Ryanair Name Change Policy

Ryanair Name Change Policy

Travel plans can change, and sometimes, that means needing to update the passenger name on an airline ticket. This is a common scenario – whether due to a new passport, marriage, spelling error or other reasons. Ryanair has a rigorous and expensive name-change policy. Ryanair booking name changes are explained here.

Ryanair’s Name Change Rules and Fees

FeeAt the Time Of BookingAfter Booking Or AirportsMore Info
Name Change Fee Per Passengern/a€/£115 online changes / €/£160 changes through an agentIf you self-serve online, the fee amounts to €/£115. If you contact an agent at to process the change, the fee amounts to €/£160.
  • Ryanair charges a name change fee for any kind of name change or correction on a booking. Their policy is strict compared to other airlines.
  • The name change fee for Ryanair flights is £/€115 per passenger per one-way flight.
  • Name changes can only be made up to 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure. After that, no name changes are allowed.
  • The name change fee applies for any kind of spelling corrections or name updates, even for something as minor as adding a middle initial or correcting a single letter.
  • The high name change fee makes it costly if you forget to put your middle name on a plane ticket or make any errors when entering passenger names.

When Ryanair Name Changes Are Allowed

  • Ryanair only allows name changes within 24 hours of the passenger making the original booking.
  • After 24 hours, name changes incur the £/€115 name change fee.
  • Ryanair’s website and app allow name changes up to 2 hours before departure.
  • Name changes at the airport check-in desk are allowed 40 minutes before departure.
  • Name changes are prohibited within 2 hours of departure.

Steps for Changing a Name on Ryanair

Follow these steps to change a passenger name with Ryanair:

  • Log in to the Ryanair website or mobile app. Go to ‘My Booking’.
  • Select the booking that requires the name change.
  • Click ‘Change Passenger Details’.
  • Enter the new correct passenger name.
  • Pay the £/€115 name change fee per passenger.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with the updated booking.
  • Double-check all passenger names are correct on your booking confirmation.

Tips for Ryanair Name Changes

  • Avoid name errors when initially booking by carefully entering full legal names.
  • Make any name change requests as early as possible. Less than 2 hours before departure, no changes allowed.
  • Have passport details on hand to enter names accurately per government ID documents.
  • If possible, make changes within 24 hours to avoid paying the high change fees.
  • For minor spelling tweaks, call Ryanair to see if they will waive the change fee. But there is no guarantee.
  • If booking as a group, take extra care that all passenger names precisely match their ID documents.

Ryanair Name Policy Compared to Other Airlines

  • Ryanair’s £/€115 name change fee is higher than many other airlines. For example:
    • EasyJet charges £/€35 for name changes
    • British Airways charges £/€75
    • American Airlines charges $200
  • Most airlines allow free name changes within 24 hours. Ryanair still charges the fee during this time.
  • Many airlines allow name changes up to 2-3 hours before departure. Ryanair’s cut-off is a strict 2 hours prior.
  • Overall, Ryanair has one of the strictest name policies with the highest change fees.

Reasons Customers Need Name Changes

There are a few common reasons Ryanair passengers need to change the name on their bookings:

  • Spelling errors – A name is entered slightly wrong, e.g., Jon instead of John. Fixing typos incurs the change fee.
  • Name updates – A passenger had a name change due to marriage, divorce, etc. Proper documentation is required.
  • Passport changes – A passenger renewed their passport, and their name is slightly different.
  • Incorrect entry – A first name and middle name were accidentally switched.
  • Adding middle names – Failing to initially include a middle name, which is listed on the passport.
  • Booked the wrong person – Accidentally booked under the wrong passenger name entirely.

Ryanair Refund and Rebooking Policies

Instead of paying the name change fee, some Ryanair passengers consider refunding their flight and rebooking under the correct name. Here are some key points on Ryanair refunds and rebooking:

  • Ryanair charges a £/€35 processing fee for flight refunds.
  • Refunds can take 7 days.
  • The original payment method receives refunds.
  • The passenger must pay the current flight price to rebook a flight, which may be higher.
  • Rebooking does not guarantee that the same flight will still be available.

Overall, a refund and rebooking is an inconvenient process compared to directly changing the name on the existing booking when possible. The refund fee also still applies.

Summary – Ryanair Has Strict Name Policies

While other airlines have more flexible name change policies, Ryanair stands out for having high fees, early cut-off times, and little leniency. Following their policy exactly is crucial, as the airline firmly sticks to their name change rules and charges. Avoid errors when booking, and make any name change requests as early as possible. Understand that spelling tweaks, missing middle names and other minor name issues still incur large change fees with Ryanair.

Additional Tips for Avoiding Ryanair Name Change Fees

Here are some extra recommendations to avoid needing a costly name change with Ryanair:

  • When booking, enter your name exactly as it appears on the passport you will use for travel. Match every letter precisely.
  • Double and triple-check the spelling of every passenger’s name before confirming the booking. It can be impossible to spot a minor typo.
  • If you have initials in your name, ensure you enter the initials properly – don’t spell them out. This can trigger a name mismatch.
  • Leave middle names blank if they are not listed on your passport. Ryanair matches passport names.
  • If you have multiple middle names, again, only include those listed on your passport, nothing more.
  • Take care that you enter names in the Western order of first/middle/last. No nicknames.
  • When traveling as a family, carefully match children’s names to how they appear on their passports or other IDs.
  • If you have recently changed your name, be sure you have updated all IDs before booking flights under your new name.
  • Double-check that your booking confirmation matches your passport details exactly. Follow up immediately if you notice any discrepancies.

What to Do If You Notice a Name Error Close to Departure

If you suddenly notice a name error on your Ryanair booking within 2 hours of your flight:

  • First, do not go to the airport without fixing it. You will not be allowed to fly with the name discrepancy.
  • If possible, log in online immediately and pay the fee to correct the name. This is your only option within 2 hours of departure.
  • If you cannot pay the fee online, you will need to cancel the flight and book a new one. Cancellations are still subject to Ryanair’s fees.
  • As a last option, call Ryanair customer care to request a change charge waiver. However, success seems unlikely.
  • Ultimately, you should prepare to book a new flight at full price last minute if the name cannot be fixed online. And lose the original fare unless a refund can be requested later.

Partnering With a Travel Agent

To avoid issues from the start, some Ryanair customers recommend booking through a travel agent. The benefits of using an agent include:

  • The agent handles entering all passenger details accurately the first time.
  • If a name change is later required, you can have the agent manage it on your behalf.
  • Travel agents may be able to request waivers of change fees on behalf of their clients in special situations.
  • Agents can advise if a rebooking is better than a name change for your situation before fees are incurred.
  • Travel agents take care of reconfirming updated travel documents like visas or ESTAs if needed after name changes.

So, if the stress of managing Ryanair’s strict policy seems too risky, having an agent book your flights and handle any name issues later may give you some peace of mind.

Summary – Avoid Any Name Errors When Booking Ryanair

Ryanair’s substantial name change fees and inability to make last-minute changes cause major headaches for passengers. Be extremely diligent when initially booking to enter all passenger names perfectly based on passport details. Leave nothing to chance – double and triple-check check all names match IDs exactly before confirming payment. Utilizing a travel agent provides one way to have an expert handle the name entry process and any potential changes later on your behalf. Avoid the stress and logistical headaches that come with fixing Ryanair name issues by being obsessively careful when you book.