlines customer care at the given number: 1 866-211-0849.
  • Then, listen tot the automated on-call instructions carefully and wait for the representative to connect.
  • Now, he can request the airline rep about the necessary changes to the existing trip as per his needs.
  • Finally, the passenger should jot down the flight change information and take note of the relevant fees and fare difference.

AA Manage Booking at the Airport

American Manage Booking through airport

Similar to booking management over a phone call, the airlines allows passengers to edit their trips at the airport. Although it can be a hassle at times, many travelers prefer it. As all they need to do is queue up and reach the ticketing counter before requesting a flight change or cancellation and following the process described by the policies.

Services Provided by American Airlines Manage My Booking

AA Manage Booking provides numerous services such as:

  • Flight change:
    • Date change
    • Destination change
    • Name change
  • Flight cancellation and rebooking
  • Flight rescheduling
  • Seat selection and change/upgrades
  • Cabin class upgrades
  • Retrieving and redeeming points/credits/miles
  • Check in
  • Purchasing add-on services 
  • Extra baggage
  • Meal selection etc.

We have highlighted a few services and detailed the process in the subsequent segments for the benefit of our readers. You can follow these steps to utilize American manage booking with ease. 

How Do I Change My Flight through the AA Manage Booking Option?

In order to change an American Airlines flight, the passengers need to utilize the Manage Booking feature. This can be done online through the official website. However, the passengers must adhere to the flight change policy of American Airlines and take note of the change fee and difference in fare at the time of check-out. 

Follow these steps to change American Airlines flight via Manage Booking:

  1. First, the passengers must visit the official AA website.
  2. After that, they can log into the AAdvantage account with their credentials and continue from there. 
  3. Or they can ignore it and continue as guests.
  4. Now, click on My Trips on the homepage and enter the flight details.
    1. The record located code and the passenger’s full name is needed.
  5. After locating the existing flight, they should click on it to initiate the change process.
  6. Now, click on Change Flight from the toolbar and scroll down.
  7. The passengers will find a list of alternate flights with varying travel information.
  8. Select the flight you want to change to and click on Rebook.
  9. Finally, on the check-out page make sure of the change fee and the difference in fare and make the payment to confirm your flight selection. 

Purchase Extra-Baggage for your Flights using AA Manage Booking

Purchasing extra baggage is equally convenient on an American flight. The passengers are required to access their flight details and initiate a flight change process and then add the extra baggage as per their needs. Follow these steps to learn how to do so:

  1. Start the process by visiting the American Airlines website.
  2. Then, click on My Trip and enter the flight details of your existing reservation.
  3. Or the passengers can alternatively log into their AAdvantage account.
  4. Now, select the flight and click on Change Flight from the tool bar.
  5. Scroll down and click on Purchase service.
  6. Then, select Extra baggage allowance.
  7. Now, purchase the baggage space as needed and head to the payment portal to pay the extra luggage fee.

How Do I Select a Seat through AA Manage Booking Option?

You can select the seats at the time of check-in. But passengers on American Airlines can use the Manage Booking service and change/select seats via the facility. In order to do so, the airline urges the passenger to use the official website and finish the selection before flight departure otherwise the seats will be allocated automatically.

  1. First, head to the AA website and click on My Trips.
  2. Then, enter the flight details and bring up your existing booking.
  3. Now, select your flight and click on Seat selection from the toolbar.
  4. After that, lock your seats.
  5. If you want to change or upgrade seats to a different cabin class, you are free to do so during this process. 
    1. However, bear in mind that any upgrade may cause a change fee and fare difference will be incurred.
  6. After selecting the seats click on proceed to finalize it. 
  7. You do not have to pay for seat selection only change or upgrade.

What is American Airlines Change Policy?

