How to Change Your Aer Lingus Flight Booking

How to Change Your Aer Lingus Flight Booking

Have your travel plans changed? Need to modify your upcoming Aer Lingus flight reservation? While the Irish carrier’s change policies are complex, alterations to flight dates, routes, and passenger names are often free. Here’s what to know about changing Aer Lingus flight bookings.

Aer Lingus permits ticket changes as long as you follow their fees, timing, and fare rules guidelines. While only sometimes cheap or convenient, changes can often be made with planning. Understanding the airline’s policies is key. The good news is that Aer Lingus offers more flexibility than ultra-low-cost carriers, which typically forbids changes. Following the tips, you can modify your booking while minimizing hassles and extra costs.

While change fees apply in most cases, don’t assume your existing reservation can’t be altered if needed. Aer Lingus agents can explain your options, fees, and rules in detail to help adjust your upcoming trip.

Can I Change My Aer Lingus Flight Date For Free?

Unfortunately, Aer Lingus does not allow complimentary flight date changes on tickets. All modifications incur a fee, with discounts available for early changes. The good news is that depending on the fare type purchased, you may be entitled to one free rebooking under Aer Lingus’ flight flexible booking options. Just be aware this must be done before the original scheduled departure. Same-day changes are not permitted.

When booking, look for Flexi or Flexi Plus fares. These options allow one free date or routing change before departure, excluding fare differences. This can help avoid change fees if your travel plans need to be adjusted. Other fare types like Saver and Value only permit changes for a fee, even when made far in advance. Upgrading to a Flexi fare at booking can be worth it for the flexibility.

Remember that while you get one free change on Flexi tickets, any additional modifications will incur change penalties based on the timing of the alterations. The free change is a one-time exception. Unless you booked a Flexi fare, Aer Lingus does not allow complimentary flight changes, even for emergencies or situations outside the passenger’s control. Change fees apply to all fare types except the initial free change offered with Flexi bookings.

What Are The Fees To Change An Aer Lingus Flight?

Aer Lingus charges change fees based on the timing of alterations:

  • Changes 61+ days before departure: €15 per flight
  • 31-60 days before: €35
  • 15-30 days before: €55
  • 14 days or less before: €115

As you can see, the earlier you can adjust your flight date, the lower the penalty. Last-minute changes 14 days out or less have the highest fees. Changes can be made online up to 2 hours before the departure time. After that cutoff, you must call Aer Lingus directly at +353 1 886 8888 to make any modifications.

When changing flights, be aware that multiple fees may apply if altering more than one segment in a multi-city itinerary. Each flight change carries its cost based on the timing.

For example, changing the departing and return flights on a roundtrip booking would incur two separate change penalties. Keep this in mind when altering complex international itineraries. Sometimes, canceling a flight and re-booking rather than changing significantly if multiple segments are affected can be cheaper. Cancellation rules vary by fare type, so check policies carefully before pursuing this option.

Changing The Passenger Name On An Aer Lingus Ticket

Need to change the passenger name on your reservation? Aer Lingus Flight allows name corrections for a fee of €115 per ticket.

To change passenger names, you’ll need to call the Aer Lingus reservations team directly at +353 1 886 8888. This cannot be done online.

Be ready to provide the following:

  • Booking reference number
  • Original passenger name as it appears on the ticket
  • New passenger name
  • Valid government-issued ID for the new passenger

Name changes must be made by the ticket booker at least 2 hours before your departure.

Remember that only the passenger’s name, not the booker’s, can be changed. If you need to modify the name of the person who made the booking, cancellation and rebooking under the correct term is required.

Aer Lingus allows name changes on award tickets from airline partners, although change fees still apply. There may be additional costs for exchanging miles if eligibility requirements still need to be met by the new passenger. Contact your frequent flyer program for details before changing award traveler names.

Name changes on group bookings, unaccompanied minor reservations, and other special fare tickets may not be permitted or can incur additional fees. Check restrictions before changing names on these types of bookings.

Changing Your Aer Lingus Flight’s Route Or Destination

Do you need to change the date and modify the route or destination city of your Aer Lingus flight reservation? Fees for routing changes start at €55 per flight segment.

If the new flight has a higher fare than initially paid, you must also cover the fare difference.
As with date modifications, routing or airport changes incur lower fees the earlier they are made:

  • 61+ days before departure: €55
  • 31-60 days before: €65
  • 15-30 days before €75
  • 14 days or less: €115

Contact Aer Lingus Reservations to discuss options for changing your flight’s route. Have your original booking details handy when you call.

Does Aer Lingus Offer Free Flight Changes in Emergencies?