American Airlines allows passenger to modify their trips, but the event is governed under the flight change policy as such:

  • The passengers can freely change an existing trip, except for basic economy tickets, as long they have bought the ticket directly from the airline. It includes all fare types. 
  • Moreover, said changes are totally free as per the new policy and the passengers are only asked to bear the fare difference between the old and new trip.
  • But a passenger can only change a flight once per booking otherwise he runs the risk of total travel fund forfeiture.
  • The only way to change a basic economy ticket is during the Risk-Free period.
  • Under the US DoT, any airline that originates or arrives at any US airport has to provide a grace period of 24 hours from initial booking during which all flight changes and cancellations will be done for free and even for full cash refunds.
  • However, the passengers must observe a gap of at least one week between the flight departure and booking. 
  • Although American Airlines permits passenger to change the trip at least 2 days prior to scheduled departure.
  • The last a passenger can change a flight is 2 hours before its departure. No changes will be entertained once the flight has flown.
  • Although the airline offers same-day changes but said change can only be to a flight departing the same day either earlier or later than the scheduled trip.
  • American Airlines has abolished flight change fees on these flights:
    • Domestic
    • International
      • Select Long Haul
      • Almost every Short Haul
    • Flights originating from North or South America
  • If the changed flight is cheaper than the older one, the airline will issue a Flight travel credit for the remaining balance
  • This credit is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance and can be used for future travel.
  • Passengers can make these changes on American flights:
    • Name change
    • Destination change
    • Date change
    • Seat change
    • Add-on service purchase
    • Extra baggage purchase
    • Cabin upgrade
    • Cancel Flight

Learn About American Airlines Cancellation Policy

Given below is the latest cancellation policy for American Airlines. Any flight cancellation must adhere to the policy.

  • As per the US DoT, the airline offers a risk-free period of 24 hours from the time of booking. During this period any flight cancellation will be done for free and against a full cash refund, regardless of the ticket type.
  • However, to qualify for this policy the passengers must have bought the ticket directly from the airline.
  • Also, there must be a difference of seven days or more in between said booking and scheduled flight departure.
  • The refunds will take 7 days for credit purchases and 20 days for other modes to revert into your bank accounts.
  • But passengers are also free to cancel their trips outside this risk-free period, albeit for a fee.
  • The only exception is the basic economy ticket.
  • Basic Economy fare on AA is non-flexible and non-refundable.
  • Cancelling a non-refundable ticket, other than basic economy will grant the passenger travel credits, outside the risk-free period.
  • These credits can be used for further travel.
  • In case the airline initiates a cancellation, it will award the passengers will free rebooking and total cash refund  of fares. 
  • If cash refund is not available it will award the passengers with vouchers that can be redeemed later via a refund request.

How To Cancel the American Airlines Reservations?

Using Manage Booking you can as easily cancel a trip on American Airlines. Follow these steps to initiate a cancellation with the air carrier. However, make sure to follow the proper policy and guidelines.

  1. Start the process by visiting the AA website at
  2. Then log in to the AAdvantage account.
  3. Or click on My Trips and enter the following details:
    1. The six-digit record locator number
    2. And the passenger first and last name.
  4. After that, select the flight and click on Cancel trip on the tool bar.
  5. Now, the website will relocate you to the check-out for payment.
  6. Pay the cancellation fee.

American Airlines Change and Cancel Fees

American Airlines Cancellation Fee

Time of Cancellation

Fare type
Basic EconomyMain CabinPremium EconomyBusinessFirst Class
Risk-Free PeriodFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
After Risk-freeTotal ticket value$200-$750$200-$750FreeFree
Same-day Change$75$75-$150$75-$150FreeFree

American Airlines Change Fee

On the basis of Fare Type
Basic EconomyMain Cabin Premium EconomyBusiness FirstAward
DestinationDomesticNot AllowedFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Short HaulNot AllowedAs per ticketAs per ticketFreeFreeFree
Long HaulNot AllowedAs per ticketAs per ticketFreeFreeFree
After Risk-FreeNot Allowed$75-$150$75-$150FreeFreeFree

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AA Manage Booking Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans. If you want to change the airline ticket’s date then your ticket must be reissued. The passenger can change the date of the airline ticket by visiting the official website or by visiting the airport personally.

Ans. Yes, the passenger or you can call American Airlines to manage your existing flight-related queries or for changing anything. By simply calling their official numbers you can manage your existing flight.

Ans. Yes, you can change your AA flight for free because American Airlines does not charge extra money from their passengers to change flights.

Ans. Before departure, at least two days before the flight, passengers will be able to cancel a flight on American Airlines.

Ans. Yes, the passengers will be able to get their money back if they cancel their flight ticket Within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.

Ans. If you already know you cannot make a schedule for your flight then it is better to cancel the ticket. By canceling your flight you may get partial or whole credit for the fare purchased.

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