Unfortunately, Aer Lingus does not waive change fees for personal emergencies or unexpected situations outside the passenger’s control. Standard change penalties apply.

Exceptions are only made during a carrier-imposed flight cancellation or significant schedule change. Other cases where fees may be waived include:

  • Death or illness of the passenger or an immediate family member
  • Jury duty or court summons
  • Government advisories against travel to your destination
  • Military leave activation

In these limited circumstances, Aer Lingus may provide a travel voucher rather than a full refund. However, change fees are not guaranteed to be waived even for emergencies unless the situation is directly caused by the airline.

While Aer Lingus flight agents may sometimes make exceptions on a case-by-case basis, the airline is not obligated to waive fees for personal emergencies, injuries, illness, or other situations outside your control. Policies differ from many US carriers in this regard.

If your plans change due to an emergency, you can call and politely explain the situation to an agent. They may be willing to work with you to waive penalties, especially for critical medical problems with formal documentation. However, this is at their discretion. Don’t expect fees to be waived.

Purchasing travel insurance can help offset change fees in many emergencies. Ensure the policy includes change fee reimbursement to take advantage of this benefit.

Tips for Minimizing Aer Lingus Change Fees

Here are some tips to avoid or reduce change penalties with Aer Lingus:

  • Book a Flexi or Flexi Plus fare – These fares allow one free change before the original departure time. You’ll still pay fees for additional changes.
  • Change as soon as plans change – Don’t wait until the last minute. Change fees decrease the earlier modifications are made.
  • Consider travel insurance – Plans with change fee coverage can reimburse change penalties in covered situations like illness or injury.
  • Call to ask for a one-time fee waiver – While not guaranteed, it can’t hurt to politely ask an agent to make an exception if you have a reasonable emergency.
  • Change connecting flights separately – If you miss one flight in a multi-stop itinerary, changing later flights as individual one-ways may cost less than changing the entire trip.
  • Avoid peak travel dates – Change fees are lower when rebooking to less busy travel periods, while peak dates can drive up change penalties significantly.
  • Check alternate nearby airports – Changing your flight’s origin or destination to a close alternate airport may carry lower fees than changing dates and times.
  • Watch for sales on new tickets – In some cases, booking a new discounted fare can be cheaper than changing an existing reservation. Monitor sales if you need to alter plans.
  • Call to plead your case – While not guaranteed, politely explaining your situation may convince an agent to make an exception and waive your change fees.

Flexibility, acting quickly, and leveraging tools like travel insurance and alternate airports can help minimize change penalties. But fees should be expected when modifying Aer Lingus flights.

Frequently Asked Questions About Changing Aer Lingus Flights

Can I change my flight on the Aer Lingus app or website?

Aer Lingus allows flight changes online and through the app up to 2 hours before the original departure time. Within 2 hours of departure, changes must be made by calling reservations.

What if my new flight costs more?

You will pay the fare difference if the new flight exceeds what you originally paid.

When do I need to pay the change fee?

Change fees are due at the time you rebook your new flight. Aer Lingus will collect payment before confirming the new reservation.

Can I change the origin or destination city?

Yes, you can modify the origin or destination on your itinerary, although higher fees apply than just changing dates. Additional fare differences may also be due.

Can I fly on standby for an earlier flight?

Aer Lingus does not offer same-day standby for earlier flights. You must rebook in advance for an earlier departure time and pay any applicable change fees.

How do I get a refund if I need to cancel?

Aer Lingus will refund a canceled ticket to the original form of payment after deducting cancellation penalties and fees. Refund timing depends on fare rules.

Contact Aer Lingus for Flight Change Support

For personalized assistance with changing your Aer Lingus flight, contact their customer support:

  • Online – Request changes via at least 2 hours before departure. Use online chat for questions.
  • By Phone – Call +353 1 886 8888 to speak with an Aer Lingus agent. Have your booking reference available.
  • Email – Email for help with flight changes. Include your booking details.
  • Social Media – Message @AerLingus on Twitter or Facebook for a quick response.
  • Airport – Visit the Aer Lingus desk at the airport to make same-day changes in person.
  • Ticket Office – Stop by an Aer Lingus ticket office in Ireland to make changes in person with an agent.

When contacting Aer Lingus, have your ticket number, travel dates, passenger names, and preferred new flights ready to discuss. The agent can provide exact fee quotes and options.
If you need to make complex or multiple changes to an itinerary, calling by phone rather than changing online can ensure you minimize fees and understand the full impact on your reservation.

Don’t hesitate to contact the airline team by phone or online chat if you have any questions about changing policies or need help modifying your upcoming flight. They can guide you through the process smoothly.